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Way of the Shaman (2)

For clients with head ailments Josephine would sometimes soak a cotton wad in blessed coconut oil and stuff it into an ear canal until it could no longer be seen. Then she would remove it a few minutes later, dark and toxic, from the other ear! These things, of course, are impossible (almost laughable) from a medical view, but not from a shamanic view, in which fluids and objects can materialize and dematerialize routinely, moving back and forth between the physical and spiritual dimensions in the course of healing work…. Continue reading

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The Next Big ITC Breakthrough (Golden Age, 4)

The next big breakthrough in ITC will involve sustained high-tech communication channels with the other side… with the spirit worlds… to allow world-changing information to stream into our world… information that could quickly transform the Earth into a nobler place… maybe a paradise. What forces must come together to make that happen?
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What I’ve Learned from ITC (Part 1)

The main thing that Maggy and I learned, along with other researchers who followed the same path, is that spirits can only communicate with people on Earth of like mind. And researchers can only attract into their work spirits who resonate with their own dispositions…. Continue reading

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