3 Prerequisites for an ITC Bridge

(Note: I changed the title of this article. It’s original title was Calling Earth Film Presentation in Boulder.)

I attended (along with wife Regina and long-time friend Sandra Martin*), Dan Drasin’s presentation of his film, Calling Earth, here in Boulder last night (2017 August 4), sponsored by BoulderExo.

Here are the main points that came together clearly in my mind from last night’s event:

  • Dan’s masterfully crafted film is packed with vital information that could help change the world if the film gets the exposure it deserves.
  • The most important minute of the film, for me, is where the Scole Group asks its spirit communicator how he’s able to talk in a way so that his voice comes through so loud and clear, and the spirit replies, We don’t talk, we simply think of our message, and there are others here whose job it is, by some miracle, to transduce our thoughts clearly into your world. That is the crux of ITC. Dead people in their astral bodies have very little energy and power; the best they can typically achieve is small EVP voices captured on recording media. The more elaborate ITC communications require a team of folks on the other side from various levels of spirit working together to provide the energy and expertise to make spirit phone calls, computer contacts, radio contacts, and TV contacts happen in our world. That’s the first prerequisite for ITC: a competent spirit team supported by finer beings.
  • Then, there has to be a person on Earth with a penchant for ITC, sometimes called physical mediumship skills or an ITC disposition. Some people are born with a musical ear or a mind for mathematics or a knack for mechanics. Other people, try as they might, can never achieve the results of those with an innate skill in those fields. The same is true in ITC: There has to be a person with an ITC disposition. That’s the second prerequisite for ITC: a physical medium. Klaus Schreiber, Marcello Bacci, Adolf Homes, and Maggy Fischbach are among the great ITC researchers, and they all are (or were) physical mediums.
  • Finally, in the future there will have to be groups of researchers here on Earth who have learned how to work together in harmony. Those “others whose job it is” in the spirit worlds to make ITC happen in our world… those elevated beings have told us that sustained ITC won’t come together until researchers can work together with one mind. Humanity was given a taste of ITC’s awesome potential through the Scole experiments and through the experiences of our INIT group in the late 1990s, and we were also taught what is needed here on Earth to make an ITC bridge possible. What’s needed is a stable contact field, which is like a cloud of good will, friendship, and common purpose that blankets a group of researchers. That field of resonant human consciousness comes together with a similar field of consciousness among the spirit team, and then an ITC bridge can form, and the most amazing communications can stream into our world from the other side. That’s the third prerequisite for ITC: sustained resonance among a group of humans on Earth… and therein lies the monumental challenge for ITC: Getting people to get along together. Figure that out, and the world will be ready for ITC, I believe.

(* Sandra Martin was my literary agent for my book, Miracles in the Storm, and got it published by Penguin-Putnam. We all had high hopes that the book would be huge, but alas, it came out in November, 2001, two months after the 9/11 attacks that devastated New York City. The book got lost in the chaos that ensued. Sandra quit representing books shortly thereafter, when the publishing industry was entering its Amazonian upheaval and revolution. She’s now a board member of IANDS, the International Association of Near-Death Studies, which is having its annual meeting 10 minutes from our home as we speak. That’s why she’s in town this week, and she agreed to have a nice dinner with Regina and me, and to attend Dan’s presentation last night. Sandra’s life has always been rife with miracles like this… paths crossing… networks forged… friendships kindled. Her lifetime adventure seems to be orchestrated by a good spirit team. Quite an amazing woman. Give me 12 Sandra Martins and one physical medium, I’ll give you an ITC bridge. 🙂 )

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13 Responses to 3 Prerequisites for an ITC Bridge

  1. John says:

    Thank you for this valuable update, Mark, and your presentation of well matured points and requirements. It is good to learn that Dan’s film had an audience in Boulder.
    The film is a great documentary, as is your book “Miracles in the Storm.” Together they could change the world.
    This world will be saved from the forces which beset it by way of all of the beneficent forces of other dimensions.
    We are all channels. Perhaps more and more will awaken to this reality and its potential.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I really enjoyed the documentary Calling Earth. I have been working with ITC full time for 7 years now and there are some things I have noticed. It seems as though the researchers I know who are of pure heart, those with little EGO seem to be spread out sparsely across the globe. It is hard for us to “come together” to actually work as a collective. Most of the ITC researchers I know are also working hard on software, programs and tools to reach that ultimate communication. I do not foresee them them trying to work together as they want to be the “ONE” who establishes that near perfect contact and take credit for it. These are my observations based on social media connections to other researchers. I have tried to link up with many of them but they seem disinterested and it is frustrating. Most are in it for fame and not so much to help our spirit friends or earth friends with that connection. I have also recently noticed that many of us that work diligently with spirit through audio ITC have many of the same spirit teams, as I hear the same names coming through their equipment as mine, I find that interesting. I really wish there were other like-minded people I could connect with and share my thoughts or idea’s with pertaining to audio ITC as I feel we could move forward (faster) together. There is power with numbers just as there is power in prayers. I ask my spirit team each session if there is a way to make communication more clear (i.e. like a telephone conversation) and they say they are working on it but I also know that there needs to be people down here on Earth that are able to keep up with spirit technologically, ego and mediumship wise. Working with one mind seems out of reach to me as there aren’t that many of us in this unsaturated field and everyone is in it for different motives. Thank you for your blog as I enjoy it immensely.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for that good comment, Rebecca. Not easy getting around egos, personally or as a group. I think your insight is RIGHT-ON.
      Wishing you the very best,


    • angusmacro says:

      Based on what you’ve said here it appears that the overall spiritual evolvement of humankind, the individual expectations of even the few individuals with the necessary attributes, leaves success for further refinement of ITC looking highly uncertain.

      As with traditional mediumship the progress of ITC appears to have peaked some time ago and is now on a plateau. Whether it’s continuing level, or up or down from here only time will tell.

  3. Sammi Stump says:

    I don’t think the ego issue is not just a human concern. As a Medium I can tell you Spirits often exhibit the same characteristics. I think it is wise to realize that communications are taking place on the lower Astral with many problems similar to Earth. Didn’t I hear that at one communication station some entities with their own nebulous agenda had to be kicked out before sensible honest transmission could occur from another Group? Always wise to consider What is the Spirit’s motivation don’t just assume they all are warm and fuzzy.

    • angusmacro says:

      interesting points

    • Mark Macy says:

      I agree, interesting. Timestream said they operate on the third level (which I think is the same as what’s often called the “mid-astral”), where dispositions and personalities aren’t much different than ours on Earth.

      I think (… hope?… believe?… ) that if we on Earth remain committed to self refinement and putting principles above personalities (an on-going effort that becomes routine), then we attract (and resonate with) a decent spirit team, including the attention of those finer spirits who can help us all forge an ITC bridge that’s sustained with respect and good will. If we can all keep moving our egos to the back seat…. 🙂 That seems to be the challenge.

      • Sammi Stump says:

        Your right Mark and your story regarding Timestream may be the perfect example of what I am talking about. The entities still took over the facility, they still communicated with many human individuals who had the finest intentions and they still fooled and confused many. Unfortunately even here on earth no matter how saintly one can become sometimes evil people still gain the upper hand. Think of some of the Religious stories and Saints. So I guess non gullibility and discernment are probably a good defense when working with the unseen.

  4. Mark Macy says:

    We living humans sometimes deceive ourselves and others, and lots of times it’s not out of ill intent, just lack of understanding on our part. I suppose dead humans living in astral bodies are much the same; they haven’t risen very far above their earthly humanness. Until they get up toward the fourth spirit level they spread their confusion and delusion with those around them… much as we do here on Earth The only way that I know of to rise above the confusion and deception (here on Earth or in our spiritual endeavors) is to make a conscious connection to that finest source at the center of our being… our personal link to the seventh level and beyond.

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