Crossed Dimensions 1: The Veil Opens for Carly

1) The veil opens for Carly  –  2) Let’s build an ITC bridge  –  3) It’s a gift and a curse
4) Serving on the front line of spirit work  –  5) Spreading light  –
6) Origins of darkness  –  7) The three-tiered network  –  8) Aliens among us
9) Let’s meditate  –  10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening?  –  The shaman Carly

I’ve been corresponding lately with a woman, Carly, who lives on a farm with her family and a few horses. Their lives have become something of an adventure because of the relentless spirit activity on their property, which started about a year ago. Day and night they’re subjected to noises that sound like footsteps or rocks thrown against the house or tapping on the windows or heavy objects scraping across the floor.  The TV or cable box pops throughout the evening.

Carly sometimes goes to the barn after the kids are asleep, closes the doors and windows, turns out the lights, and starts taking videos of thousands of orbs floating through the walls toward her… sometimes swirling slowly around her, other times moving so fast it makes her head spin. The orbs always move around her and don’t go through her. If she moves side to side, the orbs all shift accordingly… like a flock of blackbirds swooping and veering in unison.

I plan to write a series of articles about Carly’s experiences, on the condition that she and her family remain anonymous. As we explore the situation I believe we’ll find some insights into how the spirit worlds interplay with our world.

Carly says she feels the presence of all manner of spirits, from angels and spirit guides to spooks and lost souls.

Teams of ghost hunters have visited the farm with their cameras and sound equipment, and typically they get no results unless Carly herself is present… in which case there are spirit manifestations galore. The need for privacy keeps these investigations to a minimum, however.

I’m not sure at this point whether Carly’s sensitivity and veil-opening disposition are the qualities needed for the creation of an ITC bridge for sustained communications with the spirit worlds… but it’s one thing I wish to explore in the coming months.

So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here are a few of the pictures and video clips taken by Carly, to give you an idea….














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Disclaimer: All photos and video clips in this “Crossed Dimensions” series are copyright-protected by me and by my colleague identified in the series as “Carly.” Please get permission before downloading and sharing them. If the photos are shared with respect and discretion, there should not be a problem, but getting permission first is the best bet. Thanks! Mark Macy

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10 Responses to Crossed Dimensions 1: The Veil Opens for Carly

  1. Ricky says:

    Wow, these are pretty amazing…Carly seems to have quite the otherworldly-following..! I really don’t think there is a better person for Carly to speak with about this than Mark. Mark and his former colleagues in the field of ITC seem to have, by far, the deepest possible comprehensive understanding of the worlds of spirit and how they interact with us here on earth. I think it is awesome that you found Mark and his work, Carly! My best wishes to you!

    – Ricky

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Ricky!

      Yes, Carly definitely seems to have the gift. We’ll see if we can craft it into something wonderfully world-changing in the coming months………..


  2. David says:

    There seems to be a growing number of these (exact) type of experiences. It also seems to be connected to specific people – and the activity seems to follow them wherever they go.

    It seems that the times are a’ changing…but only the people “tuned-in” seem to care enough to actually notice it (so far anyway)…perhaps soon, everyone will have to face up to the evidence that seems to be building quickly.

    Thanks again for pulling it all together for us Mark…you’re doing great work.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi David, I agree, the veil seems to be getting thinner… for both better and worse. There are a lot of folks ‘over there’ in the finer realms who have at heart the best interests of our world and its human travelers. Building ITC bridges to positive spirit groups, with the guidance and support of ethereal beings, could help shape the world in wonderful ways.

      There are also a lot of lost and troubled souls in the denser, darker spirit regions near the Earth who provide more problems than benefits. Lighter ITC bridges could benefit them as well, by offering a way out of their dismal surroundings, into lighter realms.

      Meanwhile, the focus of gifted people like Carly (I believe) is to foster a rapport with the finer realms whose inhabitants want only the best for our world. That’s what she and I (and our families, friends and colleagues on both sides) will probably be working on in the coming months.

      Thanks for the comment!


    • ellapere says:

      Hi Mark,
      This is amazing stuff. I hope you are able to continue on this path and go beyond…building bridges to help lost spirits. How amazing would that be!!!
      Best of luck to you in this venture.

  3. Jane says:

    Very interesting, I look forward to reading updates…………..

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Jane,

      By replying to these comments (yours, David’s, Ricky’s…) I’m getting a clearer sense of how to proceed with all of this.

      So all of these comments are VERY much appreciated.


  4. acraig1225 says:

    Hi Mark,
    I look forward to future developments and having you lead the way for a new group of fascinated people in your research and expertise.

  5. guitarplayergeorge says:

    I’m in! : )

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