Answer 4: Why Did ITC Bridges Close Down Around the Year 2000?

 (Note: This is the fourth of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 4: Why did major ITC bridges such as our INIT group and the Scole Group in England close down around the year 2000?

Reasonable guess: Planetary movement.

Best guess: Need for harmony.


Planetary Movement, a Reasonable Guess

This was an ah-ha idea I woke up with a few weeks ago, inspiring me to start this series of articles. It made a lot of sense at the time, but less sense as I thought about it over the coming days. For what it’s worth, here’s that theory:

We develop patterns of thought and behavior during lifetime and carry them with us to the next world, especially the patterns that dominate our mind around the time of our death. Early in my research I read about a plumber who’d been electrocuted while fixing a kitchen sink… and a psychic saw his spirit, or ghost, caught up in the pattern of working on the sink. He was stuck in that pattern for a while after his death.


The Internet has lots of phenomenal photos of semisolid spirits sitting in their familiar car or peering out of the bedroom windows of their former home. They haven’t “moved on” to the next life, but instead are caught up in patterns carried over from their earthly lives.


No doubt many the pictures of ghosts and spirits are faked, but I’m sure that some are legitimate.

When people die and move on to the third level, they usually have to go through a rejuvenating sleep that lasts about six weeks of Earth time… and one purpose of that sleep is probably to cleanse the spirit body of those earthly patterns that would keep it caught up in the shadow world of Earth. After the cleansing or rejuvenation, the astral body can live comfortably at the third level. It’s no longer a “ghost” stuck near the Earth.

So there are earthly patterns of thought and behavior that a newcomer to the spirit worlds has to contend with. I’m fairly certain that that is a fact of life and death.

The same is probably true for planets, and for all material things. When they are destroyed, their astral templates continue to do whatever they had been doing at the physical level before they were destroyed. For a planet in our solar system, that would include orbiting around the sun and spinning on its axis. It makes sense, then, that the best times for direct interactions between physical Earth and astral Eden are when the two orbiting planets happen to be closest together… when a straight line can be drawn between astral Eden and the sun, with the Earth directly between them.


Earth and Eden might have been closest together from the 1980s to around the year 2000, after which they moved apart and bridges broke down.


So if that theory is true—if astral planets do continue their earthly patterns for a while—then it makes sense that astronomical or astrological star patterns could help predict optimal ITC conditions, that is, the time when physical Earth and astral Eden are closest together (discussed in Question #7).

Frankly, I don’t like this explanation, even if it makes sense and deserves consideration. It’s one possibility, but it’s not the complete answer.

Does astral Eden continue to revolve around our sun like the physical planets do? Probably.

Does its distance from Earth affect ITC and spirit communication? Probably not.

Need for Harmony, More Likely

It makes more sense to me that 4 billion years ago there were interdimensional portals, or astral tunnels, between Eden and the small inner planets of our solar system.


The Edenites could travel quickly and effortlessly among the worlds, regardless of where those planets happened to be in their orbit cycles. The portals still exist today, and they exist beyond time and space.

Near-death-experiencers often remember going through a tunnel to a paradise of light (which I believe is Eden). Also, our friends at Timestream tell us they move through a tunnel, with walls pulsing in rainbow colors, when they come from Eden to Earth to work with us and with our equipment.


If that’s the case, then it probably doesn’t matter where physical Earth and astral Eden are located. A portal is always there, and an ITC bridge could be established anytime, whenever the three conditions are present:

  • A competent spirit group,
  • an ITC disposition, and
  • unity of mind (harmony).


A rule of thumb might be: If a person has a near-death experience or a death experience (i.e. dies) and goes through a tunnel, then he or she awakens in the paradise of the third level… on astral Eden. If there is no tunnel, he or she probably has arrived in Earth’s shadow world.


The ethereal beings in charge, the “gatekeepers,” apparently have decided that teams or networks of humans need to rise to the next level (to unify and to think as one mind) before the project (establishing ITC bridges between Earth and the third level) will continue.

Prolific ITC bridges of the recent past (Bacci, Schreiber, Koenig, Harsch-Fischbach, INIT, Scole…) were probably an effort by those gatekeepers to give us humans a taste of what’s possible.

(Note: More crucial information related to this subject is added in Answer #6.)

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9 Responses to Answer 4: Why Did ITC Bridges Close Down Around the Year 2000?

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks Mark, another interesting article !

    Do you think it would be safe to assume the astral version/body of a planet is the “lower or darker” level of the physical body ? (so this “shadow world” is actually the astral body of earth ?)

    Or could there be several astral levels and these portals or tunnels only exist in the same astral level of a planet’s body ?


    • kate says:

      Good question Eric and be interesting to read Marks response….the lady that was stuck in my old house wasn’t lower or darker energy but for some reason she was stuck.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Eric, that subject has been simmering hotly in the back of my mind for the past few weeks, since the Anthar/Agartha/HollowEarth civilization(s) came to my attention.

      Maybe there are several astral templates of a planet, as I tried to illustrate in some of these recent articles. Kate also brought up the presence of parallel (physical) planets in parallel universes, which opens up more possibilities… and complications.

      Here’s what I think is happening, and it’s only a partial answer to the bigger picture (which is nowhere near complete in my mind yet):

      While we’re alive on Earth, our astral body doesn’t have a life of its own; it’s part of what we mortal humans call our “mind.” Our astral and ethereal bodies are wrapped up in a package that we call our subconscious mind or higher mind or superego. Those finer living beings within us are using our carnal body and brain to navigate this dense Earth world. Our astral body can venture out on its own while we’re sleeping and dreaming, but it carries a lot of earthly patterns with it when it “goes back home” to the astral worlds to visit. And (based on my own dreams) I think the visiting astral body behaves a bit oddly over there, looking for familiar earthy things (like bathrooms) that don’t exist… or driving vehicles on the wrong side of the road… or having bursts of anger or frustration in situations that don’t warrant it.

      Same with planets, I think. Earth’s shadow world is the dense astral “mind” of physical planet Earth. If Earth were destroyed, then that astral mind would become an astral world with a life of its own… the way astral Eden probably took on a life of its own after the destruction of physical Eden.

      Like I said, that’s just a partial answer. The real question (as you say) is whether there are several astral Earths, besides the shadow world, superimposed over each other. Maybe there’s a third level Earth and a fourth level Earth, becoming lighter and more paradise-like as they rise in vibration.

      So far I can’t seem to make sense of that possibility. It makes more sense that astral Eden is a light, paradise world where beings coexist peacefully, because that’s what physical planet Eden was like before it exploded. Astral Earth is a darker, wilder, more unruly place because that’s what physical planet Earth is like (ever since mistakes were made in Atlantis). That’s what I plan to write about in the next article;


  2. kate says:

    Portals and wormholes sound similar. Maybe a portal is an astral wormhole that only eletrical energies can enter which is what we are when we die or when altering our electrical energy through things like meditation, telepathy etc. If we want to cart our denser selves then the wormhole it is, maybe?…I read somewhere Koenig says that there is an exchange of energy when he connects to spirit and it can drain him or boost him depending on how is feeling during communication, if his energy is low during communication he can feel vitalised after and vice versa. I’m wondering if certain parts of the Earth fascilitate energy exchange with magnetic fields and minerals, crystals in the earths crust…The story of Edward Leedskalnin who built Coral Castle in Florida moved tonnes of his stone 10 miles away and no one really knows how he achieved what he did but they did find a magnetic fly wheel and box of crystals…Ed also said he knew the secrets of the pyramids. My point is maybe it’s easier to form an ITC bridge in certain places as well as undeniable fact of unity and harmony as you said. I had first hand experience of previous home owner being stuck in my last house. Everytime you mentioned her name the electrical switches or devices were affected to the point of blowing a light bulb and turning the light switch off, turning off other items too. I think she crossed over ok with some help and not only that but from what others said along my road that particular area seemed to have a lot of spiritual activity….so yes, back to your article, I totally agree that spirit does get stuck and i feel lucky to have had that experience. It was that house and her spirit that triggered my quest into understanding the afterlife of which I’m so grateful. ….Bacci had a message (the youtube documentary with subs), that communication takes part in the mesosphere, (the region of the earth’s atmosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere, between about 50 and 80 km in altitude.)….I don’t know if that’s for all devices that technicians use or maybe the energy exchange of the technician themselves….still not got my mind around the parallel universes but things seem to be coming together and making sense…hope you don’t mind me thinking aloud in your comments. Great help and article thanks Mark, so appreciative you are doing this as i’m sure many others will be.

    • kate says:

      If past, present, future do all happen at the same time it would make sense that the astral template will always exist.

      • kate says:

        In a recent paper entitled Cosmology From the Top Down, Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge writes; “Some people make a great mystery of the multi universe, or the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum theory, but to me, these are just different expressions of the Feynman path integral.” Maybe we are actually taking part in many expressions which would explain my amazement of how there were two of Maggie in the same situation in different universes attending to her father. Same situation but different expressions.

        Einstein’s belief in an undivided solid reality was clear to him, so much so that he completely rejected the separation we experience as the moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. His most descriptive testimony to this faith came when his lifelong friend Besso died. Einstein wrote a letter to Besso’s family, saying that although Besso had preceded him in death it was of no consequence, “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.” (Einstein, Albert, Letter to Michele Besso’s Family. Ref. Bernstein, Jeremy., A Critic at Large: Besso. The New Yorker (1989).)

        Maybe that’s what you find with the illuminator, different time, different expressions, parallel…same soul…all happening at the same time……..

        • kate says:

          All I can say is if that theory is the case, regarding our souls, then the expression ‘poor old soul’ takes on a new meaning lol 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      Wow, Kate, what a fine collection of information and bunch of ideas.

      Yes, once we free ourselves from the comfortable illusions of material living (e.g. space, time, and gravity) then we can start exploring the deeper, more intimate aspects of reality. But we can also become more alienated from the status quo of Earth, which presents a new set of problems. 🙂

      In any case, that’s apparently where we’ll have to go with this series of articles… deeper and deeper into the worlds beyond time, space, and gravity… to see how those realities affect our reality here on Earth… and ITC in particular.

      Could be a wild ride. Very glad you and other readers are along for the ride.


    • Brett says:

      Kate, greetings! Thanks for your amazing post and theories. May I please ask who Koenig is? Thanks for getting back to me.

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