ITC Gem 25: Ethereal Beings (Angels), Part 1

Editor’s Note: This is the first of two entries about the finer, more powerful spiritual beings who influence not just our world, but many worlds in many dimensions. A group of seven ethereals calling themselves, simply, The Seven, made miraculous ITC communications possible from the late 1980s through the late 1990s. The main communicator from that ethereal cluster told researchers they could call him “Technician,” since that was his role in facilitating ITC. At other times in history that same being has used other names when interacting with humans. I suspect one of those names was “Archangel Michael,” but that’s speculation. In any case, other members of The Seven were identified to us by such names as Ishkumar, Nsitden, Thfirrin, Mrekklin, and Lagelnev.

Our spirit friends (scientists, researchers, artists, relatives, and others who had died) sent messages and images to researchers on Earth (especially a Luxembourg schoolteacher named Maggy Harsch-Fischbach) directly through various high-tech devices—TVs, radios, computers, telephones…. The most insightful of those communications involved the ethereal beings. Sometimes our spirit friends would describe those elevated beings, and sometimes the ethereals themselves told us amazing things. In this first article, our spirit friends tell us what it’s like working with the ethereals. The next installment will include information directly from the ethereals.

The main communicator in this article is Swejen Salter, the director of the Timestream sending station, the spirit group that made the most prolific ITC communications. I also include messages from the late Thomas of Canterbury (who has become part of an ethereal cluster called “Seth 3”), and an anonymous spirit who worked closely with German researcher Adolf Homes and Friedrich Malkhoff.

In the following reports, spirit messages are in italics. (My comments are in parentheses.) Regular text is from research reports, mostly by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach.

– – – – – – Begin ITC reports – – – – – – –

1989 – (In one report Maggy wrote of her experiences with and insights into the ethereals):

To advise ITC researchers, nonhuman entities adapt to the physical world, sometimes accepting incarnation to live among us. The Technician has materialized an astral body to show himself to the Luxembourg team, but at these times he is only a part of his whole self. He has access to higher planes (as high as the celestial or sixth plane). Communication with the Earth and astral planes is impossible from these higher dimensions, so he takes on an astral body to be able to communicate.

Beings who incarnate become subject to human limitations, weaknesses and sicknesses. They stand apart from other people for their inner strength, strong will and wisdom. They are usually nonconformists, are misunderstood and do good.

1991 – (In another report Maggy described the role of her spirit friend Swejen Salter):

Swejen is asked to attend hierarchy meetings to report on ITC projects on the earthside and to convey the suggestions and requests of earthside researchers.

1991 – In one ITC message, Swejen herself described her role as a mediator between the higher souls and the earthside ITC researchers:

Seth 3, Ishkumar and others are also “technicians” just like the one you are familiar with. Some of us call them great souls or creators. They live on our plane and yet are really not among us. They can ascend to higher planes and again “bend down” to our level. Their power is almost unlimited and so is their wisdom and goodness. Their entire being is illuminated by understanding and forgiveness. It is impossible to describe the good feeling that overcomes the person who faces them and can speak to them. We seek council with these higher beings to determine the information to send to Earth. The meetings take place in a round room with transparent walls. During the talks the room revolves and lights, colors and shapes of breathtaking beauty pass by on the outside. Soft “music of the spheres” is heard in the background.

1991 – In another ITC contact, Swejen said:

Communication among higher beings is something very special to behold. It is like a reservoir, one big network of communication. Compare it to several computers, except that these are highly evolved, living beings who exchange information as fast as a network of computers. If you speak to one of these beings all other higher beings are also simultaneously informed of this conversation and at the same time are aware of your entire personality. Since they have no secrets from each other, one can only get closer to them by being absolutely sincere. Insincerity is alien to them. Nothing remains hidden in their dimension. You sometimes forget in your physical world that sincerity plays a most important part over here.

1991 – (Maggy received a series of contacts from Thomas of Canterbury, who she said)… has given up the individuality he had on Earth to become a part of Seth 3 (an ethereal cluster). They have fused into one being.

The gist of ITC communication, according to Thomas of Canterbury:

It is like the resurrection of Christ. For those who believe in him, Christ is alive. If you doubt the existence of the dead, they will not be there for you. Every personality is inextinguishable and every existence is important.

(He implies that ITC is like that: Believing with certainty and awe that high-tech communication with spirit beings is possible, a human becomes open to the possibility of receiving ITC contacts. Doubts and fears about the afterlife make ITC impossible for anyone.)

1991 – (Voice message to German researchers Friedrich Malkhoff and Adolf Homes, from an ethereal):

Instrumental Communication between two realities has become possible because of the developments on our side and spiritual cooperation on your side. I am speaking of the cooperation between the stations Hesperingen (Luxembourg) and Rivenich (Germany). Such an example should show that contacts with other dimensions of life are possible if beings want it earnestly. The voice you hear needs no larynx. We are sources of energy. The same energy from which you come. I too am only a creator and yet was created. I practically do not exist for you, although through our existence your life becomes possible. Phrases and symbols have no meaning to us. All thoughts of your world are stored with us in patterns of light for eternity. Be assured, as truly as you are, we are and so are many others who live in other realities. Life is existence without end. This is a law for all that is.

– – – – – – End ITC reports – – – – – – –

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