ITC Gem 32: The Second Epoch

As I reflect on the state of the world, my mind is frequently drawn back to the closing years of Atlantis, as described to us by The Seven ethereal beings who have monitored our world from the most ancient of times, and who sanctioned the miraculous ITC bridge that opened up for our INIT group in the 1990s.

Following is Chapter 9 of my book, The Project, which describes the end of the First Epoch.

My hypothesis. Babylon marked the beginning of the Second Epoch of human civilization on Earth, and we could be approaching the end of that Epoch today. The First Epoch centered around the vast, ages-old civilization we usually call Atlantis, and it had deteriorated into a dark age probably some seven to eleven thousand years ago, before the last flicker burned out in 1220 BC.

So the Golden Age of Atlantis—a time when parts of the Earth were like a paradise—was underway several thousand years before the energy experiments destroyed what was left of the civilization in northern Europe. At that time, the last remnants of the First Epoch were being washed away—literally—and the Second Epoch was taking root.

Civilization in the First Epoch included the fertile crescent formed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, known today as the cradle of civilization. A city called Shanidar was part of the empire, probably located around 400 miles north of modern-day Baghdad. A spiritual center, a temple called Sothis, was located along the banks of the Euphrates River on the same spot where Babylon would emerge thousands of years later. At that time long ago, the civilization fell into a terrible dark age at the hands of barbarian tribes, bringing an end to the First Epoch, and we today seem to be moving toward the next major dark age and the end of the Second Epoch.

Hard evidence.Babylon was located just south of modern-day Baghdad along the banks of the Euphrates River around 2000 BC to 400 BC. Archaeological sites in and around the Shanidar Caves 400 miles north of Baghdad have produced evidence of farming around 10,000 BC. The caves themselves have yielded Neanderthal skeletons dating 60-80,000 years ago.

Ethereal truth. In the summer of 1998 our INIT research group received a contact from The Seven Ethereal beings through a computer at our ITC receiving station in Luxembourg. I publish below an English translation of the transcript in its entirety. The original contact arrived in German. It describes what unfolded on that final day of the First Epoch in an empire long ago, before its collapse into a dark age.

Alkbrat of Shanidar was the last one to enter the great temple hall. He walked bent over and was slow of step. His white hair and flowing beard gave him a patriarchal appearance. He leaned his curved golden staff against the table and took his place at the head of the table. The others in the room remained silent; they knew they had to wait until the venerable old man opened the assembly. It was the last time that they would meet like this in the Sothis Temple, for the barbarians were already at the outer walls of the city. Alkbrat raised both hands and began with a clear, firm voice, which, despite his age, sounded full and strong:

“Participants of this project, my brothers and sisters, the Golden Ages of our culture are at an end. Our civilization has become so indifferent that the innumerable dead, who die of starvation and disease, have become a common sight for you. They elicit no more than a sigh, or in the best case, a tinge of protest. The streets of our cities have become the residence of legions of the homeless; drugs rule the world; men murder their brothers on a scale and with a bestiality that has not been seen since the (previous) dark ages.

“At the same time, thousands of lesser acts of violence and abominations have become so customary that they hardly seem real. We have tried to avert the evil with our Project Sothis, but we have failed. We have made the mistake of reaching an understanding with the pupils of Nephtos, because we believed that as the caste of scientists, they would help us convince the people that the Gateway, the Space-Time Arch, was the last hope for our sick world. But we have erred. They have measured, minced and counted, and again, measured, minced and counted, and could not recognize the true meaning of our search, because they could not recognize the truth that stood behind our endeavors: the inseparability of the spiritual from the material world—the opening of the door between these worlds. So we lost precious time, and our adversaries used our weaknesses. Some of us have fallen away and let themselves be lured by passing fame and Mammon; others were intimidated and have lost their belief in the righteousness of our good cause.

“We do not wish to bear them ill will, but rather pray that someday they will recognize their error. But we must be conscious that pride, covetousness, and arrogance are guilty of bringing our Project to ruin. Today we meet for the last time; tomorrow some of us will already no longer be among the living; others will be in flight. We know that our bodies, which we now inhabit, are only houses from which we will soon be moving. Where to and when we know not, but now we want to speak the last vow, and give our word, that at the given time, in another place, with another appearance, and under different names—some will be men and no longer women, and vice versa—we will no longer remember here and now, but when we meet again, we will know that we belong together. This very night, a Spirit of the Rainbow appeared to me and assured me that they will guide us further and lead us when mankind approaches the next dark age. This will be when voices speak from boxes and human beings move through light behind glass. Here on this spot on the river after many millennia, a city will arise that will be called Babylon, and the Second Epoch will begin.”

Alkbrat arose. The golden threads that were interwoven through his deep blue garment shimmered in the glow of the candles. The others also arose and, extending their hands, they spoke the vow.

So it came to pass, and it is being communicated to you (INIT members), because you have found each other again, and this time have passed the first part of the test. Continue to watch out for false friends and know that the journey is a long one.

The Seven, 1998 July 3

– – –

In other contacts we were told that several of INIT’s members and interested supporters had worked on The Project thousands of years ago, in other incarnations, and that is why they were now, in their current incarnations, especially drawn to ITC… and why they in particular have been supported by The Seven ethereals.

(In any case, as I mentioned earlier in the book, I believe that after the collapse of Atlantis, the powers-that-be decided to close the case on the First Epoch, and they literally washed away much of that civilization with a major flood. The hypothesis is supported by ancient legends of a major flood, by surviving evidence of a great ancient civilization that extended throughout much of Europe and the Middle East, and by our spirit friends’ testimony that Atlantis was a highly advanced, flourishing civilization.)


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6 Responses to ITC Gem 32: The Second Epoch

  1. George says:

    “We know that our bodies, which we now inhabit, are only houses from which we will soon be moving”. OMG! that’s exactly what I believe. Well that confrims it for me! : )

  2. Julian Bristow says:

    Hello, Mark. It was interesting to read about what the Seven Ethereal beings wrote about the Sothis Temple. If what they wrote is true, that would put the Sothis Temple in the UBAID period ( 6000 BC – 3800 BC ) of Mesopotamia. Not much is known about the Ubaid period except undeciphered pictograph clay tablets, carved stone statues and decorative pottery. Babylon was founded around 2000 BC in the Uruk Period. I’m wondering how could Alkbrat talk that way in the Ubaid era? Perhaps the 7 Ethereals are just trying to adjust it or make it more understandable for our time? However, I agree, we seem to be in the last stages of the Second Epoch. Thanks for all the wonderful INIT material you shared. 😀

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Julian,

      Those insights into early Mesopotamia are going to be real helpful. I’ll definitely try to dig into what information is available… as it would give me a better sense of what was going on in the closing years of the First Epoch.

      Yes, I’m sure that the message from Alkbrat (and many other ITC messages received by our INIT group) was translated into languages that we on EArth could understand. If I recall, that message (as well as most of the messages we received) came through in German, and was then translated by my colleague Hans Heckmann into English.


      • Julian Bristow says:

        Thanks for your reply, Mark. Yes, I see the striking resemblance of today’s age with that of Alkbrat’s time. Like the “ Pupils of Nephtos” , most humans today have lost the ability to care for one another and the environment. In the Seven Ethereals communication, we do seem to be experiencing the first symptoms of the second epoch. By some sacred geometry, I truly wonder if the “ Source” will open a “Gateway” or “ Space Time Arch” to save mankind if it should fall in to another dark age. In a way it reminds me of the “ Planet Eden” and what took place there, and what seems to be happening here with all this technology building up. Isn’t it strange, we are now trying to reach out to the other planets?

  3. Julian Bristow says:

    Hi, Mark. I’m sorry to hear about your loss in the Colorado fire. It’s as you were saying, life can be “ definitely “ an earthly drama. My thoughts go out to you and your family as you readjust yourselves during these challenging times. I have appreciated your research at ITC over the years and hope you will continue.

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