Troubled Spirits: Fight ‘Em and Join ‘Em… or Rise Above

When we die, most of us awaken at level 3, an earth-like paradise, because we were generally kind and helpful to other people… but some of us get stuck on the earthplane for a while because we were too caught up in worldly dramas… addictions, resentments, fears, ill intentions, materialistic and carnal cravings… that sort of thing.

(There are various other spirit levels and spirit worlds—indeed there are entire spiritual universes “out there”—but for simplicity’s sake, these are the two that I think are associated with most people’s afterlife experiences. To get an idea of the much bigger picture of spirit reality, here’s another article that looks at the bigger picture.) Meanwhile…

Confused, level-1 spirits are stuck in the earthplane—that cloud of spiritual residue that blankets our planet—and they cause lots of strange surprises for us carnal humans as they move covertly in and out of our world… in and out of our lives. Bumps in the night, hauntings, voices in our head, unhealthy urges planted in our mind….

Paradise spirits at level 3, on the other hand, are kind and supportive of each other and of their loved ones still on Earth, but they’re further removed from our world and don’t get caught up in our dramas.

So this article is mostly about those troubled earthplane spirits that can make our life difficult. Here’s some simple advice on how to avoid them and their spooky influences on us.

Once we realize that the spirits in the earthplane are still hooked on earthly dramas, there are basically two things we can do about it:

  • Immerse our self in the dramas of this world and attract earthplane spirits into our life, or
  • Rise above the drama so they’re no longer attracted to us, and we get the attention of a “higher class” of spirits (guides, guardians, supporters, protectors, miracle-workers….)

Earthly dramas are stirred up largely by our egos and hormones. As we grow up, we’re biologically programmed for drama, especially during adolescence when hormones rage… and rising above our egos and hormones later in life takes some effort.

Rising Above the Drama

3 basic steps. The key to peaceful, spook-free living, then, is to reprogram our self to minimize drama in our life. Step 1 comprises about 95 percent of the work, and the great news is that it’s so easy and natural, and can be such a relief!

  1. Acknowledge that we live in a rough world where life preys on life to survive, but know that this entire Earth world is just an illusion. Reality and truth exist only at the central source, where love, honesty, trust, and wisdom reign supreme. The illusion is weak, the reality is all-powerful. And know that the source exists not just at the center of everything, but at the center of us… and we can access it simply by stilling our busy mind and entering a peaceful state… by connecting our conscious mind to the source. If we do that, we can…
  2. Wean our self away from savage motivations that stir up drama (fear, envy, deception, mistrust, contempt, selfishness, thievery, callousness….), and we can…
  3. Foster noble motivations that bring peace and harmony (love, honesty, trust, good will, concern for the less fortunate, service to the community, the betterment of humanity, and wise stewardship of the planet….)

Practical choices. Fostering our inner noble-side raises our spiritual vibration, and it can be done in many practical ways.

  • Give our self over to good religion that’s steeped in love and good will, not flawed religion that’s caught up in fear and intolerance.
  • Join a 12-step group to be among kindred souls who are helping each other to find their way out of addiction,
  • Surrender our will to a higher power (i.e. God, Allah, Brahma, the central source).
  • Meditate by closing down the 5 senses for a while and allowing our finer senses to shine through. (An easy and effective way to meditate is simply to close the eyes and move our awareness from the head to the heart.)
  • Pray with a calm, focused will to get help from finer spirit realms.
  • Empower the body with exercise and good nutrition.

So, that’s a pretty good (and simplified) look at ways to get free of troubled spirits that are all around us in the earthplane, moving in and out of our world.

(Going a step further, these same steps that protect us from troubled souls of the invisible kind can also help protect us from troubled souls of the carnal kind… that is, from people on Earth who are driven by their egos and hormones… but that’s another story.)


Once every year there’s a simpler process that’s become widespread in some cultures… here in the States, for example.

When little ghosts and goblins show up at your door on the night of October 31, just give them some candy and they’ll probably go away excited.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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4 Responses to Troubled Spirits: Fight ‘Em and Join ‘Em… or Rise Above

  1. Thanks Mark…some good reminders here.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John, I guess the main point I was trying to emphasize here is that most people wind up on level 3 (where ideally we’d all go, before moving on to finer realms) or else stuck in the earthplane for a while after they die… and the latter group help to destabilize things here on Earth as they move in and out of our lives. And, of course, ways to minimize their influences on us.

  2. DOM says:

    I always thought that some of the worst crimes that we are told about on the TV, were inspired to criminals by evil spirits possessing them. I once was subject to an evil spirit, but it was expelled from my body when I realized it wasn’t me (all of this lasted just a couple of seconds). Then, I sensed that spirit drifting away, and upon reaching someone else, this other person suddenly burst in rage and hate for no reason. I would say that practicing mindfullness meditation, and be used to remain aware of oneself, keeps troubled spirits at bay.

    • Mark Macy says:

      DOM, that sounds like an excellent formula for spiritual integrity:

      Mindfulness meditation and self-awareness.

      I suppose if I could boil down my article above, it would end up something close to your comment. Thank you very much for sharing that.


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