ITC Gem 16: Life on the Other Side

Editor’s note: The beauty of ITC is that, under the right conditions, information can come through into our world virtually pure—unfiltered by the mind of a psychic medium. I found two articles today in the old archives of the Luxembourg experiments that give what I consider to be an unsurpassed glimpse of the afterlife… that is, unsurpassed in terms of reliability. Here’s a description of the world that Swejen found after she died, as did many of her friends and colleagues who share that world…

Along the River are comfortably furnished houses. Residents come from several planets and include gnomes, giants and dwarfs. About 60 billion humanoids live here.

Sexuality is an option for compatible couples wishing it. Residents can eat and drink synthesized (created from thought) food.

There are animal species unknown on Earth, including brightly colored birds and butterflies. The temperature is very mild.

The River is located on a planet called Marduk with three suns, so it is never completely dark. It orbits one sun and receives light from two other nearby stars. A single, large river flows 100 million kilometers across the entire planet, the deepest spot in the river being 17,000 meters, the widest spot 3,700 meters.

The planet and its Riverine communities were all created by human minds, yet is as much a reality to its spiritual residents as our Earth is to us.

Vegetation ranges from microscopic algae to giant trees. Many buildings are made of wood.

People arrive here with the same psychological and emotional nature they had when they died, although shortcomings and imbalances can be overcome through rapid learning. Children arriving on the astral planes are nurtured by loved ones who already live there. The children grow and develop to age 25-30.

Almost everyone arrives here with false hopes and expectations, some because of lack of spiritual understanding, others because of their religious teachers who had a very incomplete view of this world.

Many here (in the mid-Astral planes) led a good life on Earth but were not perfect. People who occasionally lie are not bad as long as they do not hurt anyone else with their deception. People who are unjust out of ignorance. or because they act in haste, are not bad people.

There are many here who never sent a person from their door because he was lower on the social ladder, had different political views or another religion. Some of them ask themselves, “Why am I sharing this planet with cheats, adulterers, liars, thieves, and those who indulged in excesses and were disloyal?!”

They know that these other souls cannot harm them, but they are terribly upset and disappointed that they must be here, among them, rather than in a promised land.

— Swejen Salter

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4 Responses to ITC Gem 16: Life on the Other Side

  1. Liz Wagner says:

    When I originally read Swejen’s description of the River on Marduk years ago now, I was completely taken in with it but now, a couple of decades later when one has changed (and is still changing) it all sounds terribly dull, dreary and monotonous living. Like a vast stagnant suburbia where we may spiritually “grow” so slowly with barely a perceptable change.
    There must be higher vibrational levels surely. Some years ago I had an experience in northern India where I reached a level of ecstacy that lasted for six weeks (no, not drug induced). On three subsequent visits to India I experienced nothing at all. It was a one-off. It was a “place” where absolutely nothing mattered, everything seemed perfect. Now it’s just a memory of a memory.

    The mention of different animal species, well could a human conjure up in the mind an elephant, a giraffe, a crocodile, a shark, a tiny frog, if never seen. I certainly couldn’t.

    Anyway, Mark, Marduk is not a place I want to visit!!
    All the same I greatly appreciate everything you have to say.
    Liz Wagner

  2. Hi Liz,
    You’re experiencing a microcosm of the afterlife with your spiritual pursuits… at least, that’s what it seems like to me. The vivid descriptions of the astral planes are mind-boggling to most people–wonderful to some, maybe intimidating to others. A glimpse of paradise is a big cut above life on Earth, where millions die of starvation each year and (whether within society or without) life preys upon life to prevail. Not a paradise… Earth.
    Anyhow, whether living on Earth or in paradise, we all have the opportunity to raise our spiritual vibration with the help of elevated beings… and when we do that, as you obviously have done with your experiences in India, human life (whether on Earth or in paradise) begins to seem somewhat mundane and primitive.
    Am I right?
    Once you experience the bliss of the formless ethereal realms, all maya begins to seem a little empty.
    Well, God bless you, dear Liz… I suspect that people who take the opportunity for serious spiritual pursuit while still on Earth might have all sorts of ethereal surprises in store after they leave the maya behind.
    For me? There’s a part of me that really wants to help humanity after I die, and I probably would have to do that from the astral worlds–dense realms fairly close to the Earth where I can still empathize with the self-made crises humans impose on themselves. Their fears boil over into suspicion and selfishness (as manifesting here in the States in recent years as conservative politics), which create havoc in world society….
    Well, I’ve done it again. I’m rambling.
    Love and Light to you… and when you find bliss in the finer realms, please take a moment to shed some light on the Earth from time to time!

  3. Woke up this morning with a thought that spun off of this thread. What Swejen’s describing here with her Marduk references is what is often called the third level, or mid-astral plane… which is probably where most people awaken after they die. It could probably be described as a sort of low-level paradise, very Earth-like. The finer, more blissful paradise worlds would be found in the fourth and fifth levels. Beyond that, then, is what I call the ethereal realm–pure blissful consciousness beyond space, time, and structure. (That’s probably what Liz had a taste of in India, thanks to a guru who’d accessed that level through meditation).
    Although much is the same there on the third level as here on Earth, one of the most crucial differences is that on Earth, life everywhere preys upon life to prevail… and as a result, virtually all life forms, including almost all people, go through a lot of suffering as victims of the predation.
    On the third level, people fresh from Earth still have mental patterns of lying, cheating, and stealing that stir up trouble on Earth (they can’t simply vanish from our living mind once our body dies)… but Swejen makes an important aside: Established residents of the third level “know that those souls cannot harm them…”
    So, nothing has to die to provide the meat they eat, trees don’t have to be ripped from their roots to provide wood for houses… and people don’t have to lose their possessions or their lives to the troubled souls around them driven by their insecurities, suspicions, and greed.

    But what about the people who are REALLY troubled–those who are totally wrapped up in sexual perversions or murder?
    Well, they wind up in even denser spirit worlds closer to the Earth in vibration… probably what would be called the second level. That’s the subject of my next blog, which I was working on last night and will try to post in a moment before leaving for work…

    • S.A.M. says:

      So victims of sociopaths will be vindicated in the 3rd level astral? Also, is enjoyment of cannabis possible there? Will we already feel high/intoxicated being there?

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