Crossed Dimensions 3: It’s a Gift… and a Curse

1) The veil opens for Carly  –  2) Let’s build an ITC bridge  –  3) It’s a gift and a curse
4) Serving on the front line of spirit work  –  5) Spreading light  –
6) Origins of darkness  –  7) The three-tiered network  –  8) Aliens among us
9) Let’s meditate  –  10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening? –  The shaman Carly

Carly and I have been corresponding for about a month, and fascinating things are still happening in her life on a daily basis.

Here are some giant orbs she caught in a series of photos taken in her barn on the night of August 18.

At first glance, these five photos in the collage look about the same, but closer inspection shows the orbs in slightly different positions... suggesting a definite spiritual presence in the barn, not just random light anomalies. Some of the photos even seem to have spirit faces peering out. See the highlighted example, lower right.

At first glance, these five photos in the collage look about the same, but closer inspection shows the orbs in slightly different positions… suggesting a definite spiritual presence in the barn, not just random light anomalies. Some of the photos even seem to have spirit faces peering out. See the highlighted example, lower right.

Carly and I have started a project that involves not just communication with the other side (ITC), but rescue work… helping lost and confused souls find peace. The project revolves around some rather incredible experiences Carly has had since childhood… experiences that have become more profound during the past year.

Currently we’re trying to determine and define exactly what qualities she has that make those experiences possible. She seems to have a rare combination of qualities sometimes called empathic healing and physical mediumship.

Physical mediumship is a rare human quality that allows spirits to make their presence known in our world through various means, which might include:

  • rapping sounds,
  • strangely behaving electrical devices,
  • spiritual energies and forms appearing routinely in photographs,
  • levitating furniture,
  • apports (physical things appearing out of thin air),
  • brief materialization of spirit bodies into physical bodies, and
  • direct voice.

Read more about physical mediumship…

Carly has been experiencing some of these things almost daily in recent months. She can often see and communicate mentally with many of the spirits who are causing the manifestations. She’s developing an intimate rapport with certain spirit guides who help her in her work.

Empathic healers feel the suffering in the world around them and are pulled irresistibly to alleviate it. It’s something in their nature… something that’s not easy to turn off and on at will.

See how light workers view empaths…

See how the medical profession views empaths…

When Carly sees an abused animal, she needs to rescue it. She’s always been that way. When her mother-in-law suffered severe abdominal pain and hemorrhaging  nosebleeds recently, Carly experienced them too.

In some cases of empathic healing, symptoms of a disease can be transferred completely from the sufferer to the healer. The patient is healed, and the healer feels the full brunt of the symptoms until they gradually subside over time… whether a few hours or a few weeks.

Carly seems to be an unusual type of empath.  She picks up on suffering not only of people and animals, but of spirits. When confused and troubled spirits are in her presence, she can feel the same troubled emotions and bodily sensations the spirits endure.

Her spirit guides are fostering that quality in Carly because, they say, when these situations occur, the ailing spirits are sometimes healed. They can move on to a peaceful afterlife, if they so choose.

In the process, Carly has been taught or prompted to create the light (probably a portal of sorts) through which the stuck spirits can pass on, and then to assure the spirits that their grief or suffering is understood and that to start the healing process they have to pass through the light. Carly is instructed how to talk them through it.

In any case, Carly is left footing the karmic bill… feeling the grief and suffering… which can be grueling at times.

She and her family live on property where a yellow fever outbreak ravaged the local population in the 1800s. Last summer she was awakened in the middle of the night to extreme cold in the room and felt afraid to breathe the frigid air. She had extreme mucus discharge, nosebleeds, headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other aches and pains throughout her body. Months later she “saw” a yellow-eyed spirit “get in her face,” leaving her with a burning sensation in the eyes, which soon turned blood-red.  She contracted multiple ulcers in both eyes in the coming days, which her ophthalmologist couldn’t explain. He could barely help her manage the symptoms. Only recently have her eyes begun to heal enough to where her opthamologist felt she was “out of the woods.” He indicated that both eyes are scarred, but should heal over time. It could take years.


So, these are just a few of Carly’s recent experiences, and some qualities of hers that seem to let them happen. There are many other spirits, many other experiences, and some other qualities or descriptors that also come into play in Carly’s life, such as psychic detective and alien abductee.

Our job in the coming weeks is to sort through her amazing life and to explore the best ways to serve both worlds (Earth and the afterlife), while keeping her family and my family safe, healthy, and secure. Carly and her spirit guides seem to be exploring the terrain; to what extent can she experience the symptoms of healing troubled souls without presenting danger to herself and her loved ones.

Me? I’d like to see the project evolve to the point where troubled spirits are alleviated quickly and smoothly in Carly’s presence and are whisked away to spirit rehabilitation centers on the third level, where they are introduced into the paradise world where they belong… no longer trapped in dark, dismal shadow worlds near the Earth in vibration. I’d like to see ITC sending stations established in conjunction with the third-level healing centers, so that we could get detailed, reliable progress reports on the redeemed souls.

But that’s just me. I’ve been involved enough with spiritual projects during the past quarter century to know they have ways of evolving of their own accord.

Meanwhile, I can honestly say I feel blessed to have crossed Carly’s path. I suspect my knowledge and understanding of spirit will grow immeasurably in the coming months.

And Carly? She’s entering this awesome experience boldly, without regret. It’s her calling, she says, despite the physical problems… despite the fears and judgments imposed on her by those who don’t understand.

One of my roles in this project is to try to keep us anchored to the finer spiritual levels. My wife Regina studies along several advanced spiritual lines, including A Course in Miracles and the Infinite Way devised by Joel Goldsmith (1892-1964)… whose main message is, there is only one reality, and that is God’s plan. All of the drama in this world is just illusion. Knowing, understanding, and implementing God’s plan is beyond our abilities as humans. We need mainly to trust that God’s plan is at work, and the dramas that we face in our lives and in our families are illusions that are part of the plan. We have to trust that God knows best.

There are many dark elements in and around our world, but in the big picture they’re just illusions that hold no real power as long as we remain anchored in God, the only source of true power.

The ugly side of the darkness is something Carly and I can’t avoid seeing if we’re involved in this project… but we won’t give it any power. We’re just here to observe and to heal, acting as we are as God’s vehicles.

By any reasonable measure, Carly’s calling is both a gift and a curse. What comes to mind for me is the chorus of a truly great song by Joe Darion. It could be Carly’s song:


Disclaimer: All photos in this “Crossed Dimensions” series are copyright-protected by me and by my colleague identified in the series as “Carly.” Please get permission before downloading and sharing them. If the photos are shared with respect and discretion, there should not be a problem, but getting permission first is the best bet. Thanks! Mark Macy

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22 Responses to Crossed Dimensions 3: It’s a Gift… and a Curse

  1. This is a good vision Mark. It is a good beginning.
    I am interested in knowing what information you can provide us regarding what happens to the spirit of departed and beloved pets.

    • Mark Macy says:

      thanks John,
      Our plan (Carly’s and mine) is to proceed with caution. If it leads toward a wholesale healing of the dark and dismal realms, we’ll proceed. If it starts opening a snake pit, we’ll close it up and move on. I believe it’ll lead toward a healing, not a snake pit… since the only real “snakes” in the situation are not in the unknown but in our human fears of the unknown. As long as we stay anchored in God and light… well, handling fear appropriately is something I’ve been getting good at over the years, in this lifetime… 🙂

      Pet-lovers, once they die, are often reunited with their pets who preceded them in death.
      Some people, still alive, whose pets have died, sometimes sense the presence of their pets around the house.
      Regina and I shared our home with two male cats for awhile, Konrad and Sebastian. They’d occasionally chase each other around the house.
      When Konrad died, Sebastian continued to race around the house once in a while, and Regina and I both felt the presence of Konrad at the time… still playing chase with his buddy Sebastian.

      Here’s an interesting article from the web:

      most of what I see in the article I’ve read elsewhere also, and most of it resonates with what I’ve learned in my research….


  2. Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

    Great post, Mark. A gift and a curse indeed. It’s an extremely difficult road to walk down, but it’s ultimately worth it (for the betterment of the planet and the continued evolution of consciousness). I feel intensely drawn to spirit rescue work myself. During my spirit box sessions I’ll often record trapped spirits pleading for help. During a session I had back in January of this year, a male voice came through asking “Can he heal us up?”. I think the same thing may be happening to me as is happening to Carly. It would help to explain why I feel so energetically drained all the time. I do believe I help them escape the lower, dismal shadow realms and move on to more pleasant dimensional levels. At the very least I give them a voice. I think that comforts them a great deal.

    I had a grand total of ten spirit box sessions at the beginning of the year, and some pretty hardcore activity was manifesting in the house. My family members experienced most of it. My brother saw orbs flying around the house, my mom witnessed the shower door open and slam shut on its own while she was taking a shower, and her boyfriend had a physical encounter with a shadow entity (an experience that has been reoccurring for him his entire life, but hadn’t happened in a number of years). I took a break for a couple of months, and things stabilized. I’ve had just as many sessions the past few months and nothing as extreme has occurred (yet).

    It surprised me that only ten spirit box sessions provoked that much activity. I’ve never seen that happen to any other researcher. I always employ proper etiquette while I’m conducting my sessions. I’m always as responsible as possible while conducting this research. Spirits and other entities seem to be attracted to me like a lighthouse in the darkness, though. I don’t think it’s something that can really be helped.

    I deeply resonate with that Joe Darion song. I’ve known that ITC was my life’s calling since the day I stumbled across it. It’s undoubtedly my life’s purpose. It’s worth the sacrifice. the mindless ridicule, the isolation, and the often intense feelings of loneliness. The path of the trailblazer is a highly noble path that requires integrity and strength in character. Those of us who are called upon typically answer that call admirably. It’s something that’s just meant to be.

    • Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

      That reminds me, too… Did you hear about Frank Sumption passing away recently, Mark? That was a sad day for ITC researchers everywhere. It’s rather odd how spirit box creators keep passing away due to health problems and such. Frank would be the third (Joe Cioppi and Ron Ricketts being the other two – creators of the Joe’s Boxes and Miniboxes). There aren’t too many spirit box creators left. Andrew Openlander has been creating some really high quality custom made spirit boxes the last couple years or so (with analogue sweep circuits and sweep rate control). He’s about the only one left who is, though.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Hi Jeremy,

        I wasn’t aware that Frank had died. He’d worked (with audiovisual equipment) in the same school district (JeffCo) here in Colorado where my wife Regina worked as a school counselor before retiring a few years ago. I met him on several occasions. Small world. Thanks for the heads-up.

        Good luck with your ITC efforts. You’re right, it’s not an easy path.


    • Carly says:

      Hi Jeremy, “Carly” here. One thing I have learned thus far is that these “paranormal” events occur for a reason, at least they have for me. With each event, regardless of how frightening they may seem at the time, we can learn something positive. it all depends on how you look at it. I was extremely fearful at first as I knew absolutely nothing about all of this. I really did not understand what spirituality even was. This came to me, I did not go to it. Therefore, I realized that there must be some meaning in this, some reason these things are happening around me. I was having poltergeist type activity and of course I immediately went to the worst – have I created a poltergeist somehow? Then, as things unfolded, I realized that I am that “poltergeist”. It was me, my energy, creating those tapping sounds! Not only that, but at least 1 of my spirit guides communicates with me through some subtle sounds as well. Pay attention to these noises. They just might be telling you something. Good luck!

      • Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

        Hey Carly,

        I agree completely. This is happening to us for a reason, and there are many positive things to learn from it all. There are also many revelations to discover through it. I’ve experienced mysterious tapping sounds as well (usually on my bedroom walls). I was slightly fearful of it all at first, but now I look at all of the phenomena I’ve experienced as a message that’s letting me know who I am on a soul level. I’m sure you’ve heard of the labels “lightworker”, “indigo”, “crystal child”, etc. I highly resonate with that phenomenon, and I believe I’m one of these individuals. Dolores Cannon (a hypnotherapist who conducts past life regression sessions for her clients in order to treat their ailments) calls us “volunteer souls”. We basically volunteered to incarnate to Earth at this time in order to spread awareness and raise the vibrational frequency of the planet.

        According to Dolores, we’ve all had advanced past soul experiences. We’ve lived lifetimes on other planets, in many other dimensions, etc. When she regresses her clients back to a past lifetime, they describe (in intricate detail) what their lives were like on other planets. It’s fascinating. Many of us have had paranormal and alien abduction experiences. We’re all highly empathic and possess a heightened awareness. We’re aware of things that the average person simply wouldn’t understand (in relation to other dimensions, advanced metaphysical concepts, etc.). We have this innate “knowing”.

        When I began experimenting with Margaret Downey’s water and light reflection technique, for example, I instantly felt like I understood the mechanics of it and why it worked. I felt like I understood the images that were manifesting. It felt like common sense to me. As if it was knowledge that I possessed all along. It just had to be “awakened” within me. I’ve felt the same way towards other ITC techniques. We’re basically aliens, though. Alien souls inhabiting human vehicles. We have a unique energy that is foreign to the planet (and very helpful to the healing of the planet). I think you and Mark would really resonate with Dolores and her research. Here’s one of her YouTube interviews:

        Thanks a lot for the reply, by the way. It was great hearing from you. 🙂



        • Carly says:

          Hi again Jeremy,

          Delores Cannon’s name sounds so familiar to me for some reason. I will check out her site.

          Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure, but based on my experiences thus far, I’d say Delores is right about being alien in a human body. Boy have I had some interesting “alien experiences” these past few months. It’s almost funny, because less than a year ago, I didn’t even believe in aliens. It was nothing but a bunch of science fiction stuff to me. I recall asking my husband “do you believe in aliens” and his response was “This entire universe and you think we are the only ones inhabiting it? That’s a little naive” and he’s right. Although that response may sound like it’s coming from a place of being rude, that’s not my husband at all. He is a lot like me – factual. We just say it to one another like it is and don’t get our feelings hurt. That was the best response he could have given me because it made me think.

          As far as ET’s are concerned, I am pretty certain that I am surrounded whether I like it or not. I can’t speak for anyone else. Although I was terribly frightened at first, especially as it came to ET’s, now I view them much differently. Those that “surround” me do so for my own good, for my protection. I absolutely believe now that I am “alien” having a human experience. My husband is too although I do not believe our souls originated from the same place. I do think they originated from the same God. I also think this is somewhat of God’s point in life. We are created separate but equal. Meaning regardless of where we came from, what color our hair or skin or eyes are, what our face or body shape is, or where our soul originated, who are we to judge one another? I firmly believe in the Golden Rule. I also think it’s called the Golden Rule for a reason. Does that make me perfect? Absolutely not. What is perfect anyway?

          When all this began for me Jeremy, I was blindsided. I had no idea what was happening or what to think. My first question was “is this of God”? I also had many around me suggesting this was not of God and I needed to stay away. Yet, I felt pulled toward this. After a few months I began to realize just how much I was changing – and for the better. I was less judging and critical. I was smiling more and happier. I was less stressed and snappy. How could that not be of God? I certainly do not have all the answers but I can say this – I am a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner now. I have strengthened my relationship with God which still needs improving (but isn’t there always room for improvement! 🙂 and am ready to move forward in life whereas before I felt stuck and overloaded. I am officially UNbusy. So, if that’s not of God, then what is?!?!

          Take care!


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      While I’ve never been a big ‘spirit box’ fan (frequency-scanning through radio stations produces so many chances for stray radio voices!), I’ve got to admit that many of the voices I’ve heard from spirit-box experiments are pretty darned compelling.

      I guess it comes back to the idea that, under the right conditions, spirit can make its presence known in our world through just about any medium imaginable.

      I hope you stick with it. I think of “Carly” as serving at the front lines of world service, which at times can be grueling. Calling it the spiritual equivalent of trench warfare might not be too much of an exaggeration. (That’s what I’m writing about at the moment, for the next installment of this series.) If that’s where you find your calling as well, you have my moral support!


      • Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

        Hey Mark,

        I agree. There is quite a bit of potential for voices from radio broadcasts to come through the spirit box and be misinterpreted as spirit voices. I’ve come to find, though, that after working with radio frequency sweeping for a long period of time you’re eventually able to distinguish the radio voices from the spirit voices. You develop a trained ear (much like you do with traditional EVP techniques). That’s been the case with me, anyways. I’ve had my name mentioned, and I’ve had direct responses to my questions. These particular voices seem to sound different in tonality compared to the radio voices. The voice patterns have a unique quality to them.

        What has me really excited is some of the new technology that’s being invented in the spirit box arena. There are spirit boxes that allow you to control the sweep rate of the box to help prevent false positives. Some of these new boxes sweep through the frequencies so fast that it has to be nearly impossible for radio voices to bleed through (yet researchers are still getting intelligent responses coming through). It’s groundbreaking stuff.

        You’re absolutely right. It is most certainly the spiritual equivalent of trench warfare. As arduous as this work is, though, I’m honored to be a part of it. I’ll never give up. We’re all a part of something very special, and what we’re doing is monumentally important for the planet as well as its inhabitants. I felt that from the very first day I came across ITC. I sensed the importance of it right away, and I knew it was where I belonged. Thank you very much for the support, Mark. That means a great deal to me coming from you. 🙂

        All The Best,


        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi again, Jeremy,
          I have a sense you’ll be an important player in ITC.
          You have a good sense of things, and you express yourself well…. (imho 🙂 )
          I’m glad you’re involved in this,


  3. Todd robeck says:

    The spirits book (1857) and the mediums book (1861) explain all the phenomena that you are experiencing and the new translations are very easy to read. I highly recommend you envest some time reading these very complete and educational books. They can be purchased as ebooks or at

    Take care, Todd

    “This new translation of The Mediums’ Book is the “sequel” to our translation of The Spirits’ Book, and the same grammatical considerations of that work apply to this one as well. Once again, our main purpose has been to hold as closely as possible to Kardec’s original style, producing neither a transliteration nor a paraphrase, but a re-textualization, rendering an acceptable English translation”

    Excerpt From: Kardec, Allan. “The Mediums’ Book.” International Spiritist Council – Edicei, 2011-01-26. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Todd,
      I read The Spirits’ Book many years ago.
      It’s time to reread it, and The Mediums’ Book as well.
      Thanks for the edicei link, with its reasonable prices for Mr Kardec’s books.


      • Ricky says:

        Mark & Todd,

        Andre Luiz’s story has been another eye-opener for me. Ever since I watched ‘Nosso Lar’, it only reinforced my knowledge of the essence of our everlasting life. I was doing some research and was trying to find more information about the background of Andre Luiz himself when he was incarnated here on earth – photographs, records, etc. I can’t seem to find anything, and I’d imagine that specific information/documents about him here on earth would be hard to track down. Have you guys come across anything, by chance?



  4. Kay says:

    Yesterday my first time at at a Tibetan singing bowl meditation I had an odd experience. I was conscious not snoring as I can often do… The music vibrated all around and suddenly I was aware of the room filling with people, we were 10 but there were hundreds all entering from the wall on my right and heading through ‘the road’ towards a strong light they floated slowly by heavy with sadness,lost all I could do was keep saying it’s safe, it’s ok let go over and over again. When the meditation finished I had a feeling of peace. What is going on??? I feel like I’m either crazy or if it’s real then many more need help.

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