Calling Earth… a Landmark Afterlife Documentary

Congratulations to California filmmaker Dan Drasin, who’s produced (imho) the best technical documentary to date on spirit communication and the afterlife.

The title: Calling Earth.

Dan explores the phenomenal history of technical spirit communication (from the work of Friedrich Juergenson and Konstantin Raudive) to the awe-insipring results of contemporary researchers including Marcello Bacci (Italy), Ernst Senkowski (Germany),  and Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg.

Maggy isn’t shown in the film, even though I’m convinced that her results are unequivocally the best in the world. Having worked closely with her for a number of years, I’m sure that the miraculous contact field that opened up for Maggy (and which was used by our spirit friends to place phone calls to me and to various other researchers on both sides of the Atlantic) was made possible largely by the fact that she’s a very private, highly sensitive woman. She’s learned over the years that opening oneself up to the noble-savage soup of human emotions, especially the contempt of crusading skeptics, fouls-up the contact field and weakens the resulting communications from beyond. So… in case you’re wondering why “the Luxembourg group” doesn’t show up, even in good films like this one… that’s why.

The film also looks closely, here in the States, at the Butlers, Sarah Estep, and the EVP moms collaborating as “The Big Circle,” a name coined by their departed children.

This is a great film!… and it lasts about an hour.

Watch Dan’s film, Calling Earth…

Happy viewing!… and, again, thanks Dan!

Explore more of Dan’s world of creative works….

Other reviews of movies about the afterlife:

Nosso Lar (Our Home) – an other-worldly (but realistic) portrayal of a spiritual outpost where people who’ve died can recuperate into an afterlife paradise. This Brazilian film has an English version: The Astral City.
Chico Xavier – a dramatic look at the life and afterlife of a great Brazilian medium. (English subtitles)

Calling Earth – a serious documentary by Dan Drasin about Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

Life After Death Project – a dramatic documentary by Paul Davids about the afterlife, including ITC research.

Twilight, Camille, and Coraline – three silly, fun, and somewhat dark movies that illustrate our human misperceptions about the afterlife.

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13 Responses to Calling Earth… a Landmark Afterlife Documentary

  1. Thank you for this. This issue has had me in it’s grips for years.

  2. Lisa NYC says:

    Thanks, Mark. Isn’t Dan Drasin also the author of the brilliant satire on debunkers, “How to Debunk Just About Anything?” Look forward to watching this.

  3. Hello Mark,
    I greatly enjoyed this fine effort and production by Dan Drasin, and I am glad you are here to bring it to our attention in “The Beacon.”
    I have passed it on to others.
    This is an excellent film to allow others to understand the history of EVP and ITC, and it shows that there is a substantially large and diverse group of researchers who are moving forward.
    I recall you writing once that one day we shall be able to just pick up a phone, or some such device, and make a call to those in the worlds of Life after Life.
    I think Earth life is just a classroom extension of Heaven. Look how badly we so often misbehave while at school.
    Perhaps we can improve and get a good Conduct grade to take home to our parents.

    • Hey John, I suspect that someone who gets through med school, saves hundreds of lives as a top surgeon, and generally does good service for humanity while spiritually inspired… will get top grades in the Heavenly classroom! 🙂

  4. Ricky says:


    Thank you for this! I watched it and loved every bit of it. It’s just more and more evidence stacking up in favor of our spiritual reality. Eventually, that stack is going to become so large that it will spill over into our “modern” realm of scientific thought. I put the word “modern” in quotation marks because it may be only a short time before our current, as you put it, ‘newtonian’ scientific views of the world are considered primitive in light of our acceptance of a much grander reality that is measured by our very consciousness.

    Was this video released to youtube very recently? It was wonderful to see that you made an appearance!

    Thank you for your work and thank you to all others that remain focused like a laser beam on spiritual enrichment for the pure informational benefit of others who may not have had any awareness of the subject of what waits for us on the other side of that thick, stubborn veil.


  5. Hey Mark, Thank you for the well wishes…one can only hope.

    Your research has helped save me from the great unknowing. Did I save you so that you could save me….and many others….from the great unknowing?

    And yes, it was so nice to see you in the documentary.

    I hope people keep making good shows.


    • John,
      Looking back, that seems to have been part of our tiny role in the divine plan… you saving me from the colon cancer that was just about to kill me in 1988 and then pointing me toward eastern mysticism… so that I could get immersed in ITC, get connected to The Seven ethereals and Timestream, and get a short course in spiritual understanding.
      “They” obviously knew that my main talent in this lifetime is grasping complicated things and expressing them simply and clearly. Since then, all of my main interests (politics, economics, and human affairs in general) took a back seat to my efforts to understand the real meaning of spirituality.
      Basically, I’m just a very simple gadget that the finer beings are using to spread a little more understanding in this dark and troubled world.
      I try hard to minimize any mistakes and misperceptions in the stuff i present, but I’m sure a few of those things slip through. (After all, it’s a pretty complex subject, eh? :-))
      In any case, of all the fleeting lifetimes I’ve had on this weird planet, I’m sure I’ll look back someday and see this as one of the most interesting and amazing… thanks largely to friends (and mentors) like you.

      • We are like tiny but multidimensional gears which interact with and help turn many other multidimensional gears in this unfathomably immense Oneness.
        Thanks for everything.

  6. My thanks to everyone concerned with this documentary. It teaches us that thought is the most powerful energy in the universe and religions cannot shackle it. When we use thought lovingly and happily for the benefit of all life forms we will be approaching graduation from this earthly school. Discarnate minds want to teach us this, but first they need to help us set up the communication system. Meanwhile the Internet gives us the ability to tap into the thoughts of equally wise currently embodied minds. Let’s use it wisely and try to avoid EVP/ITC becoming a Twitter-type trivia distraction.

  7. Dan Smith says:

    Hey Mark, I just learned that the much anticipated sequel to Nosso Lar (Our Home) is due to hit theaters in Brazil on August 31st. Don’t forget to turn on English captions. It’s titled Nosso Lar 2 – Os Mensageiros (Astral City – The Messengers). From the promotional material:

    ‘Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros tells the story of a group of workers from Nosso Lar, better known as “The Messengers”, who comes to Earth on a rescue mission to assist people who are about to fail in their lives, forgetting the planning they made, and heading their destinies towards great suffering.
    André Luiz (Renato Prieto) joins a group of messenger spirits led by Aniceto (Edson Celulari), who sets out for Earth to follow the unfolding of a mission that is in danger of failing: the creation of a spiritual network that connects the two worlds. In the process, they also face their own dramas. Together, they dedicate themselves to taking care of three protégés whose stories are intertwined: Otávio (Felipe de Carolis), a young medium who did not fulfill the plan in his mission; Isidoro (Mouhamed Harfouch), leader of a spiritist house; and Fernando (Rafael Sieg), entrepreneur responsible for financing the project.’

    I was surprised to learn that the film is being distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. This will be a must-see for those interested in ITC. And I’m sure it will spark a fresh narrative on the subject.

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