ITC Gem 22: How Things Work in ITC

Editor’s note: Here are some excerpts from issues of CETL INFOnews that I published in 1992, while working closely with the Luxembourg researchers. In the first communication, spirit friend Swejen Salter describes some of the pictures that she and her colleagues at Timestream spirit group sent through the television in the CETL lab. She explains why people and places on her side often look so much like people and places on Earth. The following reports were written by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, who along with her husband Jules Harsch started and operated CETL (Cercle d’Etude sur la Transcommunication).

– – – Begin CETL Reports – – –

Astral structures. Skeptics accuse CETL of faking spirit pictures because they so closely resemble earthside pictures. Swejen explained:

This is how things look here. The people we show you are represented as they look to us. Do not expect perfect pictures. In time we shall gradually improve picture transmission. There are landscapes here that look very similar to those on Earth. These are overlaps of your world with our world. When people arrive here they wish to see a countryside and scenes that they remember from Earth. Therefore, if you see similarities with Earth they may well be reproductions in our planes of life. If you look closely enough you will discover that they are never exactly the same.

(click here [landscape] and click here [face] to see some of those early transvideos that came through the CETL TV)

Spirit hierarchy. Konstantin Raudive, who is himself a resident of a higher plane (fourth) and works with Timestream on the third plane, explained how the various levels of spirit work together to produce ITC contacts:

We are doing well and enjoy free will and choice, but cannot ignore a certain degree of order and some rules. There is a hierarchy of beings above us. For example, the last word about interdimensional communication is up to higher beings.

The all-important contact field. When I questioned Swejen about a public demonstration of MEZA-I she replied it could only take place when the contact field of the participants Homes, Malkhoff, the Mohnen couple, the Stasiaks and ourselves was totally built up.

Swejen Salter: Try to be one in your minds and we can make those contacts with MEZA-I. Only then can we consider a second group contact and, finally, a large circle.

But these conditions of unity of mind, in spite of everyone’s efforts, could not be achieved. I had asked the Technician as early as 1989 to help us in establishing a contact field in public on “the good will of the people.” Experience has taught us that such an undertaking would be extremely difficult even in a small group, but even moreso among a large group.

The requirements have not changed to this date and no technical system, no matter how sophisticated, can presently compensate for a weak or missing contact field.

Technician: If you can get people together whose minds think like one and harmonize with each other, then we shall have a favorable frequency.

The Technician’s words remind me of finding needles in haystacks.

It has been our experience that all equipment combinations we have tried in cooperation with the other side were built on the principle, “Unity and harmony of thought among participants.”

Human emotions and feelings play a part in developing a contact field.

Swejen Salter (March 11, 1992): Not only the actions of the experimenters help in setting up a good contact but also the feelings of those who are only passive participants. Grief, joy, hope and tension as well as your ITC efforts are visible to us on the screens of our apparatus and are comparable to a dress pattern. When certain lines superimpose and cross each other we can go on with the contact, when some lines move too far from the axis, a contact switching is not possible anymore.

Bringing together people of one mind whose feelings can be in unison is easier said than done. The mental adjustment toward fellow human beings depends not only on good will but also on a person’s general state of health. Tiredness, hunger, sickness and indisposition obstruct all efforts of the mind and lead to lack of concentration rather than harmonious thoughts.

– – – End CETL Reports – – –

Editor’s conclusion: Most of my ITC-related writings discuss the all-important contact field and the need for harmony among researchers. It hit home for me during my second visit to CETL in 1995, when Konstantin Raudive told us through a set of radios:

It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.  (click here to listen)


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5 Responses to ITC Gem 22: How Things Work in ITC

  1. Patrik says:

    Mr. Macy,
    thanks for another wonderful post.
    Do you think that in near future will be possible to find enough people who could make a suitable group for receiving contacts ?


  2. Mandy says:

    Patrik you mirror my thoughts exactly. Mr Macy, perhaps your blog may bring forward more like minded people who are already receiving a form of contact. Thank you for the post.

    • Patrik says:

      Hello Mandy,
      I think even if this blog couldn’t find people who are receiving contacts, It could find people who will be able to make a suitable group for contacts in the near future.

  3. Leslie Harris says:

    This highlights several of the shady areas of EVP.
    On the one hand, the Technician and Swejen Salter insist that no significant communication will occur until there is a human concord of goodwill.

    Since neither the Technician nor Salter ever lived on this planet, one must wonder from whence this concept springs. Perhaps they got a glimpse of this planet during the 60’s and believe that the heyday of the hippies was what this planet was all about – peace, love, caftans, beads, brown rice and lots of pot.

    The only readily established concords on the planet are those designed to make money and to make war. A convocation of stockbrokers, bankers, drug runners, and politicians can be established at short notice, so long as it promises lots of profit for those involved.

    Bellicosity is a fundamental part of being human. It can be ameliorated by the establishment of a structured society but even the structured society needs a police force and a judiciary to try to prevent to subjugation of the weak by the powerful.

    On the other hand, anyone with a recorder, be it analogue or digital, can record voices, sometimes just single words, sometimes phrases, sometimes sentences. Some people (e.g. Cardoso, Estep) have recorded words that directly relate to circumstances prevailing at the time of the recording.

    Cardoso recorded a comment about her cat, present at the time of the recording. Estep recorded a comment about a hat she was wearing; she didn’t usually wear a hat, so this was topical. These two incidents show that they were both being observed by someone or something unseen at the time of the recordings

    It would be very hard to classify such recordings as anything less than significant and offering a level of proof of something discarnate. Neither Cardoso nor Estep had established great peace and goodwill movements involving millions of people, which then calls into question the demands of the Technician and Salter.

    What, then, are the Technician and Salter trying to achieve by asking for something that might eventually evolve in the human psyche but is unlikely to occur for another million years or so. There can be little doubt that nothing is going to change in the next several thousand years, if indeed humans haven’t wiped themselves out by then.

    Sadly, we can’t ask the Technician and Salter and, even more sadly, they aren’t going to tell us.


  4. bet365 says:

    hi!This was a really outstanding website!
    I come from roma, I was luck to search your Topics in google
    Also I learn much in your Topics really thank your very much i will come daily

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