How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (4)

Part Four:  The Sapta Rishis, Matrikas, and Divine Women of the East

If the deluge of latter-day Atlantis washed over Asia the same way it did Europe some 12,000 years ago (if it wasn’t just a localized event like a mega-tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean), then the towering Himalayas would have provided safe haven for demigod survivors to set up shop for the Second Epoch.

In any case, regardless of what actually happened worldwide 12,000 years ago when Atlantis finally sank, the Himalayas have always been regarded by Hindus as a holy place. They are devatma, (alive with the spirit of Brahman). They are an abode of the gods.

Legions of saints, yogis, artists, and philosophers have felt drawn to the Himalayas by some inner spiritual magnetism. It’s as though rich sources of life flow down from those mountains to fill not just the holy rivers of the Indian peninsula, but the hearts and souls of the Indian people.

When divine reputations of worldly landmarks survive for thousands of years, it’s a good bet that they were forged by more than just whim and imagination. There’s bound to be some truth at the core of consecrated wisdom of the ages… if one is willing and able to dig deeply enough to find it… and to digest it.

The Himalayas seem to be the power center of Eastern spirituality.

The Himalayas seem to be the power center of Eastern spirituality.

The oldest known preserved volumes of knowledge still in use today are the Vedas, the Hindu holy texts, forged at least some 3-4,000 years ago… passed through the generations initially through memorized chants, and later in writing.

Saptarishis, Saptamatrikas, saptavarnas….

Sapta means seven.

The number 7 shows up often in Hindu literature… and I suspect that many of those mentions trace back to The Seven ethereal beings, who told us in the 1990s that they have always been close to humanity, working behind the scenes, trying to guide us toward paradise and enlightenment. (Read more about our contacts with The Seven)

Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent groups of 7 in Hindu tradition to see how they might (or might not) correlate with The Seven ethereals, whom we came to know in the course of a decade.

Seven Rishis

The Saptarishis, or seven rishis, are divine sages who appear often throughout the Vedas and other Hindu literature. They’re often described as divine beings born directly from the mind of Brahma, the creator. Some Hindus equate the saptarishis with seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation.

They are often described as a divine hierarchy working under the guidance of the highest creative intelligence, Parmatma, or Brahman.  Into the minds of humans they stream knowledge and energy that can facilitate transition from carnal life to spiritual life. As such, they can be thought of as facilitators between Heaven and Earth.

Likewise, The Seven ethereals described themselves to our INIT group as “gatekeepers” between human cultures on Earth and in the afterlife.


While the Saptarishis are assigned to Earth, they occasionally go off and do other missions and duties elsewhere in the omniverse… while other rishis drop by and visit our world, bringing new revelations and energies with them. They’re all brilliant enough to grasp instantly, at a glance, all that’s going on in our world… spiritually, socially, economically, environmentally, and politically. They simply observe, survey, and assess how humanity is advancing now, late in the Second Epoch, and they report their findings to the Saptarishis, who make major decisions about the general fate of humanity and Earth.

In similar fashion, The Seven ethereals working with our INIT group told us they are assigned to planet Earth, and they work with other ethereal beings who also take an interest in our world.

The Saptarishis, according to the Vedas, are timeless beings, working within the timeframe of Brahma, for whom a day is equivalent to about 4 billion years.

Seven Matrikas

Shakti is primordial cosmic energy, the life force that flows through the entire universe. Here on Earth it is a creative feminine energy that can empower and transform all living things.

When I had colon cancer in 1988, I was healed by master surgeon John Day, who was also involved in Eastern mysticism. Through John, as part of my healing process, I became immersed for a while in Siddha Yoga, which was led at the time by a beautiful young Hindu woman named Gurumayi, whose gifts included the ability to stream waves of shakti through large gatherings of followers. Those events were transformative for many, including my wife Regina and myself. I, like many others, fell in love with Gurumayi in the deepest sense of the word.

Thanks to John Day, I found an intimate personal connection to Eastern mysticism at that point in my life.

Hindu scriptures often equate Shakti with seven mother goddesses, or Matrikas, each associated with one of the seven major Hindu gods:

  • Brahma (creator),
  • Vishnu (preserver),
  • Shiva (destroyer),
  • Indra,
  • Skanda,
  • Varah/Yama, and
  • Devi/Narasimha.


According to legend, Lord Shiva was being overwhelmed by the demons  around the Earth, when the 7 Matrikas joined the battle. Darkness was overcome and the world was restored to light.

The Seven ethereals of recent times, likewise, told our INIT group that their aim is to help humanity overcome intolerance and cruelty… to forge a lasting relationship with light, ethereal forces.

Some Hindu groups add an eighth Matrika to the team, but the more common is the number seven.

Seven Divine Women

The Khasi people living at the base of the Himalayas call themselves Ki Hynñiew trep, which means “the seven huts”… or the seven clans chosen to live on earth by divine decree.

The story of U Lum sohpet bneng tells of ancient times when 16 divine women lived in heaven, and from those 16 women God chose and summoned only 7 divine women to descend to earth to oversee the goings-on in the world and to become 7 divine mothers… to conceive the 7 clans of humanity.


Similar to the story of Adam and Eve, the original humans were told by God to live by three moral principles… but as people began to stray from the principles, evil began to settle into their lives. Since then, life on Earth has been a perpetual struggle to regain humility and goodness.

Humor, nature, sex, and the victory of child-like innocence over the noble-savage nature of adults… all play a big part in Khasi life.

According to legend, the ancient clans made a pact with a divine bird as a first step toward redemption from evil, and since then rooster sacrifice has been an important part of the culture. That has some parallels to the Christian idea of a divine pact between God and man through the life of Christ… and the importance of sacrifice.

There’s a popular Khasi joke about a boy who asks his father to take him to the circus.

The father replies brusquely, “You’ve been mischievous and I don’t have time for the circus.”

The boy pouts, “But they have parades… and candy… and a naked woman rides on the back of a tiger….”

The father interrupts, “Really! Grab my jacket. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a tiger!”

So, the Khasi people seem to have a grasp of the noble-savage nature of humanity and the timeless presence of 7 spiritual beings who help us humans foster our noble side.

The Seven Chakras and Rainbow Rays

The divine source of everything, what Hindus call Brahman, emanates a pure white light of perfect love and consciousness. As the light emanates from the source, it’s as though it passes through a prism and is refracted into rays of various forms of consciousness… manifesting as many living universes… all enmeshed together in a vast, multidimensional omniverse… but each remaining distinct by its unique vibration.

Our material universe is but one of many universes in that vast omniverse that is spun off from the source… Brahman… God…..

Likewise, pure white light on Earth, when passing through a prism, refracts into a rich splendor of multicolored light. Although it’s an infinite range of light vibrations and colors, it seems to us to consist of seven distinct colors.

The rainbow is white sunlight refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere into a magical arrangement of 7 colored rays.

The chakras, or energy centers of the body, are the consciousness of Brahman refracted by the dense consciousness of the material universe into 7 distinct colors, or levels of conscious awareness.


Mystics and healers down through the ages have equated those 7 levels of divine consciousness to energy centers in the body called chakras.

If we were living in a subtler universe (that is, a spirit realm or loka), then there would be a much richer array of colors… but here on Earth there are seven basic colors that vibrate in compatible fashion to blend together to form pure white light.

The Seven Rays were introduced by the Theosophical school founded by Madame Blavatsky, and expanded upon by Alice Bailey. (Read more… )

Rainbows have always captured human imaginations. Greeks and Romans thought of them as trails between Heaven and Earth left by the divine messenger Iris. The Bifröst Bridge of Norse mythology was a rainbow between Ásgard (the realm of gods) and Midgard (the realm of humans).

So… I suspect it is more than mere sentiment that compels The Seven ethereals to refer to themselves sometimes, in some of our ITC contacts, as “people of the Rainbow.”

It occurred to me while writing this article that… what if… just consider the possibility… maybe there’s a reason why it is a cluster of seven ethereals who monitor and guide our world. What if these seven beings have specific, harmonious, conscious vibrations suitable for the material universe… suitable for Earth. Each of The Seven might be like a separate ray of the rainbow that can only function as part of the whole.

As the divine light streaming from the source becomes trillions of brilliant souls flourishing at many levels… what if The Seven are assigned to facilitate our world because they are perfectly suited, in terms of vibration, to resonate with our world?

If that’s true, then all the 7s in our rich history might begin to fall into place.

One of these days… probably millions of years from now after I’ve gone through my little soul adventures… hopefully I’ll learn the truth about The Seven.

Sources include:

The 7s Series:

1) Lots of 7s down through the ages
2) The 7 Hathors of Ancient Egypt
3) 7s of Judeo-Christianity: Archangels, lamps of fire, churches of Asia…
4) 7s of the Far East: Rishis, Matrikas, Divine Women, chakras…
5) The 7 Rays

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10 Responses to How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (4)

  1. Thank you Mark.
    I enjoyed this writing and the very plausible alignment of the Seven Ethereals as all things spiritual and seven in import and number.
    Thank you for mentioning our story.
    Without you in my life, I may have never been able to benefit from this fabulous realm of knowledge which you impart.

  2. mrwhitedpi says:

    Thanks for your story. I too feel the resonances of all things around us. Your words are a very welcome source of inspiration to me. Maybe one day our journey will end in complete knowledge. That is my hope and dream. I really look forward to your emails. Bless you.


    Hi Mark – greetings from central Oregon. Lotta water under the bridge since our gatherings in the Denver area. Your Site is priceless. Just know that. More later when I’m sure you got this one. Randall

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Randall,
      good to hear from you again.
      Delighted that you like this site.

      • gamescribe says:

        Mark, I’m in another group here in Bend OR area. They were given your website today and I trust you’ll be hearing from one or more in the coming days. We gather in Dudleys Books in Bend, weekly and discuss numerii subjects that you’d be quite comfortable with and could add a great deal to our days. Please tell Regina, Linda and I say “Hi” . Later. Randall

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Randall,
          Yes, that was an important time for me… our group meetings here at our home… trying to establish an ITC bridge. Lots of fond memories… and lots of fascinating photos in the presence of the Luminator. Wishing you and Linda well.
          Mark (& Regina)

  4. In a nut shell, after my loved one passed, on the third day I heard a knock on the door… no one there, but I jumped up and said [oh Joe] and outside I saw a brilliant white light go up out of the ground and up into the sky. Also every a.m. for 33 times my t.v. went on by itself. Plus many other things, too many to relate here.

  5. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Justine,
    Thanks for sharing what must be a very moving time in your life.

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