ITC Tip 1: Keep It Clean for the Spirit Crew

Imagine being part of a cleaning crew in a 4-star resort hotel. Entering the various rooms you get immediate impressions of what the guests are all like behind closed doors, when no one else is around. You might be greeted by a sweet scent or a stench… by a neat, orderly room or a den of chaos.

Some guests are tidy. They put their dirty clothing away in a bag and tuck it into their suitcase. They’ve been careful to deposit all of their litter in the waste baskets. They haven’t tracked a lot of dirt or sand into their room. In the bathroom their toothbrushes and razors and make-up have been gathered up with their little grooming bags in the corner of the countertops. Towels they don’t mind reusing are hanging on hooks, not strewn around the floor.

Other guests leave a mess. Dirty clothes, personal items, and trash are spread across the furniture. Remains of a meal on dirty dishes on the table have spilled over onto the floor. The bedspread isn’t just rumpled but stained and dirty. In the bathroom it’s obvious from the splatter that the guy can’t or doesn’t aim. Wet swimsuits have been tossed over the door, leaving trails of water down to the floor where it pools.

When the guests cross paths in the lobby or in the restaurant or in the bar or on the beach, they see each other all cleaned up and presentable. They don’t see the condition of each other’s private rooms and don’t know how the other guests handle their private lives.

But it’s the condition of the room behind the doors that the cleaning crew gets to see. Every guest leaves clutter and debris in their wake; some people manage it with care, others let the chaos spread with no regard for the damage they cause.

When our spirit friends decide to get involved in ITC, they’re like the cleaning crew at the hotel. They have to get close to us human researchers to establish the contact field. They enter our lives and see the emotional clutter that’s behind the scenes… the private thoughts, feelings, and cravings that we try to hide from each other… and sometimes from ourselves.

As human beings with egos and hormones, we all have emotional clutter; some of us learn to manage it with care, others let our feelings and compulsions build up inside then leak out to spread chaos… and we may be oblivious to the damage we cause.

Well, if you were part of a cleaning crew at a resort hotel, what sort of guests would you prefer to serve?

If you were a member of a spirit team committed to working with researchers on Earth for the betterment of the planet, what sort of researchers on Earth would you choose to work with.

That’s an important question to consider when working in ITC.

Our most important job as an ITC researcher is not experimenting or selecting the right equipment for spirit contacts; it’s making an effort to find peace and order in our heart and mind. That helps us to become a receptive vessel for communication with the finer realms of spirit.

If we can pursue ITC with a pure heart and mind, then we have begun to open up unimaginable opportunities for our spirit group to work miracles with whatever equipment we happen to have.

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4 Responses to ITC Tip 1: Keep It Clean for the Spirit Crew

  1. Well said Mark. I think the most poignant sentence is as follows: “Our most important job as an ITC researcher is not experimenting or selecting the right equipment for spirit contacts; it’s making an effort to find peace and order in our heart and mind.”

    It is your persistent expression of this truth that we are reiterating as much as we can today.

    From what I’ve seen, if one is dedicated they can also prove the following: that if we focus our intent enough – even physical matter has the ability to change. In this state, methodology is only our interpretation of how we get there, but never the way it HAS to be. The only constant variables are the laws that govern this physical vibration – but even those are not set in stone. Intent… and the actions supporting that intent…is everything.

    This is why, as you have indicated previously, a non-technical person can establish contact while a thousand technical people might not. Technology is an supplement, not a replacement.

    The foundation is our own spirituality.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Keith, I agree, focused intention is huge in ITC and other spirit work. Thanks for that!

  3. Tosca Z says:

    Just so, Mark! We must prepare ourselves to communicate with spirit, including the spirits who whisper to us in our own hearts, and that is the hard work that many would rather not do. Because it requires much of us. I’ve been working on that for a long time now, and perhaps …. just maybe …. am beginning to make progress.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Tosca,
      I’m still working on it too.
      It might be something most of us can’t really “master” while living these dense lifetimes in carnal bodies.
      I suspect (or at least hope) that any efforts we make are appreciated by our guides, guardians, and spirit team.

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