ITC Gem 34: Medicine and the Human Spirit

Most of us know the old dream-on comment, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” and its modern dream-come-true repartee: “You’ll see it when you believe it.” It seems to apply to ITC, prayer, healing, and all of the finer spiritual pursuits: Miraculous results can happen only when the researcher or devotee or patient believes passionately in the outcome.

The Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg received a series of ITC contacts in the early 1990s at their Cercle d’Etude sur la Transcommunication Luxembourg (CETL) lab that helped to explain how faith manifests miracles.

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

The ethereal being Technician has told us that healing is improved by faith, positive thinking and right action of the patient. These factors release vibrations in the spirit world which can be returned to the person in another form to free him from his illness. We anticipate the day when health and medical knowledge will take a quantum leap as the advanced spiritside collaborators provide not only general knowledge for healing the human body-mind-soul, but also personalized knowledge to help diagnose and cure specific maladies.

In one contact, Technician said:

There are healing powers in every human being to be used to help himself and others. The closer a person can get to the higher planes of life, the stronger the healing powers become within. The faith of a person and his efforts are like a beam of light which in time can connect to the planes of Light. Across this beam you are being given knowledge, insight and strength from our plane. If other people join this light, they too can be beneficiaries and the beam becomes greater. An ailing person coming into this Light can be healed in the most wonderful way.

The father of holistic medicine, Paracelsus (Theophrast Bombast von Hohenheim — 1493-1541), joined Timestream spirit group in early 1991. He had been a famous Swiss physician, philosopher, researcher of Nature and social-political theorist. Also in early 1991, Timestream manager Swejen Salter began talking about a highly advanced spiritual being called Pescator who is said to monitor  and assist all ITC efforts on both sides. She, the Technician and Paracelsus visited Pescator, who was living with many admirers and disciples in the Moreysian Mountains of the spirit world, among vast herds of cattle and other animals that had been treated badly while on Earth. After the visit with Pescator, Paracelsus delivered this report through a CETL computer:

The Technician had already arrived ahead of us and introduced us to Pescator, who is the one you on Earth call Jesus Christ. He is a being of such pure Light that it is almost blinding to look at him and of such divine beauty that tears rolled down my cheeks.

Pescator’s message to the Timestream trio was a simple one:

Should the situation arise when ITC researchers must choose between helping the sick and needy or concentrating on important technical upgrades of ITC equipment, help the needy first.

Paracelsus in lifetime

Paracelsus… lifetime

Paracelsus in the spirit world (picture received by computer, 1991, in Luxembourg)

After receiving several such messages from their finer spiritual helpers, it became a top research priority at CETL to use their ITC work to help humanity.

The Technician once spoke specifically on gifted ITC researchers using their special rapport for healing purposes:

All of you have latent abilities within you that could be used for your own benefits or for the good of those near you. The healing power we develop within ourselves can be used only for a limited number of people. At first only the people very close to you may benefit because it is easier to trust a person close to you and accept what he is saying. The healers and those who want their help and healing thoughts and expect to be helped by herbs and teas, must keep alive the small light within that is their connection to higher planes. Only then can a healing take place. The closer a person can get to the higher planes of life, the stronger the healing powers become within. The faith of a person and his efforts are like a beam of light which in time can connect to the planes of Light. Across this beam—these bundles of Light energy—you are being given knowledge and strength from our plane. Others joining this light become beneficiaries, and the beam becomes greater. An ailing person coming into this bundle of Light energies can be healed in the most wonderful way, as happens at Lourdes and Fatima. These are locations that have attracted streams of bundled light energies. Individuals who are not healed are less receptive to this Light than those who are healed instantly.

– – – End of CETL Report – – –

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12 Responses to ITC Gem 34: Medicine and the Human Spirit

  1. Patrik says:

    It’s wonderful how spirits say we all have abilities to heal ourselves, or other people. I believe it’s true, because after getting knowledge of spirit worlds and life after death, my illnesses are not so often like before.
    Also, my friend has very strong faith in Jesus Christ (not church) and he travels the world with other people and heal other ill people. He told me he cured people in various pains, people who had one leg smaller than other etc.

    So there are some questions to ask:

    Is faith in one person that lived on Earth (Jesus Christ) better than faith in spirit world, spirits and angels and all the ITC found out to be true?

    Should we try to show people the real truth? Many of them are strong believers in Church and Bible (also other religions all over the world), maybe they don’t want to see the real truth.

    • Thanks for stirring up this very important issue, Patrik. Fact is (or, at least my research certainly indicates) that:
      – there are many ethereal beings willing and able to help people on Earth,
      – there are many other ethereals who have no interest at all in the troubled affairs of our world, and
      – there are many ‘lower-level’ spirits (astral spirits) who have an interest in our world.

      Some of the astral spirits are supportive and stay close to people on Earth, trying to help us out. They mean well, but there’s just so much they can do with their limited spiritual capacities there in the astral world.

      Other astral spirits are lost or confused or troubled, and their involvement in our lives usually stirs up troubles for us humans.

      Jesus is a rare commodity, so to speak. As I understand it, he was one of those ethereal beings who chose to incarnate on Earth in order to help spread light here. That in itself is not so rare. Our invisible friends in ITC told us that many finer beings incarnate here, usually just to get the experience of living in a noble-savage world and to share their impressions with their ethereal friends, who stay “tuned-in” to the angels-incarnate during their lifetimes… which are often very short. The ethereals experience the love and fear, the trust and suspicion, and other mixed feelings here for a few years as brilliant, sensitive children, and then choose at a spiritual level to return home to their ethereal cluster. They die.

      What sets Jesus apart is his decision to remain as an intercessor for humanity–to keep himself available to humans who anchor themselves to him through prayer and contemplative thinking. (By intercessor, I mean someone who can help people foster their connection with the source, or God.) Many people who are close to the spirit of Jesus while on Earth stay close to him after they die. They move to one of many Christian communities in the spirit worlds. Some of them undergo further training over there to work as intercessors between humans and Jesus… in a sort of hierarchy developed to keep people directed toward the source.

      Most ethereal beings who incarnate simply want to get a taste of the grueling life on Earth and return home. Jesus, by staying close to humans during the past 2,000 earth years, seems to have made a remarkable commitment to humanity, and he presents a great opportunity for those among us who return that commitment to his presence. We can ‘tap in’ to that vast community of light and feel the glow… sometimes being completely transformed in the process. This is something that my wife Regina is especially interested in, and having read this ITC Gem 34 post, as offered to help me write my next post, a sort of follow-up on spiritual healing, which is her expertise.

      Meanwhile, a couple of closing thoughts:

      First, most of the other great prophets and ethereal-incarnates who’ve walked the Earth have not maintained a connection with Earth the way Jesus has… so that if we pray to, say, Yogananda or Sai Baba or Muktananda, we won’t get the same results that we’ll get praying to Jesus. While Jesus has kept the channels open to the affairs of our world, most of the other great prophets have moved on to other issues that (by universal standards, not terrestrial standards) are much more important.

      Second, Jesus is an intercessor between God and humans, but the key for every human being is his or her own connection with God. Depending heavily on an intercessor can be helpful, but it’s certainly not necessary. Doing inner work–meditation, contemplation, purification, prayer to God and ethereal forces in general… all of these things can open the channels to healing abilities and many other spiritual benefits. Those of us who have the will to raise ourselves (in terms of spiritual vibration) can begin to ‘tap in’ to the many ethereal energies that stream through our world continually. We simply have to learn how to resonate with those energies, for example by moving our soul to the forefront while gently pushing our egos and hormones and bad habits to the back seat.

      More on this subject in the next post that Regina and I hope to write in the coming days….


      • Patrik says:

        Thanks for your explanation, it just all fits very well and in my opinion, is all logical and true.
        As for ethereals living on Earth as small child, who usually dies after few years of living here, I think it’s little bit wrong – from our perspective (99% people don’t know he might had been ethereal and they suffer from their loss – car accident, illnesses, etc.)
        Only one spiritual reason for this might be the fact, that in Universe (or spirits explanation through ITC) life of a human is such important just like a life of a bee.

        Also I find very fascinating those spiritual energies, which we can reach through prayers, meditations and so on. Who knows, what else those energies can do 🙂

        Really looking forward to your next post..and also send my regards to your wife.


  2. Wannahelp2 says:

    Great post, Mark! This ties in with things I’m learning about Pranic healing techniques and doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It also ties in with scientific studies mentioned in the film, Quantum Communication. There’s a YouTube video series called Mind-Science secrets Kept Hidden that is that film in 16 parts. Interesting stuff.

  3. Thanks for these youtube clips.. I started looking at those clips… here:

    Pertinent information, for sure.

  4. Lisa I. says:

    Your welcome. I stumbled across them last week and actually thought about how it fit in with the info from the ITC communications. Your post today was a great opportunity to share the videos I stumbled upon with you.

  5. Sara says:

    Good evening, I’m reading your whole site and loving it. One thing, however, intrigued me is the description of Jesus. I really wanted to believe in something in this life and I was believing until I got here. They describe Jesus and the other spirits too, each in a way. This has intrigued me because it seems that Jesus did not really exist and is very much like Horus and Mitra. It is as if no one had the courage to face this out of fear but it seems that really it was created by the Romans. Do you see how culture is present in these communications? Cultural influence makes me suspect that it is the person somehow talking to herself. If she were Indian she would be receiving communications from Krishna, or Buddha probably. It is with sadness that I write this. Thanks

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Sara,

      I’ve read your comment several times and I don’t think I understand your points. Could you clarify? Are you saying you don’t believe Jesus was ever a real person living on Earth, and therefore ITC messages like the ones in the above article are suspect?

      Maybe you could explain your position differently, so I can give you a better reply.


  6. Sara says:

    I think it depends on the culture so it could be the invention of the mind. A Muslim would see Muhammad, a Hindu Shiva. What do you think? The belief of the person receiving the communication seems to influence. It makes me very confused. Thanks.

    • Sara says:

      I do not know my friend, I’m investigating the historical Jesus, sometimes I think that all this is an invention but I do not know for sure. Have you ever stopped to think about the absurdity of all this? How can a savior force us to love him? This blackmail is not making any sense to me. Of what should we be saved?
      Thank you my friend, congratulations.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Sara,

      I was a staunch denier of all things spiritual for the first half of my life, til I was in my 30s, but today it’s hard for me to remember how that felt; it seems like some kind of a dreamtime I was living back then, not part of this same lifetime. I’ve thought about this before, and I’m not sure why that is… the sense of two different lifetimes or existences in this single lifetime.

      I don’t even know why I shared that, since it doesn’t address your comments. 🙂
      Hm, maybe it does, indirectly….

      After my cancer, when I saw a man named George Meek give a presentation in Fort Collins, close to my home, I was kind of stunned by what he shared… his experiments in affecting young plants with his emotions and intention, photographing his spirit body separating from his physical body, his work (with Bill O’Neil) in spirit communication through a device called Spiricom… (I think you can do a search in this website on George Meek and Spiricom to see what I mean.) So I later met with George, and he got me involved in ITC with the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg (also searchable here), and then it took me more than a year to finally be convinced that what they were doing was for real. There was just too much solid evidence to continue denying it.

      Here’s a link to George and Spiricom:

      Now I’ve come to believe (actually, to know) that there are many people or spirits or entities that are invisible to us. They live in worlds that are not separated by space and time, so they are really right here, all around us… simply beyond our perception. I don’t think any of them want to force us to believe in them. Many of them think it would be better for us and for them if we were aware of their existence. Others seem to enjoy our unawareness because they can surprise us in one way or another. But, yes, I think that some of the kinder, more noble of those spirits and entities try to help us out. If we have Christian or Muslim or Buddhist beliefs, I think they often try to make themselves known in ways that might appeal to our beliefs.

      So I can definitely understand your doubts, and how you think it’s just our minds that spin spiritual fantasies compatible with our beliefs. I suspect there is indeed some of that going on as well, since the mind is a powerful thing.

      Bottom line, I came to accept the larger spiritual reality around us only when I was ready for it. That might or might not happen to you. Many people live their entire lives on Earth not accepting spirituality, and many of them do wonderful things in their lifetimes. 🙂

      Warm wishes in your search!


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