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The Mind Is an Interdimensional Radio; Tune It

(I wake up with lots of ideas that seem important at the time and need to be written down. Sometimes they’re important enough so that an article starts to come together in my mind over the coming days. Eventually I … Continue reading

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How Important Is a Clear Mission for an ITC Group?

Resonance experiment #3 (Note: I’ve been busy for several weeks putting together an ITC-related video for a conference in Italy next month, so it’s been quiet here on the blog. Thanks for your patience. I was invited to the conference in … Continue reading

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Adopting a Group’s Afterlife Map

Resonance experiment #2 (The intent of this article is to provide raw material for future ITC groups that take the worlditcnet approach… in this case, the need for shared afterlife understanding.) To be resonant, members of an ITC group try … Continue reading

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The Next Big ITC Breakthrough (Golden Age, 4)

The next big breakthrough in ITC will involve sustained high-tech communication channels with the other side… with the spirit worlds… to allow world-changing information to stream into our world… information that could quickly transform the Earth into a nobler place… maybe a paradise. What forces must come together to make that happen?
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What Can Go Wrong… Human Shortcomings (Golden Age, 2)

The best-case scenario for INIT: Our connections would have branched out into a network of research organizations and ITC receiving stations in various parts of the world, and wisdom and knowledge would stream to our world from the finer realms of spirit. So what went wrong? Continue reading

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The Coming Golden Age of ITC, Part 1

The third phase of ITC on Earth will usher in a Golden Age, when bridges can begin opening all around the world… once researchers from the various ITC organizations achieve a unity of mind and spirit. That resonance among researchers is the main prerequisite for the “shaping” (angeformung) of equipment that can be operated from both sides of the veil without the reliance on psychic human channels. Continue reading

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