New Focus Here on Macyafterlife

Dear Readers!

I’ve taken the advice of friends and colleagues… to refocus this website onto its original purpose:

Spirituality… and what we’ve learned through 25 years of ITC research about life, afterlife, our ancient heritage, and our paradise destiny.

I’ve removed most of the information that’s unrelated to spiritual issues. This way, people who come to this macyafterlife website for spiritual knowledge, won’t be distracted by information about politics or economics or science.

Haven’t yet decided what to do with that non-spiritual information, but will let you know when it finds a new home.

I plan to add a new feature to this site (on the advice of good friend John Day), and that is a quarterly digest of news from around the world that will penetrate beneath the surface in search of hidden truths underlying the news.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

Mark Macy

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters ( and worldly matters (
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5 Responses to New Focus Here on Macyafterlife

  1. Marri Perez says:

    Mark, I like this change! I also wish you and your family the best for 2014!

  2. Thanks Marri………………….

  3. George Kao says:

    Hi Mark, I actually like seeing your political views … true spirituality affects everything in our life, and certainly our politics since that’s how we as a society take care of each other and the earth. I look forward to your new blog focused on social issues!

  4. Thanks George, hopefully that will be soon..

  5. Ricky says:


    This is great news! I wanted to ask you a question. I was watching one of the video clips on your youtube channel (a video visible to the public – not one of your restricted videos) and it was the one that consolidated local news coverage of your luminator and spirit pictures. It just got me thinking about the polaroid film – I know that one of the reasons that you stopped taking spirit pictures is because Polariod stopped making film. Have you considered maybe looking on ebay or searching for a source to buy any unused Polaroid film from? I personally strongly-believe that the more people in this modern world are exposed to the luminator and what it can do with polaroid, the more curiosity it will certainly spark.


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