The Mind Is an Interdimensional Radio; Tune It

(I wake up with lots of ideas that seem important at the time and need to be written down. Sometimes they’re important enough so that an article starts to come together in my mind over the coming days. Eventually I google the topic (example: “the mind is an interdimensional radio”) to see what’s already been written on the subject and how it compares to my angle. For this article I was surprised to find only one good article on the subject of the mind being an interdimensional radio, and it goes into a lot more detail than I do. My article below just focuses on how we can tune our personal radio to reach the finer levels of spirit, especially in our ITC work… and the challenges that get in our way.

With 4 billion Internet users today I usually find that lots of people have already been digging into the subject matter, and there are usually LOTS of articles on the subject I’m writing about. So the general rule is, there’s nothing new under the sun.

One exception is the information we received through ITC systems, especially the other-worldly information given to us by The Seven ethereals. Much of that information (explored in my ITC Gems and Human Story collections) is truly groundbreaking for humanity today, and can’t be found anywhere else but here, as far as I know. So, today’s article….)

The human mind, along with its many brain-related activities and functions known to science, is also a multidimensional radio of sorts. It lets us tune into the spirit realms, especially in our dreams, daydreams, and meditations… when the brain slows down to the “alpha” state. That’s when our conscious mind ebbs away and our astral mind becomes our main processor of information.

Instead of tuning into the material world around us, our mind now tunes into the subtler, invisible worlds around us… and there are lots of them, including

  • ethereal realms of pure love and wisdom,
  • astral realms whose inhabitants are much like us but nicer than the norm, and
  • the shadow world or lower astral realm whose inhabitants are also much like us but more troubled and confused than the norm.

For ITC work I think it’s helpful to try to be in touch with the finer astral realms, the third level and above, since only at the third level can stable ITC bridges be established. That’s because people there are most like people here in their attitudes. They resonate with us like radios tuned to the same frequency.

To be attuned to the third level I think we have to make an on-going effort to be “nicer’ than the norm here on Earth. Try to be respectful, kind, considerate, honest, and sincere in our dealings with other people. Like the proverbial boy scout.

To tune our interdimensional mind for ITC work, then, avoid envy, doubt, fear, and desire, especially in our dealings with other ITC researchers.


In recent days I enjoyed an email exchange with reader Kate, which I later realized added to the subject of the article I was working on. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 🙂

Kate says that for years her approach to spirituality has been from a healing and mediumistic angle, and only recently has she been trying EVP, with the goal of a sustained ITC bridge.

It’s Kate’s experience that through healing and mediumship, the mind connects with finer spiritual beings whose respectful support provides information and energy that is helpful to us.

When she conducts EVP experiments, on the other hand, she often gets short messages containing swear words, lies, threats, confusion, and apologies.

That intrigued me, and I wrote back to Kate:

“I suspect it’s most “natural” for those finer (healing) spirits to work directly through the life energies and spiritual energies of us humans who have the right sensitivity. Not through our electromagnetic energies and technologies. That might be why most EVP messages come from the “shadow world” of spiritual residue close to the Earth in vibration. The denser spirits there move in and out of our lives often, getting involved in whatever activities we humans are involved in. That’s why I’ve come to believe that the goal of ITC should probably be establishing a communication bridge with a team of like-minded spirits at the third level, those who’ve gotten settled in the paradise world called Eden, or Marduk. That might require facilitation by ethereal beings like The Seven.”

In a nutshell, then, it’s more natural for finer spirit (kind, loving ethereals) to work with compatible humans directly through our minds.

Coming through our electromagnetic energies and technical equipment for ITC does not come easily or naturally. It requires them to work with a field of energy consisting of the thoughts and attitudes of the researchers, as well as the dense energies of our equipment. It’s a team effort on the other side, involving lots of expertise… including the awesome power and energy of ethereal beings like The Seven.

Again, here’s that good article about the mind as an interdimensional radio, well worth exploring:

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12 Responses to The Mind Is an Interdimensional Radio; Tune It

  1. Atheria says:

    I have to be nicer? I’ve been grumpy lately. LOL – Oh well…I can work on it.

  2. kate says:

    It’s amazing how things come together!…..This completely answers all the questions I’ve been wondering about lately in connection with ITC. The link you have provided is very interesting indeed and I think important in dealing with lower astral realms. Unfortunately I’ve not been a very good proverbial boy scout which, I’m sure, doesn’t help with communications.
    Rupert Sheldrake talks of the brain as a reciever and thought processes happening outside of the brain in morphic fields also Gary Schwartz has done tests on the brain energy output in different emotional states…. he showed in his experiments meditation produced a massive output of energy compared to depressed person and happy person (hopefully I’ve got that right it was a long time ago I saw that)……Michael Newton also wrote in his book how spirits trying to connect find it hard, using energy, to affect our thoughts when we are so grief stricken. Exchanges of energy. Quartz crystal crops up with the Scoles and Koenig uses 10 of them as part of his communication plus it’s one of the most common minerals of the Earths crust maybe that’s why grounding ourselves barefoot or in leather souls helps with our well being which is something computer technicians do when they work on electrical devices, (electro static discharge)…touch the chasis of a computer before working on the components to equalise energy or use a crocodile clip. I don’t think anyone can go far wrong following these wise words and information on this website whether it’s a person seeking a connection with a loved one or a researcher.
    Thanks for the great article and link Mark very much appreciated.

  3. Nicola says:

    We have to have the right energy to have teams, but the ‘right energy’ isn’t reserved for those who by choice have retained mediumship (a weak version of our natural communicative state). Not all those that possess this ability is a ‘nice’ person with the ‘right’ energy, and not all that do not possess that ability has the ‘wrong’ energy.

    Mediums are not superior to non-mediums. In any way. If they were why would the seven actively try to avoid using them?

    I am surprised to see this myth perpetuated on an ITC blog. Even slightly, or by accident, 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      I agree, Nicola, mediumship and good character (or noble bearing?) don’t always go hand-in-hand. Still, I think they’re both important when establishing an ITC bridge or contact field. Then, as the field stabilizes over the months and years and as contacts improve, apparently the mediumship plays a lesser part, but the noble attitudes remain necessary in order to stay attuned to like-minded spirits on the third level.

      When the spirit of Konstantin Raudive contacted INIT members by phone, he often said, “We are pleased and honored to be able to contact you….” That kind of sums up the appropriate, deeply held attitude needed on both sides of the veil.

      When fears and doubts seep into our deeply held attitudes, then the field is destabilized and more susceptible to chaotic spiritual forces. For INIT I believe it took a lot of dedicated effort by The Seven ethereals to keep the bridge open during those times, to protect the bridge from those chaotic forces. Without the massive support of The Seven, the ITC bridge would have not have just faltered but collapsed during those times. Eventually it did collapse.

      What I’m trying to do here on this site is to explain, as best I can, what makes ITC possible, and I think you hit on an important point: that mediumship and noble attitudes (trust, friendship, good will…) don’t always go hand in hand. Thanks for that.


      • Nicola says:

        Thanks for clarifying Mark.

        I read and was reminded just yesterday that Klaus Schreiber set up his video feedback loop, not by listening to messages through mental mediums, but by receipt of EVP from his daughter. This was in 1985.


  4. kate says:

    There are many mediums out there that work very hard serving people, learning, teaching, advocating the afterlife…there’s a level of dedication and intention to spirit and incarnates that could be seen as superior or special but as most mediums will tell you anyone can do this. Some have to work hard for many years to acquire the right energy to connect and they trudge tirelessly back and fourth doing it and others do it within months. I don’t think we can quantify how noble someone is through our own judgements and standards it’s a unique thing between our spirits because our biology and life experience set unique situations and challenges in life BUT we can generalise and this is something that has been done for years in psychaitry. If you dig around you can find a lot nowadays on the links with the positive effects of spirituality on mind and body. So I do think that generally mediums may have a heightened energetic well balanced level of positivity if they are truly able to connect.
    As far as ITC researchers go, in my opinion, they too are mediums bearing in mind the defination of medium is…Oxford dictionary…1.1 A means by which something is communicated or expressed. … 2The intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted……..An ITC researcher has a desire to contact spirit for various reasons it maybe for their own healing, thier own developement spiritually, a desire to help others all of which are noble reasons and require the same hard work and dedication as traditional mediums to achieve the highest standards and if I’m wrong I’d like to know. I don’t envisage a serial killer, eating fingers, listening to Death metal being able to contact the higher realms of good spiritual communication but the other extreme doesn’t apply either of someone having to be a saint which leads me back to my point before that how noble a person is can’t be judged by other incarnates but can be generalised…as a rule of thumb.
    As far back as we know there are tribes and cultures practicing mediumship through meditation, trance etc. ITC is advancing with easy access to computers and recorders and so on but I doubt that will make any difference in matching the superior level of contact the INIT team had and a few other researchers out there like Marcello Bacci…why that is the question?

    • kate says:

      I should add… it’s possible that all the truly superior level of ITC communication is superior due to the researcher or researchers and thier intentions which are probably almost exact to that of the traditional mediums.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Good analysis, Kate. I suspect the main reason why new ITC groups aren’t springing up with exceptional results is the lack of harmony or resonance among researchers. Technician told our INIT group that the third phase of ITC (the establishment of sustainable bridges) depended on us human researchers… our ability and willingness to achieve unity of mind. Again, not easy for us hormone- and ego-driven humans to achieve!


      • kate says:

        As you’ve said before there needs to be a common goal that people will be drawn to in order to come together in the first place and that’s where ITC is lacking regarding groups springing up maybe and then there’s the practical side of methods and equiptment because that seems to vary. I’ve got 2 laptops one I get EVP with the other nothing at all using the same software. Blundering, crashing egos, hormones is just the norm for most of us ordinary peeps but an end goal of value can focus us all I think…

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