What ITC Groups Could Learn From INIT (9.1)

INIT (the international Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) experienced a major breakthrough in spirit communication. A stable bridge or contact field was established between our group and the Timestream spirit group in the late 1990s, and paradigm-shifting information streamed across the bridge from the Timestream spirits residing on “the Third Level” of the astral realm… a spirit world they call “Marduk.” The information arrived with clarity and purity (largely unfiltered by human minds) through our computers, radios, TVs, telephones and other devices.


The INIT bridge was facilitated and protected by a group of ethereal beings calling themselves “The Seven,” who described their role as “gatekeepers” between carnal humanity here on Earth and spiritual humanity settled into spirit communities in that astral world called Marduk. I believe it was the direct intervention of The Seven, and perhaps other Ethereal beings, that has made the more elaborate forms of ITC possible since the 1980s, both individual ITC efforts and group ITC projects.


One of The Seven.


Olden Times

As I say, INIT’s stable contact bridge was a major breakthrough in spirit communication… but, then, lots of major breakthroughs have been happening since ancient Babylon… oracles, scrying, tea leaves, crystal balls, physical mediumship, direct voice mediumship, and finally the use of modern technologies (see the bullet items below).

For whatever reason, we humans of the Second Epoch have been closed down spiritually in our day-to-day, waking lives. Our carnal mind with its 5 senses has been separated from our spiritual mind with its finer senses… and we just get glimpses of the afterlife in our dreams, meditations, and near-death experiences (NDEs)… when our carnal mind closes down for a while and our spiritual mind is active. Otherwise most of us (until we die and return home to spirit) are totally wrapped up in conscious, carnal living. We think of that as “staying grounded.” Our spirit friends think of it as “being spiritually blind.”

Modern Times

So for the past 5,000 years the spirit worlds have been trying to get the attention of us “conscious” humans by using whatever technologies happen to be available to us here on Earth at the time. Most recently….

  • In the 1960s and 70s, EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) involved capturing short, faint spirit voices on electrical recording devices. A growing number of researchers were involved in EVP (and still are), most notably the EVP pioneers Juergenson and Raudive, who have since died and now continue their work from the other side.

While EVP was (and is) a direct interaction between astral beings (spirits of the dead) on their side and experimenters on our side, ITC was (and is) the addition of ethereal beings (especially The Seven) into the mix.  Spirits at the Third Level have the power and energy to manifest only minor contacts with Earth, such as faint EVP voices of 2- or 3-second duration, or the spirit-face photos I got with a Polaroid camera. The vast energies of finer beings like The Seven are apparently necessary to make the more elaborate (ITC) contacts possible… video streams through TVs, dialogs through telephones and radios, detailed images and texts planted in computers….

 (Read more about the history of EVP and ITC…  also   here… )


  • In the 1970s and 80s, independent researchers began to have major breakthroughs via their radios, TVs, and other devices. Bacci, Meek/O’Neil, Boden, Koenig, Webster, Schreiber, Harsch-Fischbach, Homes and other independent researchers ushered in the era of ITC (instrumental transcommunication). And that, I believe, is where The Seven ethereals began to get involved, by carefully opening exceptional contact bridges with those individuals who had suitable psychospiritual qualities… bridges that required more than just the energies accessible to spirits of departed humans residing in the astral realm.

The Seven and other ethereal beings act as high-powered engineers / energy supplies / memory banks / software programs, all rolled up together into celestial minds that can give vitality and direction to an ITC bridge. The bridge can be “built” directly between Earth and the Third Level paradise communities… bypassing or piercing straight through the dark, shadowy netherworld of spiritual residue blanketing the Earth, where confused and sinister messages sometimes originate.

The ethereals can establish and protect those bridges to paradise that provide the basis for good ITC.

There’s good news and bad news about that, in regard to future ITC progress.

The good news is that ethereal beings today are ready and waiting to open and to sustain stable ITC bridges in our world.

The bad news (and it’s not really so bad) is that they can and will do it only under the right conditions.

That’s the main lesson we learned from INIT, and that’s mostly what this closing series of articles is about:

What conditions do we carnal humans have to foster on our side to attract and allow ethereal beings to work with us… to allow a stable ITC contact bridge to be formed and sustained?

A few conditions come to mind quickly, based on what I learned from INIT… such as being unified and all-encompassing but at the same time discerning.

Unity. Probably the most important condition for future ITC is unity among researchers, which will involve an effort to sustain harmony… resonance.

The Seven ethereals told Maggy Fischbach in 1991: “We are approaching (the next) phase (of ITC evolution). The ability of a new system to function properly and its further development depend on mankind. Unity among researchers has to be achieved.”

(Read more about that next phase of ITC here…   or for a more in-depth, intimate look:  scroll to the end of this linked article… )


  • In the 1990s, a new phase of ITC was introduced that will depend on a unity among researchers.

The call for unity, reiterated in several ITC contacts, became the impetus for the formation of our INIT group… and I believe it will be the key factor for the future development of ITC bridges everywhere.

Again, it was the vast power and knowledge of The Seven that became the cornerstone of INIT. They worked hard behind the scenes to sustain our bridge with Timestream spirit group and to urge us to overcome petty difference for the sake of harmony…  while protecting us all from the “plague” of troubled spirits surrounding the Earth in a sort of shadow world. It was their vast, ethereal energies that powered and protected the bridge, allowing the messages from Timestream to surge into our equipment.

Wide scope. They implied that it was important not just to sustain harmony, but also to include all races, cultures, nationalities and eras. They made it a point to deliver contacts not just from departed loved ones and familiar names…

[Konstantin Raudive, Friedrich Jurgenson, Klaus Schreiber, Jeannette Meek, Konrad Lorenz (Austrian ethologist), Olof Palme (assassinated Swedish prime minister), Jules Verne (French author), Richard Francis Burton (English explorer), Honorine de Viane (wife of Jules Verne), Susannah Lehnhof (wife of Edouard Manet),  Arthur Beckwith (19th Century American journalist), Hal Roach (American TV producer), Anne de Guigné (a saintly Catholic French girl who died in 1922 at age 11), Arthur Moos (a casualty of the Second World War), Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henri Ste Claire de Ville, Marie Curie…],

… but also from a diverse cross-section of humanity:

  • Yang Fudse, an ancient Chinese physician,
  • Paracelsus, 16th century Swiss physician
  • Bwele M’Banga, an African who’d been eaten by a lion,
  • Mootai, a Polynesian island girl,
  • Friting, an Ice Age man,
  • Atahualpa, an Inca leader,
  • Skjoldung, a Danish skald (Viking poet),
  • Red Jacket, a Native American, and
  • Abdallah Ibn Bekr, an Arab contemporary of the Prophet Mohammed.

Timestream and The Seven seemed to be making an effort to include all races, cultures, and eras into the ITC bridge… and I suspect, in the future, that the ITC researchers on Earth who will get the most attention from ethereal facilitators will be those who also take an all-encompassing approach, perhaps local and regional networks joining or associating with other groups elsewhere in the world.

Discernment. That certainly doesn’t mean an ITC group should be open to anyone and everyone. It means that members of an ITC group could come from all walks of life… as long as they can work together in harmony. Unity and harmony are still the most important conditions. As Konstantin Raudive told us in a radio contact in Luxembourg in 1994:

It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.

And that’s what I’ll begin to explore with this series:

Based on what we learned from INIT, how can an ITC group come together in an all-encompassing but discerning way that allows the group to resonate like a finely tuned, living, spiritual antenna that will allow information to stream into our world from the finer worlds of spirit… through a clear, stable contact field?

I’ll use the familiar headings of this series:

  • Mission and Motivation
  • Egos and Personalities
  • Management and Direction
  • Funding and Support

Meanwhile, we today could be on the threshold of the most miraculous era since Babylon. ITC bridges are ready to open around the world, and lots of bright, dedicated, enthusiastic researchers are working tirelessly to make it happen.

And by “researcher” I don’t necessarily mean “experimenter.” There are many talents and skills that can be put to good use in an ITC group. Along with the experimenters, an ITC group could benefit from writers, networkers, web designers, videoconference experts, public relations specialists, scientists, doctors, musicians, photographers… in short, people from many walks of life.

Along with the experimenters mentioned above (Maggy in Luxembourg, Hans-Otto in Germany, Marcello in Italy), there’s Sonia in Brazil, Anabela in Portugal, Nicola in England, and many, many others.

There are networkers, writers, and archivists such as Keith and Craig and Tom and Lisa and me here in the states, Victor in Australia, and Rolf in Germany… to name just a few.

There are growing ranks of scientists delving seriously into the other side… including Ernst in Germany (who died last year) and Ron and William in the USA.

These are just a few names off the top of my head, and a complete list would probably fill a book.

The next step, then, is to see what degree of unity can be forged among some of these really good people of good intention.

Who can resonate with whom as they go about establishing networks and associations that foster unity… by strengthening love and friendship true, the best qualities of mankind…?

(an exact quote from The Seven)

Through ITC I’ve come to realize that we humans today are being tested.

Being noble-savage creatures, we have many qualities (such as love and friendship) that make unity possible. At the same time there are various aspects to our personalities that work against us… and I hope to explore many of these pros and cons in the coming articles.

The trouble is, these are all human qualities that we take for granted… both the noble and the savage… and we don’t often realize which is which.

If we can take a good look at ourselves, unravel those qualities, and understand how they affect a contact field, then I think we’ll have passed the test… and ITC bridges will begin to open up around the world.

But if the job of self-reflection is too imposing, or if what we discover is too difficult to accept by our noble-savage, conscious minds, then maybe ITC will be out of our reach in the foreseeable future.

That’s a basic truth that I think each of us ITC researchers will have to face in the coming years.


I’ll end this article by mentioning one particular quality that caused troubles in INIT, especially in the early years. I bring this situation up first in order to give you an idea of what we’ll be exploring in future articles, but also because in this case I was largely at fault.

It has to do with publicity.

First let me state, I regard Maggy Fischbach as the preeminent ITC researcher in the world today, not only because of her sense about publicity but for various other reasons… and, believe me, I’ve given the matter considerable thought since our INIT group quit meeting some 16 years ago.

Maggy shunned the spotlight. She went to great lengths to avoid media and publicity.

Many reporters might assume it’s a false sense of modesty, or worse, that compels a person to avoid them. Hey, we’re all human, we all want the spotlight, we all like attention. What’s her problem? Maybe she has something to hide. Maybe she’s a fraud.

I’m sure those thoughts go through the minds of some media people when people try to avoid them.

Not true… certainly not in Maggy’s case. She had a very good reason to avoid publicity, which I’ll explain in a moment.

But me?

Having grown up in a small-town newspaper family and then getting a college degree in journalism, I was compelled to share our ITC efforts with the public. It just seemed natural to me to get the word out to the world.

I remember urging Maggy to have a press conference at the Washington Press Club in the early 1990s, as George Meek had done on Easter morning, 1982. She politely declined.

I urged her to talk to popular news people like the bright, beautiful New York news anchor for WCBS Michele Marsh or to appear on TV shows that took a serious look into the paranormal, and each time, Maggy declined.

A couple of times since the year 2000 I invited her to collaborate on books in order to archive her miracles for posterity… and I was ignored.

I suppose I was a bit of a nuisance… to say the least.

Bottom line: Maggy and I were at cross purposes. I wanted to inform and educate the public about ITC. Maggy wanted only to keep the communication channels open with Timestream spirit group and The Seven.

Both of these purposes, getting the facts out there to the public and communicating with our spirit friends, were good and noble, and neither was wrong unless… (and this is the key to all of ITC)… unless you consider first and foremost the contact field.

The primary factor in every decision of an ITC group must be the integrity of the contact field. There is no close second. Probably the most important thing I learned from INIT, then, is that the contact field must remain clear and stable.

So, it turns out, on the issue of publicity, Maggy was right and I was wrong.

The contact field can be stressed and strained by negative public attitudes toward our work. If interviews with ITC researchers and the sharing of mind-boggling contacts stir up fear or ridicule or animosity in the general public, then our spirit friends have a difficult time working with the contact field, which becomes unwieldy.

So, while INIT was active, I firmly believe that Maggy had the right approach. No publicity was the general rule (other than our own journals).  That will certainly change in the future… once humanity has come to accept their spiritual heritage. But for now, publicity often does more harm than good.

That said, I still feel it is crucial that the public come to understand ITC and spiritual reality, and so I also feel that my efforts since the year 2000, to publish on this website everything we’ve learned about ITC, is very right and very important.

Should I have advocated publicity during the crucial years when INIT was active and we were getting miraculous contacts from the other side?

No. Maggy was definitely right about that. As long as the afterlife attitudes of the general public are guided by fear, confusion, and skepticism, publicity has to be handled very delicately by an ITC group.

So, if INIT ever tries to come back together with another meeting, anywhere in the world, I’ll be the first to buy an airplane ticket. And included in my luggage will be a more mature understanding of what’s involved regarding publicity and other issues that I hope to bring up in this series of articles.

Meanwhile, other associations and networks are already forming… and I’m hoping that any insights I can provide in this article, from my experiences with INIT, will be of some benefit.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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6 Responses to What ITC Groups Could Learn From INIT (9.1)

  1. Nicola says:

    Hi Mark,

    What a humble article, bless you.
    Thanks for the mention (though I’m English, not American!) 😊

    I understand and agree with Maggy’s position on publicity and would pull my site like a shot if it caused trouble for us. We also have a responsibility to those who need to know though. It’s a tough call.

    I get the impression, though I haven’t been told, that there is at least one higher being overseeing the station I talk to as they have rules about what they can tell me.

    Nicola ☺

    • Mark Macy says:

      English, I had no idea, Nicola. Not sure why I assumed American, but I’ll change that in the article.

      I think that straightforward websites like yours (callinghome.net) are no problems at all in ITC, and help spread the word in a positive way. You’re getting your information out there clearly, without it being misshapen or sensationalized by someone in the media before it’s presented to the public. That’s my opinion.

      I remember that during our INIT years (1995-2000), the 7 ethereals and Timestream spirit group encouraged and supported the journals that a few of our members were publishing, which I think is a lot like researchers’ websites today. If I recall correctly, what they worried about was our work being subjected to the whims of various media personalities because results could be helpful or harmful, depending on a lot of variables.

      Good luck with your continued experiments!


  2. Publicity…it’s a double-edge sword. We need to educate and encourage love, harmony and open-mindedness, but at the same time deal with naysayers. Everyone, potentially, can be a naysayer until they’re educated. We have to keep living the way, not just talk it. Great article. I appreciate the information! 🙂 Julie

    • Mark Macy says:

      Great point, Julie. spreading information in a loving way to help heal skepticism…. How often do researchers (myself included, especially when writing about politics!) write things that stir up fear or anger? I guess it’s part of that noble-savage nature that has to be unraveled and examined, maybe.


  3. John Day says:

    Dear Mark, and All,
    This series continues to impact me deeply.
    Every time I read one of your posts, particularly this series, I have yet another long look at my ego issues and contemplate the little ways that I might be able to change, just inside of this one day.

    Needing my ego to heal with, I hope to use ego to help me get my mind and emotion entanglements clarified enough such that Spirit has a chance to work more freely through my body, and I won’t feel so separate, and polarized by worldly events and distortions of truth.

    I think it is very valuable that you express the history and context of the “mistakes” that you perceive which occurred in prior ITC iterations, and the part about publicity vs. obscurity is important for us to understand at this point in the evolution of ITC.

    Your candor and ability to assimilate and relay this enormous body of information is appreciated by this reader. This is information about our earthly origins and our spiritual identity that make a whole lot more common sense to me than all of the other alternatives that I have ever been acquainted with.
    You have been assimilating this experience for almost 4 decades now, and making it available to us.
    It all resonates with me, and I thank you again.

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