Worlds Within Worlds 15 — Science Preps for a Quantum Leap

This simplified picture of the entire omniverse depicts life-force streaming from the source to create and to nourish countless universes in the ethereal, astral, and physical realms. Conventional science today explores a portion of the brown outer band, which represents material universes like our own, of which there are (I suspect) at least seven, each a close copy of the next. The narrow band between the brown ring and the outermost white ring is where quantum particles and waves flourish… a sort of gateway to the spirit realms. Scientists who breach the gateway in the future will take one quantum leap for mankind.

Who’d guess that an agnostic institution like modern science would be best suited to bring spiritual understanding to humanity?

The notion seemed silly to me when I started writing this article a few weeks ago. But now…

… I’ve become a sort of born-again science buff.

These are the kinds of questions that are at the center of quantum physics (and “quantum mysticism”):

  1. Can one tiny particle exist in different states or places at the same time? (quantum superposition)
  2. Can two or more tiny particles, far away from each other, interact with each other, or react instantaneously to the same stimuli applied to just one of those particles? (quantum entanglement)
  3. Can something exist without being perceived by consciousness? (Does a tree falling in the woods make a “sound” if there’s no human or animal around to hear it?)
  4. Does consciousness affect or indeed create reality? (Do physicists’ thoughts and expectations affect the behavior of the particles and waves they’re observing?)

Well, the answer to questions #1 and #2 seems to be yes until, oddly enough, someone actually observes it happening… at which time there’s a “wave-function collapse,” and the particles return to, um…, normal. (Which would suggest that the answer to questions #3 and #4 is also a conditional yes.)

Finding answers to questions like these, science will soon be opening the doors to the spirit realms… and then we humans will learn more about life and reality in the course of a few decades than we’ve learned since the days of ancient Babylon some 4,000 years ago.

Religion has always had a good (if sometimes imaginative) sense of what the spirit realms are all about, but science has the methodology (and will soon develop the tools, I believe) to carefully pull aside the embellishments of each religion, to locate the basic truths shared by them all, and to see what’s really going on in those countless dimensions that we think of as “the other side.”

From Strange Complexity to Elegant Simplicity

There’s an elegant simplicity in the source (see diagram) that uncurls and mutates to become more and more complicated (and more illusory) as life-force streams out-beyond to create countless universes in various realms. By the time it reaches the physical realm, things can get very convoluted.

Scientists today are engrossed in the convolutions out here in the fringes of the omniverse, but once they breach the gateway to nonphysical realms they’ll quickly find an elegant simplicity that puts the complexities of physical life into perspective.

I base that supposition on my own grueling experience, years ago, while trying to make sense of economics. To come up with a simple formula that I felt could be at the heart of economics, I first had to reclassify all life on Earth, redefine the structure of a social system, and make a clear distinction between:

  1. the structural and energy needs (N) of a social system and
  2. the resources (R) available to satisfy those needs.

The relationship or difference between N and R determined the economic vitality (V) of the social system (or so I believed then and still believe now).

V ≅ R : N

A simple concept. But as you can imagine, it got really complicated trying to sort out all of those needs and resources.

Then, a few months ago I applied that same little formula to the spirit realms, and all of the complications melted away into an elegant simplicity:

The vitality (V) of any spiritual entity is determined by the life-force it needs (N) in relation to the life-force it receives (R) from the source. (Read more… ).

In other words, every entity throughout the omniverse is nourished by life-force from the source—very simple, very elegant. Whereas on Earth things have gotten crazy because physical entities, across the eons, have gotten in the habit of also nourishing themselves by killing and eating each other (or by consuming resources) to assimilate the life-force of those they eat—very complicated, very messy… and kind of gross, really.

So I learned that the difference between earthly economics and spiritual economics is stark, though based on the same basic principle.

I suspect that all branches of modern science might go through a similar shift when their complicated theories, formulas, and equations relating to the material universe are exposed to the elegant simplicity of spirit. Things will just fall neatly into place as a bigger, cleaner picture emerges.

Meanwhile, the mystical or spiritual side of science ebbs and flows across the decades. Currently the tide is out, and mainstream scientists are resistant to these ideas. They’ll be more receptive, no doubt, when the mystical tide rolls back in… sometime soon, I hope.

So here are a few ideas that might be useful when the tide comes in… things we learned from ITC (instrumental transcommunication, or technical communication with the spirit realms) about the broader nature of life beyond the Earth. (Quoted statements in italics are messages received directly from spiritual beings.)

Helpful Hints from the Other Side

ITC is made possible by a contact field—a portal that opens up between a receiving station on Earth and a sending station in the spirit worlds. Information is delivered to Earth through these portals, coming through the electromagnetic energies of modern communication devices such as telephones and computers. Portals will be a key aspect of the new, mystical science that will evolve in the coming years.

Based on my experiences with ITC, these are some of the other things future scientists might want to consider as they breach the gateway to the other side:

Our state of mind is a key to successful ITC contacts. We can learn to deal with stress and center our life around love. The contact field consists largely of our emotional reactions. When we are stressed out due to adversity and overwork, the field grows weak. We can recharge it by dealing effectively with the stress by such means as rest, recuperation, and meditation.

Some nature beings are living transducers of life energies flowing at many levels of spiritual and physical existence. They can provide the energies needed to gather information originating in spiritual dimensions and deliver it to our physical dimension through electromagnetic energies. We on Earth must be able to focus our will so that our thoughts can shape our reality in a favorable way.

“In specially suited experimenters, to whom you wrongly refer as ‘successful’, there develops a sort of ‘emotional lance’ in the center of their emotional consciousness which ‘materializes’ inaudible and invisible tones, signs and pictures in your realm.” We typically think of success in a project as the natural outcome of diligence, persistence, hard work, creativity, shrewdness, adequate funding, a sound scientific methodology, and other such factors. Apparently ITC contacts cannot be regarded as “successful efforts” in the usual sense. Rather, certain people have a certain aptitude for ITC. According to this spirit contact, that aptitude might be a sort of penchant for passionate daydreaming in which a person not only forms vivid mental impressions of concepts and images and sounds, but does so with a great deal of feeling. Perhaps a creative mind provides the vehicle for ITC contacts, and passion and enthusiasm are the fuel.

Atonement (at-one-ment) with all life lifts the human spirit and opens doors between dimensions.

Our thoughts and presumptions can affect the lives and the worlds on the other side

Some aspects of scientific methodology are proving to be outmoded or nonapplicable in the fields of interdimensional research. One is the need to replicate an experiment to validate its results. Spiritual experiments, as a rule, are not easily replicated.
“Making ITC contacts repeatable is as impossible as simultaneously determining the position and vector of an electron.” Spiritual scientific experiments are non-replicable.

“Space-time consists of eleven dimensions, of which only four can directly be perceived by you.” (Read more… ) On one hand we are told that the number of dimensions and their divisions are arbitrary, that there are many, many levels of physical and nonphysical existence, from the material domain to the timeless ethereal realms, all superimposed upon each other, each remaining distinct by the frequency or vibratory rates of their substance. So I’m not sure why this contact refers to 11 dimensions. Does the term “space-time” refer only to parallel physical universes? (A month after posting this article, I ran across a scientific article about 11 dimensions… )

“Time ceases to exist (during ITC contacts). This can occasionally be dangerous.” Anyone familiar with the secret US government project called “the Philadelphia Experiment” after World War II in which a navy ship was de-materialized… removed from our physical world for “a period of time”… are fully aware of the dangers involved in interdimensional work.

Many of our dreams are actually travels out of body into spiritual dimensions, and learning to remember dreams has long been an important step toward spiritual awareness and growth. Predictions of major changes on Earth are being reported from many sources, and sometimes they are reflected in our dreams.

A stable contact field brings together energies from many dimensions, not just the electromagnetic energies of our physical world. Etheric energies are rather dense spiritual energies, what frontier physicist William Tiller calls “magneto-electric” energies. They might include what various other people have called “orgone” and “ectoplasm”. Astral energies (what Dr Tiller calls “deltron” energies) are subtler still, and they include our emotions. Our bodies are natural transducers and transmitters of these energies which, according to Dr Tiller, affect electrons and can be directed by the mind.


These and other ideas are explored in greater depth in another article that contains many rich, science-related explanations received from spirit beings through modern equipment.

Such information could prove useful when the next mystical tide rolls in for modern science.

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10 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 15 — Science Preps for a Quantum Leap

  1. Julie Guisto says:

    I enjoy everything you post. Wish you lived nearby so we could
    Have more conversations.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Very happy to hear that, Julie.
      Good thing we can chat here through the website.
      (Maybe better, in fact, since I think more clearly while writing than talking. 🙂 )

  2. Thank you Mark.
    This is a very nice compilation, distillation, summary and overall wave-function collapse back into normal consciousness. I enjoyed this reading and the links greatly.
    I’ll go take a meditation nap now.

  3. kate says:

    My understandng is that In the afterlife there isn’t space-time and it’s only perception of material universe that there are 11 dimensions, maybe? Assuming there are parallel universes I would guess they too have the 11 dimensions.
    Great article, thanks.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Kate,
      Yes, the way I’ve come to understand it is, if we could imagine seeing every star and planet, and every rock and tree and other structure on every planet in our material universe… then there would be a close copy of this entire universe sort of superimposed over ours. It would be the mostly the same as our universe, star for star, planet for planet, etc. with just slight variations as each universe evolves and changes a little bit differently.

      Then there would be several other of these material universes also superimposed over ours. They too would be close copies.

      What keeps them all separate and distinct is apparently the vibration. I suspect the universes get subtler, or of finer vibration, as they are “located” further in-beyond, closer to the source. (and the source is also superimposed over all of this, sort of at the center of everything)

      Eventually, as we move from our material universe toward the source, the universes get so subtle that they are no longer physical universes, but become (what I call) astral universes, where time and space start to become nebulous.
      But these astral universes are also close copies of the material universes, star for star, planet for planet, etc.. The structure in them simply becomes finer and finer until the universes become ethereal, and there’s no longer any “structure” per se… where the stars and planets might actually be light beings and energy beings.

      That’s what makes most sense to me at this point, and it’s probably just a long-winded way of saying the same thing you said. 🙂


      • kate says:

        I thought I understood this then didn’t again and now think I do again.
        I can hear the cogs in my brain clanking around 🙂
        Thanks Mark it does make sense, in short, this frequency that humans exist in is or has 11 dimensions. The close copies of the Earth superimposed over and under ours have different dimensions based on who is viewing them at the time e.g the shadow people view thier frequency and dimensions according to thier abillity and sometimes merge into our frequency just like we merge into a different vibration/frequency when we meditate or astral travel…..In your article spirit say we can percieve 11 but we think it’s only 4 so I wonder if meditation, dreaming is included in the other 7 that the spirt say we can percieve or maybe the spirit means that scientists can only calculate 11? So interesting, I’m sure the answer to that will crop up.

  4. Nicola says:

    I have a theory that there are infinite dimensions.

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