What I Learned From ITC (Part 6): To Establish a Bridge

Note: This is my closing article in this series about “What I Learned From ITC” as I move into the next series about “The Human Story.”

Extraordinary ITC bridges have pretty much closed down over the past decade. I know of no one in the world who’s getting exceptional spirit contacts by phone, radio, computer, and TV anymore. EVP contacts (short, faint voices through noise) seem to be the status quo at the moment.

So I’m busy with my writing, planting seeds for future ITC projects that might sprout when the time’s right… when The Seven and the ethereals see the opportunity for ITC bridges to be established in our world.

Here are some of the main things I learned through ITC research that might be useful to those who decide to open an ITC bridge.

Each person has spirits around him or her, and those spirits get inducted into the spirit group when the person becomes a member of an ITC experimental group. Timestream was a spirit group associated with ITC researcher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, and Timestream evolved along with the people on this side who became a part of the INIT project that she and I and some other researchers established in 1995. As new INIT members came aboard over the years with diverse attitudes, it’s my impression that Timestream became kind of unwieldy, and maybe came apart at the seams.

About 99 percent of the “success” of an ITC bridge rests on the attitudes of the people involved, and how resonant they can be over time. Without that resonance, there can be no ITC because the bridge cannot remain stable.

The bridge, or contact field, is a pool of thoughts and attitudes of everyone involved. To us on Earth that sounds abstract, but in spirit it’s the basis of life. Entities cannot collaborate on a worthwhile project unless they are of one mind. That makes it very difficult for them to work with groups of people on Earth, where “being of one mind” is the exception… and where the rule is conflicts of interest, incompatible beliefs, self-seeking motivations, a penchant for drama… that sort of thing. In short, our egos and hormones as physical beings make it difficult for us here to forge a truly spiritual project, like an ITC bridge.

That said, if a few individuals are committed to sustaining resonance (and all that that entails, such as each member’s constant fine-tuning of self), they’ve provided fertile ground for an ITC bridge.

On top of that they’ll need one highly sensitive person. That’s someone who’s not just psychically sensitive (someone who gets clear, reliable impressions from finer spiritual beings while dreaming, meditating, and ‘day-dreaming’), but also emotionally sensitive—trusting, loving of all creatures, empathetic to those less fortunate, and so on. That is the kind of disposition that resonates with the finer realms of spirit… and an ITC bridge cannot be formed that does not resonate with the finer realms of spirit. A sensitive person like that would be the link in the ITC system, because in the early stages of the project the important information coming through (what kind of equipment, how to place it, how to tune the radios…) would be channeled by the sensitive person. She (the person would most likely be female, since male hormones stir up lots of drama!) would have to be protected somehow from the more savage influences of the world around her. I’m not suggesting that she’d have to be cloistered or locked up in a room, but the people around her in her life would have to have her best interests at heart so that she can feel and express her finer attitudes without being taken advantage of or hurt. The protection might come from a loving spouse or a circle of close friends. Even after ITC communications begin, this woman will continue to get more information psychically, and her impressions should be taken to heart within the project. If she feels uncomfortable with someone in the group, efforts should be made to smooth things out, and if discomfort persists, the person should be asked to leave the group. This woman will “feel” the resonance and know how to sustain it. When a person is removed from the group, the group should ‘close ranks’ again so as not to be bothered by any animosities stirred up by the person who left.

Under these conditions, many people outside the group will start referring to the group as a “cult,” but as long as members keep closed ranks and keep the right attitude with pure hearts, the group will flourish.

An ITC experimental team will also need someone with an “ITC aptitude.” Ideally, this would be the same person as the sensitive, but I don’t think it would have to be. We were told by Timestream and The Seven that some people are born with certain qualities that make ITC possible. These people can focus their will in a powerful way that creates realities on both sides of the veil. Focusing their thoughts and feelings toward another person can strongly affect that other person. It’s not unusual for electrical and electronic things to “act up” in their presence. It was my impression that Maggy was a sensitive with some ITC aptitude, and her husband Jules had a strong ITC aptitude.

Under these conditions (a sensitive-channel-type, an ITC-facilitator-type, and a resonant team), the team will attract a lot of attention from the other side. Ethereal beings (and, hopefully, The Seven) will move in close to offer protection and support, and a team of supportive, friendly spirits will gather to help out. It will be a new and highly effective spirit group that forms around that experimental team. At least, that’s the theory.

More typically, a group of people come together with all their emotional and hormonal riff-raff and start experimenting. So they wind up with a lot of spiritual riff-raff and attract zero interest from the finer realms, and their results never exceed simple EVP contacts. This is mostly what’s happening today in technical spirit communication efforts, and it holds no special interest or fascination for me.

As the above information implies, once an extraordinary ITC project is begun, it would be good to keep the progress of that group secret for awhile, to avoid stirring up a lot of negative thoughts among the public (envy from other experimenters, fear from people who don’t understand, contempt from skeptics… that sort of thing).

So, by any stretch of the imagination, establishing an ITC bridge will not be easy, but if a dedicated team is willing to take these sorts of issues to heart, they might experience miracles in their lifetime.

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8 Responses to What I Learned From ITC (Part 6): To Establish a Bridge

  1. Lane says:

    Your deductions are interesting and informative. All in all, in line with any good spiritual practice. Thank you.

  2. George says:

    Mark, thank you for your recent post. I just wanted to ask you about the banner at the top of each page. the one of the light house and sunset. Would it be possible to turn it into a wallpaper? I’d love to have it on my laptop. Thanks. George.

    • Hi George,
      I developed the banner picture on one of my former computers… and I no longer have access to the original versions that I was adapting.
      If you’re able to get it from my website somehow, you’re welcome to it.

      • Ricky says:

        Hi Mark,

        You are not going to believe what just happened. I’ve been looking for a new wallpaper for my computer and I came across your website’s banner:

        When I saw it, I recognized it immediately – I had to share it here with both of you!


        • Thanks Ricky,
          Great find.
          Amazingly synchronistic.
          I vaguely recall getting the picture years ago as clip art from the web.
          Your ‘stumbling onto it’ was great.
          I’ve downloaded it (again) 🙂 into my archives.

  3. Mr Zeta says:


    I am kind of getting speechless – this blog, the Edison Info…this was no coincidence I landed here now yet so late in time when seemingly 20 years of my life went by (10 of which I used to learn how to train horses; now my health stops that for the most part).

    The ITC Bridge you speak of – Technicians on ‘BOTH’ sides…Spirit Mediums (on ‘BOTH (??) sides) never really occurred to me as I myself have Astral abilities but no real Mediumship abilities. I started many years ago learning Clairvoyance which is how all Astral Travellors should begin their spiritual journeys.

    You talk of stability – I seem to understand better the need for this; the like the Borg on Star Trek fame it would be a ‘collective’ (!); I sense this on the ITC forum I visit, and even more so here.

    It takes alot of courage to speak out (and alot of time and effort); I can feel your sincereity here almost more than any place on the WEB I have ever visited; it is very strong, and I am so weak; I am also sometimes afraid of the truth and never seek the truth – I seek input (!)…well kind of humor there (from the movie “Short Circuit”); we must have humor in life; eh I could rant I apologize…

    As a side note on the Name/Website links they should be set to open a new page so they dont leave your site!

    I am researching Edison but I am also trying to get my work area cleaned up for Live Streaming.

    Interesting thie ‘Timestream’ is …

    Mr Zeta

  4. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Mr Z,
    Thanks for the really good comments.
    Sincerity is certainly something I always aim for….

    I try to set up all links to open in a new frame or window, so that the reader doesn’t leave this site completely.
    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do that in the comments… only in the main postings.


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