Worlds Within Worlds X — Wrap Up

This is a summary of the 36 articles of the Worlds Within Worlds series that I wrote from January 2019 to November 2020. If any of the summaries below seem interesting, their original articles can be viewed by selecting the heading numbers, like “00.” directly below.

00. Introduction.

A pulled apart view of Russian nesting dolls.

Everything everywhere is nested like Russian dolls, systems within systems. There’s physical nesting that we’re familiar with, and there’s spiritual nesting that’s more mysterious.

Physical nesting. It puts life in perspective when we think of our self as a living link in a nested chain—waves and particles within atoms, within molecules and cells, within organs and tissues, within you and me… within families and friendships and businesses, within communities, within a nation within the global ecosystem within Planet Earth within the solar system within the galaxy within the physical universe. Whew!

Basically we’re just a living link in a nested chain that stretches from the very small to the very large… like one of those Russian dolls.

That knowledge gives us a better understanding of our place in the universe, but it doesn’t really bring us peace because a lifetime on Earth is fraught with so many dramas. The links in the chain that involve Earth and its people are jagged and rough, as we explore in this series.

So for inner peace we have to look beyond our place in the chain of nested physical life. Where to look?

Spiritual nesting. There’s also spiritual nesting, in which we’re a link in a brilliant chain that spans the entire cosmos containing countless universes.

Once we understand and acknowledge that, we can find inner peace amid the dramas going on around us.

A pulled-apart look at the cosmos… the all-that-is. The planet and person at level 1 represent all matter and energy in the material universes at level 1.

Simply stated, there’s a source at the center of everything. It emits a pure life-energy that swirls “out-beyond” into the cosmos to create countless entities like you and me, all flourishing with vitality, purpose, and love, in countless worlds in many universes (represented in the diagram by the fine, white circles). To better understand the cosmos, we can divide it into seven random or arbitrary levels that are nested within each other.

  • Level 1 consists of material universes like ours inhabited by beings like you and me.
  • Levels 2, 3 and 4 contain many astral universes that are like fine and subtle copies of the material universes. Everyone and everything here in our material universe has fine copies of itself in these astral universes. Similar bodies and minds, though more refined than the physical body.
  • Levels 5, 6, and 7 are ethereal universes. We have even finer copies of ourselves closer to the source. We no longer have structured bodies in those finer realms, where we exist as formless energy beings and light beings. It’s like you or me without all of our worries and fears and dramas, living as a brilliant mind without a body.

Everything in levels 2 through 7 exist mostly beyond time and space. Or, from our point of view, they seem to be existing at the same time in the same space in a way that’s hard for the human mind to fathom, since we’re all caught up in the illusory notion of time and space during a lifetime. In any case, we have many spirit bodies—copies of ourselves—superimposed over or nested within our physical body, as the pulled-apart diagram suggests.

Once we can get a vague sense of that timeless, superimposed nature of the cosmos, we can understand and acknowledge the spiritual nesting that comprises the real you and me. That’s where we can find peace during a lifetime.

And that’s the gist of this series of articles, so with that in mind we’ll take just a brief glimpse at the other articles in the series.

01. Our connection to the source.

There’s a source (sometimes called God, Allah, Brahman, Yahweh… ) that creates and sustains everything. Everything has a spark of the source within it and in that way is connected to everything else. Greater peace and oneness await anyone who consciously acknowledges and fosters a connection with their innermost self… the soul or atman that is the source as it rests in the area of the heart.

02.Where the body meets the spirit.

This article tries to make sense of how physical nesting and spiritual nesting come together to form you and me and all that is.

03.Things to do in the afterlife.

Seven heavens and seven hells.

This travelogue looks at what to expect of that grand adventure into the afterlife after we die… with a few tips on planning ahead. After we die, we awaken in the spirit worlds with emotional baggage. Whether we travel light or lug a lot of stuff determines where we’ll awaken after we die.

It’s all about resonance. When we die, we’re automatically drawn to the spiritual level that resonates with the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we’ve collected and hung onto during our lifetime.

Note: This article introduces Earth’s shadow (levels -1 through -7)—a sort of dark repository of all of our troubled thoughts and feelings that we harbor during a lifetime. They don’t resonate with the finer realms of the cosmos, so they get stuck around the Earth in a sort of dark spiritual cloud. (More about that in article #08 below.)

Here’s a list of the main afterlife destinations, starting with the most visited and working down to the least visited by people fresh off the Earth. Each afterlife destination on the list is followed by its “baggage”—examples of the lingering lifetime behaviors that can pull us there.

  • Paradise (level 3). For a ticket to paradise, simply lead a decent life. Love your family, neighbors, and pets despite the grief and drama of living on Earth. Walk the path of forgiveness and gratitude.
  • Purgatory (level 2). Be generally decent and kind but with a few bristly aspects of your character that need polishing up before entering paradise.
  • Earthplane (levels 1 and -1). Be intrigued by crime, war, addiction, and other earthly dramas with all of their confusion and frustration, with little regard to your spiritual place in the cosmos.
  • Dark purgatory (level -2). Get sidetracked by dark dramas, routinely take advantage of people for personal gain.
  • Summerland (level 4). Love life and be kind to everyone. See everyone as a perfect spiritual light in an imperfect physical body.
  • Hell (levels -3 through -7). Be brutally predatory and Machiavellian, causing lots of pain and suffering.
  • Ethereal Splendor (levels 5 through 7). Be an Earth angel. Make “miracles” happen by tapping into pure life-energy from the source and spreading it into the world.

04. Ancient Human Timeline.

These ancient relics, dug up in Ica Peru and Acambaro Mexico last century, show our ancient ancestors contending with dinosaurs (and asteroids… and crude medical procedures?).

I think the information in this article is fairly reliable, based on some pretty good evidence… even if it’s a real mind-boggler. In a nutshell:

The human story traces back to the destruction of Planet Eden (Marduk) some 4 billion years ago, when giant superhumans blew up their Saturn-sized paradise world that had been orbiting our sun between Mars and Jupiter, where the asteroid belt is today. The only surviving Edenites were their peaceful colonists on Earth, who managed to nurture paradise Earth for millions of years during the heavenly onslaught of planetary shrapnel… until dinosaurs came along some 250 million years ago. Then: paradise lost.

By defeating the reptilian monsters with cunning and strength, our now feisty ancient ancestors set the stage for the emergence of Atlantis (also known by other names)… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Again, mind-boggling… but there’s lots of good evidence in the article (#04) to support it. In fact, when we take into account all of the evidence, this story might make the more sense than scientfic theories, religious beliefs, and other prevailing ideas.

05. Rise and fall of an epoch.

Our INIT group received a computer message from The Seven ethereal beings, who described the fall of the First Epoch… probably in the closing years of Atlantis. The Second Epoch, they said, would begin in Babylon centuries later. Today we’re approaching the end of the Second Epoch. Our 7 enlightened spirit friends talked of widespread addictions, homelessness, and overpopulation in that ancient time similar to what we see in our world today. (More about that in article #17 below.)

06. Growing up in the second epoch.

What’s it like for our timeless, peaceful spirit to grow up in a world of short lifespans and countless dramas?

07. A little formula that pulls everything together.

This little formula that I came up with in the 1980s might be the crux of economics… and biology.

V ≅ R : N

Very simply it says that the vitality (V) of any living thing or social system is determined by the “resources” (R) that are available in the environment to satisfy its needs (N). When needs exceed resources, all sorts of problems can happen… hunger, poverty, homelessness, death… inflation, recession, depression, genocide, war, the collapse of empires….

(This “Vitality Ratio” is so simple and basic that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that’s it’s the life-and-economy crux of the entire cosmos… where V is vitality, R represents life-energy from the source, and N is the life-energy needs of every entity throughout the all-that-is.)

08. The creation of heaven and hell.

A closer look at Earth’s spiritual shadow reveals that lots of pure, loving life-energy from the source is sort of deflected by the dramas stirred up by predatory, parasitic, and competitive behavior in our world. The resulting “shadow” of troubled thoughts and attitudes that get trapped around the Earth has a chronic, destabilizing effect on us… unless and until we understand and acknowledge the source at the center of our being, and take the time to make conscious contact with the source. Then we can fine personal peace amid the drama. In early times, Earth’s shadow was called “hell,” and the finer reaches of the cosmos were called “heaven.” (The diagrams in articles #03 and #23 show the seven arbitrary levels of “heaven and hell.”)

09. Welcoming the life force.

The next step, then, is to open up to the source with its life-energy. Useful techniques are described.

10. and 11. Managing life.

Then, tips on how to find peace amid Earth’s dramas with a spiritual awareness that comes from understanding and acknowledging our connection to the source that’s steeped in vitality, purpose, and fine motivations.

The first of these two articles (#10) looks at regulation and hierarchies and delves deeper into the contention between the vibrant cosmos and Earth’s bristly shadow.

The second article (#11) unravels the dichotomy between being a physical person with physical needs and desires, and being a spiritual person with built-in purpose  and perfection.

12. How life-energy powers ITC.

ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, is the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit. At its best, ITC involves a team of people on Earth working closely with a team of people in spirit. They all have to be resonant (in harmony) in their thoughts and motivations (not an easy task for us humans with our dramas). If that resonance can be sustained, then our spirit friends can devise miraculous ways to get meaningful information to us through our TVs, radios, computers, phones, and other devices.

It’s a big challenge for them, since they share information mind to mind, and there are no secrets among them. So they have to convert their thoughts to pictures, words, and languages that we’ll understand. Then they have to contend with the hidden agendas, personality conflicts and personal needs and desires of their friends and colleagues here on Earth. 

This article explains how life-energy that powers the cosmos is transduced into denser energies that can work with our roller-coaster emotions and our electronic equipment. There may be some tips for future scientists who begin to investigate the nonphysical dimensions of life that are all around us and within us.

13. Portals.

Interactions between dimensions (such as ITC) are typically done through portals, or doorways between our dense world and the subtle worlds of our spirit friends. This article speculates about how those portals work, and how our spirit friends actually descend into our homes and labs through portals to make contact with us.

14. Fearless.

The stability of portals and any other interaction between dimensions requires a calm mental disposition of everyone involved. Roller coaster human emotions, especially fears and animosities, present a challenge.

15. Science preps for a quantum leap.

Since Newton, science has been preoccupied by what’s going on in our physical world and universe, which comprise just a very tiny part of the larger cosmos… the all-that-is. There are encouraging signs that science is starting to get glimpses of the cosmic picture, which could lead to a major shift.

16. Timeless principles of religion.

Religion, meanwhile, has known certain timeless truths about the cosmos down through the ages.

17. End time in perspective.

Through ITC, our spirit friends gave us some good insights into the proverbial end time, or periodic housecleaning of Planet Earth when things have gotten especially messy. They say we’re currently approaching the end of the Second Epoch, and there are signs to support their claim—widespread drug abuse, environmental breakdown with its climatic upheavals, saber-rattling among nations, and severe overpopulation, to name just a few.

18. Peace and joy in a brutal world.

How to find peace in a troubled world, simply by understanding and acknowledging our connection to the source.

19. Spirit contacts and the public.

This article contains further details about how ITC works under the best of conditions with miraculous results.

These pictures, for example, were delivered to our world through the computer of INIT members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch of Luxembourg in the 1980s and 90s. They were delivered by the Timestream spirit group at level 3, with the help of The Seven higher beings.

From top left:

  • Ernst Mackes, the couple’s German friend, sent a picture of himself to the couple shortly after his death. The picture was accompanied by a letter (also via computer) that Ernst had “typed” into a desktop computer in the spirit world. The spirit group explained that Ernst wasn’t really typing the message through the keyboard, but his thoughts were converted to words that appeared on the screen with the help of higher beings who sustain that paradise world at level 3. The higher beings were also able to deliver the picture and letter into the couple’s computer in Luxembourg while they were both at work. They discovered the picture on their computer when they got home that evening. After he died, Ernst Mackes joined the Timestream team to keep in touch with the Earth, especially his widow.
  • Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz is shown in the Timestream spirit lab a few months after his death in 1989.
  • Inventor Tom Edison and Hollywood director George Cukor also showed themselves in a lab at Timestream.
  • African tribesman Bwele Mbanga said he “died in the stomach of an African lion” and then was invited to join Timestream by the British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-90), a prominent member of the spirit group since its beginning in the 1980s.
  • A renowned (at the time) 2nd Century Chinese physician named Yang Fudse is shown in a paradise meadow at level 3.

These are just a few of the many contacts received by INIT members from the Timestream spirit group in the closing years of the 20th Century. The contacts came through telephones, radios, computers, TVs, and FAX machines of INIT members. (There are samples of voice contacts in article #26 below.)

There’s a lot of public skepticism about spirit contacts like these (and that’s understandable), but the ITC contacts I represent on this website are indeed genuine. I’d bet my life on it, for what that’s worth. (Betting one’s life on something of this magnitude could be compared to wagering one grain of sand along an endless cosmic beach. 🙂 But still….

20. Good and evil in a nutshell.

The predatory, parasitic, and competitive aspects of life on Earth stir up lots of troubled thoughts and feelings that get stuck in a spiritual shadow around the planet (see the picture in article #23 below). We think of those shadow motivations (fear, suspicion, deception, animosity…) as “evil,” and the finer motivations (love, trust, honesty, good will…) that flourish throughout most of the cosmos as “good.”

21. Spirit and money.

Here we take the first look at money as an artificial life-energy that we humans use to create and sustain our social systems, similar to the way real life-energy creates and sustains the entire cosmos. It’s not hard to imagine that a destabilizing love of money comes from a disregard of life-energy.

22. It’s between you and God.

The most intimate relationship in the cosmos is the one between each entity and the source that rests at the center of its being. This article speculates on how that pure life-energy from the source devolves into a vast array of life-energies to fill the cosmos with creative and purposeful intention… and how it eventually finds its way through Earth’s drama to sustain us human beings.

23. Light and dark levels of reality.

This article takes a closer look at Earth and its spiritual shadow in relation to the source at the center of the cosmos.

While the entire cosmos can be divided into 7 random or arbitrary levels of existence that get lighter and more perfect toward the source, Earth’s shadow has also been described as having 7 arbitrary levels that get ever darker and more corrupt as they extend deeper into the shadow… away from the source.

The 7 shadow levels were originally described in a classic 19th Century book called Wanderer in the Spirit Land.

24. How life-energy works and feels.

I had an a-ha moment while writing this article (#24). I realized that as we live our conscious lives on an emotional roller-coaster stirred up by Earth’s shadow, we also have unconscious lives going on at the same time within us. Those finer “lifestreams” within us flourish in love, peace, and bliss. When we tap into those finer lifestreams… well, that’s how life-energy works and feels.

25. Energy healing and spiritual healing.

The energies used to make a modern cell phone “come alive” can give us better understanding of how life-energy gives us life and purpose, especially in the area of energy healing and spiritual healing.

Energies of a cell phone include electricity to charge the battery and to power the inner circuitry, the coding and apps to give the phone purpose, fiber-optic data streaming into modems, satellite signals, cell signals, WiFi signals, Bluetooth signals, the vast ocean of information on the Internet….

Then there are the living, conscious energies—talking into the phone, typing a text or email, taking a photo, playing a game, buying something, sharing a song or picture or video, locating anyone anywhere on a world map….

Visualizing all of those energies working together in a mobile phone can give us a hint of what life-energy from the source is like—how it nourishes everything in the cosmos, including us, with vitality, purpose, knowledge, and fine motivations. Learning to be a conduit that allows life-energy to stream freely through us can make miracles happen. Case in point: spiritual healing.

26 ITC spirit collaborators.

Here we explore the lives of our spirit friends who send us ITC messages like these:

Excerpts of four ITC contacts in 1994, from the late EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive (1909-74) 20 years after his death:

  • Radio message to Mark Macy while visiting Luxembourg,
  • Phone call to Mark Macy at home in Colorado,
  • Phone call to George Meek (father of ITC) at home in North Carolina,
  • Phone call to Sarah Estep (prominent EVP researcher) at home in Maryland.

In one computer contact they described their paradise world at level 3 in vivid detail and said:

Sometimes we feel pulled into the beauty of level 4, and it’s only the thought of our ITC responsibilities with Earth that tear us away, so we can return to the ITC station on level 3. Our experiences and knowledge from level 4 might be useful to you.

27. What are dreams?

Speculations on the true nature of our dreams: When we fall asleep and our conscious, physical mind shuts down, our spirit bodies are still active, and our unconscious mind picks up many of their thoughts and experiences while our physical body-mind sleeps. These spirit-world experience are always happening throughout a lifetime, but usually they happen “behind the scenes” while we’re awake and immersed in our conscious thoughts. Sleep time gives us glimpses of all that other-worldly activity, but it’s soon forgotten once we wake up and get immersed again in our conscious awareness of our life on Earth.

Pleasant dreams come from our spirit bodies inhabiting finer realms, mostly at level 3. Dreams that are earthy and confused probably happen as our spirit moves through the earthplane (level -1). Nightmares come as our spirit ventures deeper into Earth’s shadow (levels -2 through -7). (see the diagram in article #23 above)

28. What are emotions.

Speculations on the true nature of emotions, including how men and women handle them differently, and why. I suspect that our finer emotions (love, happiness, awe, pleasure, grace…) leak into our lives from our subtle bodies closer to the source, while our darker emotions (hate, sadness, fear, anger, shame…) come from Earth’s shadow as we contend with our hormones, illnesses, mental imbalances, loss, and other unavoidable conditions that come from living in these physical bodies on this physical Earth.

29. What is wealth… abundance?

We explore the differences between spiritual abundance and material abundance. Life-energy creates and sustains the entire cosmos with vitality, purpose and fine motivations. Money is a sort of artificial life-energy we use on Earth to create and sustain our material lives and our social systems. Life-energy is always noble, since the source and its cosmos are noble. Money is noble-savage because life on Earth is also noble (like all worlds in the cosmos) but with some savage motivations stirred up largely by the predatory, parasitic, and competitive urges of living things in our world.

30. What is symbiosis?

I think of five types of relationships that are most prominent among living things on Earth, similar to what science calls “symbiosis,” but with some subtle differences. I’ve come to believe that by far most relationships throughout the cosmos are:

  • Win-win (what science calls mutualistic) and
  • Live-and-let-live (commensalistic).

Here on Earth we also have to contend with three win-lose relationships:

  • Predatory (doing intentional harm to each other),
  • Parasitic (taking stuff from each other), and
  • Competitive (vying or squabbling with each other for an advantage).

I believe it’s mainly those three win-lose relationships that set our world apart from the rest of the cosmos. Many ITC messages from finer spiritual worlds suggest that relationships throughout the cosmos are usually win-win or live-and-let-live. This article (#30) contains many such contacts to support the hypothesis.

31. What’s happiness (in 4 words)?

There’s a refined form of happiness that comes from watching a beautiful sunset, or being part of a loving family, or having an insightful a-ha moment, or watching babies laugh with their moms. This article (#31) is about that kind of refined happiness, not the raw thrills and hormonal stimulation that can come from roller-coaster rides, sex, fame, and fortune. That more refined kind of happiness could probably be summed up in four words:

  • Be kind (foster win-win, live-and-let-live relationships), and
  • Be pure (tap into fine life-energy from the source through such methods as meditation, contemplative prayer, and simply doing things that “lift the spirit”).

32. What are morals, ethics, and laws?

This article tries to explain how we navigate a lifetime with rules of right and wrong… though morals are a bit more complicated than that. The Seven finer beings define morals as understanding, acknowledging, devising and acting. It’s kind of implied in those four steps that true morality means understanding the perfection of the source, acknowledging it, devising that knowledge to make the world a better place, and then acting accordingly.

33. Why all the divisiveness?

There are apparently spiritual forces behind much of the polarization and conflict in today’s world… and it’s not just the influence of what we think of as demons and confused spirits, though the shadow entities are certainly part of it.

More important, we today are approaching an “end time” (as explained in article #17 above), “when light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again,” according to The Seven finer beings. That suggests that the brilliant forces in the cosmos and the troubled entities in the shadow will both be having a bigger and bigger impact on our lives and on our world in the coming years. More love and more fear, more altruism and more greed, more honesty and more lies….

The best we can do during the turmoil, individually, is to foster conscious contact with the source in order to detach with love from the mounting dramas going on around us.

34. Sex, romance, relationships.

This article (#34) deals mostly with sex from the view of science, but also speculates on how sex apparently emerged in our world long, long ago. Sex seems to be a strange, alien concept throughout most of the cosmos, where new life is forged not from biological reproduction but from creative life-energy manifesting bodies around existing souls in a way that seems, well, alien to us humans.

35. Extraterrestrials and “The Project.”

And finally, this website takes its first close look at extraterrestrial civilizations that apparently extend throughout our galaxy (and, by extension, throughout our entire physical universe). We look at the work of ET experts like Darryl Anka, Paul Hamden & William Treurniet, Stan Romanek, and Dr Steven Greer, who generally agree that:

  • Trillions of ETs flourish in our galaxy, belonging to various highly intelligent races or species.
  • Many of their “cities” have left their home planets aboard massive spacecraft that can move among dimensions a bit for instant travel.
  • The members of each race are connected mentally to each other, suggesting mental-emotional harmony and no hidden agendas.
  • The ETs all observe unruly Earth as an exception to the general rule of peace and order throughout the cosmos, so they watch us with a mixture of hope and concern.


Conclusion. So, there’s a lot going on in the countless worlds within worlds throughout the cosmos, and this series of articles offers just a taste of what’s out beyond the Earth—and in-beyond of us all—waiting for us to explore.

On a closing note, here are a few random thoughts to help put things in perspective for this series:

  • Quasars, emitted from the black holes of some galaxies, are among the brightest things we can see in our physical universe. From the point of view of the source that creates all universes, I suspect a quasar might appear as little more than a firefly in a vast, dark, flourishing forest far, far away.
  • If we could trace a galaxy in-beyond through subtler dimensions toward the source, we might discover that a star-filled galaxy eventually becomes a vast, spiraling community of angels (light beings at levels 6 and 7).
  • I could be wrong about some of the speculation in this series, especially Earth being a sore spot in the cosmos… “but I don’t think so,” as gifted musician Randy Newman* says…
*Randy’s amusing intro for the “Monk” comedy-crime TV show was intricately crafted. His more exalting music can be heard in the soundtrack of the heart-warming movie “Seabiscuit.”

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  1. wendy says:

    Outstanding wrap on this. Thank you for providing a summary. Lots of content to unpack. Great layout. So much information to reference and explore. Thank you for sharing details of your experience and all of the work you do.

    • mark macy says:

      Thanks Wendy,
      I’ m following AI-generated posts (like I see you mention on your website) to see where they might be leading.
      Really fascinating, but I think consciousness will win out. 🙂

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