The Next Big ITC Breakthrough (Golden Age, 4)

The Coming Golden Age of ITC, Part 4

This is fourth in a series of articles:

1) How it could unfold… resonance
2) What can go wrong… human weakness
3) Preparing for it… reawakening
4) The next big breakthrough
5) ITC and the End Time
6) Dawn of a new science, courtesy of ITC

The next big breakthrough in ITC will involve sustained high-tech communication channels with the other side… with the spirit worlds… to allow world-changing information to stream into our world… information that could quickly transform the Earth into a nobler place… maybe a paradise.

What forces must come together to make that happen? That’s what we’ll explore here.

Before looking at that future breakthrough, though, it helps to review some of the past breakthroughs that have gotten us here… to the threshold of paradise.

Edison Spirit Device, 1920. Nearly a century ago Thomas Edison did some work on an apparatus to detect the presence of spirit entities. Here’s an excerpt from an article published in a popular science magazine two years after Edison’s death…

In a darkened room in his great laboratory, surrounded with beakers, generators, and other experimental equipment, Edison set up a photoelectric cell. A tiny pencil of light, coming from a powerful lamp, bored through the darkness and struck the active surface of this cell, where it was transformed instantly into a feeble electric current. Any object, no matter how thin, transparent or small, would cause a registration on the cell if it cut through the beam….


From the October 1933 issue of Modern Mechanix

Afterlife experiments conducted by Tom Edison in the 1920s were the subject of an article in 'Modern Mechanix,' October 1933.

Afterlife experiments conducted by Tom Edison in the 1920s were the subject of an article in ‘Modern Mechanix,’ October 1933.

Well, Edison didn’t get any significant results in his efforts to contact spirits. Why? He was probably like most everyone else in the 1920s, unfamiliar with the essence of spirit… superimposed as it is over our world… moving smoothly in and out of our world… flourishing beyond the physics of our world. Edison expected spirits to “have all attributes of matter, such as weight, color, etc., and hence should be weighable….”

Most spirits passing through our light spectrum have a very fine vibration (way beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of our world) and have no noticeable effects on our light, our energy, and our matter.

The exceptions might be dense, earthbound, often confused and troubled spirits at the second level, or dismal realm, who do sometimes affect the matter and energies of our world… popping up in pictures, hijacking the carnal vehicles (bodies) of schizophrenics and addicts and alcoholics, rattling our mediums, causing bumps in the night….

Who wants to contact those guys, anyway… those dense, troubled spirits?

Well, there are people who do make an effort to contact the second level… for various reason… for better or worse… ranging from psychics who help police solve crimes… to Ouija kids who woo the woo-woo for a thrill. Between those extremes are paranormal investigators, EVP experimenters, psychical researchers, and others.

In my opinion, ITC researchers need to be a cut above. ITC researchers have to establish bridges to the mid-astral realm or “third spirit level,” where human dispositions are much as they were on Earth, though people there are more trusting and collaborative… and generally of good will toward each other and toward us on Earth… what little they may remember of the Earth. By the time a person dies and gets settled into the third level, his life on Earth has faded away into the recesses of the mind… like a dream.

That’s because a person can’t live on the third level while gripped by worldly drama. The vibrations of the spirit body and mind would become too chaotic. hTe earthy spirit would be incompatible with the third level. So, in order to adapt to the third spirit level, the recently lived Earth dramas fade to distant memories as the prominent mind becomes steeped in love, trust, and good will prevalent throughout the third level.

People on the third level are a cut above us, in terms of a calm demeanor, and a big cut above the lost souls of the chaotic second level, or dismal realm. ITC researchers on Earth, as well as the resonant spirits on the third level, need to protect themselves and their bridges from the dark, unsavory spirit elements closer to Earth in vibration… those in the dismal realm or second level.

Read more about the spirit levels…

ITC researchers have to work with cohesive spirit groups who have at heart the best interests of their colleagues on Earth and the bridge between them… knowledgeable spirits who know how to transduce the fine energies of their world to work safely and effectively with our electromagnetic energies.

Enter Spiricom.


Spiricom, 1980. The first major breakthrough in technical spirit communication came 60 years after Edison’s work. In 1979, George Meek and Bill O’Neil developed the Spiricom device. Over the course of four years, they enjoyed 20 hours of dialog with spirit friends, especially the late George Jeffries Mueller.


I believe there are two main factors that let Meek succeed where Edison had failed… factors that took Spiricom dialogs a giant leap beyond the EVP contacts prevalent at the time.

Review the history of EVP and ITC…

One was Meek’s attention to the contact field… what he referred to as a human energy field, or auric field.

From a page insert for the Spiricom Technical Manual:

… energies involved in the different levels of the worlds of spirit are not a part of the electromagnetic spectrum as science presently knows it… it seems that some form of transformer, coupler or transducer must be utilized to serve as an interface between the energies of the “dead” and the energies used in our electronic devices…. (Spiricom) seems to use the auric energy field of one of our technicians (O’Neil) who is… clairvoyant… and whose energies have been utilized in a full body materialization of a spirit form. To date, our only extensive two-way conversations have been obtained when this technician is present in the room in which the equipment is located.

So, Meek warned, “merely building equipment according to the diagram for Mark IV may result in a waste of effort and money unless there is some form of highly charged human energy field available for use in combination with the mixture of 13 audio tones.”

The second factor in Meek’s success was the participation of a knowledgeable spirit group… It’s clear from various portions of the Spiricom dialogs that Bill O’Neil was not just talking to one spirit. When the voice of Doc Mueller, or Doc Nick before him, came through the Spiricom sounds, there were occasions when they had to turn away from O’Neil to confer to spirits around them.

The spirit of Doc Mueller was being observed and was receiving guidance from other spirits nearby. Among those spirits I’m confident to say were ethereal beings with vast knowledge and ability to protect the communication bridge.

Read more about George Meek and Spiricom here… and here….

While Doc Mueller was clever and insightful, the Spiricom dialogs didn’t provide any highly esoteric or world-changing knowledge from the finer realms of spirit… but, then, enlightening humanity apparently wasn’t the goal in 1980. The ethereal beings coordinating the project apparently had a simpler agenda. Their purpose for Spiricom, I believe, was mostly to get our attention… by giving us just a glimpse into the afterlife.

Listen to O’Neil and Mueller vent some of their frustrations about the time differences between Earth and the afterlife.

Spiricom gave afterlife researchers a few important insights about the spirit worlds and how they interact with our world.

Researchers in Europe began to combine Thomas Edison’s intent and tenacity with George Meek’s knowledge of other-worldly energies and spirit groups, and the results were simply stunning.

See examples here… and here…

ITC bridges began to sprout in Europe in the mid-1980s, as spirit groups began to work closely with a few select researchers—Hans-Otto Koenig, Klaus Schreiber, Marcello Bacci, Maggy Harsch, Adolf Homes, Friedrich Malkhoff, and some others.

Miraculous contacts began to happen, long dialogs through radio sounds, spirit-world images flashing on TV screens, telephone calls from the other side, files of text and images planted in computers by invisible hands….

Conditions seemed ripe for ITC to become a powerful force in the world. ITC bridges would open up to stream spiritual understanding, wisdom, and world-changing information to Earth… for the good of all humankind.

Enter INIT.


INIT, 1995.

I was a founding member of INIT, a team of researchers from various nationalities and cultures who shared a few things in common, at least during the first couple of years… before troubles developed. We all knew, at the core of our being, that the work we were doing was legitimate… that we were all honest and sincere. We trusted each other. We felt united on a very important, common quest: to open communication channels with the other side, for the betterment of the world.

As most of you readers have noticed, this website is built to a large degree upon the results of our INIT group between 1995 and 2000.

We enjoyed what I regard as the greatest miracles that have come to our world since the days of ancient Babylon (the beginning of the Second Epoch)… from breathtaking descriptions of the afterlife by those who live there, to mind-boggling accounts of our ancient heritage here on Earth, many millions of years ago, described to us by ethereal beings who’ve been monitoring humanity for billions of year (yes, we humans have been around much, much longer than scientists would have us believe!).

With the support and guidance of our spirit friends, we were all ready to see the world transform in a most wonderful way… until our group unraveled amid personality conflicts.

Read more about the rise and fall of INIT…

Even though INIT was together for only about five years, we learned enough about ITC to prepare for the final phase: a lasting planetary connection to the finer worlds of spirit that will allow unlimited knowledge to stream into our world through our technologies. When humans are ready mentally and spiritually, those bridges will open wide.

Good souls in the spirit worlds are ready for ITC bridges to be opened with Earth. They have always been ready and waiting… waiting for us on Earth to rise to the occasion.

And here’s what it will take for us to rise to the occasion. These are what I regard as the main puzzle pieces for world ITC. They are often overlooked in popular histories and analyses of the research.

  • Respect and appreciation for the spirit groups. Each researcher with an ITC bridge will work with his or her own spirit group. For years I assumed it was INIT on our side working with the Timestream spirit group on their side. In fact, the Harsch-Fischbach couple had developed a rapport with Timestream. Adolf Homes attracted a spirit group called Centrale. The Cloverleaf group formed around Friedrich Malkhoff. My spirit group never had a name, as far as I know, but members of the group included Willis Harman, Bill O’Neil, Arthur Beckwith, and an ethereal being named Isar.
  • Receptivity to spirit energies beyond the electromagnetic range, which will be provided by spirit.
  • Resonance among researchers.

The most important of these is resonance. Once humans learn to work together over time with sustained, mutual respect and trust and friendship… ITC will become the new cornerstone of terrestrial life. It will become the foundation of science, religion, and government.

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7 Responses to The Next Big ITC Breakthrough (Golden Age, 4)

  1. Thank you Mark. I enjoyed this writing greatly because I know it to be true. This kind of thinking and knowing refreshes me.

    Einstein once said, perhaps after he help devise the destructive power of the atomic bomb, “Imagination is the preview of what is going to manifest.”

    However, I believe that the connections between spirit and earth side are more than mere imagination.

    I believe that this collaborative bridge between earth life and spirit life is what will allow life on this plane to survive itself and enter a new golden epoch. The consciousness of humanity will evolve and solutions to our worldly problems will blossom and manifest as the needed change. Just as in the cultures of our ancestors who lived in golden ages, problems like money and the strife that money, creates will just dissolve and go away.

    With the aid of the consciousness of spirit side beings, we will be able to build great things for the sake of all of earth life, like the pyramids; a construction which defies current building methods and capabilities still.

    I asked my self just 2 days ago this question,”What if life here on earth in a human form is no more than life in one of these many planes of existence that we get to after passing on in some other plane?”

    “What if this is Heaven???”…thought I…!!!! Yikes….we have some work to do to clean up this Heaven.

    I was reminded of Jesus’ words, “there are many rooms in my Father’s mansion.”

    I still see earth life as a classroom extension of Heaven, just one of many special places that we enter through the revolving doors of existence.

    Life here will be improved, Such is my imagination.

    I greatly enjoyed this posting and the links to the old writings. Thank you.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Hi John,
    As always, your thought-provoking comments are greatly appreciated… by many minds at many levels. 🙂

  3. Ivo says:

    Hi Mark, I was researching away about Spiricom, when I came across some research about the Spiricom maybe being an elaborate hoax (on O ‘Neils part, not George Meeks, as far as I can gather). From the comments under the article, I see you are already familiar with this:

    That shook my faith in EVP quite a bit (haven’t had first hand evidence of EVP yet) . Then I came across this video of O’Neil with his Spiricom device.

    and to be sure, at 18:43 minutes in the video, I believe O ‘Neil made an error: he started to say “oh boy , oh boy” (what he does frequently); but start to say ” oh…” in his own voice and “…boy, oh boy” in Muellers. See also the comments under this video.
    This, together with the other information in the article above, is the clincher, for me. I think it is not genuine.

    What puzzles me, and the reason I write it here, is I can’t quite understand your position in this. Because, nowhere on your site do I see a cautionary comment about the Spiricom, which could mean several things of course. But for me: NOT saying anything about the possibility of a hoax, when I think there is reasonable doubt, makes the other evidence also suspect, or at least a bit less credible.

    I really think you and a lot of other researchers and experimenters are sincere, but I came to EVP/ICT mainly because my sceptical self needs hard evidence. Which means I can’t shy away from taking a critical look. To be sure, there’s lots of other evidence, so my quest continues (I am still pretty new to all this). From what I can gather, you have been in this boat also. I am curious as to what won you over . Maybe first hand evidence? thanks !

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ivo,

      First, I have no doubts about the legitimacy of Spiricom. None whatsoever. If one has the opportunity (and patience and willingness) to listen to all of the Spiricom recordings with an open mind, it’s easy to distinguish the different personalities, quirks, and vocal patterns of the various characters, especially Bill O’Neil and Doc Mueller. I can’t imagine anyone, least of all O’Neil, having the talent for acting and deception that it would take to create those dialogs independently.

      As far as specific, suspicious peculiarities within the dialogs, like the one you mention… as they say in the mystery classics, “I’m sure there’s a good explanation.”

      In terms of enhanced spirit communication (ITC: dialog via radio and phone, computer text and images, and so on), it’s clear to me that what we understand about it today is dwarfed by what we don’t yet understand, and what we’re just beginning to piece together. For example, these communications aren’t simple exchanges of information between two folks (as we’re familiar with here on Earth). They’re coordinated by finer beings who monitor the thoughts of the communicators (e.g. O’Neil and Mueller), convert the spiritside thoughts into information that can be understood earthside, and somehow deliver each message to us through the electromagnetic energies of our equipment. Those finer beings also monitor the amount of “energy” (life-force) being used for each contact. They also monitor the psychic receptivity, the mental state (relaxed or stressed), and the emotional state (joyful and trusting or fearful and suspicious) of the earthside communicator. All of these vast and complex processes affect the stability and clarity of the “contact field.”

      I suspect that in the course of all of that elaborate facilitation of energies, certain peculiarities are unavoidable, even with the brightest of ethereal beings.

      I suppose that when we humans are faced with an incomprehensible mystery, there’s a part of our nature that wants to toss it off as a hoax, and another part of us that wants to explore it to figure out what’s really going on. Our fear vs our sense of adventure.

      We each have to make our own choices, but I try to stick with the adventure of it all on this website. As our spirit friends told us, “Fear is a bad advocate.”

      Discernment is important and welcome. Skepticism can deflate or corrupt the contact field.


  4. Ivo says:

    hi Mark, thank you for your reply. I appreciate your candour, it is very helpful. First of, I think you are right in your comments that my skepticism here is fear based. I have to admit that, because this is so important to me, it is also very frightening. I have over the years changed my worldview completely a few times, and for me these changes took a long time, and were very intensive and sometimes painful. So I know how hard it is to keep an open mind, and to be willing to be wrong (about everything).

    Also, I have been misled, or let myself be misled a few times, so yes, I am cautious, which sometimes could make me more skeptical, although this is not my general stance. I did not intend to sound harsh or judgemental, sorry if I came across this way.

    Anyway, about Spiricom, I have not listened to all the audio there is , so maybe it was a little early to make up my mind about this. I will listen to what I can find with an open mind.

    Skepticism for me means not taking anything for granted or at face value and researching thoroughly. It does not, for me, mean, starting off with a bias that it must be wrong until proven otherwise. Maybe your term discernment is a better fit (English is not my first language).

    I still think that ITC is so important exactly because it can provide evidence of an afterlife. I am now at the point that maybe first hand evidence is needed for me to trust this completely.

    I am also confused as to why a lot of serious research on this subject (especially from more scientific circles, although it was never mainstream of course) is done years ago. It seems the subject is largely abandoned and left to (a few?) persistent researchers working on their own and a lot of people who seem to be drawn to it for enterainment or sensational reasons. In that regard is your website truly a Beacon in the dark, so I can see the importance of it. As you write in the article above: who will rise to the occasion?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thank you, Ivo, your comment hits close to home, since I also went through difficulties reconciling ITC (as experienced by the Harsch-Fischbach couple and by Bill O’Neil) early in my friendship with George Meek.

      [I suspect you live in Europe, maybe Germany? Some of the most rational/scientific modern analysis of ITC (that I’m aware of) was by my German friends Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt and Prof Ernst Senkowski. I wonder if life in the USA, which is centered around individual initiative, competition, and contention, has boiled over into mainstream science through the 20th Century to make science more “skeptical” and less “discerning”. More subject to fear than to the sense of adventure?] Anyway…

      In the 1990s George Meek had me read lots of New Age mystical stuff that was heart-warming and uplifting, and it felt then (and feels still today) to be mostly based on truth.

      I also read a lot of spooky stuff about ghosts and poltergeists that was scary, but it also felt then (and feels still today) to be mostly based on truth.

      Those experiences made me want to embrace ITC (on one hand) and to discount it as impossible (on the other hand). My wife and I had long discussions and debates about ITC for several years as I slowly reconciled it all and started adopting it into my worldview. Only very recently did it become fairly clear, in my mind, how the love and the fear interplay in the spirit worlds to impact our lives on Earth… as I explain, for example in these articles:

      I think I’m on the right track with this general notion of 1) the source with its love and life force, and 2) the shadow realm around the Earth with its fear and shortage of life force. That would explain a lot about the way we humans feel in the face of “the bigger picture.”

      I probably won’t know for sure if this general picture is basically correct until I leave the Earth and see things more clearly from the other side. On one hand, no hurry there… still much to learn and to experience here on Earth! On the other hand, the sooner the better… it’ll be nice to be free of Earth’s turbulent shadows. 🙂


      • Ivo says:

        hi Mark, thank you very much, this is indeed similar to how I experience this “process”. I think that to take the messages to heart, the critical thinking faculties need sometimes to wait at the sideline, because otherwise they coudl get in the way. And I feel the only way to really appreciate this information is to not only think about them, but also to “weigh” them, to see if it fits on an emotional/spritial level.

        I recognize also a similar vibe from for example the books of Neal Walsh, which I was a great fan of, before I became an atheist. Funny how these things change, and change again, when your perspective is changed.

        And yes, I’m from Europe, the Netherlands. I’ve read the above mentioned articles and came through a series of links at an interesting link: something a commenter posted:

        very interesting stuff also there, very esoteric, but in a way, largely compatible with the information on your site (of which I read now about half, I think), but from a different perspective.
        it’s “down the rabbit hole stuff” for sure,but also an adventure and I like to view it as such! thank you again, I keep on this track! Ivo

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