Crossed Dimensions 4: Serving on the Front Line of Spirit Work

It’s too early to tell exactly how this afterlife project will all come together for Carly and me, but we’ll start with three tiers of world service, or spirit work… patterned loosely after what has worked well in esoteric programs such as Goldsmith’s Infinite Way and the Lucis Trust Triangles, and in personal growth and healing programs such as the Twelve Steps.

Starting with Carly and me to test the waters, it could become a growing, worldwide network that might include these tiers…

  1. gifted, sensitive men and women like Carly who work in a very direct and personal way with spirit entities near the Earth in vibration,
  2. teams of meditators who stream light into the network by fostering a lasting connection with God through their inner work, and
  3. a small inner circle who work with each other and with higher guidance (ethereal beings) to coordinate the direction, protection, and support for the network.

Tier 1: The Front Line

Carly could be called a front-line world server or a front-line spirit facilitator. For whatever reason, she has that rare quality among human beings in whose presence the veil opens up, creating a portal of sorts through which ghosts, troubled spirits, nature spirits, gnomes, aliens, and other nonphysical and quasi-physical beings make their presence known in our carnal world in ways that may seem strange to us.

Where's Waldo? This seems to be a night shot with some light anomalies, but when I lightened and rotated the picture I found a clear image of an unclothed man standing in profile.

Where’s Waldo?
This original photo (top) seems to be just a night shot with some light anomalies, but when I lightened and rotated the picture I found a clear image of an unclothed man standing in profile. Just one of many strange, illuminating photos that Carly takes routinely through the  veil that’s opened up at her home. (If you gaze at the rotated picture (#3), it may begin to look like a community of people standing around…)

If our project evolves the way I think it might, there will soon be opportunities for other front-line facilitators… spiritually gifted men and women, each doing their part to help rectify and cleanse the troubled spiritual residue that blankets our world like a dark cloud. They could include:

  • EVP and ITC researchers trying to establish a technical communication bridge with the other side… more specifically, with the “third level” of human existence in the astral realm,
  • Psychic detectives trying to help murder victims find peace with their killers through exposure,
  • Alien abductees trying to make sense of their hazy, astral journeys aboard vessels by getting in touch with the technicians and crews of those vessels to reconcile the purpose of their interactions with humans on Earth,
  • Mediums who can communicate with troubled spirits who’ve gotten stuck in shadowy worlds near the Earth for whatever reasons after they’ve died, and can help them move to one of the third-level paradise realms where they belong.

These are the types of services that would be provided by the front-line world servers in our network as it evolves.

I’ll introduce the other two tiers and explore them all in more detail in future articles.

The next article will focus on aspects of inner work… heart meditation, contemplation then connection, surrendering to the higher will….

For now, I believe the program should be strictly voluntary and anonymous throughout the first tier of the network, and probably throughout the second tier as well.

We might want to keep a confidential registry of world-servers in our network, as maintained in the Triangles project… or it might work better with no registry at all, as in the Infinite Way and Twelve-Step programs, which provide greater anonymity at the grassroots level… and no organized structure.

So… that’s a start.


Disclaimer: All photos in this “Crossed Dimensions” series are copyright-protected by me and by my colleague identified in the series as “Carly.” Please get permission before downloading and sharing them. If the photos are shared with respect and discretion, there should not be a problem, but getting permission first is the best bet. Thanks! Mark Macy

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3 Responses to Crossed Dimensions 4: Serving on the Front Line of Spirit Work

  1. You and Carly are, it seems, awakening some very exciting possibilities, and I will be very interested to see how they might evolve. An international registry could, I think, help create a real sense of community among the participants in your proposed program, though of course it should be kept safe from prying eyes (by which I mean those forces and influences that seek to derail or prevent such work). It could perhaps also help weed out those who undertake the work for ego purposes (or am I being cynical here?). Without some kind of organizational structure, even a very casual one, I wonder how interested people in the public could connect with the work, as many might like to do, or would you prefer to keep it as a fairly closed circle? I am interested in these issues because I have been trying for some time now to set up a small research group here at home, a very modest group of people interested in investigating whether and how we might establish communication with the otherworlds. My difficulty so far has been lack of tenacity. I find that most people are quickly discouraged by lack of obvious results. I refer them to sites like yours, and pass on Victor Zammit’s weekly newsletters, but after a few attempts using dream incubation, self-hypnosis, remote viewing and basic technology (I mean extremely basic), people lose interest.
    At least I can participate in your work, vicariously and as an observer, and I am grateful for that. Thank you for sharing it. To Carly too.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Tosca,

      I appreciate your views and comments, and I’ll reflect on them.

      It wouldn’t be a closed circle, as I’m envisioning it now. Still not sure about a registry.

      I’m thinking of the first two tiers as being wide open. Anyone could participate.

      Each individual and small research group would be on its own… tapping into (and contributing to) the energy field of the overall network to the extent they wished. In an anonymous situation, they wouldn’t be aware of each other. Unless…

      Maybe this website, or another one created just for that purpose, could allow the exchange of ideas and results among the semi-autonomous researchers and groups.

      I’m thinking the second tier of the network would provide the needed resonance… everyone doing inner work and meditation.

      That’s how it’s looking at the moment… but still a work in progress.


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