Refining the Spirit through Heart Meditation

I’ve spent most of my adult life ruminating on what can be done to make the world a better place, and it’s all led to what could be called “locking in our paradise destiny”… referring to both our personal destiny to find paradise after we die, and our destiny as a species to create paradise on Earth at some future time. Both scenarios rest on our will to refine the human spirit… to tame what I call our savage side while putting our noble side in the driver’s seat.

At the personal level, refining our spirit isn’t just a ticket to a glorious afterlife, it’s also the best way to make the most of a wonderful life here on Earth. Regardless of your life choices, in terms of career, relationships, or pastimes, it’s all far more enjoyable and rewarding if you spend a little time refining your spirit. What that means, basically, is to adopt practices as physical human beings that adjust your inner spirit to a vibration of love, good will, and a sense of oneness with all.

There are many time-proven ways to do that… but in recent years I’ve found two techniques that can refine us spiritually in a most rewarding… and easy… way! One is heart meditation, and the other is what I call “mantric exercises.” I’ll introduce heart meditation in this article, and mantric exercises in another post in the near future.

(Both are adapted from my recent book, The Project, available in paperback on

Heart and Soul

For centuries mystics have called the heart the seat of the soul, and when we move our awareness—our self—to the heart, we can feel an especially close connection to the source, to God. After all, the soul—the real you and me—is a piece of God. Here’s a short script of a heart meditation I’ve used for years:

“As we sit or lie in a comfortable position, we close our eyes, and relax our body. We locate our awareness, usually behind the eyes, and move it slowly to the back of the head, then down the spine to the heart. It’s not like we’re in the head thinking about the heart; it feels as though we have moved our thinking process into the chest. The soul is the real you and me, a piece of the source, or God. Now, from this point at the center of our being, we absorb all the light, love and wisdom that we can possibly absorb from the source, from God. We feel our self, our soul, swell like a sponge. And as we swell with this divine light, we release it out into our spirit bodies and out further into our physical body. We let the light swirl through us, cleansing, purifying, and recharging us at every level. We pull more of this light from the source into our soul. As it swirls through us, we let it out into our surroundings, transforming this room into a sacred space, a temple of love and light. Now, as we remain centered in the heart, we think of our loved ones on Earth and in spirit, we think of our Ethereal guides, and we feel the close heart connection with all of these loving beings. We send streams of love from our heart to theirs, and we feel their love streaming into us.”

Shortly after discovering the powerful effects of this meditation, I recited it slowly into a tape recorder as a guided visualization, leaving ten or twenty seconds of silence between sentences. I also added some nice, soothing music through the entire script. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to do the same. Feel free to tailor the script to your own beliefs and needs. If you’re a Christian, it’s wonderful to add Jesus to the meditation. If you’re Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist or Hindu…or even agnostic, tailor the script to fit your beliefs. Having been an agnostic most of my life, the first thing I would have done during those years would be to change the word “God” to “higher power,” or even remove it. Whatever works for you!

To meditate, get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax your brain. Slowly move your mind, your awareness, from the head to the heart… so that it feels like your thinking is taking place in the chest, not in the brain. (Don’t just think about the heart while being in the brain… actually move your thinking to the chest.)

As you do the heart meditations everyday, the finer side of the supernatural begin to seem more natural. Angels and other loving, supportive spiritual influences move in close to provide assistance, protection, and guidance, because they all know the importance of spiritual work on Earth, and they are eager to help us enlighten our world. Know them by the warm, blissful feelings you get when they arrive. Welcome them. Encourage them. Communing with these finer beings is a subtle experience of insights, synchronicities, and an ever-growing zest for life.

Doing heart meditations regularly will help you remain clear, calm, and revitalized. That’s enough for some people, while others find themselves drawn to the next level. Eventually you might feel pulled to apply your wisdom and skills in any of a variety of ways.

You might want to get a copy of my 45-minute Bridge to Paradise CD, which I produced in collaboration with Monroe Products of Lovingston VA. Our CD employs beautiful music along with The Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync® technology, which automatically moves the brain into a meditative state, opening our mind to spiritual development. Listeners of the CD are guided through a heart meditation, then on to a journey to paradise, where we meet some Ethereal Beings.

If you’ve never tried a heart meditation, it’ll change your world in a most wonderful way!

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