Preparing for the ITC Revolution (Golden Age, 3)

The Golden Age of ITC, Part 3

This is third in a series of articles:

1) How it could unfold… resonance
2) What can go wrong… human shortcomings
3) Preparing for it… reawakening
4) The next big breakthrough
5) ITC and the End Time
6) Dawn of a new science, courtesy of ITC

The Golden Age of ITC is approaching. Receiving stations will be set up in various locations, and world-changing information will stream through our technologies, from spirit groups residing at the ‘third level’ of the astral realms… guided and protected by finer spirits who have the highest interests at heart for our world and for the ITC bridges being formed.

Are You Ready for It?

For anyone hoping or preparing to get involved in the new ITC revolution, I’d offer the same advice that I’d give to anyone else living in the world…  to my son, to a friend, or to any stranger:

Enjoy Earth’s drama, then at some point retreat to your spiritual roots to find peace and meaning. Then you’ll be ready for finer spiritual realities such as ITC. You’ll be better prepared for life.

It’s not a simple decision that’s done in a matter of hours or days… but a life process that unfolds over a span of years and decades. Enjoy the drama, but then reconnect to the source.

The Drama

Being born into this world means living Earth’s drama… immersing yourself in maya… the illusion of carnal living. Being born on Earth means separating from the oneness that is the ultimate reality. It involves individuating.

Once you’re born into this world, you have to develop your ego in order to survive as a noble-savage being in an unpredictable, noble-savage world.

Experience the drama of life’s illusion. Feel the joy and the suffering.

Living the drama will mean different things to different people, depending on their talents and skills, the genetic strengths and weaknesses they inherit from their parents, the physical and emotional wounds they receive during their lifetimes… and, most important and most subtle and most profound of all… the personal mission they’ve signed up for at some spiritual level before they were even born.

From a soul perspective, your spiritual mission will probably have a lot of bearing on whom you choose as parents and what sorts of experiences you’ll have from birth to death. For most of us carnal humans, our timeless spiritual mission remains hidden beneath the surface of conscious living as we immerse ourselves in the drama of illusory life on Earth.

Life’s illusion might involve…

  • Being born into a wealthy family or community… or living in poverty from birth to death…
  • Being beautiful or charismatic or talented in music or math or art or writing… or being homely or graceless or simple…
  • Seeking a life of fame and fortune… or feeling at home in a small circle of family and friends…
  • Motivation to pursue a profession and achieve success… or a carefree nature that leads from one experience to the next, year after year…
  • A proclivity toward stable living and healthy choices… or a compulsive nature that leads to addictions, excess, and la dolce vita
  • A tendency toward kindness… or toward cruelty…
  • Being an extrovert who loves being in groups… or an introvert who thrives and recharges at quiet-alone times.

Life on Earth is like a carnival of wild rides and fun-house attractions where people see each other doing strange and crazy things… and they get involved with each other… or they shun each other… or they steal from each other… or they give to each other… or they take advantage of each other… or they help each other.

One purpose of a lifetime is to enjoy pleasure and pain at the carnival and to survive it.

Eventually, though, enough is enough. A second, more important purpose is to get to the point where you’re ready to turn your back on the carnival… to tune it out… to re-forge that deep, inner connection that you had to break shortly after arriving on Earth.

Relinquishing the Drama, Piercing Maya, Spiritual Reconnection

Some people remain immersed in the illusion until they die and only then return to their spiritual roots when they reawaken in the afterlife.

I don’t envy those people.

I envy people who are caught up in the illusion of life on Earth up to the moment when they’ve finally had enough… when they turn their dramas and their suffering and their lives over to the higher power within them.

Making that spiritual connection is the most amazing and most beautiful and most life-changing experience available in this world. It’s also the most natural.

It’s transforming. Just about everyone who makes the reconnection starts looking elsewhere for fulfillment.

  • Body-builders might suddenly find it much more gratifying to build a soul connection.
  • Drama coaches might start looking for non-drama coaches.
  • Prisoners might turn inward to become mystics.
  • Medical doctors might suddenly see more lasting good from meditation than from medication and start quietly supplementing their treatments with energy work, prayers, and kindness.
  • Businessmen might start doing more volunteer work at shelters and churches.

Whatever one’s life circumstances, the reawakening feels like it must certainly be the greatest adventure anyone has ever enjoyed. It feels like a walk in a paradise garden with colors, aromas, and sounds of unimaginable variety… and everything prior to the garden seems bland and lifeless.

The reawakening changes life’s priorities.

I remember working in cubicle offices in the 1970s and 80s as a technical writer in a series of high-tech start-up companies.  I’d drink at night to try to enhance my enjoyment of TV shows, music, and occasional relationships with women. Alcohol inspired my writing… at least it seemed to. It made me sleep soundly for three or four hours, then awaken in the middle of the night to write about peace and world affairs until dawn… before showering and going in to work.

I’d get so worn out over a year’s time that I’d have to quit my job and move into an isolated cabin in a forest or by an ocean for a few months… to recharge… before finding another job someplace. No problem… plenty of high-tech companies at the time.

In the mid-80s I met Regina, got married, and started a family, and things changed… nicer digs, less loneliness, a great love life, and a miraculous munchkin to play with at home. I still drank, though, and had restless nights, worked as a tech writer, and spent a lot of time writing about world affairs, including the early morning hours.

Everything felt normal and typical… until I was diagnosed with cancer in 1988. My world was suddenly turned upside down, I had a spiritual awakening in the course of two years, and my life was totally transformed.

Since then I look back on my entire life before cancer as a period best described as gray and numb.

As I began to heal from cancer in 1989, the status quo became tedious. Going to work, I felt allergic to the office environment. I began taking two-hour lunch breaks in order to drive into the mountains with the windows down, listening to music or books on tape.

The most memorable audiobook was Siddhartha, a mystical story set in India at the time of the Buddha, about a young, upper-class Hindu who renounces his worldly goods, becomes homeless, and searches for spiritual truth. Life for Siddhartha becomes a series of miracles, tragedies, intimate relationships, and achievements amid the constant pull of spirit. I didn’t understand it rationally or scientifically, but I thoroughly and unequivocally loved it.

At home I felt allergic to world affairs, which had been my passion for more than a decade… and I began reading more mystical books… Autobiography of a Yogi (by Paramahansa Yogananda), The Supreme Adventure (of Siddha Yoga, by Peter Hayes), and many others. I was ravenous for that information.

I met George Meek in 1990 and was pulled into afterlife research like an iron filing to a magnet. I became immersed in the miracles in Luxembourg, I began to get spirit contacts at home through phone and radio… and ITC has kept me immersed and given my life meaning for a quarter of a century.

So, that’s the short story of my own adventure in spiritual reconnection. The many stories I’ve read of other people’s transformations seem no more profound or less profound than my own. But I love to read those stories to this day.

I’d recommend a spiritual awakening and transformation to anyone wishing to get involved in the coming Golden Age of ITC.

Correction: I’d recommend it to everyone still alive on Earth… period.

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10 Responses to Preparing for the ITC Revolution (Golden Age, 3)

  1. I am on board. Glad to see their is a coming golden age regardless of the maya ride. Anything I can do to help just let me know.

  2. That’s a nice post Mark. Thank you.

  3. David says:

    Mark – this was one of your best (and most inspiring) in recent times. I’m sure lots of us can relate to that story (I know I can). Not sure if I stumbled across “Autobiography of a Yogi” from reading your site (but perhaps) – it was a book that definitely added even more reinforcement to a growing belief (that was still “building” at that time) that there is so much more going on in this world than meets the eye. I know “we” all understand and appreciate the true meaning of “maya” – but trying to explain that concept to the average person can certainly cause them to wonder if we’ve lost our mind. 😉

    Thanks for writing “The Project” – that was also a very helpful component of adding a lot of foundation. The path to spirituality is definitely a “journey” as you describe. It’s virtually impossible to help someone (friends, family, etc) take a “big jump” to get there quickly….it seems like it has to unfold (at its own speed) to get to “knowing” versus “believing”. “Oneness” (by Rasha) perhaps the strangest book one can ever read, informs us to not even try (indicating that everyone’s journey unfolds in the right way for each individual) – do you have any insight into that book and / or author?

    I’m still only a few years into this journey, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that we are indeed heading towards a new age of understanding (here in our world of illusion).

    Thanks again for bringing so much of your extraordinary experiences to this forum – the reality of ITC is such an integral part of “knowing” about our afterlife (versus faith & hope).

  4. Mark Macy says:

    Thanks David,
    No, I’m not familiar with Rasha’s “Oneness” book.
    Seems like people approach that timeless truth (oneness) from many different paths.

  5. Ray Gauldin says:

    Very inspiriational, I live in the Memphis,TN area, how can I get involved?

  6. Mark Macy says:

    I’m not sure, Ray.
    You’ll probably have to follow your inner guidance.
    Depending on your skills, interests, soul purpose… you could be led in various directions.
    There are plenty of avenues to explore, here on this site, and in other sites around the web…

  7. Zula Bleu says:

    Just found your site while reading another section of Origin of the Soul and am inspired by all I’ve read so far! My journey involves a cat who has just come back to me since her death two years ago last Labor Day. She was able to reach me through a closet psychic that she met only weeks prior to her departure and even I did not know this person had that gift. Once the message had been given to me (about 2 1/2 months after her transition) I was led through various cues and ideas to where she was. It has taken almost two years to bring her home but finally she is here.

    I also used an animal communicator, which was very helpful and who explained that we have a heart to heart connection. We agreed to help each other through our various lives and although I don’t know how many times she has been in this life, I was definitely led to her in her previous life when my male cat passed on after 18+ years. She prefers the protection of the purebred’s life so it was a bit simpler to find her this time.

    The AC also explained that this cat had been with me in numerous past lives i.e. as a Persian in NYC, when I was a ‘flapper’; a tuxedo cat when I lived out on the prairie in a cabin and we used to feed the chickens together etc. She also saw us together in the year 2300 with a clear night sky. Very gratifying to know that I am so lucky to have this sweet little soul riding along with me whenever she can. She has contributed greatly to my own transformation and the subsequent discovery of others who are moving along in their journeys.

    Your comment on looking back at your life ‘as a period best described as gray and numb’ is where I have been until recently. It is amazing that if one just listens and moves as directed ever so gently, all doors begin to open. So much joy in the process of this discovery! I have been different from my siblings from the start and really never fit in, now I understand why and realize that I never will. Yes, we are meant to stand out and realize our true mission. Thank you for your post, I will look forward to more of your commentary.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Zula,

      Thanks for the fascinating background about you and your feline friend down through the ages.

      You may have noticed while exploring this site… our cat Konrad made contact with me through the radio a few months after his death. I wrote about it in this article:

      Here’s the excerpt from that article…

      (Example: “Konrad the cat is Arthur’s pet.” We named our pet cat Konrad Lorenz, after the scientist, and the cat was killed by a raccoon in our back yard a few months before this contact came through my radios in my basement lab.)

      And here’s a link to the actual contact…

      Glad you found my site!


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