Worlds Within Worlds 29 — What Is Wealth?… Abundance?

Note: I’ve mentioned money in other articles in the series, but it plays such a big role in human affairs that it probably needs a short article of its own... just to put it in perspective.

Throughout the omniverse, life-energy nourishes everything with noble motivations (left-hand column). On Earth, money fuels both noble motivations from the source (left) and savage motivations from Earth’s spiritual shadow (right-hand column).

There are two basic kinds of wealth and abundance available to us on Earth—the spiritual kind and the material kind:

  • Spiritual abundance is embodied in life-energy from the source, which nourishes everything everywhere (including here on Earth).
  • Material abundance is represented by money, which we humans use to measure the value of stuff here on Earth, and so in that sense we use money to nourish our social systems. That is, money gives social systems (with their people and products) the potential to bring about their plans and motivations.

In other words, money does for society (in a noble-savage way) what life-energy does for the entire omniverse (in a noble way): It creates and nourishes.

Money (I believe) is a crude (or savage) imitation of the life-energy that flows throughout the omniverse and fills it with noble forces. Money has been contrived for living on Earth with its brutal, predatory nature, and so it fills human civilization with both noble and savage forces.

This diagram shows how the Earth (with its toxic spiritual shadow) fits into the omniverse.

As life-energy from the source fills the omniverse with noble motivations, some of it is deflected by the brutal, predatory nature of life on Earth… casting a spiritual shadow around our world that’s filled with fear, deception, and other savage motivations listed in the right-hand column of the table above.

Money is just one example of how life on Earth has evolved to imitate the noble, perfect order of the universe in an imperfect, noble-savage way.

The next article will be about symbiosis… how it works in the omniverse (everything fed by the source), compared to how it works here on Earth (everything feeding on each other).

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2 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 29 — What Is Wealth?… Abundance?

  1. Kate says:

    The planet is so diverse when it comes to money. I’ve sat for a couple of hours thinking about it into despair, there’s no justification for a lack of food and water amongst other things then randomly thought of Leonard Cohen lyrics ‘there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ …….. your article sums it all up as best as possible. Thanks Mark, looking forwards to more.

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