ITC Gem 18: How Angel Pictures Are Delivered to Earth

Editor’s note: I began my collaboration and friendship with ITC pioneer George Meek in the fall of 1991, and suddenly I was immersed in spiritual research… something I would have considered impossible just a few years earlier. I’d been agnostic all my life. George told me all about his many years of ground-breaking research, especially the Spiricom device that he and Bill O’Neil had developed in the late 1970s. With that device O’Neil had recorded more than 20 hours of dialog between himself and his spirit friends. George’s wife Jeannette had died two years earlier. Loree, a psychically gifted Cherokee woman, had been their housekeeper for several years, playing a part in George’s landmark research. When I visited George, I had a sitting with Loree, who channeled messages from various spirits, including my father-in-law John Hoys, whom I’d never met in lifetime.

A few months later George arranged for me to travel to Europe and visit the researchers in Luxembourg who were getting what were probably the most amazing spirit contacts in history.

The following report was written by Maggy in Luxembourg on October 27, 1992, a few months after I met her. I include my comments and explanation in [brackets around indented paragraphs]. Maggy wrote:

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

Swejen gave us the following information:

Good afternoon. This is Swejen Salter. I have good news about GA-2 (new communication equipment being built.). I was given permission to start the contacts via GA-2 soon. I am just coming from a meeting in which this was decided. I was also given a new assistant, Bill O’Neil.

  • [All the major breakthroughs for ITC communications occurred in the spirit worlds, and all of the major decisions about what information to send to Earth were made by The Seven ethereal beings. Swejen Salter, a deceased human, was in charge of the “Timestream” sending station in the astral worlds, and she frequently met with The Seven regarding the communications with Maggy.]

A few days later in a letter from the USA, George W. Meek told us about a message from the medium Loree (his wife’s former nurse and George’s present housekeeper).

Loree ‘s message surprised us since it announced Bill O’ Neil ‘s cooperation with Timestream. The medium Loree had received the message from Jeannette Meek (George’s deceased wife)! This is a new case of cross correspondence and confirmation of spirit messages over a longer distance than between Luxembourg and Rivenich. On the same day we informed George W. Meek of our news and wrote a note of thanks to Bill O’Neil.

  • [At the time, Maggy was collaborating closely with researcher Adolf Homes of Rivenich, Germany, and the spirits were arranging cross-contacts between the two stations, trying to the same information to both stations at the same time.]

Spiritside: If we used the same transmission method for Seth 3 and Angele that we use for humans, you would not recognize them. They are not “real” humans anymore.

  • [Angele is Angie Mreche, Maggie’s niece who had died as a sweet, highly sensitive young woman. Maggy was told that Angie had been a higher being who incarnated as her niece… not a typical human being.]

Earthside: I remember picture transmissions of you and Angele on which your faces could barely be recognized. We did not publish these pictures. It is strange that your cloths were visible but your faces and hands fused with the light rays.

Spiritside: These pictures were experiments which did not satisfy because you could not recognize too much. We then tried to find other methods. Although I do not yet belong to the group of entities such as Angele, I was at the moment of picture-taking in the same area of light rays as she was.

Earthside: But you are already visiting the fourth level. Don’t you already have experience with non-human life?

Spiritside: Yes, that is true, but to maintain the connection with you I have to take on the astral body again. What I still wanted to tell you is that to transfer the transparency that constitutes the body of a higher being, we need an adequate “transparent” method to visualize it in the density of your world. The technique we use is a “point by point” transfer until the face is recognizable. It is a “transcription” of what we see here. We might say it is a trans-visualization with the help of a common artificial intelligence (the computer program).

During this talk Swejen again said how much Susanna Lehnoff, the wife of the painter Edouard Manet, and Jules Verne’s former wife (Honorine Deviane) have used their talents to help the experimental group of Timestream with their picture transmissions.

Swejen also mentioned that both ladies at first were not at all interested in ITC experiments.

Spiritside: We had repeatedly asked for their cooperation, but they refused by reasoning: “why be concerned with these contacts with earth when different and more pleasant possibilities are open to us here?” I persisted, and it came to several small arguments between us before I convinced them. They now accept that the contacts are important for everyone’s life. They have received great recognition for their work and their skills here at Timestream. I am now on friendly terms with both ladies and would be grateful if you mentioned them in your writings.

I conveyed our gratitude to Swejen, to the ladies she mentioned and to all others who have helped.

– – – End CETL Report – – –

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