Answer 6: Why the Veil Opens and Closes

(Note: This is the sixth of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 6: If ‘the veil’ between Earth and the spirit realms seems to get unusually thin at certain times and miraculous things start to happen… why?

Reasonable guess, again: Planetary movement.

Best guess: Cycles of light and darkness sweeping over the Earth.

Planetary Movement, a Reasonable Guess

I keep getting pulled back to my dream or ah-ha moment that inspired this series of articles… the notion that the astral world Eden continues to circle the sun even after the destruction of physical planet Eden long, long ago.


It would make sense, then, that the veil between physical Earth and astral Eden would be “thinnest” at those times when the two planets are in closest proximity to each other. All sorts of “miracles” could then manifest in our world as beings from the astral paradise work closely, behind the scenes, with gifted humans on Earth… facilitating healings, inspiring musicians and artists, providing ah-ha breakthroughs to scientists….

But somehow that explanation seems like only a small part of the bigger picture… and, frankly, I’ve been stumped lately. I had only a vague notion of what that bigger picture really looks like… until one reader provided a timely comment on my previous article. He suggested that a classic, century-old book, A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, might have some clues.

Best Guess: Cycles of Light and Darkness

So I spent this past week devouring that exquisite, grotesque, and utterly hopeful book this past week, an experience that was, well… transformative. It was written or dictated by a spirit named Franchezzo and channeled through an automatic writer (A. Farnese) in 1895.

Basically, the handsome, talented, charming author Franchezzo dies after a life of debauchery and duplicity, awakens in a dark, dismal place as a grotesque shadow of his former self, and somehow stumbles upon a vast, multilevel network of spirits devoted to raising lost souls to the light. He joins the network and goes through a slow, painful transformation… cleansing and purifying his mind and spirit… gradually rising to brighter realms as a lighter astral being of good intent… working with others in the network to descend through the various levels of darkness inhabited by millions of lost, tormented souls (such as he had been) in search of those who, finally sick and tired of being sick and tired, are ready to find peace… and they are whisked to the light. By the end of the book Franchezzo lives in a beautiful villa in a paradise version of his native Italy. Through it all he has worked closely with several teachers and spirit guides, especially an advanced soul called Ahrinziman, whom he describes as “an Eastern guide”… perhaps a Sufi, Zoroastrian, or Hindu who died and dedicated his afterlife to the cause of light while ascending to the upper reaches of the astral worlds, where he now has a clear view of the Earth and the many spirit realms affecting it.

My goal in the coming months is to write a complete synopsis of that book, one paragraph per chapter, along with lots of notes and explanations based on what I’ve learned through ITC and how it all correlates with the book.

Meanwhile, I’ll shuffle some of the information from the Wanderers book into this series of articles, starting with this one.

Chapter 33 provides that “bigger picture” of how and why the veil ebbs and flows between Earth and the spirit worlds. Franchezzo awakens from a long, healing slumber in his paradise home and is sort of beamed up to visit his guide Ahrinziman, who gives him an overall view of the many spirits from many realms who influence humans on Earth. Franchezzo’s next job will be to gather up what he’s learned in the afterlife and to share it with humanity… through this book. Here’s what he saw from his lofty perch high in the astral realms:

Beside me was Ahrinziman, and as in a dream I heard his voice speaking to me and saying:

“Behold, my adopted son, the new path in which I would have you labor. Behold earth and her attendant spheres, and see how important to her welfare is this work in which I would have you take part. See now the value of the power you have gained in your journey to the Kingdoms of Hell, since it will enable you to become one of the great army who daily and hourly protect mortal men from the assaults of Hell’s inhabitants. Behold this panorama of the spheres and learn how you can assist in a work as mighty as the spheres themselves.”

I looked to where he pointed, and I beheld the circling belt of the great earth plane, its magnetic currents like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide, bearing on their waves countless millions upon millions of spirits. I saw all those strange elemental astral forms, some grotesque, some hideous, some beautiful. I saw also the earth-bound spirits of men and women still tied by their gross pleasures or their sinful lives, many of them using the organisms of mortals to gratify their degraded cravings. I beheld these and kindred mysteries of the earth plane, and I likewise beheld sweeping up from the dark spheres below waves of dark and awful beings, ten times more deadly unto man in their influence over him than those dark spirits of the earth plane. I saw these darker beings crowd around man and cluster thickly near him, and where they gathered they shut out the brightness of the spiritual sun whose rays shine down upon the earth continually. They shut out this light, with the dark mass of their own cruel evil thoughts, and where this cloud rested there came murder and robbery; and cruelty and lust, and every kind of oppression were in their train, and death and sorrow followed them. Wherever man had cast aside from him the restraints of his conscience and had given way to greed and selfishness, and pride and ambition, there did these dark beings gather, shutting out the light of truth with their dark bodies.

And again I saw many mortals who mourned for the dear ones they had loved and lost, weeping most bitter tears because they could see them no more. And all the time I saw those for whom they mourned standing beside them, seeking with all their power to show that they still lived, still hovered near, and that death had not robbed of one loving thought, one tender wish, those whom death had left behind to mourn. All in vain seemed their efforts. The living could not see or hear them, and the poor sorrowing spirits could not go away to their bright spheres because while those they had left so mourned for them they were tied to the earth plane by the chains of their love, and the light of their spirit lamps grew dim and faded as they thus hung about the atmosphere of earth in helpless sorrow.

And Ahrinziman said to me: “Is there no need here for the means of communication between these two, the living and the so-called dead, that the sorrowful ones on both sides may be comforted? And, again, is there no need for communication that those other sinful selfish men may be told of the dark beings hovering around them who seek to drag their souls to hell?”

Then I beheld a glorious dazzling light as of a sun in splendor, shining as no mortal eye ever saw the sun shine on earth. And its rays dispelled the clouds of darkness and sorrow, and I heard a glorious strain of music from the celestial spheres, and I thought surely now man will hear this music and see this light and be comforted. But they could not–their ears were closed by the false ideas they had gathered, and the dust and dross of earth clogged their spirits and made their eyes blind to the glorious light which shone for them in vain.

Then I beheld other mortals whose spiritual sight was partly unveiled and whose ears were not quite deaf, and they spoke of the spirit world and its wondrous beauties. They felt great thoughts and put them into the language of earth. They heard the wondrous music and tried to give it expression. They saw lovely visions and tried to paint them, as like to those of the spirit as the limits of their earthly environments would allow. And these mortals were termed geniuses, and their words and their music and their pictures all helped to raise men’s souls nearer to the God who gave that soul–for all that is highest and purest and best comes from the inspiration of the spirit world.

Yet with all this beauty of art and music and literature–with all these aspirations–with all the fervor of religious feeling, there was still no way opened by which men on earth could hold communion with the loved ones who had gone before them into that land which dwellers upon earth have called the Land of Shades, and from whose bourn, they thought, no traveler could return–a land that was all vague and misty to their thought. And there was likewise no means by which those spirit ones who sought to help man to a higher, purer knowledge of Truth could communicate with him directly. The ideas and the fallacies of ancient theories formulated in the days of the world’s infancy continually mixed with the newer, more perfect sight which the spirit world sought to give, and clouded its clearness and refracted its rays so that they reached the minds of mortals broken and imperfect.

Then I beheld that the walls of the material life were pierced with many doors, and at each door stood an angel to guard it, and from each door on earth even to the highest spheres I saw a great chain of spirits, each link being one stage higher than the one below it, and to mortals upon earth were given the keys of these doors that they might keep them open and that between mortals and the spirit world there might be communication.

But, alas! as time passed on I saw that many of those who held these keys were not faithful. They were allured by the joys and the gifts of earth, and turned aside and suffered their doors to close. Others again kept their doors but partly open and where only light and truth should have shown they suffered errors and darkness to creep in, and again the light from the spirit world was sullied and broken as it passed through these darkened doorways. Sadder still, as time passed on, the light ceased to shine at all and gave place to the thick impure rays from dark deceitful spirits from the lower sphere, and at last the angel would close that door to be opened no more on earth.

Then I turned from this sad sight and beheld many new doors opened where mortals stood, whose hearts were pure and unselfish and unsullied by the desires of earth; and through these doors poured such a flood of light upon the earth that my eyes were dazzled, and I had to turn aside. When I looked again I saw these doorways thronged by spirits, beautiful, bright spirits, and others whose raiment was dark and their hearts sad because their lives had been sinful, but in whose souls there was a desire for good, and there were spirits who were fair and bright, but sorrowful, because they could speak no more with those whom they had left on earth; and I beheld the sorrowful and the sinful spirits alike comforted and helped by means of the communication with the earth, and in the hearts of many mortals there was joy, for death’s dark curtain was drawn aside and there was news from those beyond the grave.

Then I saw pass before me great armies of spirits from all the higher spheres, their raiment of purest white and their helmets of silver and gold glittering in the glorious spiritual light. And some among them seemed to be the leaders who directed the others in their work. And I asked, “Who are these? Were they ever mortal men?”

And Ahrinziman answered me: “These were not only mortal men but many were men of evil lives, who by reason thereof descended to those Kingdoms of Hell which you have seen, but who because of their great repentance and the many and great works of atonement which they have done, and the perfect conquest over their own lower natures which they have gained, are now the leaders in the armies of light, the strong warriors who protect men from the evils of those lower spheres.”

From time to time I saw dark masses of spirits, like waves washing on a shore and flowing over portions of the earth, drawn thither by man’s own evil desires and greedy selfishness, and then I would see them driven back by the armies of light spirits, for between these two there was a constant conflict, and the prize for which they contended was man’s soul; and yet these two contending forces had no weapons but their wills. They fought only with the repelling powers of their magnetism which was so antagonistic that neither could long remain in close contact with the other.


(I could scarcely read that part of the book without my eyes getting moist.)

In other words… 🙂 ever since mistakes were made long ago by our ancestors, mistakes that turned the Earth into an unruly place where life kills life to survive… the roller coaster thoughts and motivations of humanity… the exuberance and the terror, the rapture and the torment… all of our intentions and desires across the millennia have streamed off the planet as though through some divine prism, feeding various spirit realms around our planet. At the “high” end are the light, paradise realms of bliss at the fourth and fifth levels where spirits flourish in love and kindness. At the “low” end are the pits of hell itself… dark, fiery regions of unspeakable torment where savage spirits suffer their fears and ill intentions. And in between are many other spiritual landscapes of varying shades and degrees, from the very light to the very dark.

Again, this constant ebb and flow of light and dark forces over Planet Earth, attracted to the light and dark forces within us carnal humans, is not conducive to a stable ITC bridge.

If a team of humans could polish up their egos and rein in their hormones so that love, trust, honesty, openness, friendship, and empathy became a bonding, unifying substance that let them collaborate over the years in complete harmony… if their care to help and serve their friends and collaborators could exceed their desire to prevail over their enemies and competitors… then maybe… just maybe they would be able to forge a stable ITC bridge with the finer spirit realms around the Earth, with the protection of some of those ethereal gatekeepers.

Meanwhile, there will continue be periods when the light spiritual forces prevail, when the veil becomes thin, and when the brilliant minds of men and women on Earth are inspired by brilliant spirits from finer realms.

And there will continue to be periods when the dark spiritual forces are drawn to widespread fear, mistrust, intolerance, and hatred spreading around the Earth… and in those darker times, as more humans succumb to savage thinking, the ethereal gatekeepers close the doors… to protect humanity from the encroaching darkness.

My deep gratitude to Tony Williams, who pointed me to the Wanderers book, to Franchezzo and A. Farnese who produced it, and to Ahrininzim and the other great guides and teachers and servers in the Brotherhood of Hope who work tirelessly to polish and refine humanity on Earth.  – – MM

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8 Responses to Answer 6: Why the Veil Opens and Closes

  1. Daniel says:

    Great article Macy very interesting, and very similar to my understanding. It’s known that magicians or occultists who conjure or summon spirits usually do so at the appropriate time ascribed to a spirit, for instance a conjurer who wanted to call on arch angel Michael would do so on a Sunday in the hour of the Sun as Michael is a solar spirit, your description about the planets and them being thinnest at specific times would make perfect sense. Vibrational frequencies I think has something to do with it too, like attracts like.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Makes sense, Daniel, and based on the views in the Wanderer book, we might add that those magicians or occultists might vary greatly in their ability to attract powerful streams of light through their “doorways” based on the purity of their spiritual intent. Those who have freed themselves from Earth’s strong illusions (craving for wealth, self-aggrandizement, addiction, desire to hold power over others, lust…) would have their doors kept open by the gatekeeper angels, while those who give in to worldly cravings (egos and hormones) would let in a lot of darkness until the doors were closed.


    • Mark Macy says:

      In fact, that purity of spiritual intent could be an important key to a “successful” ITC bridge. The Seven told our INIT group they would eventually open seven ITC bridges with appropriate researchers (similar to INIT’s bridge), who would be determined eventually. It makes sense that each of The Seven would act as one of those many gatekeepers, or “angels who protect the many doors to Earth,” as described in the book.

      I’ll need to add another article to this series, then, about how to be suitable or worthy of having one of those doors for an ITC bridge… how “new doors (might open) where mortals stood, whose hearts were pure and unselfish and unsullied by the desires of earth.”

  2. kate says:

    Love following these articles and as a result it’s helped immensly with my own ITC efforts that are improving all the time. Thanks Mark, keep em coming

  3. Ellen says:

    Thanks for this, Mark. I ordered this book (sounds fascinating) based on your comments and the original one and I’m looking forward to your synopsis.
    Ellen (You may remember me as the “granite” lady).

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ellen,
      I hope you enjoy the book… maybe share your reaction here if you’re so inclined.
      I’m notoriously lacking when it comes to remembering names and faces, though the granite reference seems vaguely familiar.
      Did we meet at a conference in Montreal?


      • Ellen says:

        heh heh…. no I was referring to a slab of granite in my driveway that suddenly appeared and then poof an hour later. It was in an email a few months ago….. we’ve never met.

        I will certainly give you my impressions of the book when I’m finished.

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