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ITC Tip 1: Keep It Clean for the Spirit Crew

Imagine being part of a cleaning crew in a 4-star resort hotel. Entering the various rooms you get immediate impressions of what the guests are all like behind closed doors, when no one else is around. You might be greeted … Continue reading

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What ITC Groups Could Learn From INIT (9.1)

There are many talents and skills that can be put to good use in an ITC group. Along with the experimenters, an ITC group could benefit from writers, networkers, web designers, videoconference experts, public relations specialists, scientists, doctors, musicians, photographers… in short, people from many walks of life…. Continue reading

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We’re All Doing the Best We Can… A Motto for ITC?

That would be a good motto for the members of any group of people working together, but is tailor-made for an ITC research group like INIT: We’re all in it together… and we’re all doing the best we can. Continue reading

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What Can Go Wrong… Human Shortcomings (Golden Age, 2)

The best-case scenario for INIT: Our connections would have branched out into a network of research organizations and ITC receiving stations in various parts of the world, and wisdom and knowledge would stream to our world from the finer realms of spirit. So what went wrong? Continue reading

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