How Important Is a Clear Mission for an ITC Group?

Resonance experiment #3

(Note: I’ve been busy for several weeks putting together an ITC-related video for a conference in Italy next month, so it’s been quiet here on the blog. Thanks for your patience. I was invited to the conference in L’Aquila but explained that I no longer give presentations, then had an idea to develop a short video about ITC, with Italian subtitles, that could be presented at the conference… after which I could do a live Q&A via Skype, from here in Colorado. We’ll see how that works….  —MM)

During 20 years of reflection on messages our INIT group received from Timestream spirit group (especially messages from The Seven ethereal beings), I’ve been trying to develop a sense of what those 7 “gatekeepers” between heaven and earth really see as they observe us humans on Earth, and what they consider to be our role and responsibilities in ITC.

I’ve been trying to figure out what they expect us to do on this side of the bridge before that bridge can become as functional and free-flowing as it was in the early years of INIT (1995-1998).

How They View Us

As The Seven and other ethereal beings observe ITC researchers on Earth, I think they see a lot of mixed feelings among us… a general chaos that typifies life on Earth.

On one hand they see friendship, trust, love, inspiration, and sincerity as we work together and share our results and feelings with each other and with the public. That was the ambience of INIT in the early years, and I think it was also the ambience of The Big Circle of moms getting in touch with their late kids and networking through Tom and Lisa Butler’s group, and (I suspect) the Scole Experimental Group in England in the early years.

On the other hand the ethereal beings see our shadow side or savage side flare up from time to time. They see us get irritated by another researcher’s random comments… and get defensive when skeptics call us dishonest or delusional. They see us envy an especially good contact received by someone else… and worry about confused or troubled spirits impacting our work… and suffer from chronic frustration in the face of a modern scientific bureaucracy that totally denies the validity of our work.

The ethereal beings see our light side and our shadow side… our noble side and our savage side. They see our earthy human nature.

What They Expect of Us

Over the years our INIT group received lots of hints about what they needed from us, from our side of the bridge, to help keep conditions stable… in order to sustain a clear contact field that would allow ITC contacts to flow through our telephones, TVs, radios, computers, and other equipment.

While there may be many factors, they all seem to boil down to two:

  • an ITC disposition (what spirit friend Yang Fudse calls “an emotional lance” and what reader Mac calls physical mediumship), and
  • “being of one mind” among a team of researchers.

I believe that The Seven ethereal beings started giving us humans a hint of ITC’s possibilities late last century by working closely with spirits on the third level, in collaboration with a few specially gifted researchers, including Bill O’Neil, Marcello Bacci, Hans-Otto Koenig, Klaus Schreiber, Maggy Fischbach, and Adolf Homes.

In the early 1990s they took the next step, telling Maggy in Luxembourg that the next phase of ITC would require researchers of one mind coming together as an organization or network. Hence the formation of INIT. The Seven ethereals expended much time and effort keeping that bridge open and functional so that we could get the full flavor of ITC’s possibilities.

I believe they were serious about that stipulation (researchers working together with one mind), knowing that it would be a monumental challenge for us humans, and also trusting that some of us humans on Earth, someday, will be able to meet the challenge. Until then, the full, ripe fruits of ITC will remain elusive to us.

Meanwhile, they continue to support the work of the original pioneers still alive (Bacci, Koenig… ), but I believe their main ITC interest is the next phase… supporting an international, intercultural team of researchers on Earth who can make the effort to work together in a unified way by contending with their fears, doubts, envy, egos, and suspicions well enough to work together in genuine friendship, trust, and good will.

That will involve a lot of self-reflection and inner work by everyone involved in the project.

I believe that the spirits at the third level, including Timestream, are waiting patiently for their friends on Earth to rise to the occasion, because they realize the ethereal facilitators are holding back on their wisdom, energy, and bridge-making power until we can learn to be a resonant force.

How Important Is a Clear Mission?

So how important is a clear mission statement for an ITC group in the future?

Maybe each of us ITC researchers could do some self-reflecting on this point: What’s our personal goal with our work? What are we really trying to achieve?… for ourself?… for the world?….

I remember the founding members of INIT included members who seemed committed to making the world a better place (Guenter Emde and Theo Locher), or broadening science to include spiritual understanding (Ralf Determeyer and Hans Luethi), or inspiring the public with afterlife knowledge (Irma Weisen and me), or reconciling mind and spirit (Nils Jacobson). I suspect all INIT members shared some or all of those aspirations, along with other desires such as getting a better technical understanding of how ITC works, or contacting departed loved ones, or alleviating other survivors’ grief….

So, again, if you wished to join an ITC group, why? What would be motivating you? What do you think you’d like to see achieved?

Maybe if we all start thinking about that, then when the time comes to form an ITC group, we’ll be able to “be of one mind” as we forge a mission statement for the group… and the mission statement would help ensure that we remain of one mind.

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10 Responses to How Important Is a Clear Mission for an ITC Group?

  1. kate says:

    Hi Mark hope the live Q&A goes well on Skype.
    It would be interesting to know whether ITC researchers/believers feel that ITC has changed their lives and how much so…somewhat through to profoundly and why?
    I’m struggling to answer your questions at the moment…I have so much respect for all the individual ITC researchers who have profound messages for everyone yet it’s buried away on websites unheard of by the general public like for instance the work of Hans Otto König. Media and entertainment seem to rule the masses and the word paranormal.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Kate, the main purpose of the conference, I think, is to offer consolation to the many people in L’Aquila who lost loved ones in a terrible earthquake in 2009. There’s still a lot of grief there. So I’m trying to present ITC in a way that is mostly inspiring and relieving about afterlife, trying to avoid the spooky, sensational aspects.

      As you say, media and entertainment rule the masses, and that means sensationalism. Actually, though, media and entertainment make money by giving people what they want… what attracts audiences. People love to get spooked out and riled up by horror and action movies, just as looky-loos hang out around crime scenes to get a glimpse of gore.

      So to get ITC implanted into the noble side of humanity, I think we’re not just contending with the media, but even moreso at that little savage part within all of us that goes spiritually off-track into the little dramas and mayhems of life on Earth.

      If a group of ITC researchers can keep themselves spiritually on track, then I believe they will start attracting the attention of the serious ITC facilitators in the finer realms of spirit… those ethereal beings who manage the gateway between heaven and earth.


    • Mark Macy says:

      PS – I don’t think we have to be a bunch of saints in order to make ITC work. I think we just have to be aware of who we really are (noble-savage creatures on a noble quest), and then assimilate what we’ve learned from ITC contacts (especially from The Seven), and use that valuable information to shape our ITC group, our personal lives, and our world as best we can…. if that makes sense. Mark

      • kate says:

        Sorry for late response and thanks for the reply…for some reason it didn’t notify me, as it normally does, onto my phone when things are posted on your blog. I probably didn’t tick the notify me under the comment.
        How awesome you get the opportunity to spread the word and put your knowledge and experience to such good use.
        I think a group or groups working together and trying would be better than not. Any good exposure to the public is better than none. All anyone can do is chip away and do thier bit whether solo or part of a group. A couple of the best mediums I know certainly aren’t saints but still have a very powerfull accurate connection with spirit.
        It would be interesting to know how your conference goes if you decide to write about it.
        Once again thanks for reply

      • Hi Mark,
        It’s good to hear being a “saint” is not a prerequisite.(you know my background) It gives me hope! : )

    • Hi Kate, I was introduced to ITC through a website named For me personally, the information on that site caused a complete paradigm shift. The sheer amount of evidence is such I can no longer deny the existence of an afterlife.
      Everything that Mark has shared here and continues to share resonates with me.
      I rarely comment but I do visit often.

      • kate says:

        Thanks George for the reply I’m so glad you found ITC…most people don’t seem to know about it even those that are very much into spirituality and the afterlife in a more traditional way and have taken part in that for years, ( myself included). I think your comment must surly be valuble and uplifting to those that dedicate their time and energy on Earth and in spirit to spread enlightenment.

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