ITC Gem 33: Parallel Worlds and Shadow Worlds

This article sheds some light on the complexities of the subtle realms beyond the physical, and the challenges to be faced by future ITC researchers as they try to open technical communication channels with the other side. The following contacts were made possible by the Timestream spirit group, which comprised many deceased humans with a shared interest in communicating with loved ones and colleagues still alive on Earth.

The efforts of the spirit group are facilitated by Technician, one of seven ethereal beings who are responsible, more than any other force, for the extraordinary bridge that opened up for the Harsch-Fischbach couple of Luxembourg and their colleagues, such as myself, over the span of 15 years. Most of our spirit friends have bodies like ours, but at the prime of life and in the peak of health… and when The Seven descend in vibration to work with our spirit friends, they manifest subtle human-like bodies that glow in rainbow colors. The spirits tell us that being in their presence is like standing before a bank of living supercomputers. Technician often describes his role as a “gatekeeper” for communications between our world and the worlds of spirit. Technician makes miracles happen, simply put.

The contacts in this article were received between 1987 and 1992. The first excerpts refer to two ITC systems of radios and TVs set up by the experimenters under the guidance of Technician. ESB (EurosignalBridge) allowed the transmission of voice and pictures through TV, radio, and telephone. GA1 provided direct two-way communication but was unstable, based as it was on the minds and attitudes of humans participating in the contacts. (More information on these and other ITC systems can be found on page 8 of the journal Contact! issue 9602.)

Parallel Worlds. The Technician describes parallel material universes in which we humans carry on simultaneous lives on other planets similar to our lives on Earth but with different scenarios.

In 1987 the Technician warned the Luxembourg couple:

GA1 experiments are direct contacts with other dimensions. This means, when you speak to me in this manner unexpected possibilities are opening up for you. I advise you to let only mature and stable people attend GA1 sessions. Unwittingly, people with their thoughts set forces in motion in our dimensions. When using GA1 in public you risk not getting any contact at all if unbelievers are present.

The decisions you and other participants make over this system trigger many possibilities in many worlds. Do not make any GA1 tape recordings except when I advise you and can protect you from unpleasantness. If you do not follow my advice and do record it, you run the risk of finding yourself in a parallel world the next morning. This danger does not exist when you use ESB as this is not a direct contact system and is better suited for the Earth dimension.

Presumably this is because of erratic, emotional thinking among humans, which makes a mind-based system like GA1 dangerously unstable. Our world and our consciousness consists of vibrations which always affect the subtle worlds around us… but evidently to a far greater degree when a system like GA1 is operating.

Shadow Worlds. One of the more fascinating dialogs in 1992 dealt with a shadowy world that apparently exists between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is a phone dialog between Maggy Fischbach and her spirit friend Swejen Salter, director of Timestream.

Spiritside: Some people with the help of their abilities may get unwanted contacts to a world which is different than the spirit world. That world is a shadow world of earth. Some voice recordings that do not make sense reach you from this shadow world.

Earthside: What do you mean by shadow world? A lower level?

Spiritside: No, that word is not suitable. At present i cannot give you a better word to explain it. It is not a negative world. It is a world that closely resembles your earth. Beings exist there who also engage in ITC. In some respects they have progressed ahead of you. In other areas they are behind you.

Earthside: You are speaking of a parallel world of earth?

Spiritside: No, it is not a parallel world. I can only describe it as a non-negative shadow world which occasionally manifests physically in your world and more or less overlaps your world. From this world come the signs in your wheat fields.

Earthside: Now I am disappointed! I thought the signs were coming from extra-terrestials. You are telling me what I do not like to hear.

Spiritside: I am sorry, but this is the way things are.

Earthside: Do the people of that world know about our existence?

Spiritside: Yes. As I said before, their understanding in some respect is more advanced. They tried to give you signs during your voice recording experiments. Do you remember the paranormal voices you recorded two years ago when you thought Konstantin Raudive and I had come through? It was a microphone recording. I told you later through the Burton Bridge that we had not announced ourselves.

Earthside: Yes, I remember. But those voices resembled your voices so closely, I could not understand that it was not you!

Spiritside: They were voices from that shadow world. Many people on earth receive voices and signs from this world and do not know it.

Earthside: That is not exactly encouraging.

Spiritside: Of course not, Maggy. But neither is it encouraging when you realize that these voices do not improve in time and are of no benefit to man.

Earthside: Can’t you tell these people or entities in the shadow world they should stay out of our contacts?

Spiritside: (Swejen laughs.)

Earthside: Yes, I know, somebody else could say the same to me. But please tell me how I can avoid contacts with a world that cannot help me progress?

Spiritside: By continuing to stay with me and the Technician. We can avert much from you. There is no reason to be disturbed. No harm will come to any person who is in contact with this shadow world. However, it is important that you inform other experimenters about it.

At the end of the conversation Swejen said that some UFO phenomena are merely manifestations of this shadow world and do not originate in higher levels.

I suspect that many extraterrestrials visiting our world in flying craft move in and out between those shadow worlds and our physical world. That would account for the such UFO behaviors as fading away and blinking out (disappearing).   – – MHM

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10 Responses to ITC Gem 33: Parallel Worlds and Shadow Worlds

  1. Stephen says:

    Since Swejen is a physicist I wish she could be more accurate and scientific describing this shadow world. Could it be the etheric levels? Or an anti-matter universe? Hmm…surely she has the faculties and knowledge to flesh out her exegesis more.

  2. I wish so too. The best I’ve been able to deduce, after two decades thinking about this contact, is that our thoughts and attitudes of brilliance, love, and good will stream into paradise worlds and ethereal realms to help form and sustain those realities, which resonate with those types of attitudes. (That resonance is what directs our finer thoughts to those realms.)
    Likewise, our thoughts of confusion and frustration spin off our world into little chaotic pockets of dense vibration, what Swejen is calling “shadow worlds.” That could be why she says no useful information comes from those worlds.
    She says the shadow worlds “more or less overlap with your world,” suggesting that these are probably the densest spiritual vibrations before becoming part of the physical domain.
    So, Stephen, that’s the best I can come up with.
    I tend to oversimplify with my spirit world model, suggesting that those “shadow worlds” would be part of the “dismal realm,” along with those “places” that have been called the lower astral planes, the etheric levels, bardos, and so on.
    The truth seems to be that we on Earth don’t yet have sufficient knowledge to fully comprehend and explain in our terms the vast complexity ‘over there’… and maybe that’s why Swejen says, “At present I can’t give you a better word to explain it.”

  3. C. Ezekwe says:

    You mentioned here that “Technician makes miracles happen”. It is the quest for miracles that is the major driving force of people in their various religeons – causing them not to leave the grip in their religeous organizations. In addition they hope to get helpful information thru visions & other contacts. I believe it would draw more people to factual afterlife belief – some to ITC research – if they are assured of miracles from such high-level spirits as Technician. Many look for security in their everyday needs as well as in protection of themselves and their loved ones. The terrorist activities now making many in Nigeria (and elsewhere) feel insecure calls for help from the spirit realms. Advance information of what the terrorists are planning to do and where the plan is been conducted would, no doubt, restore confidence to people and draw them closer to the spirit informants. Let’s hope for the best from those higher spirits. Thank you, C. Ezekwe

    • Thank you, C Ezekwe, for those thoughts. It’s my experience that there are limitations to what miracles those beings like “Technician” can use here on Earth to help us through our problems. They can certainly help individual seekers to find inner peace and a closer connection to the finer worlds of spirit.
      Unfortunately, they seem to have limited power to deal with the savage elements of our world… and I think it’s not because they don’t WANT to help us in that way, but because they can’t. They don’t resonate with those forces, and so they can’t deal directly with them. At least, that’s my understanding.
      So… most of the gritty problems of our world, such as overconsumption and overpopulation, and all of their many terrible symptoms (like terrorism in your country or unbridled greed in mine), have to be solved by us humans.
      Not an easy world, but spiritual work, or inner work, can make life easier for us individually, and for those around us…
      All the best,
      Mark M

  4. Christe says:

    Hi Mark,
    As discussed, I am in the mid stages of an accelerated awakening. Something I repeatedly experience are noises all around me- wherever I go. Can sound like a rock thrown against the wall or roof or as a tapping on a window or like objects are being moved. Each night our tv or cable box “pops” multiple times. It’s beginning to become a little annoying. I try to ignore it, however what happens next is impossible to ignore as there is an obvious energy change which causes rapid heartbeat. I find myself taking deep breaths before I realize it. This also affects my 4 year old daughter. Each night it happens to me she gets out of her bed and gets in with us. Other than that she has no trouble sleeping through the night. She also claims that the giraffes in her room “get right up in her face” & we have one by one had to remove giraffes from her room (I like giraffes so had plenty whimsical giraffes in the room). I have been unable to make sense of this as it just doesn’t fit with all of the paranormal explanations. We are a close, loving & happy/positive family. Whatever it is seems to target me and/or my youngest child. We have made many efforts to rid of this thing, including ignore. When I read about the shadow world, I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what is going on here – a portal on the property. I do have video of a shadow crossing not to mention while my mother was in town we stood in my daughter’s room on a beautiful, sunny day yet went dark as if night came over. There were no lights on as they weren’t necessary at the time. My mother looked as though she had seena ghost. It took her 2 days to ask me what happened. I had no answer and shrugged it off. Looking back, it seems very significant.

    Do you have any information as to how to rid of this shadow world? It’s as though they pass through, do just enough to annoy, leave, then history repeats itself. Personally, I have not struggled with any type of mental illness, depression, negativity, etc. I am a very positive and upbeat person, one that friends rely upon & approach for advice. I do my best to eliminate negativity around me. I cannot come up with any reason why I would be a target. However, I do have reason to believe there is a portal of some type on our property. There has to be something we can do to avoid “traffic”.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Christe,
      Thanks for the comment(s).
      As we’ve discussed by email, your experiences have left a big impression on me.
      I’m in the process of writing an article that describes your situation, and what I see as the spiritual implications.
      I’ll be in touch with you in the coming days with some follow-up questions about some of the details of your experiences.
      This could be very important information for humanity.
      Don’t expect science to get excited, however.
      Scientists are stuck in a 3-century cul-de-sac of Newtonian thinking… and it’s unlikely something like your experiences… profound as they are… will shake them out of it.
      Keep the faith. You’re on the right track.


      PS – see my recent email.

  5. Michael says:

    Mark, Your website has changed my life and way of thinking. Thank you for an eye opening experiance! I am writing in response to Christe and what she is experiencing, I inherited family farm land and was experiencing negative energies. After doing some research on different energies, I came across a website dealing in Orgone. Without going into detail, I purchased and placed them around my property and inside my house. Since then ALL negative energies have stayed away. Thank you again and my prayers are with you Chirste.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks, Michael, for the good comments about this blog! 🙂
      And for addressing Christe’s situation….


    • Christe says:

      Thank you Michael, for your advice and good will. I will look into this immediately. Without current knowledge of what you are referencing/recommending, do you think it will keep these unwanted energies out when away from home? I have found that it follows me wherever I go. It has some intelligence as it manipulates electronics around me, makes tapping and popping noises, tries to intercept and/or control thoughts, dreams, visions, etc. & shows itself regularly. Try as I may to ignore, it alters the energy around me to wherw I feel discomfort and sickness. Last year I suffered multiple strange ailments, hemmoraging from the right side of my nose on a very regular basis, stomach pain, sleeplessness, nightmares & multiple ulcers in both eyes (after being faced with a yellow-eyed spirit). Still fighting the ulcers and sty’s (have one now on right). I would awake with a stiff body and would have to slowly move out of bed, often using my hands to move my legs to get circulation going. Today, the females in the house get stomach pains & don’t want to eat. I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight & already didn’t need to. Our 4 year old barely eats. She drinks most of her meals. We’ve had “investigators” come in but this spirit hides. Few friends & Deacon of local Catholic church feel the stomach and body pains when over yet once they leave it will slowly subside. I run a nonprofit organization and got to know the Deacon through that. He came to bless our home & called the next day to say “there’s something there. I felt like I’d been run over by a truck when I left”. There just doesn’t seem to be experience in this locally. I am in my right frame of mind (currently! 🙂 & know what I see, feel & hear. Our entire family is having experiences. We placed a video camera in 4 year old room 2 days ago. What I saw from that coverage yesterday angered me, to say the least. I know I can’t go there but it’s hard- as a mom…

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