ITC Gem 12: Friedrich Juergenson Makes Contact

Editor’s note: This contact arrived in Luxembourg on April 28, 1992, a few months before my first meeting with the couple at the ITC receiving station CETL.

Fascinating story here. Friedrich Juergenson was perhaps the best-known spirit voice pioneer… regarded by many as the father of EVP. After his death in 1987 he apparently moved to finer levels of the astral realm, but was invited “down” to the Timestream spirit group to participate in the ITC project. Timestream had decided to send images and messages of Juergenson to CETL, since he had been a prominent researcher in lifetime.

In this message, he announces Timestream’s plan to send a picture of him along with the three suns of Marduk. (To see those historic pictures, which came through Stations Luxembourg and Rivenich (Germany), click here.)

– – – – CETL Report – – – –

Early in 1992 Swejen informed us that F. Juergenson was planning to contact us. We waited. On April 28 an unfamiliar voice announced:

Spiritside: Greetings to you. This is Friedrich Juergenson.

The voice was intelligible but soft. During the greeting the voice changed and became more distinct. I recognized the well known researcher by the intonation of his voice.

Earthside: Mr. Juergenson, greetings to you, too! It is nice of you to talk to us.

Spiritside: You know, I always wanted to avoid a situation in which people create a cult around me, yet it apparently happened.

Earthside: I understand and will pass on your feelings about it.

Spiritside: I am coming through here to tell you that a great gathering is planned for tomorrow. Decisions will be made about what to put through to you next. I shall meet two ladies — Swejen Salter and Elise K. Homes — but also many others who will decide on a picture that shows me during lifetime. The three suns of Marduk will be recognizable in the background. The picture will probably arrive at Mr. Homes’ home. Also an audio contact is planned.

Earthside: A picture with three suns. I can understand you well. I regret that the answering device was not set for recording. I would have liked to record your voice to demonstrate it. People would have liked it. Unfortunately, it is too late for that.

Spiritside: You mean the sounds you wanted to record?

Earthside: Yes, but I must have pushed the wrong button. I do not understand why it is not recording. I’ll write everything down.

Spiritside: I shall give you another contact soon which you can record and I shall then speak to the people, I shall also speak about another subject but for now will only say one sentence: “Mr. K. Did not act according to my ideas.”

Earthside: Yes, I know. The Technician and Swejen said you are now residing in higher levels and are not a human being anymore as we understand it.

Spiritside: Yes, I am in higher levels. I have become for you part of what mankind used to call “Gods.”

– – – – End of CETL Report – – – –


At the time of this contact, the CETL couple were collaborating closely with researcher Adolf Homes of Germany, and each station had its own spirit group working with it—Timestream working with the Luxembourg couple, Centrale working with Mr Homes. Swejen Salter was the director of the Timestream spirit group, and Elise Karoline Homes was with Centrale. Elise was the mother of Adolf, but she’d died when he was just a baby… so Adolf had grown up with a yearning to somehow reconnect with the mother he’d never known. ITC made that connection possible. Elise had moved on to finer realms of spirit and had forgotten completely about her life experiences on Earth. Our ethereal friends, The Seven, located her, reminded her of her Earth lifetime, told her of her son Adolf who was involved in ITC, and invited her to help out. She accepted the invitation, and her picture appeared one morning on Adolf’s television during one of his experiments!

Timestream and Centrale arranged for several “cross-contacts,” in which similar images and/or messages would be sent to both earthside stations simultaneously. This picture of Juergenson was one such cross-contact.

As I explain in my book, The Project, and also on some youtube videos (click here to view the videos), the Earth was inhabited long, long ago by superhuman, god-like beings from the planet Eden, or Marduk. When the Edenites destroyed their world with advanced technologies, colonists on Earth became stranded here. They eventually created modern humans, through genetic engineering. So the many legends of gods and Titans are based in truth. Apparently those god-like humans still exist in the finer levels of the spirit realms… and many of us on Earth join with them after we die.

(I leave for Montreal tomorrow to attend the annual IIIHS conference, where I’ll be giving a presentation on ITC and a workshop on Science and the Study of Maya. This will probably be my last public speaking, as I can share a lot more through my writing, especially this blog. In any case, this will be my last post here for a week or so.)


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14 Responses to ITC Gem 12: Friedrich Juergenson Makes Contact

  1. Stephen says:


    Very good luck on your last speaking engagement.

    My best,

    Stephen J. Valadez

    • Thanks Stephen,
      The presentation went pretty well, and the 4-hour workshop is tomorrow. The goal will be to bring inner peace through a greater understanding of the afterlife, based on ITC contacts received on the subjects of Science and Spirit, Reincarnation, Life in Paradise, Pictures from Paradise, Parallel Worlds and Shadow Worlds, and the End Times. Looking forward to this… probably my last public presentation.

  2. Leslie Harris says:

    Your posts on reincarnation, followed by a post on Juergenson, brings up a question.

    In his book, Juergenson gave Hitler some very good press. The horrors that Hitler perpetrated by invading most of Europe and slaughtering of millions of innocent people were dismissed on the basis that Hitler was “sick” and he was therefore not responsible for any of the terror and horror that he was directly responsible for. Moreover, he was portrayed as a pleasant, happy and cooperative member of the community of entities in the afterlife.

    On the other hand, writers in the EVP/ITC field say that people who have behaved badly during their lives will be continuously reincarnated until they get it right.

    Given that Juergenson has been elevated to “god” status, and therefore must be of some standing in the afterlife, one must ask why there is such a massive discrepancy between Juergenson’s coverage of Hitler and the technician’s pronouncements on reincarnation.

    Any ideas?


  3. Hey Les,
    Don’t know what to tell you about Hitler’s personal afterlife scenario in terms of karma, reincarnation, and so on. We received no information about Hitler through ITC systems, as far as I know. The only related message we got via ITC was from one of his remorseful colleagues, Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz. You can read that on page 12 of the 9603 issue of Contact!:

    Click to access z9603.pdf

    If Juergenson had come through ITC systems AFTER his death with information about the German dictator, that information would be much more credible, in my view.


  4. Leslie Harris says:

    Juergenson wrote a lengthy account of his experiences in EVP and was one of the first to offer circumstantial proof of an afterlife, but you raise questions about his credibility.
    Credibility is a multi-edged sword and credibility is at the very heart of the whole matter of EVP/ITC.
    Once credibility is called into question over one statement or claim, then all statements and claims by the same person must be regarded as suspect. The media through which Juergenson communicates is irrelevant; it is what he said that is relevant.
    And this brings us back to square one. If Juergenson is right, then the Technician is wrong. If the Technician got that wrong, then what else did he get wrong? If the Technician is right, then Juergenson is wrong. If Juergenson got that wrong, then what else did he get wrong?
    For the matter of EVP/ITC to gain credibility with the world at large, it is up to us to try to eliminate inconsistencies like this.

  5. Les,
    Back from Montreal now. What a great conference the Rossners assemble every year!
    Hm, with your reply you seem to be twisting my words to make your point stronger and to continue your assault on Technician.
    Here are the points I’m trying to make:
    1) With our physical minds we humans get only a small part of the big picture. As we process information with our limited understanding it’s common for us to output (in words and thoughts) inaccurate appraisals of things. (To discount everything someone says after they make one mistake, as you seem to advocate, wouldn’t be prudent in my book.)
    2) I didn’t read Friedrich’s book, so I don’t know whether his report on Hitler’s afterlife experience is based on dreams or EVP messages or what. EVP messages are typically 2-4 seconds in duration, providing very little opportunity for in-depth information exchange. I’d say that any conclusions made by an experimenter about something as complex as afterlife possibilities, based on an EVP message or even a series of them, would be open to question. (Maybe you’re being too quick to judge someone right and someone wrong… which is the approach of western law—litigation… which I don’t think is nearly as fair and reality-based as arbitration or conciliation, in which various points of view are considered, and some sort of middle ground is sought in the quest for truth and justice.)
    In short, I think you may be judging things (FJ, Technician, and EVP/ITC) in an excessively dualistic way.
    On the other hand, I definitely agree with your conclusion… the on-going need to eliminate inconsistencies (as well as to refine our overall view of things) when it comes to spiritual research, as new, reliable information is uncovered….

  6. Leslie Harris says:


    I am not attacking anyone, least of all the Technician, and my approach to understanding anything includes coming to terms with contradictions and inconsistencies but this must be tempered with commonsense. For example, any sceptic would have a field day with the Borgia/Benson books but I take them with a shovelful of salt. Cooper’s strange ‘Our Ultimate Reality’ is beyond anything else that I have read and I can’t bring myself to take anything that he wrote seriously.

    Juergenson is a very different matter and I had automatically assumed that you had read and analysed ten times the amount that I have so far, which would have included Juergenson.

    Moreover, there is nothing adversarial in my curiosity. When two people of high standing (or entities of high standing in the case) make contradictory statements, which way does the neophyte turn? When there is no definitive, conclusive information to be had from the acknowledged experts in the field (i.e. you), then the only avenue available is that which Victor Zammit includes in his examination of EVP/ITC – the balance of probabilities – hence my questions.

    Conciliation doesn’t offer any advancement of knowledge. Jack says something is blue, Fred says the same thing is black, conciliation declares it to be mauve as the mid-point between blue and black. Conciliation 1; the Facts 0 = Knowledge 0.

    Much of the communication that Juergenson received was in lieder but was vastly more than the 2-4 seconds you nominate. Whilst the lieder might be curious, the content has to be treated seriously but I will now go back and re-read everything that he had to say about Hitler, if for no better reason than to reassure myself that my memory was accurate.

    As you conclude, it all comes down to reliable information but to ignore contradictions and inconsistencies is to give the sceptics endless free kicks!


  7. Hi Les,
    I long ago gave up trying to appease the skeptics, or even to take into account their views. Basically I’ve learned to tune them out… with the exception of personal attacks, which of course I have to take the time to contend with. Part of life on Earth.
    Many skeptics have reached the boggle point (their rigid mental roadmaps of reality can’t be stretched to include afterlife without breaking, so they reject all afterlife information outright, regardless of any good, solid evidence or outright proof that afterlife is the greater reality). Once the mind is boggled, there’s no convincing someone, so it’s best to ignore them as they find their own path. At least, that’s my approach.
    And, as I said earlier, our physical minds have a very limited view of things and are not adequately suited to fully understand the realities of the much more elaborate spiritual realms… so I think there are bound to be inconsistencies in the way different humans on Earth try to understand and explain what they learn about the other side.
    I’m sure of one thing, though: Our view of reality changes once we shed the physical body and mind to move into the worlds of spirit. The subtler the worlds in which we get settled, the greater the changes in our understanding… so what Juergenson understands now is much different from what he understood consciously while on Earth. Of that I have no doubt.

  8. Leslie Harris says:


    There being none so blind as will not see, I have no mission to convince sceptics. I have been re-reading parts of Bill Bryson’s excellent “Short History . . .” and two things are brought into focus, one regarding theories and the other regarding facts.

    His book reveals many, many examples of theories being dismissed by scientists, well established in their fields, as “rubbish” and “impossible” but who have lived to regret their dismissals, made without any investigation of the theory.

    It also highlights the propensity for all too many established sciences to just completely ignore observable facts which contradict comfortably held beliefs.

    Does this sound familiar? Should do, because it is what is also happening in EVP/ITC.

    My quest to understand this field has disturbed several people. Seeking to resolve contradictions and anomalies is taken as questioning established precepts . . . oh, hang on, that is an exact parallel of what I was talking about above.


  9. Hi Les,
    You’re bound to find all sorts of contradictions in fields like EVP/ITC, which are not just beyond the cutting edge of conventional science, but also far beyond the understanding of the conscious human mind.
    Among my best colleagues or buddies in ITC research at the moment are Rolf Ehrhardt (Germany) and Victor Zammit (Australia). We agree on most things, but there are certainly divergences. Victor doesn’t seem to believe in reincarnation, while I believe it to be a fact of life for almost everyone–that we as a soul live many lives on Earth–based on several key ITC contacts from the finer realms. Rolf Ehrhardt and our mutual colleague physicist Ernst Senkowski, both of Germany, both believe that EVP/ITC messages have been filtered by the minds of human experimenters in the same way that channeled information is filtered by the minds of the mediums who channel them… whereas I’m convinced that under the right conditions, ITC messages can come through into our world, directly through the electromagnetic energies of the equipment, very pure and vitually unfiltered by human minds. That is, spirit is able to convey to us precisely the message they want us to understand, without it being colored by the preconceptions of human minds.
    Such inconsistencies and divergences of opinion don’t mean that everyone’s wrong… just that the jury’s still out, and “the truth” hasn’t yet been determined by limited human minds.
    The best I can do is similar to what you seem to be doing: Read and research various sources, and lean toward those whose ideas resonate most comfortably with us, eh?

  10. Stephen says:

    Good thread.
    I have no doubt that in time, probably within the next 150 years, we well might have physical access to higher realms, as they are just a higher level of physicality beyond this, but STILL physical as all things are…or not, as you may look at it (meaning all is illusion, but the illusion at all levels affords a level of physicality, except for maybe the highest level which perceptibly is beyond human understanding).
    Until science can filter these things and arrive at conclusions based on scientific method, you just have to essentially take your best guess. ITC in its revelations dovetails to a T what has been called the “Perennial Philosophy” of humanity, those mystical sides of all religions and traditions that holds that there are higher realms, that there is reincarnation, that souls cannot die, etc. etc.
    Case in point. Whitley Strieber met a strange man in 1998 that he dubbed the Master of the Key, in a hotel in Canada. He wrote a book about it. The conversation is startling and engrossing and jives with so much of ITC and its analogues that it’s hard to doubt that this strange man did, does know something of deep and truthful import.
    Save for one thing: He said that to live on in the afterlife, you essentially have to focus your intent, so that you may have a “radiant body.” Else, you get thrown into the collective unconsciousness and eventually reincarnated.
    I have rejected this as it fits with very little of the more substantial communications received over the years from higher dimensions. (If you haven’t read Strieber’s “The Key,” please do so. Very worthwhile.)
    So, you filter, and sift, until you arrive at a general picture of things. But it’s not about belief. I don’t know for certain any of this. But it far more compelling scientifically than anything in the Bible and all the rest of it.
    And hopefully, science will catch up one day and make resolute the claims of ITC.


  11. Great comments, Stephen.
    I’ll look into “The Key.” Thanks for the heads-up.
    You might also like latest post (uploaded a moment ago) about preventing the end times… which goes along the lines of your “physical access to the higher realms…in the next 150 years” idea.
    Our minds seem to have been working on the same issue at the same early-morning hour…

  12. Stephen says:

    Wow! Yeah I guess so Mark.
    I wouldn’t be surprised that whatever else the spacetime arch technology could achieve, it might also be a way not only to enter the afterlife, aka more dimensions, but also to travel superluminally by hopping into those hyperspaces and then back in this “regular” space.

    To wit, based on the ideas of Burkhard Heim whom I believe was also mentioned in some ITC contact(s) a while ago…

    If the hyperspace is the same as at least some levels of the “afterlife,” then no wonder, as I’ve mentioned before, that so many seeming extraterrestrials have been seen with the deceased (and in a non-coercive manner), and why so many are interested in our spiritual development rather than landing physically and spoiling us with technology…like a spacetime arch perhaps!

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