Afterlife Update 2018

Trying to figure out the afterlife for the past 30 years has been like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle. Whenever I think it’s nearly complete, I discover that a few big pieces are still missing… or I realize that it’s all part of a much bigger puzzle that I didn’t even know existed… and so the work continues.

As I find new pieces to the afterlife puzzle, I usually write about them in one article or another, so they end up getting scattered around this website. It occurred to me last week that it would be nice to put it all together from time to time in a way that provides the most complete and up-to-date spirit world map or model that I can come up with.

This article is my first attempt to do that. In the future there might be more of these comprehensive “afterlife updates,” maybe every year or two?

So, first off…

Basic Premise

Here’s the spiritual premise upon which the puzzle is built, the same basic premise that’s been stated by the great mystics and prophets down through the ages:

Our material world (Earth), as well as our entire material universe, is superimposed by many invisible spirit worlds and universes flourishing with spiritual life, each remaining distinct by its vibration, like radio signals. All of these material and spiritual universes are created and sustained by a living central source that emits pure, perfect consciousness. That creative consciousness and its source are the reality. The many worlds and universes look and feel real to their inhabitants, but they are just illusory parts of the bigger picture. That central source goes by many names. Christians call it God. Muslims call it Allah. Hindus call it Brahman. There are many human cultures with many names for the source.

The source is perfect love, pure wisdom, and complete knowledge. It is the omniverse.

That single source exists not only at the center of the omniverse, but at the center of each thing in the omniverse… as though it exists simultaneously and omnipresently as one massive source and as trillions upon trillions of pieces. Hence the age-old axiom: We are all one. The piece of God living within each of us is sometimes called a soul or rūḥ or atman.

That’s the crux of our spirituality:

  1. We carnal humans live on Earth,
  2. God is at the center of everything and at the center of everyone, and
  3. There are many spirits in between God and Earth, who range in character
    1. from the brilliant and divine (many spirits spin off the source and stay close to it; there are as many of those majestic beings as there are stars in the cosmos)…
    2. to the dark and dense (many other spirits are like celestial adventurers and pioneers and missionaries who have moved far away from the source; not far away in space, but in vibration… everything is in the same “space” from God’s point of view)…
    3. with many, many shades of spirits in between.

Our material universe is way out in the fringes of the omniverse, where light from the source grows dim, and so some inhabited physical worlds such as Earth can develop pockets of darkness around them, in which unimaginably malevolent and grotesque spirits can be created by the darkest thoughts and the most ghastly behavior of the planet’s carnal inhabitants.

Seven (Arbitrary) Levels of Heaven and Hell

If a dozen people living in the same city were asked to sketch a map of the city based on their experiences, we’d wind up with a dozen different maps. Likewise, there are many, many universes in the vast omniverse, and different groups (on Earth and in the spirit worlds) use different maps or models when trying to understand and to navigate the omniverse.

When it comes to trying to understand the spirit worlds associated with the Earth, one very popular spirit world model consists, simply, of seven levels of heaven “above” the Earth and seven levels of hell “below” the Earth. (Above refers to realms of finer vibration, and below refers to realms of denser vibration. Again, they’re all superimposed in the same “space.”)

While we’re alive on Earth we’re at Level 1. When we die, most of us will awaken either at Level 3 (an earth-like paradise) or at Level 1/Level -1 (a shadow world of spiritual residue surrounding Planet Earth, sometimes called “the earthplane”). People of general good will tend to awaken at Level 3. People who are totally wrapped up in worldly drama or are addicted to substances tend to stay at Level 1 in order to perpetuate the drama. They stay involved in earthly affairs. Most of us carnal humans can’t see them, but they can see and interact with us. Sometimes they show up vaguely on film and video. Some people can hear their voice-like thoughts in their heads. They’re stuck here for a while. They can’t “move on.”

People who led exemplary lives of love, trust, and decency might awaken in finer, lighter levels of “heaven” (Level 4 or 5). People who led more depraved lives spreading fear and animosity might awaken in some of the darker, denser levels of “hell” (-2 or -3 or -4…) before struggling their way back to lighter spirit realms. They do this by acknowledging their mistakes and helping others… much the same formula that we on Earth use to find inner peace during our short lifetimes. That seems to be a sort of law of spiritual physics everywhere: Get “closer” to God by being more God-like.

Resonance and Openness

Another inviolable rule throughout most of the omniverse is, like attracts like. After we die we invariably migrate to communities of spirits who resonate with our temperament.  As a result there are no hidden agendas in those realms. Spirits can perceive each other’s thoughts and feelings as clearly in the spirit worlds as we can see each other’s clothes here on Earth. So the king is indeed naked.

Earth is apparently an exception to that law of resonance. Here, people of diverse dispositions and motivations are tossed into the same world and have to figure out ways to try to get along. We can harbor hidden feelings and hidden agendas that stir up suspicion in those around us. Hence the dramas here on Earth, which have created many of the spirit realms in hell (Levels -1 through -7) and in the lower heavens close to Earth (Levels 1, 2, and 3).

Why is Earth an exception to the law of resonance?  Is Earth the only exception, or do all inhabited physical planets thrive on drama? I’ve yet to figure that out.

Morphing from the Divine to the Hideous

If we could catch a bus for a tour of the spirit worlds between Earth and God—the seven heavens—we’d find human spirits living in very earth-like conditions in Levels 1, 2, and 3, but by the time we get to Level 3, the spirits are much more refined in their behavior and appearance and living conditions than people on Earth.

  • Most people in Level 3 have no facial hair or blemishes or handicaps. They are at the prime of life, and injuries heal quickly and perfectly. They have the same natural hair and eye color they had on Earth. They can still eat food and have sex, but they don’t get fat or pregnant. (much more information here about Level 3….)
  • By Level 4 the humans and their surroundings are fine, light, and beautiful. They’ve lost most of their earthly desires. They can create small things and move to other locations just by thinking about them.

One of The Seven appearing in two forms (I believe): human-like and ethereal (circled).

  • Level 5 is mostly formless, with mere hints of sublime structure. Most of the humans there are no longer human in appearance, but are “testing their wings” as formless light beings and energy beings. “Wings,” of course, is a metaphor. Angels don’t have bird-like wings, but they do emit rays of light that would thrill an ornithologist.
  • In Levels 6 and 7, light beings can create entire worlds while exchanging oceans of information instantly.

In effect, the spirit worlds morph from human to godly as they rise in vibration from the earthplane to God.

Or if we got on the wrong bus back on Earth and embarked on a tour of hell, the spirit worlds would morph the other way… from earth-like to utterly grotesque.

Levels -2, and -3 are dark and dismal. Facial hair and blemishes are the norm.

Levels -4 and -5 and -6 are darker and more dismal. People are bent and deformed.

Level -7 is the proverbial hell with sulfurous flames created by the malevolent thoughts and desires and intentions of its grotesque inhabitants, including people who enjoyed torturing and murdering during their lifetimes and those who destroyed other people’s lives through their own very selfish pursuits and pleasures.

(Much more information here about the darker realms….)

So, if you want a nice afterlife, be kind and helpful to people and to other inhabitants of Earth before you leave… no great revelation there.

(I’ve tried to write this article with an easy flow. There’s a good chance I’ll add stuff to it in the coming months, in which case I’ll make an effort to preserve the flow. Eventually I might find enough new puzzle pieces to create an entirely new Afterlife Update.   – Mark Macy)


Source Material (Where the Puzzle Pieces Came From)

Timestream is at Level 3, where humans in spirit live much as they did on Earth, but under much nicer conditions.

I got the information for this article from various sources:

  • ITC contacts. Most of the puzzle pieces were provided by Timestream spirit group and The Seven ethereal beings who oversee Timestream’s work. More precisely, the spirits at Timestream gave these insights to humanity via Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg (who I believe is more prolific than any other ITC researcher in history… and, yes, that includes Moses and his ark of the covenant) and then Maggy passed them along to me to publish in English. Most of those puzzle pieces can be found on this site in the “Spirit Reality” section, in the articles about “Afterlife Descriptions,” and in the “ITC Gems.” This article selects a few choice gems and nuggets from those larger repositories.

While Timestream told us about the paradise world they live in (where many people from Earth awaken after they die), and while The Seven shared life-changing and world-changing information (especially about our ancient past)… they only hinted about the dark, unsavory spirit realms around the Earth. One of the Timestream spirits named Swejen Salter told Maggy Fischbach about a “shadow world” of the Earth where rather dense spirits hang around close to our world, move in and out of our lives, and make weird things happen, including crop circles and (presumably) spirit possessions and “hauntings.” A spirit friend named Konstantin Raudive told me through a radio in Luxembourg, “You know by experience, Mark, how dangerous drugs of all kinds can be. Try to warn humanity that they not only alter their present life on your side, but also influence in a negative way their future lives.” The Seven warned us, “You already know that pharisees, ghouls, swindlers, thieves, yes, even murders, have their interested supporters here among the dead….”  Except for a few hints like that about dark, unsavory spirit scenarios, Timestream and The Seven made it clear that ITC researchers should focus their attention on the finer realms of spirit and should also polish up their own character in order to resonate with those finer realms… not to get distracted or side-tracked by the drama and dissonance in the darker realms.

  • Old literature. Still, it’s important that we know about the darker realms, simply because they exist and they can impact our lives and our work. So for that I summarized a classic 1897 book, Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, authored by an Italian man, “Franchezzo,” who says he died, awakened in a dark place, struggled his way to the light, and then shared his story through a psychic medium, who wrote it all down and had it published. It’s an amazing and insightful book that is both grotesque and beautiful in describing how people’s bad lifetime choices get them stuck in the dark after they die, and how these lost spirits can find their way back to the light.
  • Science and society. Finally, after sorting and organizing all of that rich, spiritual information, I realized that there were still some stray puzzle pieces and big holes in the overall picture that required more worldly knowledge, especially from science. I also found useful information in religion, especially the spiritual fundamentals that most time-proven religions have in common.

Early in my work with Maggy I had several dreams of visiting the spirits at Timestream and observing the equipment they were using to communicate with us here on Earth. After finishing the summary of Franchezzo’s Wanderer book I had a short but vivid dream of visiting him and his beautiful, twin-soul, lady-friend in their lovely paradise villa where they eventually ended up together, and they gave me a quick “Grazzi” before I returned home and woke up. From these and other dreams I know (subjectively, of course) that this endless interplay between Earth and spirit is a reality, and this evolving puzzle is valid… though by no means absolute. A complete picture of the omniverse is probably impossible from the vantage point of Earth. Still, I think this is a small step in the right direction.



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17 Responses to Afterlife Update 2018

  1. evelyn banna says:

    Dear Mark

    We have conversed before on your platform and to update you, I am an administrator on an after life Facebook group. At the moment there is a small debate going on in as much “is there, isn’t there life after death?”.

    I have found your Macy Afterlife: The Beacon to be the most outstanding and informative web site ever. The wealth of information has left me ‘gobsmacked/mind boggling’ – i’m still reading all the data, postings etc. I have always been interested in Spiritual subjects and ITC (I have never doubted an afterlife, just had to relearn truth from misdirection in a Roman Catholic upbringing ((does that make sense? you know what I mean lol)) . I have never been involved in ITC work but would like to if the opportunity ever arose. It truly is a shame that for whatever reason things broke down when they did. I know Sonia Rinaldi is still working with ITC and has just had a successful platform at the AREI symposium in Arizona in September.

    Anyway to get to my question – have you any objection to me posting your page so that our group members, if they so wish can also read, watch and listen to all that you have written and posted about? We have just over 13.5k members and the group name is ‘Life after Death 101’.

    Much love, light and blessings to you and also my continuing admiration for such profound and inspirational material that you keep producing for the benefit of all mankind.

    Sincerely Evelyn


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Evelyn, always great to hear from you, a kindred spirit. It would be an honor and pleasure for me if you direct your fellow seekers to my site. The more seekers like us can get together and share information, the better.

      My wife Regina grew up Catholic also, so yes, I am familiar. 🙂 I figure, any path that gets people closer to God is a good one!


  2. Evelyn Banna says:

    Thank you Mark. I appreciate this and I hope many others will soon begin to read and be suitably enlightened from your body of work.
    Sincerely Evelyn

  3. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    Have you, by chance, heard of Steve Huff? Steve Huff’s ITC sessions are available on youtube and they have some of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. He seems to be very close – on the precipice of establishing truly meaningful, one-on-one conversations with the departed. His devices almost seem to function like telephones to other worlds.
    I have heard him emphasize to his listeners that the device is only one part of the equation – and that the state of one’s mind is much more important to establishing contact. It’s a genuine echo of what I have learned from your books on ITC.
    The energy contained in his videos is simply amazing. I’ve been familiar with his work for several years but it just seems to get better and better.
    I really wanted to share this, as it truly affirms what I believe and have read from your site. This is just one example of his recent work (uploaded 4 days ago). If it benefits anyone and helps to spark a realization of how amazing ITC research can be, that would be wonderful.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Ricky. Looks and sounds like Steve’s taking a good approach to ITC and getting good results.
      Going quickly into a meditation and establishing a rapport with his uncle and dad, then following up with EVP.
      Using his ‘white light box’ to get loud, clear direct voices.
      Most important, as you say, setting up a mental bridge with decency and good will.

      All great!


    • kate says:

      Ricky I just clicked on your link and I’m finding this quality of contact is staggeringly amazing…thanks for the link

      • Ricky says:

        My absolute pleasure!
        A few months ago, Steve did a video where he was establishing more of a general contact field so he could ask questions about the afterlife. Early in the session, a booming, clear voice said “the world is POISONED!”. The emotion in the voice was incredible, too – it put the emphasis on “poisoned” – it was an exclamation of sorts, as if the spirit was taken aback by discovering the difficult conditions and atmospheres in our current world. Steve Huff agreed that there are a lot of crazy things occurring in the world nowadays, and the spirit nervously sort of chuckled and went “Yeah..!”
        Instrumental Transcommunication is so amazing. I love to follow the work of these ITC experiments because there is always something new to learn!

        • Evelyn Banna says:

          Mark and Ricky
          I too watch some of Steve Huff’s postings and they are amazing but he often has “nasty stuff” which I don’t watch. As a healer I find it disconcerting. Mark you have spoken much about these negative entities causing much harm in the early ITC days. How did you manage to ignore or stop it happening?

        • mark macy says:

          Thanks for that, Evelyn. I haven’t explored Steve’s work, other than the youtube link that Ricky listed.
          I thought about this overnight, and here’s what I think’s happening with ITC:

          1. The easiest spirits to get in touch with are those in the “earthplane” (level 1 / level -1) because they are so much like us and so “close” to us carnal humans in terms of vibration. Not much to be learned from those spirits, and their interactions are likely to stir up further drama and confusion in our lives.

          2. A stable ITC bridge needs to be established with level 3, where spirits are “refined” enough to sustain a serious rapport with us. The Seven told us that ITC bridges of that kind will happen when there is a unity of mind among researchers. For years I assumed that was just a way of encouraging us humans to work together in a more harmonious way, but now I think it’s a requirement by some sort of spirit world physics. There has to be a resonant network of participants on both sides of the veil. If that’s true, then individual researchers will continue to connect mostly with spirits on the earthplane. I recall that Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach began receiving extraordinary contacts from advanced spirits (Timestream at the third level facilitated by The Seven ethereals), and once we were able to establish a broad network of resonant researchers (INIT), the contacts become more complex and stable, almost to the point of being “miraculous.”

          3. So, my conclusion from that is that the stable ITC bridges of the future will involve spirit groups at level 3, who are working with RESONANT NETWORKS OF HUMANS ON EARTH. I put it in caps, because that’s the main missing link in ITC today. We carnal humans have to figure out (I believe) ways of working together without all the ego and hormone dramas that typically stir things up in human affairs. In other words, we each have to work on refining ourself. Self-reflection, self-assessment, self-improvement, self-purification……. And we have to be willing to work calmly and patiently with others in friendship, love, and good will. When humans on Earth are ready to do that (not a fun or easy task, considering “human nature”), then ITC will have a chance to flourish, imho.


  4. kate says:

    In Michael Newtons book he says that Earth is one of the hardest places to learn, based on information from his regressed subjects, which I found a comforting thought especially if this life here seems brutal and hard for others and/or ourselves….I suppose there’s nothing like these earthly dramas and the human vessel to brighten or dim the soul in exceptional ways but then again the Seven ethereals are concerned and want to help so what’s gone wrong and why do we perpetuate the situation by reincarnating to Earth? They need a bit of quality control or something on the other side, (joking). We are obviously lumped here together from all different levels which I’ve believed is through choice but your question Mark about why Earth is an exception to the Laws of resonance makes me wonder because if the higher realms are concerned wouldn’t it be easier to fix that before our souls enter the human body? People talk of the Rainbow, Crystal and Indigo children so maybe that is the way the higher realms are trying to deal with this?

    Lovely article again Mark, thanks.

    • mark macy says:

      Hi Kate, as usual you make me chuckle and stretch my brain in one pleasant sitting. 🙂
      Yes, it would be nice if some “quality control on the other side” could fix the problems here on Earth. Unfortunately, as The Seven explained, there were serious mistakes made in Atlantis that can only be fixed by us, the Atlantean descendants. Apparently we’ve fouled the nest here on Earth and only we can straighten things out. There are no ethereal housekeepers to come in and clean house every month… the spirit realms work on free will with all the rewards and consequences. However there does seem to be some sort of macro-cycle involving occasional “end times,” when all of the grime that’s been gathering over the centuries sort of falls apart and decays, so that a new civilization can grow from the fertile ground.
      Love and light,

    • mark macy says:

      On the other hand, you mention the Indigo children. Yes, I have a feeling that higher beings have been recruited in recent decades to incarnate on Earth to help raise the vibration… so I guess that does qualify as ethereal housekeeping, an effort to raise the spiritual vibration of the planet here in the late stages of “the second epoch.” Thanks for that!

      • kate says:

        Hi Mark thanks for reply, much appreciated that you find my posts pleasant …very often I cringe at myself but still hit the post comment button :-D… I just scanned through this website and think I need to read more on here especially about the Seven explaining Atlantis. I recently watched a youtube documentary from Disclosed TruthTV 2018 called ‘Annunaki the gods still here on Earth?’…..It goes through a, sort of, timeline about how humans were created on Earth and ETs from another planet etc…my point here is the information seems to parallel the information from INIT I was surprised to hear the name Marduk whom they say was the king of the universe and was the son of the ETs, the Annunaki and a woman from Earth. I then looked up more about Marduk and there’s quite a bit which is said to be from cuneform on the Sumerian clay tablets and other ancient sources. When looking up king Marduk it seems there was great wars between planets and an uprising of humans to be free of slavery to the Annunaki….Maybe the wars have been around way before we all became hybrids. It does seem that the Edenites or Annunaki seemed to bring the dramas rather than the true descendants on Earth at the time? Once again I will read your site more.

        Thanks for reply

      • Stephen N. Prince says:

        Dear Mark !
        Do you know of Wes Penre and his “Papers of Learning”? He has deeply researched the subject of the Annunaki and their apparent influence, for good and much bad, on humanity and our planet Earth. He now has a YouTube channel apart from his blog site, which may interest you. He deals a lot, like David Icke, on the elite bloodlines and the historical religious connections, reaching from ancient times to today. Penre is of the opinion that reincarnation is a recycling of souls trap that was set up ages ago to force human souls into returning to life on Earth. It is all far too much to go into detail here, but I would appreciate your thoughts into the matter.
        Best regards

        • Mark Macy says:

          Thanks Stephen, I’m not familiar with Wes Penre, so I’ll plan to look into his Papers of Learning sometime soon. I do better seeing (blog articles) than hearing (video clips). If something grabs me, I’ll add another comment here. Meanwhile, I’ve come to believe in a scenario close to the one you describe (a “recycling-of-souls trap”). One ITC contact told us that the “fall of man” idea is a legend based on actual mistakes made in the old megalithic civilization that preceded ours, and from that I deduced that we in more modern times are still trying to clean up the mess we made (in earlier incarnations back in those old times) by having to keep reincarnating and trying again to make things right. Here’s an excerpt from that contact:

          “…legends (like Dionysus Zagreus) are based on a factual incident: the downfall of the civilization you often call Atlantis (also known by other names). This downfall was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance and blind trust in a massive technology.”

          I’ll let you know if I have more to add to that…….Mark

        • Mark Macy says:

          Stephen, I just glanced through Wes’s site map:

          It all sounds fascinating, and I’d like to dig into it sometime, but there’s far too much stuff for me to get into anytime soon. Do you have recommendations for 3 or 4 articles I could read to get the gist of what you’re most interested in?


          • Stephen N. Prince says:

            Hallo Mark !
            Wes Penre has written so much that it is indeed difficult to pick on something specific to give you an overview on his work. However, I do know that in his earlier works he quoted a lot from the “Ra” material, before going on to write his “Papers”. There are no short cuts for reading his research, one Paper leads to the next and if one misses out a Paper, one can get lost when reading the next. The best way is to read his first Paper, which includes the main subjects he deals with – although he does digress occasionally into related subjects (these can, at a pinch, be skipped over but not totally ignored, as he later makes reference to them). There is a world of information in each Paper and due to this, in his later Papers he goes over certain details again to keep the information in the readers’ minds, without them having to go back all the time to re-read the subject matter. Very complicated at times, but highly informative, his Papers have changed my outlook on life, although I do not agree with everything he says. The best thing about him is his honesty – he tells his readers to do their own research and not to believe his reports, if they so choose. His Papers can also be downloaded for free from his blog site, so he isn’t doing all the work he does for the money, unlike so many others. I hope I have been of assistance, so bye for now, with best regards
            Stephen N.Prince

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