ITC Gem 7: More About Planet Varid

Editor’s Note: Swejen Salter, our main ITC partner during the height of ITC contacts from 1985 to 2000, was chosen by The Seven ethereals to be the main intermediary between them and humanity, because she had a rare gift and working knowledge of how ITC works. The ethereals told us she had lived in a parallel world, Varid. She worked in ITC before her death, and chose to continue the work in spirit. She died in October 1987 and was put in charge of earth contacts by TimeStream.

The Seven said, “Swejen is a capable scientist and a simple, modest person willing to commit her talents to serving others.”

Here’s one of the reports Swejen delivered to us… memories of her physical life on Planet Varid.

“In my world the political development took a different direction than on Earth. The second world war never took place on Varid. My father was secretary in a bureau of statistics. The bureaucracy is widespread on Varid. Actually, almost everybody is a civil servant from the simplest market wife to the operators of elevators in the tall buildings.

“My mother worked in a small souvenir store. I had two brothers. In Varid from the age of five all children are brought up and educated in government-run schools. They are similar to what you know from Charles Dickens stories.

“In the beginning it was hard for me to be separated from my parents, but in time I got used to the changes. State approved educators took care of me and I stayed until my 12th birthday in this establishment. I learned all there was to know about parapsychology and healing. Planet Varid has a more open attitude about paranormal phenomena than your world.

“Even as a youngster I was introduced to and became acquainted with ITC. When passing into the spirit world I was acquainted with many things. But do not think that the quality of life is therefore better on Varid. Medicine, for instance, has progressed faster on Earth. On Varid the parents select the future life partners of their children. My husband was picked by my parents. But my marriage was not a happy one. It was not nice. I do not like to think about it, but I was used to adapting to all situations and therefore found my way quickly here. For the first time I found the happiness here that I could not obtain in my previous life.”

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9 Responses to ITC Gem 7: More About Planet Varid

  1. Stephen says:

    Many, many thanks Mark for the additional info on Varid! Fascinating.

    It seems like a place that the tea party types would not like at all, lol. A world of Eurozone “socialists” haha. Seems like the United States wouldn’t really have a place in the culture of that world, or at least like the one we know.

    In all seriousness though, it’s obviously a very different place. I wonder about the origin of the name “Varid.” Does that just mean “Earth” or “earth” in some language there? Like terra means “earth” or “ground” in Latin? Is in an English word? Hmmmm….

    • Hey Stephen, I know what you mean about the tea party types. They also might not like the afterlife environment of our Timestream friends… and especially the 4th and 5th levels.
      If I were a political cartoonist, I’d show a group of US conservatives arriving in paradise after they died and complaining that it’s a liberal hot-bed…

      Not sure if “Varid” has any meaning beyond the planet’s name…

      • Stephen says:

        True enough! haha. But I should think that most of them, at least the ones from around here in the Southeast, would find themselves in a Baptist etc. belief zone astral level. Until they grew out of it and flittered up into the more expansive areas like Marduk etc. Female scientists from parallel Earths, hypersentient ethereal entities, extraterrestrials, gnomes, dwarfs, and cross-dimensional communication would be a little much at first I imagine.

  2. Right-o. That’s my understanding… that birds of a feather flock together. In the afterlife we migrate naturally to communities of like-minded people.

  3. cezekwe says:

    Little is said about life on the 6th & 5th levels. Have they bodies? Have all humans access to those realms? How about the religeous people that dislike much liberal life, have they territories where their religious rules are practised in the 4th level? With love, cezekwe

    • Good questions, C.
      This is how I understand things to be:
      The astral body becomes subtler as it moves to finer dimensions, and it’s in those 5th and 6th levels where it becomes optional and very subtle, often disappearing as the entity becomes a light being or energy being, which is essentially a formless consciousness.
      People who die while harboring hypocrisies, prejudices, and false beliefs are faced with those things in the astral worlds. If they can ‘see the light’ and rise above them, they then ascend naturally to finer realms. If they remain stuck in their beliefs, then yes, they remain in the 3rd or 4th level among like-minded people in spirit.
      Thanks for adding to the dialog on this site.
      More on the subject can be found in my latest entry today,
      Warm wishes to you in … your username suggests Africa?
      (Ezekwe is a prominent name there, I understand…)

  4. Leslie Harris says:

    (This post relates to several recent postings.)

    Ah, yes, the ‘reality’ question!

    There is a body of opinion that declares that our Here and Now is all an illusion. Some further qualify that by saying that nothing exists unless we think about it.

    Dismembered bodies hanging out of a wrecked car is, to me at least, a very convincing illusion; I have no doubt that was also very convincing for those recently dismembered bodies. The bushfires that devastated parts of Victoria, Australia, in February 2009 were a very convincing illusion, particularly for the 173 people who died. From my own personal experience, I find that pain is a very, very convincing illusion. The observable Universe is also a very convincing illusion.

    There is also the house brick test. Get someone to drop a house brick on your head from 100’ without you knowing it. If this world is an illusion, it couldn’t possibly hurt you. And, if you didn’t think about it, it wouldn’t actually happen. Logical knots.

    To maintain that nothing exists unless we think about it means that there was no Big Bang, there was no accretion of debris into stars and planets because we did not exist. Since we did not exist, we could not have thought it into existence, therefore the Universe does not now exist and never did exist.

    Human egocentricity is as boundless as the Universe!

    But we have The Technician saying:
    “You could compare it. What you see as Light sources are other beings beyond the third (astral) level without whose help humans of the third level could not manifest themselves.”

    The key words are: “humans . . . could not manifest themselves”.

    This sounds like reasonably good authority that at least most deceased go there but other sources indicate that evil people don’t get to the ‘mid astral level’, at least not without some reformation of the thinking that led them to be evil. The ‘selection’ process is probably based on the ‘good/evil’ divide in the first instance.

    In addition, “manifest themselves” clearly implies that this level is a mind construct.

    (We can probably leave aside the question of sheer numbers; as Mark suggests, physical aspects might well be quite different to our experience. Swejen Salter spoke of 60 billion inhabitants, if my memory is right.)

    I am curious as to whether the division is as simple as that. In my longish life, I have met many people who, whilst not outright evil, certainly are a very long way from ‘good’. People can manifest many unpleasant characteristics – tyrants at work or at home for no better reason than their own satisfaction, regular lying to improve their personal situation, often at the cost of someone else, petty thieving as a way of life, taking advantage of the good nature of other people – the list is very long indeed.

    The question in my mind is this – do such people experience a Road to Damascus moment on arrival and suddenly reverse the undesirable habits embedded in their entire lifetime? This seems to be improbable. How then do they earn their place in the sun?

    Then there’s the next question – having earned their place in the sun (60 billion of them), what do they do for the rest of eternity? Do they just swan around forever? Eternity is a very long time for just swanning around. It is said that they can progress to higher levels but the parameters for such progression are unknown, as is the purpose of the progression.

    A Grand Scheme is a most attractive concept but seriously lacking in nuts and bolts detail from our point of perspective. I know, I know, lower vibrations and all that, but we aren’t clueless and we are capable of taking on board concepts beyond the brain power of oysters. It’s just sad that this is all so riddled with grey areas.


  5. C. Ezekwe says:

    Hello Mark, thanks for your answers to my message of September 5. I have gone thru much of the work done by you and other ITC researchers and published on the various websites. Your publications have thrown much light on the subject of Afterlife.

    I believe that it is the invitation to scientists hired by governments and rich organizations that disrupted the Timestream messages in the past decade. It is not advisable to invite those government-paid scientists into any paranormal research. Their investigations normally end up giving bad names to the hard-working researchers like the ones reported on EVP/ITC researchers by Wikipedia. One of the problems with government-scientists is that they are made very comfortable by their various governments (or organizations) which state of affairs does not give them the incentive to look for spiritual assistance. They also rely much on always-verifiable phenomena supported by mathematical theories. This goes to explain why some physicists have embraced parallel physical worlds ahead of the spirit dimensions, despite the fact that the latter has always been sensed by some on Earth, since the origin of mankind.

    I believe that millions of us around the world are looking for technological means of making contacts with relatives and friends that have passed on, for mutual condolence and help. Such help may be in form of obtaining vital information like where to find a missing object on Earth. If the ITC contacts are well developed they would form the basis of a realistic belief system which may grow to surpass the currently existing ones. Thence it would positively impact on the functions of the governments, directly or indirectly. If a Soviet leader could obtain private assistance from the Technician despite his scientists’ close-mindedness, other world leaders would seek and obtain similar help from a well established ITC system of contact.

    Owing to the predominance of alien religions accompanying the colonial era, many of us in Africa are now frustrated with attempts to make contacts with the spirit realms, since cultural centers for such contacts have mostly disappeared. As most of those countries are scarcely equipped with modern methods of detecting and combating culprits, criminals are having their way most of the time. If the youth can be made to be aware that criminal activities can easily be unraveled, any such intended misconduct would be discouraged.

    In the light of the foregoing, I believe that if ITC can be developed to the extent that individual and group followers can be exchanging messages with organized spirit groups thru email or mobile phones, it would give confidence to the millions awaiting to make such contacts and develop a practicable belief-system that can give them ready help. Such contacts could be performed directly or thru channeling centers.

    In love and light, C. Ezekwe

    • Dear C Ezekwe,
      I appreciate your exploration into ITC research, to see the tremendous applications it could have for the planet, and your analysis of the state of human affairs from an astute African perspective.
      I agree with you: governments and rich organizations are self-seeking, typically more interested in their own well-being than the well-being of the planet. They’ve learned through history how to manipulate the masses to align them behind their agendas (be it usurping the resources of other governments or establishing policies to make the rich ever richer)… and that is the sort of human motivation (betrayal, disregard of others…) that ruins ITC research by stirring up dissonance in human relationships. As our spirit friends told us often, in many ways, it can only work when the vibrations of those involved are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.
      I also agree that science has its own built-in ways of tuning out the spiritual realms. By requiring replication of results, hard data, and so on, the scientific process is by nature unable to sustain a spiritual rapport.
      I agree that colonialism suppressed the rich spiritual heritage of many age-old cultures.
      I’ve always felt that technology amplifies all aspects of human nature, allowing us to bond together more closely with our noble side, and to alienate and harm each other more effectively when our savage side is in control. So, if ITC systems were up and running around the world, we’d see a LOT of good will and wisdom streaming to our world on one hand, but at the same time a lot of confusion, fear and animosity stirred up by troubled and troubling spirits who appeal to people’s savage tendencies.
      So like all human endeavors, refined technology would be a mixed blessing in the spread of ITC. I believe it would have to be a controlled spread – – controlled mostly by ethereal beings working closely with networks of resonant researchers. But through that growing network, yes, “millions of us around the world” would be able to use “technological means of making contacts with relatives and friends….”
      I’d love to see Technician team up with one or more world leaders who have their heart and political policies in the right place – – that is, a place aimed at good will and collaboration among all nations, religions, and cultures.
      So… thanks a lot for your good comments!

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