Healing and the Human Spirit

Authors’ note: This article is written by Regina and Mark Macy. Regina has practiced various forms of energy healing for more than a decade, including Reiki, Chi-Kung Healing Touch, and intuitive healing. Mark has spent two decades fully involved in spiritual research, especially ITC (technical spirit communication), but he’s also been exposed to psychic surgery, materializations, apports, and multidimensional portals. He’s also been a lifelong writer. So, the framework and gist of this article are provided by Regina, while Mark has filled in some details, explanations, and interesting links to more information.

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For a spiritual healing to occur, our human will surrenders to the Higher Will.

We are talking here about everyone involved in the healing, which always includes first-off the patient or sufferer, and last-off the “Higher Will,” which is that finer spiritual vibration of life that flows through life everywhere to instill order, love, and peace. Higher Will is sometimes called ethereal energy or celestial light or Christ consciousness or God.

Between the patient and this Higher Will, there can be a facilitator, or healer. There might also be a prayer circle. There might also be a medical team of astral spirits… for example, in the case of psychic surgery. But the main connection in spiritual healing is between the will of the human sufferer and the Higher Will.

For the healing to succeed, the vibrations of the patient have to be raised or accelerated to resonate with the Higher Will. That is, the patient surrenders mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to that divine flow of love, order, and peace. That opens the channels for healing energies from brilliant minds in finer realms to integrate with the body-mind-spirit of the patient on Earth.

Naturally, it’s not easy for many sufferers to sweep away uncertainty, mistrust, fear and other clutter in order to find that place of unconditional love… and this is where proficient spiritual healers can help. They’ve somehow forged a resonant vibration with the Higher Will. Most energy healers today adopt various healing techniques, and life styles of the more proficient healers have evolved (through meditation, purification, moral living, noble attitude, etc.) to resonate with finer spiritual vibrations. A few exceptional healers (for example, Jesus or Billy Graham or John of God) might undergo a spiritual transformation that “locks” them into the Higher Will. Regardless of how it’s done, the proficient energy healer resonates with finer spiritual vibrations when he or she is in “healing mode,” and then when other people come into the presence of these healers, they too begin to vibrate at that finer vibration… like crystal goblets resonating to a perfectly resonant voice.

I (Mark) used to enjoy the steam room at the local rec center. When I was alone there, I’d hum a steady note, then start raising it in pitch. I was humming very softly, almost inaudibly, as the note slowly got higher and higher. Then suddenly, once the pitch reached the resonant frequency of the small steam room, the humming sound boomed out. I was still softly humming, but the sound was very loud.

The same principle applies to energy healing, but at the vibrational level of spirit rather than sound. When I (Regina) am in a room with a client, I’m nothing more than a vehicle for these fine energies. Clients raise their own vibration through dialog, meditation, and healing cards before they lie down on the table and the actual energy session begins. To what degree my presence in the room “automatically” raises the client’s vibration (as seems to be the case of the more miraculous healers), I’m not sure. It’s a hard thing to quantify. In any case, my clients often report experiencing an “energy shift” within them, and a lessening of symptoms in the ensuing days. But, again, much depends on their openness to and acceptance of the spiritual treatment. That too is hard to quantify.

Several of my friends are energy healers. During sessions, we all remove ourselves—our egos—from the equation so spirit can show its omnipresence and omnipotency. Our only “aim” during the sessions is to allow Higher Will to do its work with our clients, and the results sometimes seem miraculous through human eyes, though it’s all quite “natural” in the workings of the spirit worlds.

Both of us (Mark and Regina) have taken a interest in the various 12-step programs that evolved out of the world-famous Alcoholics Anonymous program. AA’s founder, Bill W, was on the brink of death from alcohol abuse when he had an instantaneous healing in 1934. From that moment on he remained sober, and he went on to save millions of lives with his AA program, which today has 2 million members participating in more than 100,000 groups worldwide. Various other programs have evolved out of AA, based on the same 12-step principles, to help people overcome addictions to drugs, shopping, sex, tobacco, gambling, and so on.

The first three steps of AA’s 12-step program are the key to spiritual healing. They involve a surrender of one’s will to the Higher Will. That’s why we wanted to include AA prominently in this article. Its astonishing success in healing human lives rests on the fact that it’s been built upon a true spiritual foundation (even though atheists and secularists in the 12-step program can replace the spiritual element with something material… and it still often works).

Addictions are among the most difficult diseases to overcome. They often reach the point of seeming hopeless to those caught in their grip.

In spiritual healing, however, there is always hope. The forces that create a sense of hopelessness on Earth, like other forces on Earth that create the sense of time and space, are illusory. They are unreal. In the finer worlds of spirit… beyond time and space… therein lies the only real power, which we earlier referred to as Higher Will, ethereal energy, Christ consciousness or God. As humans on Earth, we are expressions of that timeless force, and the kingdom of heaven—the Higher Will—is within each of us. Meditation to connect to the Oneness is one of the most effective practices that can bring us closer to the Higher Will as we put our humanness aside. It stills the ego and awakens the soul.

As that happens, we can be instruments of God’s peace, love, and healing. We don’t use God; God uses us to help the Higher Will unfold on Earth.

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3 Responses to Healing and the Human Spirit

  1. Jonny says:

    “We don’t use God; God uses us to help the Higher Will unfold on Earth.”

    This is such a great statement, we are truly vehicles for the Universe to express itself through – thank you for sharing this.

  2. Jonny says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, and it is totally in tune with how I see spiritual healing – it is all about letting go to allow the Divine to work through us. I struggled for a while trying to “do” the healing, whereas now I realise there is nothing to do but hold the space to allow the healing energies to work their magic.

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