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Way of the Shaman (5)

As we develop in the womb and come into this world as a newborn baby, our timeless spirit and our new physical body become familiar with each other. They bind together, or cohere. These are two distinct parts of us—our body and spirit—but they integrate to act as one. Our spirit-mind dons our little carnal body and brain like an Earthsuit to navigate this dense physical world… and the suit will evolve as we grow and develop in the course of our lifetime…. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (2)

For clients with head ailments Josephine would sometimes soak a cotton wad in blessed coconut oil and stuff it into an ear canal until it could no longer be seen. Then she would remove it a few minutes later, dark and toxic, from the other ear! These things, of course, are impossible (almost laughable) from a medical view, but not from a shamanic view, in which fluids and objects can materialize and dematerialize routinely, moving back and forth between the physical and spiritual dimensions in the course of healing work…. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (1)

The worlds of spirit stay hidden from most of us during our lives on Earth, as though we each wear a pair of spiritual blinders… or as though spiritual activities happen behind a veil of some kind. A shaman usually has techniques to lower the blinders for a while… or to pull aside the veil…. Continue reading

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