Worlds Within Worlds 12 — How Life-Force Powers ITC

I recently upgraded macyafterlife to a “business” site—not to make money, but to eliminate those unsolicited ads and pop-ups you used to see here, and also to get a lot more features, such as the ability to add audio and video clips directly into the articles. And such as “plug-ins,” which are like apps for web development. Anyway, this article includes a spirit phone call I received in 1996 that gives listeners a sense how ITC contacts are powered by life-force. — MM

An ITC bridge is established between a sending station (S) at level 3 of the astral realm and a receiving station (R) on Earth. If the earth station has a resonant team with at least one psychically receptive member, then the spirit team can use life-force to establish and to sustain the bridge and to send communications through the earth equipment. The process requires help from ethereal beings (probably from level 5) who have the power and knowledge to facilitate and to protect the bridge. (ideas based on my INIT experience; picture adapted from Luc Viatour’s plasma lamp photo…)

“Life-force” is a term I’ve started to use recently to describe the massive living energies that (apparently) stream constantly from the source. It’s not “energy” the way we think of electricity and other earthly energies (that is, a simple force that makes things move, get hot, light up, blow up, or make noise). Life-force is more like an infinitely complex, living radio signal that combines 1) potential to manifest life and 2) detailed information of what to manifest. Then, everything that’s manifested remains connected to the source and receives a constant stream of the life-force to sustain it.

I suspect that as life-force surges through the omniverse—and as its vibrations become slower or denser while moving through the ethereal realm, then the astral realm, then the physical realm—the entities in the various realms develop their own interpretations about the nature of the life-force as it applies to their lives and their worlds.

I’m fairly certain now that life-force is transduced in the ethereal and astral realms to become the “energy” that makes an ITC bridge possible. Somehow our spirit friends in the astral and ethereal realms can gather up, store and utilize that life-force in a way that…

  1. pulls their minds together into a resonant group mind that becomes a sort of storage battery for life-force… 
  2. adds the minds of suitably motivated human experimenters on Earth into that resonant field… and
  3. brings the electromagnetic energies of our equipment into the mix.

Based on contacts our INIT group received, I believe that two of the main challenges our spirit friends face (while establishing and sustaining an ITC bridge with Earth) are:

  • Getting the people in our unruly world to resonate with their orderly life-force (fostering a noble attitude among us), and
  • Manipulating our dense electromagnetic equipment and energies… a transduction process that apparently requires a lot of their life-force energy.

On May 3, 1996, I was astonished to get two consecutive spirit phone calls, together lasting around 15 minutes. The caller was Dr Konstantin Raudive, an ITC pioneer who’d died 22 years earlier and who was now part of Timestream Spirit Group under the direction of a spirit named Dr Swejen Salter. Timestream was working closely with our INIT group at the time.

Here’s the second of the two contacts (about 3 minutes in duration), which gives listeners a sense of how the life-force works to power the contact. (It also illustrates the difficulties in getting the message through clearly during simple voice communication; at least it’s difficult for someone like me who assimilates information better while reading than while listening.)

Phone dialog: Mark Macy and spirit of Konstantin Raudive
  • K Raudive: The code word is Silmarillion. Silmarillion
  • M Macy: Silmare… sil…
  • Silmarillion.
  • Okay, I remember the word now.

(In the months leading up to this phone call, several INIT members [including me] had been getting prank phone calls from negative spirits who were trying to disrupt our work, so INIT member Dr Ralf Determeyer worked with Timestream to come up with a code word to verify a legitimate phone call from Timestream. The agreed-on word was “Silmarillion,” from a JRR Tolkien novel. [I stumbled over the word and should have kidded friend Konstantin, “That’s easy for you to say.” 🙂 ])

  • And this word … was given to Dr Determeyer of Germany. I use it to, eh, as, eh…
  • To verify the contact?
  • Yes, that’s it. I didn’t want that fake contacts are made.
  • Okay.
  • So, Silmarillion is the contact word.
  • I forgot to ask about that. Jules told me to expect that, so thank you very much.
  • M-hm. Well, it’s awful that in Richmond… Richmond…
  • Richard…
  • Yes, and a 6-year-old boy, he has beaten his neighbor. His neighbor was a 1-month-old boy, a boy named Matthew Ignacio. And this boy Ignacio named Matthew, he has had brain damage because he was beaten by this neighbor of his in Richmond. So that’s one of those things we want to prevent by ITC: the violence… violence among our children…

(read the news stories about that tragic incident. I originally mistook the baby’s name for “Matthew,” but a reader of this site convinced me that Konstantin actually calls him “Ignacio.”)

  • Yes…
  • … so that kids are brought up with ethical, moral … ITC….
  • Yes.  I understand completely.  Is the boy in Richmond, the one who had brain damage, is he now deceased and working on your side?
  • Well, the important thing is that we want to prevent such things as violence against kids, and all that.
  • I will work very hard toward that and…
  • We know that, Mark, we know that.  Eh, Swejen told me to re-contact you because the energy level is going down at the moment….
  • I can tell.

(beep, contact ends.)

  • Wow, thank you very much!

I’m fairly certain that ITC contacts like that phone call are facilitated by ethereal beings such as The Seven, who allot a certain amount of life-force to be used for specific tasks (like that phone call) within the larger project (like building and sustaining INIT’s ITC bridge).

I also suspect that that particular message was assisted by a spirit friend of ours named Anne de Guigné, who told us in an earlier contact that she is in charge of a spirit-world effort called “the Group to Protect Newborn Life.” She had contacted me earlier in my experiments, as in this radio contact, in which several spirit voices come through before Anne shouts through the ruckus, “Definit! Comment de suer-la!” or “Definit! Comment desuela?”:

Radio contact with voices of several spirits, including Anne de Guigne.

Now, the 11-minute phone call that preceded the one above. The phone rang at 9:15 that morning. The dialog addresses various aspects of life-force in ITC, including the need for resonance and mental receptivity. Konstantin and I started our dialog with a sort of inside joke, which I’ll explain at the end of this article.

It began with:

  • This is Konstantin Raudive. How are you, Mark?

Then I activated the recorder that I kept next to our home phone.

12-minute phone dialog with Konstantin Raudive.
  • M Macy: I’m very well, thank you, and you?
  • K Raudive: (chuckles) As I told Sarah already, I’m as well as a “dead one” can be.
  • M Macy: (laughs) That’s wonderful.
  • K Raudive: You can register, Mark.
  • Okay, I’m doing so.
  • Thank you. You certainly have some questions to ask me. This is the first call I have to you when I am able to respond. It may be that the contact will break down in a few seconds, but we will try to take it up.
  • I’ll try to be not so nervous so we can keep this going as long as possible.
  • I don’t think you’re nervous.
  • Okay. It’s just wonderful to talk to you. Can you tell me a little bit about Bill O’Neil’s efforts with my ITC work?
  • About Bill O’Neil. Well, he’s going on a steady line. Together with Jeannette he continues his work, and we think that by the fall of this year you will have results…
  • That’s fantastic, that’s wonderful.
  • You have already noticed the beginnings.
  • I see. Yes, things are happening very well every morning during our experiments. Bill O’Neil is very dedicated and tenacious. I have a lot of admiration for him. Uh, I’m very excited about the work that’s going on right now.
  • I understand.
  • Can you tell me about the meeting? Is that coming together nicely?
  • You are speaking of the INIT meeting.
  • Yes.
  • It will turn out very fine, very good, very in-harmony. It’s a very important thing to do. It’s just prepared like it should be, as it should be prepared.
  • I see. Uh, we’re working very hard on this side to make things go smoothly.
  • We know about that, and we appreciate very much. We know that there are many, many obstacles and difficulties, but we know that you’re doing a very good job on this, and that’s why this contact is being realized at the moment here…
  • Thank you very much. I do tend to make mistakes once in a while. I write letters and FAXes to Jules and Maggy that stir things up a bit, and I try hard not to do that, but…
  • Well, see, Mark, we don’t think that is very important because they and you are the, let’s say, points in an image. You are the coordination points, and our aim is to join these coordination points.
  • I see. Those coordination points: I suppose they’re working pretty well right now, with all the people in INIT?
  • As for the moment, the best things have been done up to now from our point of view.
  • Okay… As far as ITC progress here in Colorado with my group, my efforts, how soon do you think we’ll be able to expand into television contacts and computer contacts, or are we going to stick with voice for a while?
  • Well, as we see it, the first good voices will come through in the fall of this year, and it will develop on that.
  • I see. And the voices, I think, will probably be coming through the Spiricom system that Bill O’Neil is working on on the other side? On your side?
  • Well, the essential problem will be to have this equipment built on frequency reception, and you’ll get details from Bill O’Neil and us.
  • Good. I’m thinking of incorporating subtle energy technology into this system on my side. Getting a Moebius loop and a Caduceus coil. Do these things sound like a good idea?
  • Why sure, a very good thought of you, and you will have to wait for the things that our group can tell you.

(From this it became clear that the main part of the design of an ITC bridge has to be coordinated from the other side, since most of the technical logistics involving life-force and other factors are things that we humans don’t fully understand… yet.)

  • Okay, can you tell me about equipment that you use to produce such a perfect, almost perfect voice on Earth? That must take a lot of work on your side.
  • Well, it depends on your reception, or mainly on your psychic reception, because you are much more psychic than other people who claim to be one.

(Now that surprised me. Sure, I frequently wake up with a lot of inspirations and ideas to write about, which I suppose is a form of psychic receptivity, but I don’t hear assuring spirit messages in my head to convey to grieving loved ones… nor have insights about, for example, recent murders and impending disasters that noted psychics sometimes have.)

  • That surprises me.
  • It’s really not surprising.
  • Do you have actual equipment on your side? As well as the thoughts and the psychol….
  • You know that we use equipment and we intend to give plans of our equipment, to send them through Hans. We also want to give a sort of a map of our world, and drop it into your world. It will be done in the next weeks and months.
  • That’s tremendous. That’s wonderful. Do you have any messages that I can pass on, pass along to Hans Heckmann or George Meek or Sarah?
  • You know, I wanted to contact them all, but I—we here—decided to contact you because you are for the moment the main experimentater, and you are the—I don’t like the word “leader”—you are the manager, to say so. But please give all our esteem to Sarah, to Hans, to George, to all of them. And we will contact them in time when it’s useful and wanted, but for the moment you are the person we want to address. We also wanted to thank Alison and Juliet, but for the moment it’s not the time to do so.  We prefer to contact you because this is the bridge that has been strengthened to your….
  • Thank you very much. Juliet and Alison have had some very unusual things happening on their telephones.  The car telephone in Juliet’s car and the home telephone at Alison’s. Is that your doing?
  • Exactly as I told you. We wanted to contact them, but we preferred to mobilize all our energies to your home, to your phone, to give you this message because you are acting as manager for the moment.
  • Coordinator or something? Yes.  Okay, um…
  • We have 40 seconds left.
  • Okay, this is great. Let’s see. I, too, have been trying to avoid words like “leading” and “managing.” It’s not easy on Earth to develop social systems that are based on non-hierarchical…
  • Don’t try to avoid it, friend Mark, because these are systems implanted in your world, and you’ll have to deal with them. So it’s very important you assume the role, and then it will be done, because it’s only for the common cause.
  • Okay. What we’re trying to establish with INIT, I think, is more of a network on Earth as opposed to a hierarchical or bureaucratic type organization… a network without a formal structure. I think that can be done maybe with the Internet.
  • That is a fact because you are one of the essential main points on this network. You are one big… dot on it, do you understand? And from this big dot there are departures for other dots, smaller dots. And it’s only from this big dot that ramifications may be made….

That was a key piece of information. The spirit group apparently selects certain members of an ITC group on Earth—probably those who have a certain psychic receptivity and whose dispositions are more noble (moral, ethical…) and less savage in order to sustain the all-important resonance—who will be “anchors” of the ITC bridge.  Other members of the group (the “smaller dots”) are probably individuals who resonate with one of these “big dots” in friendship, trust, and good will. People who consider themselves part of the group, but who harbor selfish motivations or fears or doubts or hidden animosities or other savage feelings… those people probably are not recognized by the spirit group as a “dots” within the overall image of the earthside ITC group because their dispositions disrupt the contact field. Savage thinking, sadly, is a very common situation on Earth and can cause a lot of confusion and many hard feelings among us noble-savage humans.

  • As you know, I’m extremely honored and delighted to have that responsibility…
  • You don’t need to say this, because you know we are working together on the one thing, and that’s what’s important. I, we, our group were very honored to be able to contact you now, and we will continue in the future. This is the first contact to you that last for 11 minutes.
  • The time went by very quickly. I’ll do everything I can to make this work… INIT.
  • We know it, Mark, we know it. Without that we wouldn’t have contacted you. And don’t be afraid of small, personal differences.
  • Okay.
  • You understand.
  • Yes. Please convey my love to Bill O’Neil, Jeannette, and Swejen… everybody at Timestream, especially Isar.
  • I certainly will do so. Good-bye, my friend.
  • Good-bye, my friend.
  • Good-bye.

(beep… contact ends)

So… those two telephone contacts provide a pretty good sense of how an ITC bridge is a fragile, resonant field of life-force. I believe the most important point is this:

If we humans can distinguish between noble and savage attitudes (as explained here… ), and if we can polish up our noble side for ITC collaboration, only then can we establish and sustain a rapport with a fine spirit group of astral beings and ethereal beings who can work with us through an ITC bridge with pure intentions and noble results.

If we get involved in ITC with our typical human (noble-savage) dispositions, fueled largely by our egos and hormones, then it is difficult or impossible for our spirit friends to support an ITC bridge… because a resonant field of life-force cannot be sustained.

(I edited the audio in both phone calls slightly, to remove some of my “uh’s” and “um’s” and rude interruptions of Konstantin while he was talking. I also noticed, while listening to the dialog later, there were certain times that my words were at odds with my feelings… and I know that Konstantin and Timestream were aware of the discrepancy at the time. These human failings are transparent to our spirit friends, and in the future we’ll have to be aware of such things as sincerity and honesty in our ITC relationships. Hidden agendas and mixed feelings disturb the contact field. All part of polishing up our noble side.)

Inside joke:

By the time I received those phone calls in 1996, Konstantin had previously called several of my American colleagues, including Sarah Estep, who was delighted by the phone contact and asked, “How are you, Dr Raudive?” He replied, “I’m as fine as a ‘dead one’ can be. Dear Sarah, thank you very much…” Konstantin was “making light” of the fact that we often have a dark, morbid fascination with death here on Earth, even though most of us awaken in stunningly beautiful paradise surroundings after we die. Anyway, that’s the “inside joke” that christened our conversation above.

Konstantin Raudive’s earlier phone call to Sarah Estep.

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16 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 12 — How Life-Force Powers ITC

  1. magnificado says:

    Hi Mark. Just wanted to say that I do hear the correct name of the baby on the tape from Raudive … Ignacio (not Matthew).

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks very much for that.
      My brain keeps hearing “a boy named Matthew” because that’s the way I’ve interpreted it from the beginning.
      Now I’m trying to hear it as “a boy Ignacio” with some success.
      I’ll listen s few more times.

    • Mark Macy says:

      I think you’re right. Konstantin apparently does say “Ignacio.”
      I edited the article accordingly, using strikethrough so that readers will understand how my mistake was made originally, when they read your comment and my reply.

  2. John Smith says:

    Dear Mark, I HAVE 3 QUESTIONS FOR YOU. I had met Margaret D. of California some years ago, who has had for years superb contact with what she calls her “Techs” on the Other Side, sometimes David, sometimes Patrick, who she establishes contact with using a simple AM/FM Radio on Hyperscan. Amusingly, after some years, on 1 occasion she got a girl. Margaret asked, “Where’s David?” And the girl replied, “He’s off this week. He’ll be back next week.” LOL // Anyway, after discussing with her, her EVP/ITC work, I began to read more about it, and didn’t know “They”/A Station? were observing me. Prior to, and during this new study, I had tremendous poltergeist activity in my home over a decade on and off, due to physical suffering (I am still fighting each day for my life with a bladder cancer of almost 19yrs). After reading sufficiently, while living alone, I audibly announced in my kitchen at 4am, that “you have permission to contact me; as long as you are a higher spirit and for my higher good.” My phone later rang 3 times, at 1:11pm 1:12pm and 1:13pm. Each of the 1st two times, was someone’s voice chopped up. The 3rd recording was a girl screaming my name as loud as she could. It frightened me. I took the recording to a session with Margaret, and she asked them out loud, “Who is trying to contact Rand?” They said, “Rand’s neighbor” “Randy’s neighbor” and they said to each other “Yell Randall !” “Go get the neighbor,” “Take it slow.” We said to each other “What neighbor?” And they repeatedly replied “Beth” (which was the name of my 98yr old atheist, cremated, dear next door neighbor). Then a girl came on, and said “Here’s Beth…” And then Beth came on with her 100% actual voice and said “Randy.” Of course you cry immediately. Note: Margaret’s Techs have never stated that they are a part of any group or Station. Later when I moved, on my same answering machine, for 1 week, I received 3 very long calls, where the static was very clearly being used to create a young man’s distinct pleading voice shouting “Mom!, Mom …Mom,” on and on. It sounded like some teenager who was lost and in need of his mother, and so I wasn’t sure if this was a negative spirit trying to influence my ideas. I said a prayer releasing him and it did not reoccur. However, for years now, I get “Restricted” calls on my cell, that are several minutes of no one there, and no record left of having received any call. Which in reading your post here, QUESTION 1: …I wonder if that is what was happening with Juliet and Allison? WAS IT MARK? (I suspect my undeveloped strong psychic abilities may be seen as useful, as they were seen useful in you for ITC). I also wonder if you are following the work of Sandra Rinaldi of Brazil, who interviewed in English with We Don’t Die Radio, on YouTube. Her work began 30yrs ago, which is the time of your work peaking. She says that many years later, she discovered that her contact who never identified himself, and who she simply chose to call “Mr. German,” turned out later to be Raudive (her same Contact Today). He in turn, for most of those years, has addressed her as “Fat Lady.” She remarked in extracted text (in the Interview video) that she clearly does NOT like that. SEE: COUNTER 1:06:41 (People become submissive to “contacts,” I think, in fear of contact being withdrawn from them). Sonia is a lovely person, and honest like you, and I would like to ask her why she tolerated that disharmonious title. They can sense your hurt feelings, but he didn’t care. And she didn’t ever take it as a Term of Endearment. Only recently 4/13/2019, in this hugely important latest visual transmission & recording, did he address her as “Hi Sweet.” SEE: Pg. 18-19 @ link below. Perhaps he heard me complaining around. LOL. Lastly, long has it been said, that Extraterrestrials are guiding and providing the technology to Time Stream Station etc. Well… now they have sent their image. A very frightful appearance. Not that I am absolutely speaking disparaging of them for how they look, but they do have an undeniable malevolent look. At Sonia’s site (, other ETs from distant Star Systems (with more “pleasing” appearances) are in touch also). Notably, Sonia has never said anything about what you’ve posted here …that there are sometimes interfering negative beings, and a password was eventually needed in your work. I wonder, if those beings infiltrated Sonia’s Work? I can’t imagine the real Raudive calling her “Fat Lady,” and knowing it hurt her, for decades. But who knows? In addition, in a Session done by Sonia, she cites a friend she has who is paralyzed and cannot speak, and how she had a session for her. Meaning, someone from The Station – Tempo do Rio, goes to collect her friend’s astral form, and takes her to the Station, so that she can speak into a device, and be recorded by Sonia’s laptop for 30minutes. The woman also suffered the loss of 2 young daughters; 1 to painful gigantism. In the Interview, the woman says that she incurred all this suffering due to her support of The Nazi Party in a previous lifetime. Instead of Sonia saying this sounds curious… Sonia says excitedly with assured confidence, “So you see! ..suffering can be the result of actions in our past lives.” I disagree with Sonia’s 100% accepting of whatever is said. QUESTION #2: Have you ever had contact with Ms. Rinaldi? Below is her most profound Report. She uses 2 plastic domes over a mannequin bust, and the face of your loved one appears in her filming, and can turn its head (seen when film is played back). In Sonia’s latest Report (link below)…On page 36-37, top right pic, you see (forgive me) the “hideous” full-faced face image of one of the ET’s, who Sonia states is likely the ET’s in charge there. (Tesla is said to be in charge of ALL the Stations there as of 1 yr ago, and so the ETs are above him and everyone. SEE: OTHER ENGLISH LANG. INTERVIEW SHE DID ON Awake 2 Oneness Radio ). You’ll see a pic of Tesla smiling that was never done in his lifetime. Tesla transmits from the City named ALPHA (people return to a young age there). In her latest Report, ETs even transfigure pictures of Sonia, into their ET eyes over hers. I hope these are not the imposter forces, that plagued your Team back then. QUESTION 3: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THOSE ET IMAGES? (similar I think to Reptile features). As your hard work was AND STILL REMAINS, her work is now.. the most dramatic phenomena occurring in the world today. She has traveled to Scottsdale last year, and to Florida this year, and her notoriety is growing. I support ALL information that comes forward. I do not seek to criticize anyone. I simply ask the obvious questions, and also concerns, as any healthy-minded sensible person would do. Sadly, one gets ostracized in this Community, when you ask basic questions like I have i.e. which is spiritual people not acting spiritual at all, or scientific, or logically, or with common sense and decency. It’s the statements and work of others that have elicited questions in me. I am not seeking to be oppositional. p.s. Another friend of Sonia’s had seen a craft, and also knew the name of an ET, and woke to find her vagina in pain and blood present. She wanted Sonia to find out if this was truly extraterrestrial contact. So, in one Session, Raudive said to Sonia that this ET was one of “the good guys,” and he put him on the line, and the ET said to the woman, “You have sons (hybrids in space).” Mark, please understand that my priority is that I’m dying. It is NOT being critical or antagonistic. Perhaps even, it should be considered, that if you haven’t come across this information, then “they on the other side” are using me to get it to you/others. Because I am certainly not negatively motivated. It infuriates me that this “Raudive”?? was calling her “Fat Lady” on a planet here where women’s #1 Self-image shame is to be overweight, and where women’s lives even still today amount to little, and are treated inhumanely and murdered. So his act of disharmony hits 3rd parties, like me. So understand, Science And The Afterlife aside, I am more concerned with simply TRUTH (or common sense questions) AND DECENCY, than personality conflicts or the common reaction of petty “war” by oversensitive, unreasonable, immature, egotistical “prominent” individuals (i.e. the savage mind) who will still chastise others and me/even knowing I’m seriously ill, simply for asking simple questions IN THIS FIELD that can most likely be satisfactorily explained. Shame on them. As you can presume, I’ve come across too many in this field who are egotistical and exclusive. And yet I am clearly not an outsider (skeptic or inexperienced ridiculing public), and I’m greatly appreciated most of the time. I am an ardent Member of The Paranormal Community because I have vigorously studied for decades and have had extremely rich paranormal experiences OF MY OWN throughout my Lifetime; including close relatives before me. Like anyone, I possess the Dignity & Right to ask ANY questions in my mind and/or are elicited by the work of my similarly suffering “traveling” human brothers. I love your work. I love Sonia’s work ! I hope you will be able to find the time to reply to my 3 short questions. Please answer whichever ones you like. My Respect AND APPRECIATION To You Mark! Thank you, John Smith (Rand) /USA – HERE IS SONIA’S APRIL 2019 REPORT:

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John (Rand), thanks for the interesting letter!… (and sorry for the suffering you’ve had to contend with for two decades)

      My wife Regina and I met with Margaret Downey years ago in California and are generally familiar with her good work. Sonia Rinaldi and I were members of INIT together for several years, until Sonia left the group, so I’m also generally familiar with HER good work, though I haven’t really followed anyone’s experiments closely in recent years.

      I’ll start off by answering your questions as best I can, then share some general ideas inspired by your letter.

      QUESTION 1: …I wonder if that (contact by a confused or negative spirit) is what was happening with Juliet and Allison?
      Reply: Konstantin implied during his phone call that Timestream group was trying to establish a bridge with several American ITC researchers and supporters around that time, 1996 (including Alison and Juliet), but they decided to focus their efforts on a bridge to my devices, since I was working closely at the time with Maggy and Jules (whom Konstantin said appeared as two “big dots” on their image that represented our INIT group’s members). Their plan apparently was (after establishing stable bridges in Luxembourg and Germany) to start with one stable bridge in the USA (another “big dot”), then additional contacts would be made to friends and colleagues (“smaller dots” who were each connected to one of the “big dots”). Alison and Juliet did receive phone calls from Timestream in the ensuing months. Timestream at the time was a very positive spirit group, and their contacts with us were always respectful and supportive. Their sending station was established at “level 3” on an astral world called Marduk or Eden. I’ll explain more about that below. (A spirit who refers to an Earth colleague as “Fatty” or “Fat girl” is certainly not the Konstantin Raudive I’m familiar with.)

      QUESTION #2: Have you ever had contact with Ms. Rinaldi?
      (answered above 🙂 ) The Sonia I recall was a bright, attractive woman, certainly not deserving of (or fitting) any sort of hurtful, offensive comment like that.

      Reply: I clicked on your three links, Rand, and skimmed through the two videos and Sonia’s ipati website and saw no pictures of ETs (but lots of great spirit faces!). So-o-o-o, I can’t offer you my impressions. I googled “Sonia rinaldi et pictures” and found this site,, which also has extraordinarily good spirit faces (but I saw no ET faces there).
      oops… I found it. See my follow-up comment below….

      Follow-up ideas:

      First, I think it’s important to have a general understanding of the various levels of spirit. Timestream prefers a model that has 7 levels between Earth and the source. I like that model too. Earth is level 1. Timestream is at level 3, where life is finer or “nobler” than life on Earth. It’s a paradise world. This article describes the levels briefly:

      If we can establish an ITC bridge with level 3, then contacts are bound to be more respectful, supportive, and all-around positive.

      If we get ITC contacts from the earthplane at level 1 (a shadow world around the Earth), the contacts are liable to reflect fear, confusion, and maybe some desperation and malice. Many spirits are “stuck” there until they’re able to move up to level 2 or level 3.

      It’s apparently difficult or impossible to sustain an ITC bridge to a more refined spirit realm like level 3 unless we on Earth have polished up our dispositions to the point that we can resonate with those spirits.

      If we simply get into ITC with our “raw” (noble-savage) dispositions, I think we’re more likely to get spirits from the earthplane trying to come through our equipment… not that there’s anything wrong with that… but the contacts are liable to be troubling, since life on the earthplane is often troubled.

      That’s probably not a complete answer to your long letter, but maybe I capture the gist?

      Best wishes,

    • Mark Macy says:

      Forgot to mention: Timestream spirit group is on Marduk or Eden, a level-3 world that (I believe) also used to be a material world between Mars and Jupiter. Marduk apparently exploded some 4 billion years ago (resulting in the asteroid belt and Oort cloud), but its astral template or spirit body still exists today. Many people who die on Earth awaken on the level-3 Eden or Marduk, while other people who die awaken on one of Earth’s spiritual templates.
      More about Eden/Marduk here:

      • John Smith (Rand) says:

        Thank you Mark for your thoughtful reply. Because of you, I’ve read quite a lot of your site, and in you educating me, I am aware of what you’ve just written. The link at the very bottom of my post should have taken you directly to pg. 36-37 of 150, in her latest April 2019 Report…to see the ET faces; particularly the one at the Top Right:

        Fortunately, people will find more appealing The Ethereals, e.g. The female Nordic-looking pic you’ve shown. I hope you can find it this time. Also, I was concerned that Sonia mentions nothing of interfering negative beings, and wonder why Raudive did not identify himself to her for many years, and also gave her that unhappy moniker. I wonder if the beings that became shut out by your password, went on to make contact with her? Probably not, but I just don’t get the lack of gentleness/respect in addressing her. p.s. I’ve just now sent u an email for your review. Thank You Again, As Always!….

    • Mark Macy says:

      PS – John (Rand), I eventually saw the link to Sonia’s report at the very end of your letter.
      I clicked on it, went all the way through the report, and found (again) lots of impressive spirit faces, and some ET faces. The ET faces don’t seem at all alarming or negative to me. They seem quite realistic, from what I’ve read about ETs associated with Earth.
      And, yes, Timestream friends did tell us that they collaborate with various nonhuman entities, which probably include ETs like those.


  3. Matt says:

    Hello Mark, please watch this video:

    What is your opinion about this?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for that link… very much.

      I listened to the contact several times. At first I was skeptical, mostly because of the way he pronounced his name, “Kon-stan-tyne” instead of “Kon-stan-teen” as he had pronounced it in all of his phone calls. Also, his voice wasn’t the same as the voice that came through the phones and radios and televisions.

      The more I listened, though, the more convinced I became that it may indeed have been (most likely is) the real Konstantin Raudive, for several reasons:

      1. The technical advice about the capacitors sounded logical, since it would create a charged-up energy field they might be able to work with.
      2. The comment about the vibrational fabric of Earth being incompatible with an ITC bridge makes good sense (which is the same as what I’ve come to think of as the “savage” aspect of earthly life that makes it extremely difficult for us humans to resonate well enough to sustain a portal).
      3. Most important, the kindness and encouragement and heart-warming good-will that I heard in his voice and in his words were certainly characteristic of the Konstantin Raudive I got to know through ITC.

      Sonia and I and various other INIT members got “fake” contacts from negative spirits, who broke into the ITC bridge once in a while (especially while INIT was going through its difficulties) and delivered troubling messages. Without a stable portal with level 3, such intrusions by spirits of the earthplane are fairly common. On the other hand, researchers like Sonia who are decent and dedicated probably attract a capable spirit team who provide some level of protection against the unruly spirits who like to stir things up among us humans… even without a portal. I suspect she does indeed get a lot of help from Konstantin Raudive. (If she also gets occasional contacts from impostors, I wouldn’t be surprised… because there is no level 3 portal that would add a big layer of protection, as I explain in the next paragraph. Actually portals are the subject I’m writing about for my next article, #13 of the current series, so the subject is fresh in my mind at the moment.)

      The fact that his voice didn’t sound the same could be explained by the process: direct voice via skilled medium instead of synthesized voice through spiritside apparatuses. It’s possible that the voice in that contact was much closer to the voice he had as an older man before his death. As I understand it, human spirits who inhabit level 3 (the place where Timestream is located) have young (age 25-35) bodies and voices, and when they make brief trips through the portal to get close to the Earth for ITC contacts they bring that youthful vigor with them. You can hear it in their voices and feel it in their personalities. That’s essentially how ITC works. A portal is opened between their sending station at level 3 and a receiving station on Earth, and they can travel fluidly between them.
      But because of Earth’s “vibratory fabric,” as Konstantin calls it, those portals are very difficult to sustain… so the spirits have to stay closer to the Earth for longer periods of time to work with experimenters who want to get clear voices and images and other information through equipment. When spirits stay close to the Earth, they take on a lot of the wear and tear (age, blemishes, facial hair, sagging bodies) that they’d had in lifetime. Their bodies (and presumably their minds) are not as nimble and “perfect” as they are at level 3. That could explain the quality of the voice in Sonia’s contact.

      I suppose the main thing is that Sonia continues to do good work, and her dedicated efforts are obviously much appreciated on the other side. There’s a lot of gratitude going both directions in her work, and I suspect if there’s a chance to establish a portal with level 3 (like the one we enjoyed with INIT), that mutual appreciation will be a key ingredient.

      Anyway, I need to get back to my article. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to think about all of this important information and to share a few opinions about the overall work of ITC.


  4. Kano says:

    Hello. this is off-topic, but are you aware of Richard Kinseher’s theory about NDEs and OBES and how they can be naturally explained by it?

    He even has a little book about his theory called Pfusch, Betrug, Nahtod – Erfahrung.
    Which is German for Botch, fraud, near death experience.

    The reason why he calls the NDE research botch and fraud is in the NDERF link.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Not specifically, no.

      However, there are millions (maybe billions) of people on Earth today who can’t perceive or even imagine very far beyond their 5 senses. That includes most modern scientists, whose instruments are essentially extensions of those 5 senses.

      Trying to fit the vast reality of spirit into the crusty Newtonian paradigm usually gets very, very complicated… kind of like Ptolemy’s epicycles of planetary movement when it was still believed that Earth was at the center of the universe.

      I’ve addressed that issue in various articles, like this one (if you’re interested):

      (Sorry for the delay approving your comment. I found it early this morning. It had automatically been placed in the “Spam” comments file because of the link. The spam filter here on WordPress is leery of links.)

      • Mortal Clown says:

        Dear Mark & Afterlife Amigos,

        Yikes – this ended up being a bit longer than I anticipated, so I thank you for your kind forbearance in advance…

        My own response is not addressed to the commentator who attached the link on “fraud” NDEs, et al, but, as someone who grew up around a lot of Protestant fundamentalists, I’m especially fascinated when intellectually brilliant humans who decide upon atheism take time and energy to disabuse others of their notions of divinity, however it manifests. Clearly, most of us who have had NDEs/OBEs, etc come away from the experience with an expanded version of reality – and, yes, one that we think encircles us all, albeit in different ways.

        Over time, I have known atheists/materialists who are just as religious – even evangelical – about their POV as any Bible-banging fundamentalist. In that plenty of atheist blogs /videos have hellfire predictions in their comment section, often truly irate materialists stomp around with “empirical” data designed, one supposes, to be that slap in the face to hysterical mysticism. Perhaps, in the long history of antipathy on both sides, then, a few have responded with, “Thanks! I needed that!” (Church podiums are often occupied by those who give testimony about being “saved” from non-Biblical, scientific beliefs, as well.)

        George Rodania’s astonishing NDE, initially revealed in his own words in the Raymond Moody/Paul Perry video, “Life After Life” is my personal favorite NDE and not because a scientist relented regarding belief, but simply because of that impossible to quantify peace and joy that he exuded. That’s what most “out of our body” journeys reveal and I have rarely seen it in other kinds of conversions – that peace that passes all understanding. Btw, I don’t wish anyone the proximity to death I experienced in order to “know” what I feel so sure about.

        There will always be people who clamor to disassemble – at best – the fervently held beliefs of others. Where things like climate change or even flat earth are concerned, I’ll confess to engaging in that exact behavior. But I don’t quibble with either the “born again” or those citing lab studies that tens of thousands of unique and mostly joyful accounts are unreal. Lastly, what may be more important than “not quibbling” is that I’ve no desire to fight at all – I may not enjoy people knocking on my door with pamphlets, but at least I’m not brusque with them anymore.

        Pax et lux, y’all.

        Brett Butler

        • Mark Macy says:

          Well said, Brett!

          Zeal and intolerance seem to be fairly common qualities in the human race, and they seem to affect people in all walks of life… science, religion, business, family, health profession, education, government, and on and on.

          They probably boil out of the frustrations of “the human condition” here on Earth, where we have a very limited view of the bigger picture of spiritual reality. Once we get glimpse of that bigger picture in a way that’s meaningful to us, whether by reading about the life of an enlightened mystic (e.g. Autobiography of a Yogi), or by watching a good movie (e.g. Nosso Lar), or by having some sort of “divine intervention” or a near-death experience… a lot of the zeal and intolerance seems to melt away.

          For me, it was ITC experiences. As you and I have discussed before, tolerance (loving your neighbor and even your enemy as yourself) is the noble way… but we also sometimes have to take a stand against savage forces that could cause harm to a lot of people (and I’m thinking at the moment of current political trends, not the subject of these commenets). Not easy, this life on Earth!

          I only have a few close friends, so it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to “meet” kindred spirits like you through this website.


  5. Mortal Clown says:

    Dear Mark,

    I do know how busy you are and am sending this, hopefully, in a brief and helpful capacity. Regarding the work of INIT to help prevent violence against children, a person who was phenomenally creative in that field was Karyn Purvis who crossed over in 2016. She created and implemented a program called TBRI – Trust Based Relational Intervention for children from hard places. I specifically became aware of this work after discovering the layers of trauma accompanying international adoption and, of course, branching out to the foster care system, et al. Indeed, there are so many cues for trauma’s beginning that it’s impossible to chart them all. Suffice it to say that illness, natural disasters and even broken homes leave broken places in young souls incarnate. All I had to do was watch about ten minutes of Purvis in action to see the heartening results possible. If I may, because it’s very presumptuous on my part, I feel certain that her work is continuing in the higher astral levels and – naturally – at TCU Texas Christian University where her colleagues are expanding on these insights daily for the betterment of the youngest generation as well as the one they are growing into…

    I’ve friends who don’t use a drop of hyperbole when they tell me that TBRI has saved their families.

    At sixty one I’m praying that an earnest desire to be of use in this life – beyond my previous and – to me – a tad dubious career in entertainment. Discovering mediumship about a decade ago was novel, but not an end in itself. In the largest sense of that great simple prayer I learned getting sober twenty plus years ago, I pray “thy will”and that my abilities may be used to learn, connect, protect and help spread the best ideas and vibrational agreement for everyone. That’s not very original, I’ll grant you, but if a whole bunch of us agree to hold these thoughts in unison front our hearts, just imagine what bridges could form in it’s wake.

    Your posts are so exciting and informative. Mostly? They bring hope. May you be blessed for, as The Technician says, “… the continuation of The Pro-ject”. 🤗🌟

    Pax et lux,


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Brett, I was writing and sending an email to you apparently at the same time that you were composing your comment above. I sent you the email already, so I’ll finish it up here.

      In one of your recent emails you mentioned a prophecy by Chico Xavier that next month (7/20) marks the end of a sort of trial period for humanity… and if we’ve survived that long, major positive spiritual interactions will begin to lighten up the planet. If that includes a New Age of ITC, it would be absolutely fantastic. We’ll see if something big starts to unfold next month. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

      I’m going to look into the work of Karyn Purvis and TBRI. Vital work she apparently did (and probably is still doing, maybe working with Anne de Guigne.

      20-year sobriety is a major accomplishment!

      Warmest wishes,


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