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The Human Story 8: The Afterlife of Arthur Moos

“Everything around me went deep black; only my spirit floated through a flickering dark matter. No sound could be heard and no light penetrated the darkness. I remained in this state a very long time, though I learned meanwhile that time is nonexistent here. I remember thinking that this must be life after death.” Continue reading

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What I Learned From ITC (Part 6): To Establish a Bridge

By any stretch of the imagination, establishing an ITC bridge will not be easy, but if a dedicated team is willing to take these sorts of issues to heart, they might experience miracles in their lifetime. Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned from ITC (Part 1)

The main thing that Maggy and I learned, along with other researchers who followed the same path, is that spirits can only communicate with people on Earth of like mind. And researchers can only attract into their work spirits who resonate with their own dispositions…. Continue reading

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