ITC Tip 2: Choosing Spiritual Research or Paranormal Research

Lots of us are driven to explore the imperceptible living forces that influence our world, forces that move beyond the range of our senses and sciences.

Of course, I’m referring to spirits interacting with the Earth. Whether they produce…

  1. inspiring things
  • miracle healings,
  • intuitive insights,
  • salvation by guardian angels from near-fatal accidents,
  • esoteric messages channeled through mediums,
  • smiling faces of late loved ones appearing in our dreams, or
  • a high-tech communication bridge through which spirits of good intention deliver information to us by phones, radios, and other devices… or…
  1. scary things
  • bumps in the night,
  • intimidating voices in the head,
  • haunted houses,
  • nightmares,
  • spirit possession, or
  • odd behavior of electrical devices…

… spirits impact our lives, for better or worse.

While there are lots of spirit realms that flourish right here, all around us, beyond our perception, they can be divided between two fairly distinct groups:

  1. Those at the third astral level and above who want to work with us humans to protect and advance life on Earth by fostering love, trust, knowledge, and good will, and
  2. Those with darker agendas in denser, shadowy realms around the Earth who stir up fear, deception, desire, and suspicion within us humans and among us.

I think it’s important for us humans to better understand all of the spirit realms and how they impact our lives and our world, and that is being done today through various disciplines, including religion, UFO research, channeling, psychiatry, EVP, ITC, visiting haunted houses, angelic studies, and lots more.

I also think it might be helpful to gather up all of those other-worldly disciplines and to divide them into two categories, which we might call spiritual research and paranormal research:

  • Spiritual research would include efforts to foster beneficial working relationships with the finer realms of spirit. People involved in spiritual research (religion, meditation, channeling ethereal beings, and so on) are committed to making the world a better place while fostering a closer personal connection to finer spirit or God.
  • Paranormal research would include efforts to better understand the more unpleasant and unpredictable spiritual and extra-terrestrial forces affecting our world and how to contend with them.

In the future, I believe ITC will be in the forefront of spiritual research, establishing a working relationship with spirit groups based on love, trust, and good will. It will grow around inner work—personal efforts by researchers to purify themselves to become more compatible and resonant with finer spirits of good will (as explained in Tip #1).

So, to pursue ITC a person might get more inspiring results from spiritual research than from paranormal research.

That’s not to suggest that paranormal research is unimportant. It’s important for some brave souls “to go where the brave dare not go… to march into hell for a heavenly cause”… that is, to man the front lines of paranormal research in order to better understand the dark forces that disrupt our world and to discover means of overcoming them. (Though my own experience suggests that contending with those dark forces is not so easy….)

For ITC I think it’s better just to disregard those troubled spirits near the Earth. Simply build communication bridges that cut through the darkness and chaos, in order to link our world with a lighter place where spirits love, trust, and serve each other. It requires a certain moral frequency at both ends of the bridge, and if you can achieve and sustain that frequency I believe ethereal beings will be drawn into the picture to provide additional protection and guidance.

At least, that’s the way ITC should work. That’s how it worked for INIT.

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7 Responses to ITC Tip 2: Choosing Spiritual Research or Paranormal Research

  1. phl1rxd says:

    This is a very good viewpoint and one I have adopted as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. kevin e himes says:

    Absolutely agree Mark. I’ve actually noticed that since I took on the approach of strictly communicating with one that claims the name “Nathan”(others have referenced him as an Angel(Ethereal?). But I try to stay focused on communication through him and what they’ve referred to themselves as a team called, “The Circle”. But when I began, it was in efforts to receive communication from my mother; then any spirit that could come through; and there is most definitely a big difference between them. Thanks Mark for your wonderful insight & knowledge!
    Kevin (Minnesota)

  3. tosiaz says:

    While I certainly agree with there being a difference between spiritual and paranormal research, there are significant overlaps between them. I would say that my search has turn mostly to spiritual seeking, and have deleted many files on the paranormal because I felt they distracted me from my spiritual focus. However, my spiritual experiences and seeking have also required me to attend to, and reflect on interactions with the spirit world and other dimensions of reality, such as visions, visitations from spirit entities, bilocation, crossing dimensions, energy healings, etc. After many years of pushing such experiences aside, I have learned to let them be, and to see them as an integral part of my spiritual life, as I think they may be for others. So while it is useful to distinguish between the spiritual and the paranormal, because as the spirits say, a clairvoyant or good medium is not necessarily a spiritually-oriented person, there are no clear parameters other than, I think, those made evident by the way a person interacts with, and is in the world, in line with spirit or not.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi tosiaz,

      I think you’re right about that. Spiritual research and paranormal research don’t really have a clear line between them. They blend together, just like the astral realms of spirit also seem to blend together… from the dark and dismal communities gradually getting lighter, and blending into the “third level,” and then that earth-like level gradually blends into the “fourth level” where spirits from Earth have mostly moved on from the chaos of earthly thinking into a realm of indescribable beauty, love, timelessness, and selflessness… and from there to the “fifth level,” and so on.

      It sounds to me like you have the right approach, just becoming more discerning in the kinds of contacts we get and the nature of the spirits we get them from, and polishing up our own inner nature to resonate more with finer spirits.

      Not an easy path in many cases, and you describe it well, in my opinion.


  4. Nicola says:

    My intention was to have a purely spiritual connection and that’s how it started. But I think at this time (or at least, for me), ITC research is similar to skating on thin ice. My rather unpleasant experience involved the impersonation of my contact Monty by something quite un-Monty. It took me several months to realise I had been duped. So quite unintentionally I went from a spiritual to a paranormal experience. 😮
    All the time I was experiencing the unpleasant side of communication, there was no help available from contemporary researchers. I had to use my knowledge of a similar incident Mark had many years ago to help.
    While the connection is ‘a bit of a mess’ (their words not mine), it’s at least a genuine connection now. :)) I can no longer publish our work (their request), so have had to make my site information only. This is a bit of a blow because I hoped to at least let others know, but I think the publication of our work contributed towards the unpleasant experience for some reason. 😮

    • Mark Macy says:

      I think you’re right, Nicola. Outsiders’ strong feelings about ITC researchers’ work can affect the results, for better or worse. The emotions attract resonant spirits into the situation. That’s my experience anyway. Timestream told our INIT group that there’s strength in numbers (of people working together on an ITC project), as long as everyone in the group is in harmony. Those working in small groups or alone are probably better off working quietly. 🙂

      I look forward to hearing about your successes someday… when the time is right.


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