Global Warming and Shifting Poles

Some years ago it occurred to me that the polar ice caps help keep the Earth steady as it spins like a top while orbiting the sun.


One of the forces that keeps it from wobbling a lot is the presence of the two ice caps, which provide density and weight at the top and bottom of the planet.

If the polar ice caps begin to melt, I figured, the planet will start to wobble… maybe to the point of turning on its axis… like a top that falls down near the end of its spin.

Now science has found evidence that the process could be starting, thanks to global warming. The north and south poles have been drifting since 2006.

Read more about that here…  and  here….

Could be the start of the long-prophesied Earth Changes… but might take centuries to happen.


Since writing this post, I stumbled upon a scientist’s prediction of melting polar caps, in which he uses detailed calculations and concludes that the Earth’s rotation (if not its tilt) would be minimal. His bottom line:

If the ice caps melt, changes in the earth’s rotation will be very far down on our list of concerns.

Here’s his website, for those interested:

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2 Responses to Global Warming and Shifting Poles

  1. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    Your writings have been great! They are very thought inspiring and could help kickstart a discussion to solve our world’s issues on a deeper, more systemic level – even perhaps convincing some of the more resistant forces in our world today.

    Speaking of larger, more ‘worldly’ matters, I had a brief article I wanted to share with you that made me do some thinking. It talks about cosmic rays and the effects on both our consciousness and our natural state. It speaks of the penetration of cosmic rays into our DNA and the formation of new helixes. It’s on a website that I use to do some of my exploring and research for spiritual matters: .

    Here’s the article about Cosmic Rays – I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts!

    All the best to you – always –


    • Hi Ricky,
      I remember the Harmonic Convergence back in ’87, when my first peace anthology was coming out (Solutions for a Troubled World). There was also a “Beyond War” movement around that time. A lot of people were looking for mystical forces that would sweep through world, cleansing humanity of its savage element… a cosmic cleansing.
      Hard for me to see how it could happen, knowing what I know now about our noble-savage biochemistry… unless these cosmic rays could change all of these forces inside us in an effective, intelligent way.
      There’s a lot of reality out there that I still don’t understand… so here’s hoping! 🙂

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