Notable News of 2013

Here are some of the news stories that jumped out at me this year, along with lots of links to great articles… and a few reflections of my own…. MM

Pyramids of the Caribbean

Giant undersea pyramids, sphinxes, and temples filmed near Cuba this year are probably submerged remnants of Atlantis, which (my research suggests) ranged at least from modern-day Greenland in the north to the Caribbean in the south.

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Those mighty structures, now submerged, were probably used by Thoth and the other superhuman survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm as blueprints for latter-day pyramids still standing in Egypt, China, and other places around the world… where seeds of that late, great civilization were planted for the Second Epoch of mankind, now underway.

(View a video of undersea pyramids…)


The ruins were originally discovered by Dr Ray Brown in the 1960s, but further investigation was suspended by the Cuban Missile Crisis, as reported by The History Channel.

Watch the History Channel report…


World Rallies Against Big Brother USA

Stunned by American cyber-intrusion into the affairs of governments, groups, and individuals around the world this year, countries have turned to the United Nations for protection against worldwide surveillance by spy agencies like the NSA.

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This could be a step toward world unity. Visionaries have long advocated world peace and unity, but their pleas (which stir inspiration) have had far less success than the rash actions of strutting nations (which stir fear). Whether it’s Roman imperialism, Nazi tyranny, or the American military-industrial complex, when big powers start stepping indiscriminately on human rights and human lives, the masses come together to put an end to the suffering and injustice.

Says a lot about our noble-savage nature as human beings… and what it takes to compel us to cooperate for the greater good.


Giants in the News 

Reports of giant human skeletons being dug up in the course of mining, farming, and archaeology continue to be found online.

See the range of sizes…

While some reports are obvious hoaxes…

Enjoy a hoax...

…other reports over the years seem to be pretty credible.

Scan lots of credible news stories…

There’s no doubt in my mind that giant human beings played a big role in our ancient history.


Graphene, a  Game-Changer

Graphene is one of those modern technologies that will transform the world in our lifetime. It’s the lightest and strongest known material, it’s a great conductor of electricity, and it’s already being used to produce cell phone batteries that can recharge in a matter of seconds. I suspect they’ll be on store shelves next year (2014).

Graphene supercapacitors written on DVDs allow cell phone batteries to recharge in minutes...

Graphene supercapacitors written on DVDs allow cell phone batteries to recharge in minutes… (see similar great images at

Read the latest on graphene…


Mars was Inhabited

The latest NASA rover found proof that Mars had lakes and rivers some 3 billion years ago that almost certainly supported life as we know it.

While no fossilized cellular structures were found in the core samples taken so far, hopes are high that microorganisms may be found in samples taken in the coming months.

Read more here… also here… and here…

I won’t be too surprised when one day we even find fossilized human bones on Mars. My research suggests that human colonies were living on Mars at the time of the explosion of planet Marduk, or Eden, a Saturn-sized planet that circled the sun in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter until about 3 or 4 billion years ago.


Pharma Drug Cartel Pushes $50 Eye Drug for $2,000

In the latest evidence that American big business is becoming organized crime, one US drug company makes two similar, equally effective drugs for eye disorders such as macular degeneration, one costing $50, the other $2,000. Doctors are compelled to prescribe the more expensive drug, since both they and the drug company make a much greater profit from the Medicare program… to the tune of $1 billion+ a year.

The two similar drugs are Avastin and Lucentis, by Genetech.

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Extreme Weather Boosts Insurance Losses 367 Percent in 25 Years

An Iowa home-owner faces a flood insurance rate hike from $700 a year to $5,000. It’s a familiar story here in the States, as the insurance industry is stressed by massive payouts. The National Flood Insurance Program, for instance, has a $25 billion shortfall due to all the recent flooding that’s causing a lot of worry among insurers, farmers, and others.

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Melting Graciers Uncover Surprises in the Alps

As glaciers melt in the Alps, millennia-old surprises are uncovered. About 20 years ago it was the 5,000-year-old body of Otzi the Iceman. This year it was a 2,600-year-old larch tree leaf.

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The rapidly shrinking alpine glaciers, along with the dwindling polar caps, prove that the planet’s ice is melting more lately than in the past thousands of years… so more surprises are sure to be found.

I’m going to keep an eye on the news for dragon bones. As our ethereal friends told us during an ITC contact:

Long, long ago when humans came to Earth from Eden (or Marduk), they lost mastery over nature after their dissension with the serpent…. Humans had to fight against nature and some of its most dangerous creatures. You call them monsters, but they were only life forms which defended themselves and their kind. These creatures did not subject themselves to the intellectual superiority of humans and had to be defeated and destroyed by cunning and strength. Human civilizations prevailed. Of these times long, long ago, only legends were handed down. Do not scorn them. The day may not be far off when your sciences will dig up the skeleton of a dragon….

Would that be a fire-breathing dragon? They didn’t specify.

I suppose it’s not so hard to envision an animal whose digestion produced large amounts of methane that could be ignited by a spark produced somehow otolaryngologically (in the nose or mouth)… resulting in fiery belches.

Or, looking at it from another angle, there may have even been jet-propelled reptiles scooting about in the air. 🙂


Water Shortage Will Face 10 Percent of People

As a growing number of people compete for dwindling water supplies in the coming years, 10 percent of us will face chronic water shortages by the year 2100, say researchers.

Population growth has been a relentless force on Earth, and water is growing scarcer because of changes in rainfall and evaporation related to climate change… all leading to a water crisis in the not-so-distant future.

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Conservative Groups Bankroll Climate-Change Denial

Despite the vast evidence that makes global warming an obvious reality, there’s an organized effort among US conservatives to deny and scorn the reality of climate change. Some 140 foundations funneled more than half a billion dollars to 100 climate-denial organizations between 2003 and 2010, and funds have mushroomed in the past five years. Donors include:

  • the Searle Freedom Trust,
  • the John William Pope Foundation,
  • the Howard Charitable Foundation,
  • the Sarah Scaife Foundation,
  • the Koch (brothers) Affiliated Foundations, and
  • the ExxonMobil Foundation.

Lots of money passes through “dark foundations” such as DonorsTrust and Donors Capital, whose funding is untraceable.

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Ive always assumed that to detract, scorn, and reject global warming and climate change that’s now so obviously underway, a person would have to be blinded by stupidity, ignorance, dogma, ideology, or some other debilitating condition.

One other debilitating condition might be chronic greed.


Big Biz Buys Sci

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) is a group of scientists who’ve become what they decry: Junk science. ACSH traditionally attacked health and environmental groups that acted more on emotion and less on any sound scientific basis.

In recent years, though, it’s fallen into the hands of big business interests that promote fracking, the profitable sales of junk foods and soda pop, and the widespread use of profitable poisons such as BPA and atrazine.

ACSH received recent funding (before July 2012) from such interests as:

  • Chevron ($18,500),
  • Coca-Cola ($50,000),
  • the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation ($15,000),
  • Dr. Pepper/Snapple ($5,000),
  • Bayer Cropscience ($30,000),
  • Procter and Gamble ($6,000),
  • agribusiness giant Syngenta ($22,500),
  • 3M ($30,000),
  • McDonald’s ($30,000), and
  • tobacco conglomerate Altria ($25,000).

ACSH has pursued financial support more recently from other like-minded groups:

  • Pepsi,
  • Monsanto,
  • British American Tobacco,
  • DowAgro,
  • ExxonMobil Foundation,
  • Phillip Morris International,
  • Reynolds American,
  • the Koch family-controlled Claude R. Lambe Foundation,
  • the Dow-linked Gerstacker Foundation,
  • the Bradley Foundation, and
  • the Searle Freedom Trust.

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Poverty Weakens the Survival Mind

The human brain has only so much capacity to solve problems. When it becomes stressed, its problem-solving abilities fall apart.

That, according to researchers this year, is a fact that keeps people locked in poverty.

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That’s why I’m becoming more convinced with every passing day that a genuine solution to the problems facing America (and most of the world today) rests on a Basic income program that lifts everyone out of poverty.

And, considering the predatory evolution of the world’s super-rich, that program should most logically and ethically be funded by a wealth tax.


Orthodox Jewish Boys Get Raped Routinely 

Widespread child sexual abuse by conservative religious leaders isn’t isolated to Catholics. It was made public this year that more than half of all boys in some Hassidic (ultra-orthodox) Jewish communities are raped by their rabbis, uncles, teachers, and other male adults… even by their fathers.

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That so many children’s lives are ruined on Earth must be one of the most difficult things to behold from the finer realms of spirit.

Of all the savage forces percolating inside these human bodies of ours, few seem to be as forceful as male sex hormones. The more we try to repress them, for example through religious customs of celibacy and gender segregation, the more toxic and damaging they can become.

In any case, they continue to be a major savage force to be reckoned with in this world.


Democracy’s End Game – – Moyers

The plight of humanity today is nowhere as clear as in the culture of Washington D.C… and is probably best summed up by a true master of American journalism… Bill Moyers.

Read his recent masterpiece…


In Closing…

The most important news story here in the States (and in much of the world) has been ignored by the mainstream media… like the proverbial elephant in the room. The story is this: The media outlets themselves – – newspapers, TV networks, radio stations … – – face such financial hardship now in the Internet Age that they’re quickly being bought up by rich conservative organizations that are carefully tailoring the media message to serve their conservative agenda.

Case in point: the CBS TV network, whose 60 Minutes newsmagazine program has been a pillar of hard-hitting investigative reporting since the late 60s. Two weeks ago they aired a story about American surveillance uncovered by Edward Snowden (see the “Big Brother” article above), and the report was little more than free advertising for the National Security Agency (NSA). No investigation whatsoever into NSA spying.

Read more on CBS’s NSA infomercial…

Last week 60 Minutes’ sister program, Sunday Morning, had a long interview with multibillionaire Bill Koch, one of the notorious Koch brothers (see the “Conservative Groups” and “Big Biz” articles above), who complained about being bilked for hundreds of thousands of dollars when buying bottles of fake vintage wine, and then warned that he’d spend any money necessary to drag such fraudsters through the US courts into jail. It was basically a fluff piece about the teapot-tempests faced by America’s super-rich… with an undercurrent of the fears they face as they sense the unraveling of a tottering economy they’ve created in their drive for wealth and influence.

Read and watch the report on Bill Koch’s wining and warning…

And finally…

Read more on who owns the US media… here… and here… and here

Troubles are a-brewing here in the States, as in most of the world, so I hope to return to my “Fixing America” series next week… which is also next year.

Meanwhile, there’s still time for a nice meditation this morning… in which I can transcend the drama and illusion of this noble-savage world to find real inner peace… to sincerely wish you not just a happy new year, but a wonderful rest of your life… and beyond!   MM

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