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When Spirit Photos Are Crafted By Covert Collaborators

Happy Halloween-time, everyone! William Mumler is credited with some of the best spirit photos ever taken. He was an amateur photographer in the late 1800s, after the Civil War, when so many Americans were grieving for so many lost loved … Continue reading

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“Calling Earth” Couldn’t Be Better

(Note: A week after this article was posted, it already had more than 100 comments at the end, a record for this website. MaybeDan’s film will be a catalyst for future ITC research. I hope so.  –MM) Dan Drasin has … Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman 6: The Shaman Carly

Collaborating with Carly last fall was nothing short of amazing… We received all sorts glimpses into the “shadow world” that surrounds the Earth like a blanket of spiritual residue… and my mind kept stretching a little more each time she sent me a new collection of the photos she’d taken in her stables or in her back yard…. Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 1: The Veil Opens for Carly

Carly… lives on a farm with her family and a few horses. Their lives have become something of an adventure because of the relentless spirit activity on their property, which started about a year ago. Day and night they’re subject to noises that sound like rocks thrown against the house or tapping on the windows or heavy objects scraping across the floor. The TV or cable box pops throughout the evening. Continue reading

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