Answer 5: Why Was INIT’s ITC Bridge Established with Astral Eden, Not Astral Earth?

 (Note: This is the fifth of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 5: Why was INIT’s ITC bridge established between physical Earth and astral Eden? Why not between physical Earth and Earth’s own subtle template?… that mystical place where ghosts, spirits, angels, ETs, nature spirits, and other (mostly) invisible entities interact closely with our world.

Best guess: The need for harmony and pure intentions.


Astral Earth and astral Eden are inhabited by the astral spirits of departed humans from Earth (among many other types of astral spirits). I suspect that the astral templates of Mars, Venus, and Mercury also flourish with life, and I might speculate more on that possibility in a later article in the series, probably #10.

I suggested recently that astral Earth is “a shadow world” of physical planet Earth, a spooky place inhabited largely by confused spirits… a sort of Pig-Pen of the spirit worlds… as opposed to astral Eden, which is a brilliant spiritual template of a paradise physical planet that once circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter… until it exploded, leaving only its astral template.

(While writing articles #6 and #9 I came to realize that Earth also probably has astral planets and parallel physical planets associated with it… not just the shadow world of spiritual residue that surrounds our planet. This article looks more closely at the shadow world of Earth than the astral Earth world(s) because it seems to be the most “accessible” to ITC researchers and physical mediums here on Earth. That is, it’s challenging to establish stable communications with the finer astral worlds of Earth because of the clutter in the shadow world. I’ve edited the article below accordingly.)

What’s the origin of Earth’s shadow world, that place of emotional human residue?

People on Earth with exaggerated fear or confusion or ill intent… those who are completely immersed in carnal living… carry those patterns with them when they die. If those people-in-spirit can’t resonate with the calm attitudes (good will, trust, and desire to serve) that prevail in the paradise of astral Eden, they remain stuck near Earth, in a sort of shadowy template of our world, where their confused or unruly thoughts spin the same kinds of dramas they’d been spinning on Earth.

If they can somehow transcend that kind of troubled earthly thinking (either before or after they die), then they probably wind up on astral Eden, the proverbial afterlife paradise, or one of Earth’s lighter astral worlds. Otherwise they’re stuck in Earth’s shadow world for a while.

I’m still trying to figure out if there are other astral templates of Earth besides the strange shadow world…  lighter realms where communities of human spirits coexist in peace, order, and contentment. Or is there just physical Earth and the shadow world of spiritual residue, which is the one and only astral Earth?

I’ll try to come up with some best guesses to that question in a later article (probably #9), where I also plan to address the existence of parallel physical worlds of Earth… such as the planet Varid.

For this article I’ll stick with what I’m fairly certain to be true, based largely on an ITC phone call between spirit friend Swejen Salter and my Luxembourg colleague Maggy Fischbach. Based on what our INIT group learned from that particular contact and from many other ITC contacts describing the afterlife, I’m very confident that…

  • Most of our spirit contacts came from Timestream sending station located on an astral world which our spirit friends called Marduk, or Eden.
  • We received streams of high-quality information from Timestream, packaged in friendship, honesty, trust, and respect.
  • We also received a few unsettling contacts from deceptive spirits with dubious motivations, and those contacts came not from astral Eden, but from Earth’s shadow world.
  • As our Timestream spirit friend Konstantin Raudive told us, “It (ITC) can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure.”

I’m reasonably certain that those four bullet items are all true, thanks to our friends at Timestream and the brilliant information they sent to us over the course of a decade.

Based on that information, then, a stable ITC bridge on Earth can only be established with astral Eden, not with astral Earth (because of the clutter in the shadow world). Life in the shadow world is too unruly to support an ITC bridge.

To give you an idea, I woke up from a strange dream a few nights ago, which I think was probably taking place in Earth’s shadow world… and which was probably “inspired” to give me some insight for this article. I don’t recall ever having a dream quite like it before, with that kind of pointless (and harmless) anger and violence involved. I was driving a car with my wife in the passenger seat. We were heading east out of a small town reminiscent of my Colorado hometown, Windsor. I was searching for a place, and I knew that it was not along the main road, but on a parallel side road that I was having trouble finding. We found one road, but it obviously was the wrong one. The twilight sky through the trees to the right was quite beautiful, but I knew that we weren’t in the right place. I stopped the car and somehow got it turned around, but I couldn’t get it moving in the direction we’d come. It was like we were stuck at the bottom of a hill, and the car didn’t have the power to start the climb. Suddenly a pick-up truck pulled alongside with three guys in it. One fellow stuck a pistol out the window and shot my wife in the head. I was suddenly standing behind my car, aghast. My wife apparently wasn’t hurt or affected by the gunshot. One guy grabbed her by the arm and shoved her into the back of a third vehicle, a camper or truck parked just ahead of theirs, where several other women were being held against their will. There was no sign of fear on the faces of the “captives,” more a rolling of eyes or annoyance by the silly drama that they’d been drawn into.

Then I started waking up… and while I was still only half-awake I heard an enraged voice yelling in my head, “What the hell are you doing?!”

I got up, sat at my computer for a while, transcribed the dream, then went back to bed and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Apparently this is the kind of crazy stuff that goes on the shadow world of Earth… a continuation of the dramas that spin out of our minds and out of our world to get captured in the shadow world.

But the shadow world isn’t completely wild and crazy. Apparently there are also groups (perhaps composed of deceased mystics, scientists, and maybe some ETs) who create crop circles in our world and do other things that get our attention in rather remarkable ways.

I believe that many of our departed loved ones hang around for a while after they die (for a few days or a few years, perhaps), staying close to us in our homes and in our lives, continuing to share the familiar love… until it’s time to move on… probably to astral Eden or one of Earth’s light astral worlds.

Many spirits of good intention stay in the shadow world for a while, resonating with and inspiring certain people…

  • healers, artists, architects, musicians, writers, lovers, dreamers, scientists, child protectors…

Other spirits in the shadow world have darker motivations and influence people on Earth who are more susceptible to their egos and hormones…

Again, stable ITC bridges can only be sustained on love, honesty, trust, friendship, good will, and other noble feelings that let everyone resonate with each other…like radios all tuned to the same frequency.

In the future that will require ITC researchers on Earth to make a sustained effort to work together in peace, harmony, honesty, trust, and good will.

And it will require a spirit team whose members also resonate with those noble attitudes. Apparently it’s easy for inhabitants of astral Eden to join together with such noble attitudes, whereas the finer astral worlds of Earth are too busy contending with the wild and unruly shadow world to sustain the needed harmony and purity of intent that make a stable ITC bridge possible.

So, until humanity can “lighten up” collectively, at which time the “shadow world” of Earth might come out of the shadows and disappear, stable ITC bridges will probably have to be established with astral Eden.

(Note: After writing the above article, I added another, more insightful piece to the puzzle of the astral Earth in the next article.… and I updated this article on Apr 21 2018  — MM)

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8 Responses to Answer 5: Why Was INIT’s ITC Bridge Established with Astral Eden, Not Astral Earth?

  1. Have you read ‘A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands’ by Franchezzo. It covers all the areas you cited quite extensively and it’s an excellent book. Copies of the digital version are available free from Internet Archive.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Holy moly. Thanks for that, Tony!
      Before opening your link, I searched on the book title and found another link:

      … which shows the entire table of contents of the book (in English).
      Your link provides downloads of the book, presumably from the Boston Public Library?.
      The book does cover most of the subjects of this series of articles!
      I have to read that book before I continue with the series here… so you’ve given me my next task for the rest of this week and this weekend: Read that book, A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands. I’ll see if I can find a kindle version, maybe on amazon….

      Wow. Thanks again.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Well, looking more closely into your link, I see that I can get a kindle version there.
      The Boston Public Library simply contributed the book to the free archive.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Finished the book at 1 am. Man oh man, one of the most grotesque and exquisite books I’ve read. Very important book. Frankly, I was a little stumped about what to write in the next article in this series, but the last two chapters of ‘Wanderer’ gave me a good clue on how to approach it.

      Finishing the book, I went back to sleep and had a first-ever dream of hunting down Sai Baba on the other side. I felt like a bit of an intruder, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was on some sort of gondola like you’d find at a ski resort, but passenger-propelled. We got off the gondola, walked a bit, then sat in a meadow, where we talked about the importance of meditation as a means to raise the collective vibration of humanity. He finished by asking me the proverbial question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg.” I said it’s one of those enigmas with no answer, and he replied, “Why, the chicken, of course.” Upon awakening a short time ago, I realized, of course, he’s right. What came first, the human or the embryo? I learned from ITC that humans came first. Reproduction came much later, as an experimental means of letting humans experience a series of short lives while trying to ‘redeem’ the planet after mistakes made in Atlantis, which started the circle of light vs dark here on Earth.

      While reading that book (as usual) I compared the information to what I’ve learned through ITC, and despite a few small inconsistencies, most of the book either coincided with what I’ve come to accept as true or went a step beyond what I’ve learned because of the incredible detail of those various realms of spirit associated with the Earth.

      My plan now is to write a synopsis of that book… one paragraph per chapter, with lots of notes about how the information correlates with what I’ve learned through ITC. I’ll probably do it in the next couple of months.

      There’s the old saying that when the student’s ready the teacher arrives. Your comment here is an example of that, I think. You definitely popped in at the time I needed that info. Thanks again, Tony.


  2. Mark, that’s quite an amazing bit of astral traveling you did. I’m fascinated!

    I’m glad you found the book helpful. It’s sort of become my guide to the afterlife. It would be interesting if you ran into Franchezzo in your night time travels. Something tells me it would turn out to be quite an experience. Who knows, you just may attract his attention when you begin working on your synopsis of his book. I’m certainly looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Tony.

      Yes, the Sai Baba dream was a good surprise, and it would be great to ‘drop in’ on Franchezzo and the saintly woman who helped redeem him after his death. I suspect they’re living together ‘over there.’

      Do you know, is the “A Farnese” who channeled and transcribed the book that woman?
      I don’t recall reading anything about A Farnese’s background, but the way the two of them seemed to be groomed in the book to work together (those three spirit guides helping her to learn automatic writing, and his guide giving him the job of communicating his experiences) it makes sense to me that she might be the one who received Franchezzo’s information and forged the book.

      The “Preface by the Transcriber” suggests that it might be a third party, someone who was more proficient at automatic writing… but I’m not sure.


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