Is This the Flu… or Is a Portal Opening Up?

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Crossed Dimensions 10

It’s been fascinating to observe, through pictures and letters, since summer, the portal that’s opened up on Carly’s property. The many anomalous blessings and sicknesses that keep springing up in her life all seem to be related somehow to the portal.

Carly lives with her family in a different part of the country, and we’ve never met face-to-face.

Here in Colorado, I’ve spent most of the past two weeks sick in bed. It started on Friday (11/14), the same day that our second meditation was scheduled for the Carly Project.

Knowing the ups and downs of Carly’s life made me reflect on what was happening to me, and I wondered, Is this the flu, or is a portal opening up?

To some that would seem like a wild leap, to others maybe a sick joke. But to those following the situation it probably seems like a reasonable question.

It’s certainly not a joke, and I’m not laughing. I haven’t been able to go to work or to do my volunteering… nor much of anything else that’s useful, for two weeks.

I haven’t been able to keep a daily journal, but over the past few days I’ve put together this report on what’s been happening. On the surface, it’s pretty normal ‘flu stuff’. It’s what I think is going on behind the scenes that’s interesting and maybe important… but hard to describe in any detail without sounding a little loony.

In a nutshell

On the surface, I’ve had the flu…

  • coughs,
  • chills,
  • runny nose,
  • fever,
  • dehydration,
  • fatigue,
  • no appetite.

Not much more can be written about the actual sickness without getting a little repetitive and boring… and, yes, whiny.

Behind the scenes, bigger things are afoot. Forces seem to be at work, taking this opportunity of my sickness to transform me for a different sort of life and a different sort of project. Trying to write about this behind-the-scenes stuff can get a little tricky. The “truth” is not determined by clear-cut symptoms, like those above, but by what I experience through my intuition, gut feelings, and dreams.

At best, this behind-the-scenes writing could be very insightful and useful, by examining the spiritual influences that can weigh on us in times of sickness. At worst, I could come off sounding a little deranged. (Having the flu makes one lean toward the latter, so I’ll write carefully.)

Before the flu hit, my plan with this project was to personally provide support and protection to Carly through prayer and meditation… while starting up a 3-tier network through which others can participate. Tier 2 meditators would provide healing light energies that could be used to help heal troubled souls at the Tier 1 portals. Tier 3 would just organize and document things.

I saw my own role in the project to include meditating (tier 2), and documenting what’s happening among other servers in the project (tier 3).

Instead, what seems to be happening is this:  The spirits “running the show behind the scenes” seem to be using this flu as an opportunity to drag accompany me down to Tier 1, to get me into direct contact with the troubled souls who are floundering and in need of healing. (In my dreams and daydreams I’ve been seeing a lot of faces of people who are in agony.)

I’m not sure if their (the spirits’) plan is for me to become a front-line service worker, or if I’m just getting an indoctrination tour to get a better idea of the challenges this project will have to contend with.

Whatever the case, I definitely feel as though I’ve been dragged accompanied through the sludge, mentally and spiritually as well as physically.

When I think, “This isn’t the deal I signed up for,” I seem to hear a reply, “It’s a done deal.”

The dark pockets of troubled spiritual energy have been surrounding the Earth for a long time. It may have been presumptuous of me to think that a group meditation project could be effective, from an objective distance, in streaming healing light into those pockets without getting entangled in some of the darkness.

I’m sure there are real experts from many levels of spirit already working on a comprehensive healing of humanity’s dark side. I know of energy healers here on Earth who work quietly with those invisible masters, and they make it a point never to get embroiled in the dramas of the troubled spirit. That is all done by the invisible masters… the experts. One of those gifted energy workers (one of Regina’s teachers) told me recently that she simply locates the lost souls, and her guides do the rest. Regina’s teacher, Damaris, told me:

“… all of that interview, story, review of their life and why they are stuck… is the spiritual conversation they will have through their soul with the help available when they are on their journey out.  It is not necessary here and even interferes (and can be dangerous to the practitioner) to get involved in their dramas.  Keep it simple. You are part of a team. Just do your part… that is my philosophy.”

Frankly, I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this project… although it certainly sounds good in theory… at least to me.

So, what’s the next step?

Let’s back up a bit and recall the meditation sessions we’ve had so far, and how effective they were, from my view:

Monday Nov 10.  A good session. I quickly moved into a heart meditation, and it felt as though a lot of good, healing energy streamed into the darkness. I felt a shift starting to happen.

Friday Nov 14. Then I got sick. With the heater running at the foot of the bed to offset the chills, I was ready to meditate at 4pm (mountain time)… but my brain wouldn’t cooperate. It was as though something hijacked my mind and wouldn’t let it move beyond the petty dramas of the day. For 45 frustrating minutes I tried to relax the mind and move the awareness from the head to the heart, without success. Finally I gave up on the meditation and resumed the pressing task of coughing and grumbling.

Monday Nov 17. Again my mind was blocked, unable to go into a meditative state. Every time I started to repeat my mantras, my mind quickly became distracted with silly thoughts, leading to a mental dead end. I’d refocus on a mantra, and soon find myself in another dead end.

Friday Nov 21. This time I was determined. I began meditating a half-hour early, at 3:30 mtn time. By 4pm I was well immersed in a heart meditation, the mantra was flowing neatly through my mind, and I resumed a deep, relaxing meditation until 5pm. Things were looking up.

Monday Nov 24. Then, on this day I completely forgot about the meditation until that night. I felt a bit stupid and irresponsible but had the excuse of being down and out with the flu.

So that’s where things stand with the meditations of the Carly project.

My plan is to give the next two sessions my highest priority. (Friday Nov 28 and Monday Dec 1). Hopefully the symptoms of this flu will have alleviated by then. In any case, I plan to be ready for excellent meditations on both of those days.

If I feel a big shift, and it once again feels that this is important work, then I may resume this project… but after the experiences of the past two weeks I have my doubts.

More likely, starting next month I’ll return my focus to ITC research.

When I think about the dispositions of our invisible ITC friends at Timestream spirit group, they were always respectful and well-meaning and had everyone’s best interests at heart. They appealed to the heart. The good folks at Timestream had settled into a comfortable spirit community on the “third level” of spirit, and they were working with us to sustain a stable ITC bridge.

When I think about the glimpses I’ve gotten of this other group, I feel that they use humans with no regard for their well-being. They appeal to the ego.* They seem to represent rather chaotic spirit communities on the “second level”… what I sometimes call the dismal realm.

This could be a hasty, unfair assessment on my part, and I’m happy to give it another week or two… to see if things improve.

Meanwhile, I’m already feeling better as I finish these final lines of this report.

I hope that in the coming days, all of you embark on a wonderful holiday season (kicking it off here in the States with Thanksgiving, tomorrow).

– – – – – –

*This isn’t to suggest that Carly and I are involved in this project because we have big egos or vulnerable egos. Quite the opposite. I believe I let my ego into my work much less than most people do. And from what I can tell about Carly (from her emails, texts and phone chats): She has even less of an ego problem than I do. Most of what she does in life comes from the goodness of her heart. Still, we humans all have egos, and there are some spirits who can and do exploit that weakness.

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5 Responses to Is This the Flu… or Is a Portal Opening Up?

  1. Liz Wagner says:

    I can only trust, as everyone else who knows you, that the nasty flu bug is leaving you and you will proceed with whatever it is you consider necessary to improve humankind through your knowledge and skill. For myself I have to state I don’t understand the Carly project, well really not at all : it’s the ITC research side of things that draws the mind but who knows, perhaps the Carly project is a doorway or entrance to new ITC contact and there could well be an explosion of new knowledge about to burst forth.

  2. Mandy says:

    Hi Mark.

    I think perhaps your flu has lowered your earthly vibration just enough to allow your higher self to go exploring a little in your sleep/daydreams. Having this experience during sleep/daydreams allows you to reflect on fully waking.

    I believe you have an army of higher souls around you, who will not let you experience anything you do not have the mental capacity to handle. Suffering with the flu has forced you to slow down, the perfect opportunity for your higher self to get your attention.

    You are learning to communicate with your higher self via dreams/daydreams. Witnessing the sad souls struck a chord within your heart, therefore triggering you to remember the experience. A very clever way of you yourself getting your own attention. It’s not always spirit who help us directly, we have to learn to help ourselves spiritually and I believe you are doing. Unfortunately because you already have some fear installed within you regarding the lower realms this anxiety has led you to believe you may be targeted.

    From your dreams you’ve made the assumption the darker realm is trying to get to you and perhaps disrupt your life, but think of it this way. While you’ve physically suffered you’ve spiritually grown, quite a nice reward for the awful bout of flue you’ve had 🙂 It is in fact you who has made the journey to see which troubled souls you are helping, and not the other way around.

    Thinking about and focusing on darker realms doesn’t invite them into our lives, you will naturally resonate at a much higher vibration due to your good soul qualities. The darker realms can’t reach you without your consent or your guides and helpers permission. Your guides and helpers love you and protect you and will not let you come to harm spiritually, mentally or physically.

    Your meditations are opening you to spiritual development and a new journey, yes it’s a done deal because you’ve just had an introduction into how mental mediumship is developed. You’ve taken the first step so to speak and not only that faced an anxiety which up until now has held you back 🙂

    As your experiences gently increase at a rate you can cope with you’ll soon see that the universe is indeed fantastic!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Mandy,
      I’ve been reflecting a lot on that article in the past few days, also your detailed comments.
      I think it could be an important article if I can get a clearer and clearer grasp of what was going on behind the scenes during the flu.
      What I’ll probably do is polish up the article in the coming weeks, showing the changes.
      Today, for example, I changed “dragged” to “accompanied,” which seems to be closer to the actual situation as I remember it during meditations and half-dream states.
      I have a feeling that at least some of your observations are right on, and I thank you for taking the time.


      • Mandy says:

        You’re welcome, perhaps others will be along with their thoughts on this too. It is only my feeling on your situation as I have been faced with similar experiences in the past. I don’t mean it to come across so matter of fact, just something to consider 🙂

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