Answer 3: How an ITC Bridge Really Works

(Note: This is the third of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 3: How does an ITC bridge actually work?


Best guess:  The ITC bridge of INIT was apparently forged between astral Eden (Marduk) and physical Earth… or maybe between astral Eden and astral Earth. To make an ITC contact, our transpartners told us they travel quickly through some sort of tunnel (with walls pulsing in rainbow colors) from Timestream sending station (on astral Eden) in order to work with us and our equipment here on Earth.

It happened in my house on several occasions while INIT was still a viable group, in the late 1990s. It’s how they made contact with me through my radios and telephones. They arrived here via a tunnel from the sending station on Eden. But they didn’t actually materialize in our house (like the kinds of materializations you’d observe at a physical mediumship event, i.e. at Scole, England), which leads me to suspect that the Timestream spirit team arrived in the shadow world of Earth, a sort of dark template of our physical world, and from there they were able to work with my equipment.

The early reports by the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg suggest that the Timestream group were far more active in their home than they were in mine. Maggy and Jules apparently could sense their presence at times, and there occasionally would be a loud crack or bang in their flat or out in the hall, like a small lightning strike, as the spirit team apparently had a little trouble transducing their energies to work with the denser energies of our equipment and our world.

Mistakes would be made.

In my home, the most notable glitch happened one day when the spirit of Konstantin Raudive left a message on my telephone answering device (TAD), while no one was home. It apparently destroyed some of the circuitry in the machine, because from that point on, the machine could play existing messages, including Konstantin’s latest message, but couldn’t record new messages… just a minor inconvenience, requiring that I buy a new TAD.

I thought of taking the machine to an expert to have it analyzed to see exactly what happened to the circuitry… but that sort of investigation never felt like my calling. The thought of endless investigations wearied me. I think that some people are more driven to investigate, while others (like me) are more driven to experience, explore, and try to understand the miracles and phenomena that are happening… from a more open-minded perspective. I believe the latter case is more conducive to establishing and sustaining an ITC bridge… working more from trust and curiosity than from doubt.

In any case, the Timestream spirit group understood this quirk of mankind… our tendency to doubt and fear the unknown… and so they arranged many contacts to prove and substantiate the legitimacy of those ITC contacts. So it wasn’t really necessary for me to do a lot of personal investigations.

Timestream told us that it’s okay if we feel the need to investigate and to set up tests for proof (the way Adolf Homes had Deutsche Telekom trace his spirit phone calls on a dedicated line)… but they made it clear that we on Earth don’t have the technology nor understanding at the present time to really verify ITC contacts to any great extent… so our investigations can only go so far. The types of verifications that Timestream spirit group choreographed, such as cross-contacts, were far more effective.

So… back to the setup in my home. It became my impression that there was a small spirit team at Timestream dedicated to my ITC research in those years (again, that was in the late 1990s), and they spent a lot of time entering that earthly shadow world, where they had equipment set up to interface with the radios and telephones in my home.

I was told by Timestream spirit group, through the Harsch-Fischbachs in Luxembourg, that Bill O’Neil, Arthur Beckwith, and Willis Harman were among the spirits working with me. I suspect that those three were probably working mostly out of the Timestream station (on astral Eden), and they visited my home and lab on occasion to facilitate contacts that had already been planned out at Timestream. There were other spirits, probably residing in the shadow world, who were close to me and my lab more pervasively… which was not always a good thing.

The spirit team at Timestream (on astral Eden) seemed to be more refined of character (probably because of the close monitoring by The Seven ethereals) than the spirits working with my radios day after day in the early morning hours when I did my experiments. The short messages I got were often strange and unsettling. (As in the case of Anne Guigne, whose contacts in Luxembourg facilitated by Timestream spirit group were informative and respectful, whereas when she came through my radios one morning the messages were short and puzzling, maybe a bit unsettling. I suspect Miss Guigne arrived with a small team from Timestream, but the unruly little voices that came through with her voice were from the local gang.)

Psychics sometimes visited my lab in those years. A couple of them “saw” a portal in the ceiling in one corner of the lab, through which my invisible colleagues from Timestream could enter and exit my lab, and several of the psychics didn’t feel particularly comfortable with the character of the local spirits who were usually hanging around, and who made crude gestures and didn’t impress the psychics as being especially kind and respectful.

That’s the main reason I gradually lost interest in experiments with the radios. Having worked closely with Maggy in Luxembourg and having experienced the insightful, uplifting information she received routinely from Timestream spirit group, I had (and still have) higher expectations for ITC.

Much of that is determined by resonance. More refined and empathetic people on Earth attract the help of more refined and empathetic spirits. Whereas people who are more susceptible to their savage, hormonal, ego-driven tendencies (fear, doubt, mistrust, animosity…) attract spirits who are attracted to those dark feelings.

That’s the basic rule of thumb for ITC and spiritual research, but it gets a bit more complicated than that. The shadow world of Earth includes a plague of spirits who still pursue savage dramas that they’ve carried over from their lives on Earth… and it’s not going to be easy in the future for humans on Earth to establish and sustain a stable, refined ITC bridge with astral Eden that passes through that savage plague without being affected occasionally by the darkness… especially when the researchers on Earth happen to be going through stressful times or coming under attack by savage forces on Earth that unsettle them. That sort of emotional drama can open them up to the more troubled spirits who are pervasive around our world. The stable ITC bridge can break down for a while.

That’s why I’ve come to believe that the real key to ITC here on Earth will involve on-going, dedicated efforts by researchers to do self-reflection and self-refinement, and to resolve conflicts quickly and cleanly.

Which is why I created the websites (a public site and a private site) as a sort of model or template for ITC groups in the future. It centers around a personal workspace in which each member can work on self-refinement, so that the group can be more resonant with each other and with a more refined spirit group worthy of a respectful, insightful, empathetic ITC bridge.

That sort of effort, I believe, will attract the help of ethereal “gatekeepers” like The Seven who possess the will and the ability to facilitate and protect a stable ITC bridge. Not an easy task.

Without their help, and without resonance among researchers (which requires dedicated efforts by each member to remain clean and clear spiritually), I believe ITC will continue to be a matter of groping in the dark… literally.

If I ever get involved in another ITC group in this lifetime, it will probably be through a website like, in which every member is committed, first and foremost, to self-refinement. I’m approaching age 70 now, so it’s more likely that ITC will flourish long after I’ve left the Earth… and if I have any further compulsion to work actively on an ITC bridge, it’ll be from the other end of the bridge.

In any case, that (I’m still convinced) will be the key to stable ITC bridges in the future… resonance through self-refinement.

When I visited Maggy and Jules in Luxembourg in 1994, while traveling with Alison van Dyk and bubbly, beloved Juliet Hollister of Connecticut, we received a miraculous radio contact from the late Konstantin Raudive. He gave us each a very personal message, showing clearly how the folks at Timestream spirit group could be startlingly succinct. Case in point, the opening line:

“It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.

Juliet Hollister, you have many friends not only on your side but also on this side of the veil…”

And there it is… ITC in a nutshell.

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7 Responses to Answer 3: How an ITC Bridge Really Works

  1. Mark,
    Thank you for another very informative writing.
    I enjoyed this one also as it helped settle some of my ruffled energy this morning.
    Keep ’em coming!

  2. kate says:

    Enjoyed reading this Mark Thanks. Looking forward to the next one

  3. Ricky says:

    I found this video of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach at her computer discussing ITC. How I wish I spoke German so I could understand this!

    I recognize that picture toward the end – it’s one of the opening examples of ITC miracles in ‘Conversations Beyond the Light’.

    • Eric says:

      > How I wish I spoke German so I could understand this!

      I can translate it for you, if you want, but Youtube also has a (auto) translate feature which is not perfect but better then nothing:
      click the subtitles “CC” button at the bottom and then the settings button next to it, and set it to auto-translate the subtitles to the language you’d like.

      Hope this helps.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Great find, Ricky.
      I was not aware of that video of Maggy Fischbach.
      It gives viewers a personal sense of the woman and her research much more clearly than still pictures and written descriptions can do.
      Yes, Eric’s tip (CC then Settings / English) creates subtitles for most of the short video that seem to be pretty well translated.


  4. Michael says:

    Thank you for ITC Report, Mr.Macy. greetings from Germany.

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