ITC Gem 4: A Murdered Child is Found and Healed

Editor’s note: In May 1991, ITC researcher Maggy in Luxembourg received a letter from a group of lady experimenters urgently requesting her spirit friend Swejen Salter to search for a small boy-in-spirit who had been murdered in a most cruel manner a few years earlier. In June the following phone dialog took place between Maggy and Swejen, regarding the child.

– – Maggy’s Report – –

Swejen:Juergen Marcel is a friendly little boy with curly blonde hair. The poor child suffered many knife wounds on his head before arriving here.

Maggy: Oh, yes, I keep forgetting that new arrivals still carry their wounds when they get there. Who takes care of Juergen Marcel? What happens to the wounded?

Swejen: Juergen Marcel is in the care of Marie Mreches (Maggy’s grandmother on her mother’s side). She treats his wounds and takes good care of him as if he were her own child. The boy has forgotten what happened to him and plays happily with the other children.

Maggy: Marie! Now I know the boy is well taken care of. I will inform Juergen’s mother!

Swejen: When wounded children and grownups arrive here they are being bedded in tubs filled with healing waters. It is not easy work. The wounds have to be treated and their body has to be washed. Amputated limbs regrow within a short time and the sick tissue regenerates itself. Marie does all this work. She is a very resolute woman and has much help.

Later, Juergen Marcel’s mother confirmed that her son had blonde, curly hair and was friendly, as well as trusting perhaps to a fault. She expressed deep gratitude to know her son was now safe and happy and had forgotten the awful event.

– – End of Maggy’s Report – –


As you’ll see in coming reports, our spirit friends suggest to us on Earth… not to hold on too tightly (emotionally speaking) to our departed loved ones when we are still wrapped up in grief, at least in the case of loved ones who suffered emotional trauma. It’s a very challenging situation for us, especially when it involves a departed child. We long to hold our children in our arms and to give love and comfort… but that longing can pull the spirit of the children into the troubles of their lifetime instead of letting them get settled into a new, glorious life where they belong.

It was important for Juergen Marcel to forget about his Earth experience altogether for awhile because of the gruesome nature of his death. Eventually, one would assume, there would be a reconnection of heart bonds between parents and children… once the emotional wounds have healed.

In “normal” situations, when loved ones move on from one happy life to the next, heart bonds can be fostered by us on Earth when we think of our departed loved ones in times of happy meditation or daydreaming. Under those conditions, our invisible loved ones are at our side instantly, sharing the love.


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23 Responses to ITC Gem 4: A Murdered Child is Found and Healed

  1. Mark R. Whited says:

    I’ve read and reread all of your Gems.I never fail to glean something new each and every time. Enjoy your retirement. Good health to you and your family. Enjoy the last chapter in this life.

  2. Nicola says:

    I don’t understand why, in a world of 60 billion humans, Maggy’s grandmother would be taking care of this boy who is presumably a random stranger. :-l

    • Mark Macy says:

      At the third level it’s all about (or… LARGELY about) service, love, compassion, and empathy. You feel good helping out where help is needed. The community there doesn’t need conservative politics to protect the wealth and power of the wealthy and powerful, and it doesn’t need liberal politics to protect the rights and survival of the less fortunate.
      People at that level just like to serve. Without all the earthly hormones and compulsions and desires and egos, the third level is just a nice, comfortable community, for the most part.

  3. Nicola says:

    I didn’t mean why would she look after him, I meant why would he find his way to her of all people when there are sixty billion other humans to choose from including his own family?
    Why would he go to a perfect stranger that just so happens to be related to the experimenter? And why was she still treating his wounds years after they were inflicted? This needs explaining (not necessarily by you) in order to make that communication look credible. The problem is if there is one piece of (literally) incredible evidence then it throws the rest from that experimenter into doubt.
    I personally that it’s true that ITC is a way to communicate with the astral plane – as I do it myself, but if Swejen had said that to me I would have asked questions such as the ones above so I had answers for people. I’m surprised it hasn’t been raised before.

    I must have misunderstood..?

    • Mark Macy says:

      As I recall, Juergen Marcel’s mom contacted Maggy and told her about her son. That got things moving on the other side. What I’ve deduced from the contacts is that Timestream located the boy, who was in a rather poor emotional state after his death, and brought him to Timestream to be healed. Some of Maggy’s relatives were part of Timestream because of the love and resonance with Maggy… including her grandmother.

      Again, this is how I recall the situation. If I discover that my memory is incorrect, I’ll try to get back to this comment thread to correct things.

      Does this answer your main doubts? If not, let me know.


  4. Nicola says:

    Yes, that makes much more sense Mark.

  5. Rand says:

    Dear Mark, I’m friends with EVP/ITC Medium Margaret Downey in L.A., who is a member of Tom/Lisa Butler’s Association TransCommunication organization. A few years ago, I announced in my kitchen at 4am that those from The Other Side may contact me, and later that day they left me a message/someone yelling my name on my machine. I took it to Margaret and they brought my 98 year old neighbor through to me. I know your work is above reproach and is a great gift to me in Life! I have a question about the post above. When Swejen was asked to find him, he’d already been murdered 3 years ago. When she found him, why would he still be in need of physical healing and still be in “a poor emotional state,” 3 years later? Till Timestream located him…. he had been suffering for 3 years?? I’m not asking you to recall this case, but rather, what have you learned from any source, as to why this would be the case with a murdered person? It seems awful to be murdered and then …continue to suffer after “death,” waiting years for aid.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Rand,

      After a lifetime on Earth (however long, or under whatever conditions it ends), there’s a general rule of thumb about where we (our spirit) end up and we resume living without our physical body. That general rule: If we’re happy and generally at peace at the end of a lifetime, we’ll usually resume living (in spirit) on the Third Level, a vast sort-of paradise where people are much like us on Earth in their appearance and dispositions… but without the heavy fear and hatred and aggressiveness and selfishness and other troubled emotions that are kind of widespread on Earth.

      Almost everyone has SOME of those troubled emotions in them, and that’s the main reason people arriving on the Third Level from Earth always go through some kind of a rest, rejuvenation, cleansing, and purifying process (usually lasting about 6 weeks of Earth time) before they can get settled into life on the Third Level.

      People who die under extremely troubled conditions often get lost for awhile before they can get to the Third Level. They get lost in (what I believe is…) a dark, shadowy realm of troubled spiritual residue that blankets the Earth like an invisible, stormy cloud. This is what some murder victims might flee into, in a state of terror, after a brutal, vicious attack… and they may remain lost there for a while, until they can find their way to (or can be rescued by search parties from) the Third Level.

      That scenario can stir up a lot of indignation among us humans about the injustice of it all… but it seems to be the way things often happen. If it’s any consolation to our sense of justice, the murderers and others who CAUSE so much hands-on suffering here on Earth usually also wind up in that shadow world, where they see and live the kinds of suffering they caused on Earth.

      Anyway, long story short, that seems to be the scenario in which that poor murdered boy got lost for a while, until he could be rescued.


  6. Dave says:

    Juergen Marcel is in the care of Marie Mreches (Maggy’s grandmother on her mother’s side) Seems a bit odd that it happened to be Marie’s grandmother looking after the boy… sounds a bit sketchy! Why would it of coincidentally of been her?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Dave,
      It wasn’t really a coincidence.
      The Timestream spirit group gathered and grew over a period of years around the experiments of Maggy in Luxembourg, and the project naturally attracted Maggy’s grandparents and other family members who had already crossed over. People on the other side who felt a kinship to Maggy.

      • Dave says:

        I see thanks for that clarification Mark… I’ve been really enjoying going over your work, I have one more question, when you received the phone call’s or messages left on the answer phone, how do you know somebody was not prank calling you assuming the phone was attached to the line?… how did you know it was 100% Genuine? I am very intrigued by all of this.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Dave, fortunately the calls I got were not “out of the blue.” I’d already heard Raudive’s voice coming through various phones, radios, and TVs of different researchers in Europe. As you can tell from Raudive ITC audio clips linked from this site and also the site, his voice is very distinctive and recognizable. I explain much of the verification in the “substantiation” page of this site… just click on the link below and scroll down to the various explanations, especially “confirmation through cross-contacts.”

          Hopefully that’ll help explain things. If you have further questions, fire away.


  7. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Dave, no ITC contacts for a number of years.
    I’ve spent most of my effort writing what I learned over the years, mostly on this site.

    • Dave says:

      Mark, well I had no doubt your story is true, let me explain I’m actually a researcher too and personally experiencing this first hand myself, so it’s not so hard for me to believe in your accounts…. however I have been studying ancient magical texts on spirit conjuration over the last few years and practicing magick, what I have found is that these old grimoires can actually be used and contain instructions to call up specific deities using various methods. Now what makes this more interesting to me, is your account of the rainbow people, I have no idea if you know about this but in a ancient magic manuscript I am currently studying called the arbatel, it has a formula and method for gaining contact with beings called the Olympic spirits or angels and they are seven and sometimes referred to as the seven rays and each spirits corresponds to a specific ray of the rainbow…. you may want to read this – …. I believe it could be the case that it was these beings that made contact in your accounts. I will carrying out a conjuration of these beings very soon, to see if I can get them to come through the spirit box radio, I have had results with other spirits, but sometimes they can seem negative type of spirits. However this method of combining occult knowledge and modern technology to communicate with these beings seems to be working, and I think we are on to something big, after experiencing this and having up words of 25 minute long direct replies coming from radio, it amazed me and dived in deep, now it is my mission to figure this out and make it into a workable system that can pretty much guarantee contact and produce results for anybody wanting to try this for themselves to prove or change there perspective, and wake people up to this, so slowly to change the world. Here are a few of our videos for you to watch I’m sure you will like the results we are getting - ….
      btw Mark sorry my names not dave it’s just showing that on here… my names Daniel, and another researcher in our group is called shannon. I am from the UK and shannon is from australia. I would like to point out also, we have both managed to connect to the same entity a familiar spirit called IAN. But please watch the videos and let me know what you think.

  8. Nicola says:

    Hi Daniel

    I know you, now I’ve seen your YouTube handle Mortis the Wizard.
    Got to say the communication you receive is prolific, but that’s not the sort of communication I would want to receive. In fact I shut my sessions down if I can’t move past the negative communicators. This happens once in a while. :-/
    It’s not coming from the same place as INIT received theirs. Instead of calling long distance to the summerland, you’ve ended up in shadowland or in the same room.
    It’s not great to see this stuff on YouTube. Why? Because those are the same profane scumbags you get on Earth and instead of instilling hope, it instills hopelessness in your subscribers. Who wants to go somewhere else that is as savage as Earth? What you publish is just a tiny part of the truth, but these people don’t know that. As an ITC ‘researcher’ it is your responsibility to show them communication from the afterlife, not from the ‘just made it over the finish line’ shadowlife. Or use the term occultist or ghost hunter so the appropriate weight can be given to your evidence. You have a good connection there.. why not encourage the good people to speak and discourage the bad? It’s done by intention I think. Don’t take their crap! They are spoiling your sessions. Unless the profane is what you want.

    I’m sure the spirit box use doesn’t help. I haven’t seen or heard one connection between a human and someone in the light made using one (please let me know if there is one).

    I’ve watched a lot of YouTube ITC videos, but unsubscribe from most people when I realised what kind of communication they were getting. The occult and magick seems attractive to the dark side only, I would be stunned if the seven used such a blunt tool for the job. O.o The research you speak of is more akin to ghost hunting than the research INIT and to a lesser extent others are getting.

    Sorry for the rant Mark. Too many are using ITC irresponsibly. Perhaps another reason to put on the new thread about whether humanity should know about the afterlife.


    • Mark Macy says:

      No worries, Nicola. Ranting is one of the things we humans sometimes tend to do when we get close to the truth… which ain’t always so pretty and is sometimes scary. (I know from my own experiences.)

      And it’s really not so much of a rant. I agree with your descriptions… and that each person must choose his or her own path, for whatever reasons and rewards… whether light or dark….


  9. Lucia says:

    Hi. Just found your site a couple of days ago. I have also given the link to a few close friends. I wonder how a 3 year old can get lost. I am an nder & my angel/guide was right beside me. As well, when we die, we have many loved ones beside us. This doesn’t make any sense…..

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Lucia. It’s my experience that things dealing with humans in the afterlife (like things dealing with humans on Earth) aren’t always as neat and clear-cut as they might be… or maybe should be?

      As I understand it (and as you describe), at the natural end of “a good life” on Earth, departed family members and spirit guides often gather around to help a person make his or her transition. All very neat and clear-cut.

      Apparently that’s not always the case with victims of accidents and crimes and war… when death is accompanied by a lot of negative feelings like fear. Apparently there’s sometimes some healing to be done on the other side when troubled spirit suddenly arrive there. They have to be calmed down and loved.

      If you choose to explore this site, I think it’ll all start to make sense.The ITC contacts and explanations we received from Timestream were all pretty reasonable, given time to digest them.

      Thanks for the comment,

  10. Lucia says:

    Thanks Mark. I was so happy to find your site & have been reading through it. I have heard of Sonia Rinaldi & her “spirit phone” & so I was looking for any updates when your site popped up. I realized this morning, on my commute in to work, that I hadn’t thanked you for your work. So thank you! I look forward to reading EVERYTHING on your site as it is so interesting.

    Just wondering, one on of the threads, one of the seven had said that after a while we become like dreams to them on the 3rd level. Someone asked how they explained children (or people) that pop up from those “dreams” (our reality) into the 3rd level. Just wondering how they incorporate that into their day-to-day lives if they are not born, like they are here. I don’t remember seeing your answer, as the person had also asked some other things. Would you help me out on this?

    Again, thanks again. I read somewhere that you have a book out so I will look for it. As well I have many hemisync which includes your Bridge to Paradise. Thank you again!!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Lucia, I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re saying, but I have a gist of it.
      So, this reply might lead to further dialog to tie up loose ends.

      From what they (the spirits at Timestream) told us, their world is a sort of dream world to us, and our world is a sort of dream world to them.

      This is how I understand it: Many of our dreams are excursions of our astral body into level 3. When we ‘pop up’ on their side during our dreams we’re sometimes carrying earthly emotional baggage… maybe some anger or fear or confusion or “friskiness”… so the folks settled on the other side take that into account when we Earth visitors pop into their reality briefly during our dreams. I think they kind of keep their distance if they pick up turbulent emotions.

      On the other hand, if we’re at peace (emotionally) during our dream excursions to level 3, the residents there are more inclined to interact with us in a kind, healthy way during our brief visit.

      When we die, a similar thing happens. Our spirit arrives on level 3, usually with some emotional baggage. They have techniques or processes in place to help the newcomers from Earth to take a long sleep (usually about 6 weeks of earth time), during which our body grows younger (or in the case of kids dying, the body grows older) to the prime of life… about age 25-35 in appearance. During the long sleep our emotional baggage is also processed so that we’re suitably calm and peaceful for living at level 3.

      If we’re unable to process our emotional baggage well enough, then we won’t stay long on level 3 but will go to maybe level 2 or level 1 where our bristling emotions won’t upset the norm.

      Again, that might be a partial explanation of what you’re asking, but I welcome further dialog for clarification……….


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