ITC Gem 15: The Nature of Spirit

Editor’s note: For this entry I’ve gathered together and edited into an article several observations by the Luxembourg researcher Maggy, that give some important clues into the nature of the spirit worlds and our spiritual make-up… based on contacts she received between 1988 and 1992.

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

There are few answers that can interpret the physics of the spirit world with the help of earthside physics. There are no answers that will satisfy the “logic” of earthside science. Many scientists on the other side are very familiar with our physics but are unable to express their spirit world physics in a manner that would satisfy us and that we could fully understand.

Some things we can explain, though, thanks to our knowledge of radio frequencies:

There is a nonterrestrial, nonphysical form of energy that can be called cosmic light, soul energy, thought energy, chi, etc… and this living energy is what manifests all universes everywhere.

Worlds of different vibratory rate interpenetrate without affecting each other, like two radio signals occupying the same room at the same time, or like two automobiles occupying the same parking space at different times.

Distances between spiritual beings are not spatial distances. Rather they are determined by the maximum vibratory rate or frequency to which an entity can adjust.

As people move “upward” from the middle to the higher astral planes, their astral bodies become lighter, subtler, and of higher-frequency substance. When they reach the rapid vibrations of the mental-causal planes, their astral bodies disappear. The mental body is not really a body at all, as we understand it, and can be described as a glowing mass of energy.

Some people who advance into the mental-causal planes lose their interest in the affairs of Earth and move onto bigger realities. Other people return frequently to the astral planes, donning astral bodies as they descend, so that they can be involved in Earthly projects such as ITC.

Besides the physical, astral and mental bodies and the soul, there are several other bodies that cannot be described because our languages have not been equipped with the terminology yet.

All information about our personal life styles, our attitudes toward other people, animals and plants, and our behavior can be monitored and recorded on spiritside equipment. This forms a picture of the person and helps determine the extent to which the person can be assisted spiritually. Some thoughts and actions that seem insignificant here are considered very important in spirit, such as kindness or cruelty to small animals.

– – – End CETL Report – – –

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2 Responses to ITC Gem 15: The Nature of Spirit

  1. Lighz Wagner says:

    I have often wondered through the years since Contact! stopped publication (which I eagerly read word by word), what happened to Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fishbach, meaning since this long period has elapsed, do they still endeavour to make contact or receive contacts or what? Or have they simply returned to their usual working lives and kind of given up, always hoping at the same time to resume some kind of communication. It was (to me) an exciting period when all that was happening but now so little.
    Can you enlighten?
    I appreciate all your endeavours, Mark.
    ‘Liz Wagner

    • Hi Liz,
      I’ve been out of touch with the couple for nearly a decade.
      I’ve heard a couple of years ago (through a mutual friend) that they were still experimenting, but their results had been reduced to EVPs as they worked to reopen the miraculous bridge that we enjoyed for most of the 1990s.
      I assume they’re still working their regular jobs and still doing experiments in their spare time… but I don’t know that for sure.
      thanks for your good comments!

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