Worlds Within Worlds 26 — ITC Spirit Collaborators

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). An ITC bridge is made possible by a kind, competent spirit group at level 3, and it can be disrupted by spirits from the earthplane (level 1) and from Earth’s shadow (levels -1, -2, -3, and so on).

(To get the full flavor, it might help to follow some of the links, especially the Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg link down near the table of noble-savage human qualities. Incidentally, you can use the “Search” bar under the banner to find articles on most of the people and events mentioned in this article.)

Spirit groups associated with ITC projects have referred to a 7-level model of the omniverse, in which Earth is at level 1… the source is beyond level 7 and is the principle at the center of everything… and they themselves—the spirit communicators—are at level 3. They also talk of a “shadow world” of Earth where troubled messages originate and sometimes leak into an ITC bridge (see the table below). This article is about the bright, cohesive spirit groups at level 3, where kind people typically awaken in paradise surroundings after a lifetime on Earth. Refined communities of people at level 3 no longer contend with the strife and struggle that typify Earth living. They still have hazy impressions of Earth’s raw nature (like we have hazy impressions of a dream), and those impressions can become the basis of an ITC bridge if there is a resonance and a psychic connection between certain good souls on Earth and at level 3.

For this article we’ll mostly ignore the shadow and its troublesome impact on spirit communication through modern technology, or ITC. We’ll look instead at the spirit groups at level 3 whose aim is to establish stable communication portals to psychosensitive researchers with positive dispositions:

  • Who are those kind, competent spirits?
  • Where exactly is level 3?
  • What’s it like, living in their world?
  • What insights do they have to offer?
  • Why do they contact us on Earth?
  • How exactly do they go about delivering information through our phones, TVs, radios, computers and other modern devices that can be part of an ITC bridge?

Who’s at Level 3?

From the contacts we received in the 1990s, it’s apparent that level 3 is inhabited by a diversity of intelligent life—human and otherwise—and they all have one thing in common: Compared to us on Earth, they’re all decent, kind, trusting, honest, and otherwise noble beings. (See the left-hand column of the table.)

(You can view some of the fascinating pictures of level 3 spirits in a recent article in this series as well as elsewhere on macyafterlife.)

If we resonate with them in our thoughts, words, and actions, then ITC communication bridges are possible. Thanks largely to the tireless work of Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg, that’s how we got amazing ITC contacts in the 1990s. Maggy’s empathic nature endeared her to a spirit group that coalesced around her ITC work and called themselves Timestream (a.k.a. Zeitstrom or Rio do Tempo or Fleuve de Temps….)

She received one particular contact early in her experiments that can be a sort of framework for this article. It was delivered as a text file on Maggy’s computer in December, 1987, by level 3 spirit friend Swejen Salter (excerpted from Maggy’s book, Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication).:

While level 3 (mid-astral dimension) is a product of the human mind, it is as much a reality as is planet Earth. People whose ideas and beliefs agree with each other come together here in groups and form one unity. This unity is the stepping stone to level 4. After crossing into the fourth (higher astral) dimension, also called The Summerland, the human being is relieved of the laws of reincarnation.

To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes. At the same time, the members of Timestream are already approaching the border lines of higher consciousness at level 4.

Sometimes we feel pulled into the beauty of level 4, and it’s only the thought of our ITC responsibilities with Earth that tear us away, so we can return to the ITC station on level 3. Our experiences and knowledge from level 4 might be useful to you.

We live along the banks of the River of Eternity along with those who were once living on Earth. There are animals here. Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees. Many buildings are made of wood. Some people (and animals) wake up here already reborn into bodies at the prime of life. Others come to us as old people and turn young again after the regenerating sleep. Why there are such differences, we do not know. At the end of the growth or rejuvenation process most people will be 25-30 years old. Animals also will be at an age of vitality and well-being, since ethical factors are not involved here. Damaged tissue or broken bones regenerate just like wounds heal in your world but much more perfectly. Lost limbs will regrow. The blind will see again, and so on. The color of your hair and skin cannot be changed and will be the same as it was during your Earth life. Here in the river world, beings arrive from all levels of life.

Gnomes and giants live together with formless beings and the former human inhabitants of planet Earth. Doubles who were joined but lived on parallel worlds do not live together at the same area of the river.

Through the 1990s, Maggy was well connected to Timestream spirit group, who delivered information to her by phone, radio, TV, computer, and other means. They also contacted some of Maggy’s colleagues, usually by phone or telephone answering device.

Excerpts of four ITC contacts in 1994, from the late EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive (1909-74):

        • Radio message to Mark Macy while visiting Luxembourg,
        • Phone call to Mark Macy at home in Colorado,
        • Phone call to George Meek at home in North Carolina,
        • Phone call to Sarah Estep at home in Maryland.

Other ITC experimenters in the 1990s were connected to other spirit groups at level 3, and they received spirit communications from those groups. Adolf Homes and Friedrich Malkhoff (both of Germany) were connected to Central and Cloverleaf spirit groups, respectively. There were spirit groups working with me here in the States… and of course with Hans-Otto Koenig in Germany, Marcello Bacci in Italy, Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil, Robin Foy and his group in Scole, England… and others.

When two or three of those “specially suited” or ITC-sensitive experimenters worked together on a project (for example, as members of INIT), then their spirit groups also came together at level 3 to collaborate.

Timestream urged Maggy and the INIT group to broaden their work to include all races, cultures, nationalities and eras. They made it a point to deliver contacts from a wide variety of spirits at level 3.

Departed family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues of the living ITC researchers:

  • Konstantin Raudive (Latvian psychologist and EVP pioneer), Friedrich Jurgenson (Swedish filmmaker and EVP pioneer), Klaus Schreiber (German ITC pioneer), Jeannette Meek (wife of ITC pioneer George Meek), Bill O’Neil (inventor of Spiricom), Albert and Jemp Fischbach (father and uncle of ITC expert Maggy Fischbach), Ernst and Margaret Mackes (friends of Maggy), Blair Macy (my dad), John Hoys (my father-in-law and father of my wife Regina), Willis Harman (president of the Institute of Noetic Science, or IONS, and an ITC supporter)…

Historical names—scientists, leaders, writers, artists, entertainers, religious people, soldiers…—some prominent, others not so prominent:

  • Konrad Lorenz (Austrian ethologist), Henri Ste Claire de Ville (French Chemist), Olof Palme (assassinated Swedish prime minister), Jules Verne (French author), Honorine de Viane (French artist and wife of Jules Verne), Susannah Lehnhof (French artist and wife of Edouard Manet), Richard Francis Burton (English explorer), Arthur Beckwith (19th Century American journalist, Brooklyn), Hal Roach (American TV producer), George Cukor (American film director), Anne de Guigné (a saintly Catholic French girl who died in 1922 at age 11), Arthur Moos (a casualty of the Second World War), and American scientists Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie.

A diverse cross-section of humanity:

  • Yang Fudse, 2nd century Chinese physician,
  • Paracelsus, 16th century Swiss physician,
  • Bwele M’Banga, African tribesman who’d been eaten by a lion,
  • Mootai, Polynesian island girl,
  • Friting, Ice Age man (Northern Europe),
  • Atahualpa, Inca leader (South America),
  • Skjoldung, Danish skald (Viking poet),
  • Red Jacket, Native American (North America),
  • Abdallah Ibn Bekr, Arabian contemporary of the Prophet Mohammed, and
  • Pescator, a finer being who had been known as Jesus of Nazareth during lifetime.

Timestream and The Seven seemed to be making an effort to include all races, religions, cultures, and eras into the ITC bridge… and I suspect, in the future, that the ITC researchers on Earth who will get the most attention from ethereal facilitators will be those who also take an all-encompassing approach… perhaps local and regional networks joining or associating with other groups elsewhere in the world. The spirit groups supporting each researcher will likewise join forces at level 3 to collaborate in this unified scheme.

The intent, of course, is to open ITC bridges to a unified humanity (if unifying humanity is even possible). So through it all, the diverse collaborators and their spirit groups will have to make an effort to remain resonant—compatible in their thoughts and attitudes… a monumental challenge here on Earth!… that, indeed, is the principle challenge to ITC.

As the spirit of Konstantin Raudive told Maggy Fischbach, her husband Jules Harsch, and me in a radio contact in Luxembourg in 1994:

It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.

Where’s Level 3?

Because of our five senses, the world around us and the material universe of stars and galaxies seem vast, while we ourselves seem insignificant, so now we have to turn that around… broaden our mind and shrink our worldview.

Level 3 isn’t “out there” somewhere in the vast physical universe, hidden among the stars and galaxies. The entire material universe around us is mostly an illusion… in the same way that the vast universe of cells and molecules within us is just an illusion. Our body seems solid and real until we perceive it—molecule by molecule, atom by atom, electron by electron—with an electron microscope. Then we realize that we’re 99.99 percent empty space.

When we perceive reality through our physical senses and our sciences, the universe seems vast, and we seem insignificant.

But when we perceive reality through our finer (spiritual) senses, everything is pulled into perspective more neatly and completely in our mind. The omniverse is within us as well as around us, so we’re just as significant as everything else… everywhere. That heightened consciousness isn’t so easy to achieve while living on Earth with all its distractions, so I’ll just try to explain it rationally… which is a bit of a challenge in itself.

All of those seven major levels depicted in the diagram, as well as the source itself, are right here inside us as well as all around us. Everything’s inside us and all around us… and that’s the enigmatic basis from which we have to address this question: Where is level 3?

All is one, and one is all. In our mind we can shrink down the diagram till everything is superimposed, then spread it back out in its superimposed state…. and then we can begin to imagine how all is one and one is all.

Each of the seven major levels is simply a realm or dimension that’s kept distinct from the other levels by its vibration. The source emits a perfect, nonvibrating life-energy that starts to vibrate very fast once it leaves the source. The vibrations become slower and denser as the life-energy moves out-beyond from the source to manifest each of the seven realms.

The realms are all close copies of each other that simply get finer and subtler as we move from our own physical realm toward the source. Every planet or star or entity in our material universe has close copies of itself in the adjacent realms (2, 3, 4, and so on). The diagram above shows just one human being and one of the countless planets in our universe—our own Earth. If we could perceive the spiritual copies of Mars and Venus and maybe some other planets in our solar system, we’d probably find intelligent human life on some of their copies at levels 3 and 4, even though the physical planets are barren.

Why are they barren? I believe there used to be another planet as well. Eden, or Marduk, was the jewel of our solar system—a paradise world roughly the size of Saturn—until it was pulverized some 4 billion years ago by a massive explosion. Although the physical planet Marduk was destroyed, I suspect its spiritual copies still exist in the finer levels (3, 4, 5….).

That’s why Timestream told Maggy in many ITC contacts that they live at level 3 on a world called Marduk.

Marduk or Eden was a paradise planet 4 billion years ago, some of the Edenites were colonizing Earth at the time the home planet exploded, and the colonists became marooned on Earth.

So, after countless millennia, today we humans spend a short lifetime on Earth, and then we awaken in a spiritual world when we die. That world might be a spiritual copy of Earth, or it might be a spiritual copy of humanity’s home planet Eden. The spirits at Tmestream happen to reside on the level 3 copy of planet Eden or Marduk.

I suspect that ITC researchers in the future will collaborate with spirit groups residing both on level 3 Earth and on level 3 Eden… and probably on other worlds at level 3.

(Based on what we INIT members were told through ITC contacts in the 1990s, I’m confident that the scenario described above is reasonably accurate… even if it seems a bit contrived when observed through the lens of science or the doctrines of religion.)

What’s It Like Over There?

Plain and simple, life at level 3 is much like life on Earth but without the drama and suffering. It’s what we typically think of as paradise. Most people are at the prime of life, and they’re drawn naturally into groups or communities of like-minded people. Animals that we love on Earth, such as pets and butterflies, also flourish at level 3. Parasitic and predatory behavior—human, animal, or otherwise—is unknown at level 3. People can still do many of the things they’d enjoyed on Earth but, again, without the predation and suffering… and without hormonal urges that can make activities on Earth seem frenzied or compulsive. They can eat delicious, earth-like foods without getting fat or uncomfortable… since the food is synthesized from life-energy, and nothing has to die for something else to live. People can choose to have sex with each other without the complications of guilt, shame, and carnal craving… and no one gets pregnant, since making babies/reproduction is an Earth oddity. People can drive motorcycles and nice cars, and they can live in tents in a forest or in luxury homes in a city or meadow.

Some people at level 3 remember their lifetime and their family and friends on Earth, while others let it all fade away like a strange dream. Spirit groups involved in ITC, of course, nurture a relationship or rapport with certain ITC researchers who are compatible in their thoughts and attitudes. That  awareness of certain people on Earth becomes the basis for an ITC bridge, or contact field.

What Insights Do They Offer Us?

Besides giving us a better understanding of the afterlife, the spirits at level 3 explain why noble behavior and certain other human qualities are necessary to sustain a clear contact field. They’re also in touch with finer beings who have insights about our distant past, the workings of the omniverse, and the nature of the source. These ethereal insights can be tremendous eye-openers for mankind!

Why Contact Earth?

To be clear, many people get settled at level 3 and have little interest in making contact with Earth because to do so they have to descend into Earth’s shadow to be “close” to us carnal humans on Earth. To forge an ITC bridge they have to resonate not just with the noble side of human nature (which is the side of human nature they’ve come to embrace at level 3) but also with our savage side… our fears, doubts, suspicions, animosities….

By the time they’ve gotten settled at level 3, those savage emotions have been forgotten like a bad dream, and revisiting them for the sake of an ITC bridge with Earth can be a dreary prospect. Timestream director Swejen Salter told Luxembourg researcher Maggy Fischbach about the difficulty she had trying to persuade many familiar names to join Timestream. Alexander Graham Bell and Nikola Tesla, for example, refused to participate in the early 1990s. People at level 3, like people on Earth, are free to change their minds and they’re open to negotiation. So it’s likely that membership in an ITC spirit group changes over time as members come and go… just as membership in companies, churches, and other organizations on Earth can change over time.

I suspect most people at level 3 who join an ITC group do so mostly for the benefit of Earth, the way some people on Earth might devote some of their time and money to support a charity or to protect the environment. Protecting and supporting others is a noble gesture everywhere in the omniverse.

How Do They Make ITC Contacts?

As Timestream director Swejen Salter told Maggy Fischbach in the computer contact at the beginning of this article:

To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes.

That suggests that the spirit group doesn’t do all of its ITC work there at level 3, for example from the Timestream sending station. Instead, they send working teams through denser dimensions (level 2 and level 1) into the actual home or lab of an earthside ITC researcher. While the ITC researchers work with their physical equipment, the spirit team is right there, behind the scenes, working with spiritual apparatuses, which probably include the spiritual copies of the physical radios, computers, TVs and telephones in the researchers’ home or lab. (Apparently just about every material thing in our world has spiritual copies that exist in subtler realms.)

Swejen Salter shared several reports with Maggy, explaining how her spirit team would travel through portals or tunnels that had been established between the Timestream station and the home of Maggy and Jules.

Once they arrive in our world, many energies are pulled together to make an ITC contact possible: The spirit group’s thoughts, attitudes and the information to be conveyed; the thoughts, attitudes, and expectations of the researcher on Earth; the electromagnetic energies of the earthside device, whether the information will be delivered as a TV video, a computer letter or image, a phone call, a radio communication; and many more energies that we can only imagine.

. . . . .

Hopefully that gives a reasonable sense of spirit groups at level 3 and some of the challenges they face working on an ITC project with researchers on Earth.


Note: It’s hard to mention ITC and Earth’s disturbing shadow in the same breath without considering how to protect an ITC bridge with such things as resonant attitudes, stable portals, an ITC disposition, and support from finer beings… but those details are mostly beyond the scope of this article, which is simply about the spirit groups at level 3.

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22 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 26 — ITC Spirit Collaborators

  1. John R.M. Day says:

    This is a nicely written post. It is a good summary of all that you have brought to us before.
    However, I think this part is new…”To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes.”
    It makes sense, of course, and provides a new contemplation for me.
    Thanks Mark.

    • mark says:

      Thanks for the comment, John,

      I think I have the basic scenario figured out, based on what we were told through our ITC contacts. I guess if I keep repeating the same message from different angle, with some new information along the way, the right people will get it.
      Also, whenever I mention complicated information (such as Marduk/Eden or the 7-level model of the omniverse), I like to give some basic background, so if it’s the first article a reader has seen on this site, it won’t be too mind-boggling.

      I think a lot of the material on this site will be more interesting for people in the future, and might be a bit of a stretch for the modern mainstream.


  2. Don Marsh says:

    Great summary of ITC. Particularly liked when you stated the intent is to open ITC Bridges to a Unified Humanity (if possible). I would suggest that not only is it possible but it may have even been prophesied in an apparition to 4 young girls at Garabandal Spain back in 1961-1965. The 4 young girls, who were devout Catholics, saw what they perceived to be the Virgin Mary. Several messages were delivered and events occurred, that were impossible to explain, but the one message which has a direct bearing on the potential for a Unified Humanity was the prediction of a great miracle that would occur during the reign of the now current Pope (Pope Francis). The miracle would be announced 8 days before it’s occurrence by Conchita Gonzalez (one of the 4 young girls who witnessed the apparition).
    In accordance with a recent book by Jose Luis Saavedra on the subject (as part of his Theology thesis under the direction of the Department of Historical Theology at the University of Navarre), “Before the miracle, a supernatural warning will occur pre-announcing it, everyone will see his own interior or conscience, the good and the evil he has done as seen by God: each person will see the state of his soul before God. This warning will come directly from God and will be experienced by everyone in the world regardless of his or her condition and knowledge of God, and at exactly the same moment.” That sounds like a “life review” for everyone on the planet at one time. If this “life review” is not sufficient to propel mankind toward a more noble oriented Unified Humanity then the message goes on to say that a great chastisement will follow. The chastisement could very well be pressing the “Reset” button on humanity one more time.
    Regardless of whether or not the “Reset” button is required (in accordance with the prophesy) mankind is approaching an “End of Times,” which is not to be confused with an “End of the World.” This distinction was specifically addressed in Jose Saavedra’s book.
    I am an optimist and therefore hope that the “Reset” button option will not be required but that mankind will be awakened by the warning as to who we really are; not who we have been brainwashed by the elite for millennia into thinking we are. .

    • mark says:

      Thank you Don!

      This is great information. I’ll spend some time looking into the Garabandal girls this weekend, which I’ve neglected to do in the past couple of weeks.

      Looking forward with much interest,


    • John R.M. Day says:

      I welcome this global life review opportunity.
      Might it happen today?
      Thanks Don.

    • Mark says:

      PS, Don – I don’t have that much hope in humanity in the short term. The prophecy of everyone suddenly “seeing the light” (and darkness) of their choices, thoughts, and attitudes in relation to God, then making amends, would be amazing and wonderful and the salvation of our troubled little planet… but I’m not holding my breatn. 🙂

      It’s more likely that your “Reset button” will be pushed, so that humanity can try again in the next Epoch to rise to the eternal occasion.

      Here’s hoping I’m wrong… and still looking into the Garabandal story…..

      (Then again, maybe the prophecy “everyone will see his own interior or conscience, the good and the evil he has done as seen by God: each person will see the state of his soul before God.” is referring to an event in which lots of people die… since the scenario in the prophecy sounds a lot like what a person goes through at the end of a lifetime, before getting settled into the afterlife.(

      • Don Marsh says:

        I must say that I felt the same way until I read Jose Luis Saavedra’s book, “Garabandal Message of Hope.” In the past, the “Reset” option was the only option but that may no longer be the case.

        A favorite science fiction series of mine, “Star Trek” had a non-interference policy when it came to dealing with less advanced civilizations. A favorite science fiction film of mine, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” referenced that same policy but stated that there was a limit to the policy. I now feel that this movie (made in 1951) was our first warning to clean up our act. A second warning came in the form of apparitions to the 4 young girls at Garabandal, again telling us that we needed to clean up our act or there would be consequences.

        It is my opinion that this second warning initiated a multi-pronged approach to the problem of a few elite in our society seeking to usurp total control over the masses by manipulating our natural addition to fear. Total control means no “Free Will” which cannot be allowed and therefore justifies violating the non-interference policy.

        Following the second warning a concerted effort was made by the real powers to be (from God on down) to raise the vibration of as many individuals as possible on the earth plain so that the reset option would not be required. Many channeled texts began to appear like “A Course in Miracles” and Paul Selig’s “I am Word” series. Technology began to be employed to bridge the gap between our world and the worlds of our neighbors (ITC). Near-Death-Experiences became more common place and resulted in several individuals who experienced such events becoming mediums thereby increasing humanity’s vibration even more. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.

        After reading Jose Saavedra’s book, I feel that all of humanity will soon be subjected to a Near-Death-Experience of sorts and witness their own individual “life review.”

        Based upon my research, this is how I see the future unfolding:
        Within the next year or so the elite will announce the existence of aliens and depict them as a threat. The famous German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun predicted this back in the late 1970s before he died. He told Dr. Carol Rosin (first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries), “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” The elite has known about the existence of aliens since 1947 (or before) but the Pentagon has just recently released video footage from Navy pilots documenting this fact. President Trump in Feb 2020 announced that he will be requesting $15.4 Billion in the FY-2021 budget for the US Space Force. A Space Force that does not even have an enemy yet but will have one when the elite plays their last card. This will occur because the aftermath of the corona virus will have plummeted our economy into such a depression that the only way (in the minds of the elite) to fix the problem would be to declare war on someone.

        After the elite play their last card, the events prophesied by the Garabandal messages will begin to unfold. Conchita Gonzales (one of the 4 young girls) will announce that a great miracle will occur 8 days before the event. After Conchita’s announcement but before the miracle everyone on the face of the planet will be subjected to a “life review.” If after the miracle, humanity is still not able to kick our addition to fear, it will be “Reset.” Not an “End of the World” but an “End of Times.”

        So I am still holding out hope that we will be able to rise up and conquer our fears before the “Reset” button is pressed, which will result in reducing our illusion of separation and unite us into a more peaceful society worthy of taking our place among the more civilized worlds of the Universe.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Don, I like your scenario a lot… NDEs for everyone.
          Makes good sense.
          Here’s hoping!

          • Don Marsh says:

            If this scenario comes to pass, I feel that a form of E-conometrics similar to that which you outlined in Chapter 19 of your, “The Project” book will become critical in reestablishing a new world order. One that can offer an environment which still allows souls to progress spiritually (through challenges) but will not be controlled by a few elite to satisfy their specific low vibration goals. I would envision more of a “liberty and justice for all” environment.
            I have always felt that mans inhumanity to man needed to be corrected but until hearing about the Garabandal messages I never expected such corrections to take place in my lifetime.

            • Mark Macy says:

              Hi Don. Years ago, when that “new economics / vitality ratio” scenario started coming together in my mind, I thought, “wow, this should be the basis of the global economy!”
              But as I kept watching economic systems, especially capitalism, it became more and more apparent that we humans with our hormones and egos seem to prefer systems that are essentially fear, greed, and gambling dressed up in a business suit.
              Maybe the Garabandal experience or some major event will provide the mass enlightenment needed for a kind, intelligent, sensible way to manage the world.
              Here’s hoping! 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Here is what she says will happen

      • Kate says:

        There’s also a movie released 2020 dubbed in English, on Youtube called Garabandal, God only knows.

        • mark says:

          Thanks Kate.
          I watched the hour-and-a-half movie (English subtitles) yesterday.
          It was interesting, the skepticism of the politically higher-up priests and their psychologist consultants, compared to the thousands who actually observed the amazing experiences of those four girls.
          I enjoyed the movie, had a nice dream about it.


          • Kate says:

            Hi Mark, I’ve just finished watching the movie for the first time. Yes, you’re right about the scepticism and lovely that you had the added bonus of dreaming a nice dream about it. In one interview with Conchita she said when it happens people will not be hurt but may die of shock if they have something like a weak heart.

            I love the article it is loaded with great information thanks.

  3. John R.M. Day says:

    I want to thank Don again for bringing to our attention the miracles of Garabandal.
    I did not know anything about this wonder.
    After studying the many informative (and consistent) documentary videos which are available over the past few days, I am feeling some hope and optimism about our global plight.
    Because of the myriad negative corporate and individual elitists agendas, I do not believe there will be any meaningful change for the better unless there is a great spiritual awakening.
    Spritual power is the greatest power. I believe that a spiritual interdiction is the only force that can bring us around. Every heart must behold the opportunity for change.
    Otherwise, there is just too much corporate evil in play for positive change to manifest. This is a systemic global problem. The principal usurping corporations are “too big to fail.” Individuals, whose motives are based in fear and greed, drive this insanity.
    I am familiar with von Braun’s and Rosen’s prophesy, which has been echoed by Steven Greer since that May, 2001 Disclosure event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.
    Such a false flag attack could be used by the globalists in a variety of nefarious scenarios.
    Garabandal offers hope to believers, and to the non-believers, alike.

  4. Admin says:

    Beautifully written article Mark!

    I’ve got a question. I noticed one of the words you used to describe a spirit collaborator is ‘trusting’. I think the earth side team member also needs to share those qualities (otherwise there would be no resonance). You probably remember I’ve had my trials with level 1 and 2 spirit rebels, the disrupters, and for my own part I lost the initial absolute trust I had in spirit at the beginning.

    I like to think that I have worked out my own way of knowing where the EVP are coming from, but there must still be a level of mistrust with me. And I must still get things wrong, disregarding EVP that actually came from the light, as deceitful.

    Do you think my mistrust is spoiling communication? Or is it a positive thing?

    • Admin says:

      Apologies for the name Admin. It’s taken that from my WP account. Must change it. I’m not admin for here. 😎

      • Nicola says:

        Sorry Mark, how confusing. I left those comments above. I always manage to break something when I post here. Nicola. Calling Home.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Not a problem, Nikki.
        (I realized that clicking on your picture or on your name (Admin or Nicola) takes me to your “Calling Home” website, where the spirit group in your experiments have called you Nic or Nikki. They also refer to “Broken Beacon. 🙂 )
        Truly remarkable what you’ve been up to; very busy in recent years!
        Best of success with everything… 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola! Nice hearing from you again. 🙂

      Sounds like you’re doing fine with your experiments.
      Trouble is, Earth itself isn’t an environment conducive to trust (because parasites, predators, and competition are a way of life here).
      We can find a “relative” degree of trust within that worldly scenario, and it’s probably the best we can do during a lifetime.
      It’s what I’m writing about with my current article about happiness.
      Hopefully I’ll get that done today.
      Anyway, that’s what makes EVP and ITC so difficult–our inability as carnal humans to have the unconditional purity and kindness that keep things copacetic in the finer realms of life (the spirit worlds closer to the source–levels 3 through 7).

      We can only do the best we can. Warm wishes,


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hm, that reply of mine sounded kind of gloomy. Sorry.
      I think that parasites, predators, and competitors account for the minority of human affairs.
      Most relationships on Earth are probably trusting and win-win.
      It’s THOSE kinds of friendships and collaborations we need to nurture, especially in spiritual pursuits like EVP and ITC.
      If we could gather up all the living things on Earth and observe their lives, I suspect that we’d find that, typically:
      – predatory interactions account for less than 5 percent.
      – parasitic interactions account for less than 10 percent.
      – competitive interactions account for less than 30 percent.
      – by far most of the interactions and relationships between living things on Earth are win-win… what biologists call “mutualistic” and “commensalistic”.

      That’s my guess, based only on gut feeling.

      Here’s to win-win, mutualistic relationships! 🙂


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