ITC Gem 26: Ethereal Beings (Angels), Part 2

Editor’s note: This article takes a close look at the wonderful interactions between ethereal beings, especially the one called “Technician,” and ITC researcher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach. I got to know Maggy pretty well during eight years of collaboration in which I visited her and her husband Jules, published her many incredible reports in English, and helped her manifest her dream of an international association of researchers and scientists. With the guidance and connections of my good friend Juliet Hollister, I arranged funding, travel, and lodging for a team of researchers from various countries to meet every year in various parts of the world to share our research results and to chart an ethical course for the future of our work. Our first meeting was in 1995 in Dartington, England, where we established our INIT group, the International Network of Instrumental Transcommunication.

I remember Maggy being in awe when talking about the Technician, who made miracles happen in her small Luxembourg flat and whose wisdom, insight and power seemed almost boundless. Although Maggy was bright and sensitive and opened her heart to most people she met, it was impossible for her to forge a warm, human connection with the ethereal being. To give you an idea, during one of our annual meetings she played a tape-recorded phone conversation she had had recently with Technician. Maggy’s caring and passionate voice seemed out of sync with the perfect, lilting, high-pitched ethereal voice. At one point, Maggy expressed concern about some of the momentous information she’d received from Technician and the impact it would have on certain people’s lives were it to be made public… to which Technician quickly and matter-of-factly replied…

“your lives are like the lives of flies….”

… before reiterating the importance of getting out the truth to humanity.

While that passing comment seems offensive to most of us humans, it was obvious from the recording that only kindness and patience were forming the words. You see, measuring the lifespan of an ethereal being would probably involve hundreds of thousands of years, and from a timeless perspective like that, our human lives would seem as fleeting as a spark in the night. Our grueling day-to-day dramas would seem like tempests in teapots.

So… it was easier for Maggy to get her emotional needs met by confiding in her dear spirit friend Swejen Salter, director of the Timestream Station.

Here, then, are some of the awesome communications that Maggy enjoyed through ITC… while talking to (or about) her ethereal friends.

(Passages in parentheses are my comments. – MM)

– – – – – begin Luxembourg reports – – – – –

1992 (phone transcontact)

Maggy: The Technician once told us,

“There are people living among you who are not really human beings.”

He spoke of incarnations of higher beings who can point the way for us. Angele* incarnated to demonstrate spiritual ways. I was told that she was a sensitive child.

(* Angele, or Angie Mreche, was Maggy’s late aunt, a kind, sensitive woman.)

Swejen: Yes.

Maggy: The Technician also said,

“Fragments of higher entities incarnate and are born into families without standing out much from other family members. They do, however, have a strong sense of what is right and a reverence for all life.”

Swejen: Yes.

Maggy: Incarnated higher beings are said to be active in public life.

Swejen: You can recognize them by certain signs and behaviors, but there are people of the human family who are just as spiritually advanced as those not of human origin.

Swejen then repeated what the Technician had told us once before. The higher, non-human beings are not necessarily superior or on a higher hierarchical level than human beings. Humans who have lived on earth repeatedly in the course of their advancement, can become equal to higher beings if they have finished the process of learning.

Technician: (entering the conversation) In this case these humans may become what mankind once referred to as “gods.”


Technician describes himself as a Gatekeeper between Time and Eternity. Human feelings are alien to him, but he has tried to become familiar with them, making his speech more human, less machine-like. Though he is an advanced being, he never loses patience or interest in his human collaborators. When higher beings form a circle of friends (such as The Seven), they actually come together and form a single light.

1990 (radio transcontact)


Whenever you decide to cooperate with us, the line on which you move becomes very distinct to me. I can locate you and all those who help you and assist you on your path.

(That “line” was created partly, I believe, because Maggy was a reincarnation of a member of a priesthood long ago who were in contact with The Seven ethereals, on a project called “Sothis.” It was that soul connection that allowed Technician to monitor Maggy’s spiritual self through space and time.)

1987 (radio transcontact)

Technician, describing himself and his mission:

I am not an omnipotent being but have at my disposal far greater capabilities than a person. Remember, I am not infallible and am still in a process of learning. I am assigned to planet Earth.

While higher spirit beings can see past, present and future, they are often unable to prevent the occurrences of tragedies simply to suit individuals.

(Our INIT group learned this as we tried to sustain resonance among our members. Many troubled spirits with unsettling agendas tried to throw us off-balance, and there was only so much the ethereals could do to protect us from this dark cloud of negativity on both sides of the veil. Technician told us in 1996, through a telephone answering device: Our and your opponents try to prevent this (association) by all means… Even if we cannot prevent the plague, we can control the gravity.)

1987(radio transcontact)

Technician: “Prayers become important when they come from the heart. Only then can they trigger a special type of vibration which helps us to intercede (in worldly affairs). People who never pray should not force themselves to do so. It would not be of benefit. Prayers need not be spoken out. These are prayers too — when you pet a dog, when you smile at a child, when you are happy about the color of a flower.”

Technician: “There are many planes below me and many planes above me. All these are again separated into other planes.”

– – – – – end Luxembourg reports – – – – –

(Next Gem: Our spirit friends’ insights into the technical aspects of ITC.)


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10 Responses to ITC Gem 26: Ethereal Beings (Angels), Part 2

  1. Stephen says:

    I suspect that in the same way that humans and perhaps other similar intelligence level beings come together and unite to create a Technician like being, that animals and such unite to become a human being/soul.

    Emergent properties, as in biology. The sum is greater than the parts. 🙂

    • Growing up on Earth, with our views shaped largely by our egos and five senses, it’s easy to think of ourselves–us humans–as the central creative forces in the cosmos… and that spirits and angels and maybe ETs are just products of human minds.
      Well, science is about to enter a sort of neoCopernican revolution… in which we realize that our world, our lives, and our ancient history have all been shaped for the most part by vastly intelligent minds flourishing in nonphysical realms “superimposed over” our world and physical universe… all jumbled together but distinct, like radio waves.

  2. Pete says:

    Macy, why don’t you publish the german versions too?
    I’m starting to feel like watching an american movie here. Like everything is perfectly knit and cut for proper digestion.
    I’m sure the original and complete german texts would allow space for more interpretation and give the whole blog more authenticity. And the same for the materials, the only german I heard where the first few words of the conversation with the Joplin guy. I’m dying to hear that high-pitched technician speaking german or louxembourgish. And your thoughts should be after the end of the transtext – by the way it is now you remind me of a priest teaching bible. Man, come down to Earth! 😉

    With best regards,

    • German versions of text were translated by Hans Heckmann, who gave me his English translations. Speaking very little German, I had no need for the German text. As far as audio, I have copies of only a few of the original German and Luxembourg clips. My main focus was and is English, since publishing English translations of the research was my main job in all that. Long story short, those original contacts in German, Luxembourgish, French, and other languages will have to be made public sometime by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach or someone she selects to do that for her… if it is ever done at all. She’s the one who received (and hopefully still possesses) those many amazing contacts.
      I’ll give your closing criticisms some thought, as I don’t agree with them at the moment. I admit that being immersed in this other-worldly information makes it a challenge to keep both feet on the ground sometimes, so I’ll reread some of my posts and try to see it from your eyes. Meanwhile, peace be with you… shalom… amen… 🙂
      Mark M

      • Angela J says:

        Utterly fascinating! I cannot digest enough!! It all totally makes sense to me and is very much what I have believed since I was a child. Funny how I was raised with a family all relatives believing we have no soul after we die? But as for me I was always different.

    • Nicola says:

      That was rude. >:-<

  3. C. B. Ezekwe says:

    It interests me much that Technician said “whenever you decide to cooperate with us, the line on which you move becomes very distinct to me. I can locate you…” i wish that what is meant by cooperating with those ethereans can extend to propagating the works of ITC and Timestream members by way of publishing and enlightening other people. To participate directly in ITC contacts in my African environment may be met with problems, such as lack of access to necessary instruments and scarce power supply. If cooperation is possible in the manner I suggest here, how will I be aware that I have been located by those ethereans? Thank you.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ms. Ezekwe,

      Good questions. I believe that Technician was addressing INIT members at the time of that statement, but I also suspect that whenever a person becomes familiar with “The Seven” (for example, by digesting their messages) and resonates with them and their information, they become aware of that person.

      I downloaded your book that touches on our ITC efforts, and you seem to handle the subject nicely.

      I’m not sure how The Seven regard it, since they “see” more deeply into the situation, especially the conscious vibrations and purity of intention of us humans. It’s on those finer qualities that they make their decisions on how closely to be with us… and in what capacity.

      Hope that helps,


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