Way of the Shaman (4)

Part Four: Into the Dark

I grew up in the heaven‘n-hell culture of small-town, Christian America, but opted for atheism in my 20s and 30s. The notions of god and afterlife seemed like wishful thinking, at best.

Then, when I got seriously interested in ITC and afterlife research, starting around age 40, my mind naturally tried to partition the spirit worlds into two big parts… light, kind, heavenly realms on one hand… and dark, mean, hellish places on the other.

I suppose it seemed like the Christian thing to do.

Well, the more I study the Timestream spirit contacts that we received in the 1990s, and the more I explore shamanism… the more I realize that it’s just not that simple.

Of the countless realms throughout the vast omniverse that flourish with spirit beings, two in particular have the most impact on our material world and our carnal lives…

  • The Third spirit level, or mid-astral realm, is the place where most humans from Earth awaken after they die. It is the home world of Timestream spirit group.
  • The shadow world is like blanket of spiritual residue that covers our planet.

… and both of these realms are inhabited by spirits of late humans from all walks of life… of wide-ranging dispositions. Our spirit friends at Timestream told us in the early 1990s:

Almost everyone arrives here with false hopes and expectations, some because of lack of spiritual understanding, others because of their religious teachers who had a very incomplete view of this world.

Many here (in the mid-Astral planes) led a good life on Earth but were not perfect. People who occasionally lie are not bad as long as they do not hurt anyone else with their deception. People who are unjust out of ignorance, or because they act in haste, are not bad people.

There are many here who never sent a person from their door because he was lower on the social ladder, had different political views or another religion. Some of them ask themselves, “Why am I sharing this planet with cheats, adulterers, liars, thieves, and those who indulged in excesses and were disloyal?!”

They know that these other souls cannot harm them, but they are terribly upset and disappointed that they must be here, among them, rather than in a promised land.

Starting in 1994, I received a series of phone calls from the late Konstantin Raudive, who was working through Timestream. Here’s one of several examples that’ll give you an idea of how clearly our kind, supportive, respectful spirit friends at Timestream were able to come through our equipment.

(A positive spirit contact from the real Konstantin Raudive…)

My Brush With a Negative Spirit Shaman

Then on April 4, 1996, I received a phone call that gave me a chill. The cackling, croaking voice claimed to be Konstantin Raudive, but it lacked all the depth and good will that characterized all of his other contacts with me and with my colleagues in Europe. There seemed to be an underlying disagreeableness, even malevolence, in the voice. The message said, simply, “This is Konstantin Raudive,” three consecutive times, each in a different, manufactured voice.

(Listen to the negative spirit impostor phone message…)

I immediately sent a FAX to my friend Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg, to get her opinion, since she was getting contacts from Timestream on an almost daily basis. The following day Maggy received the following contact in her computer:

It was of course not K.R. who phoned Mark, but a negative entity from here (on the mid-astral plane) known as Afra…. Unite your efforts and you will be strong. Avoid contact with those on your side who do not know where they belong. Swejen Salter, 1996 April 5, 16:22

(Read the entire contact on page 2 of the linked journal…)

Afra is apparently some sort of negative shamanic spirit living on the Third level, probably not to be confused with…

Negative spirits such as Afra can gain entry into otherwise positive spirit projects such as ITC when there is conflict, contention, or other forms of negative thinking among researchers. It’s just a matter of resonance: savage thoughts and motivations among humans attract savage spirits.

And those savage spirits don’t necessarily come from dark, troubled spirit realms as we (or, as I) sometimes assume. They can come from the same Third-level world inhabited by our positive spirit friends of good intention.

I received a second contact from Afra a couple of years later, this time through radio. During my early morning experiments on September 15, 1998, the radio sounds were replaced suddenly by a spirit message that lasted about a minute, breaking down at one point and then resuming. The voice said,

Let’s keep this secret close to us, a reminder to make our secret radio-telephone calls on the high frequency band that will support the communications. For example… (The contact broke down for a few seconds, and the voices of the radio broadcast returned. Then the spirit voice resumed) …a 12-MHz venue. Should be 12 MHz. For direct dial, call 905-4448.”

(Listen to the negative spirit radio contact…)

Legitimate ITC contacts from Timestream never advocated creepy or deceptive behavior the way this contact did.

Our spirit friends, concerned by negative spirit contacts like this one, embarked on an expedition into the mountains of their world to seek out one of The Seven, whom they found meditating in a cave. The ethereal being addressed the spirit explorers:

You need not ask any questions. You have come because of Afra and his group. They have been active again for a few weeks. I knew you would come. I have waited for you.

The spirit exploratory team replied,

“Honorable One, what can we do about this group? They make people on Earth feel insecure and sow mistrust and discord among followers of ITC. Those from Terra who experiment, complain to Timestream that we have to do something to stop the hoax contacts that are now occurring to some of them….”

(Read more about that spirit-world expedition on page 4 of the linked journal…)

Adolf Homes Contends With Another Troublesome Spirit Shaman

German ITC experimenter Adolf Homes received a series of contacts from a spirit-world shaman called Majo, who in lifetime had been a Mongolian (Buryat) shaman who associated with Genghis Khan. (DschingisChan).

The two of them still live in a Mongol community on the Third level, as becomes apparent through various contacts. Apparently Homes himself had been a Mongol in another incarnation, circa 1283.

Majo referred to Homes and his colleagues, physicist Ernst Senkowski and psychic Vladimir DeLavre, by their alleged shamanic names: Mose, Aurora, and Aaron, respectively. Dr Senkowski coordinated, analyzed, researched, and translated the ITC contacts of Adolf Homes.

(Read the complete transcripts of the Majo contacts to Adolf Homes…)

Following are a few of the interesting messages delivered to Adolf Homes from Majo the Shaman.

  • MOSE, you are a shaman, give my regards to AARON, to AURORA. They, too, are shamans. 
  • DSCHINGISCHAN and other Mongols live here in a big community… Many emperors have become little children… You must always shamanize…  All trees, animals and men will be restored to health again… You are becoming odd men, have lost the Great Spirit… Great Spirit is, and trees bring truth… Shamans watch over the truth… DSCHINGISCHAN has killed one man only, your single consciousness kills 5 million.
  • Countless dimensions are open to us like to you, nevertheless I have stayed a SHAMAN – Many of us do not see their way to reincarnation because the birth of the physical can be more shocking than (the) death… A reincarnation involves many manipulations that are out of the reach of your comprehension
  • I, MAJO the SHAMAN, am able to take my place in every epoch of your history in time, for the not-time is the key to time.
  • For the year 2015 a change/transformation of your (humanity’s) consciousness is planned. UFO(s) will initiate the events.
  • In the field of tension of facets of (the) positive acting probably lies the lightness form God, or something omnipotent. Since 4.7.1681 this information is within the forms of the quanta and has been transmitted repeatedly via so-called mediumistic(ally gifted) individual.
  • In 1467, Aaron, Mose, Aurora belonged to the Mar(r)ans. (note by translator: Spanish invective for compulsorily baptized Moors and Jews (16th century). For fear of beheading they converted to a created brutal God, say Group 2109.

The contacts from Majo the Shaman, which caused Adolf Homes significant distress, lasted from 1994 up until Homes’s death in 1997.

The transition of Adolf Homes onto the Third level after his death is a fascinating story in its own right….

(Read about the awakening of Adolf Homes after his death, on page 14 of the linked journal…)


In the next (and probably the final) installment of this series, I’ll introduce a woman (whom I’ll call Kate), who has suffered tremendously over the past year from a combination of advanced Lyme disease and a shamanic curse. She and her husband have paid a small fortune to a growing list of medical doctors, energy healers, psychics, and shamans in a futile attempt to reverse her deteriorating condition.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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11 Responses to Way of the Shaman (4)

  1. Mark,
    A very interesting posting with many associated interesting links.
    Can you tell us anything more about Isar?
    Can you reveal anything more about Majo’s statement, “For the year 2015 a change/transformation of your (humanity’s) consciousness is planned. UFO(s) will initiate the events.” ?
    Thank you.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John,
      Isar was described to us (INIT members) as a higher being, similar to “The Seven”, who was going to be working with me and my ITC efforts, the way The Seven were working closely with Maggy Fischbach.
      I never achieved the communication breakthroughs that Maggy achieved (almost daily, meaningful contacts through computers, phones, radios, TVs, FAX machines…).
      Maybe it’s partly because Isar didn’t have the same ITC ‘veil-manipulation’ abilities as The Seven,… but much more likely that I never acquired or possessed or developed the necessary mediumistic sensitivity to make a good ITC bridge possible.

      I’ll try to explain my perspective on Majo and his comments (at the risk of him and Genghis kicking my butt up and down the horse path once I cross over… 🙂 )…
      I think his comments contain clever insights mixed with a few brilliant nuggets and also a lot of misconceptions and gibberish.
      It’s the gibberish that unsettled Adolf Homes, I think.

      I think that mixture of truth and misinformation is a basic fact of life of us humans on Earth, and so it is also a basic fact of life on the Third level and in the shadow world near the Earth.
      The spirits at Timestream usually turned out to be correct in most of their comments to us, although some of their information turned out to be wrong.
      The Seven, though, were on another level. The insights they shared with us are very reliable, as far as I’ve been able to determine.

      When any of our spirit-side communicators tried to make predictions based on an earthly timeline, they were almost always wrong about the time.

      Bottom line: As we develop rapports with spirit groups at the Third level in the coming years, we’ll need to let friendship and collaboration evolve as it does (ideally) here on Earth:
      As people or spirits talk to and interact with us in reasonable ways over time, based on truth and trust to the greatest degree possible, we know we have a good friendship.
      If the relationship is filled with misinformation, misinterpretation, confusion, and negative thoughts like fear and envy and contempt… then the friendship is not very healthy, is in need of work, and is vulnerable to falling apart amid chaos and conflict.

      Warm wishes!

  2. I wanted to posit a concern which is being entertained by many thinkers who attend to matters extraterrestrial, and in the spirit of highly evolved mischief, as some of these ITC mischief makers present….

    There are many who believe that the recent flurry of mainstream media and movie industry manipulation of information about extraterestrials is no more than a propaganda prelude to a false flag scenario engineered by various covert entities to mimic an attack on earth by ET’s.

    Imagine the wild media spin and mischief havoc this would create around the globe!

    Perhaps Majo is right…humanity’s consciousness would definitely shift…I’ll say….

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John,

      I’m certain there are lots of extraterrestrial (non-Earthly) physical or quasi-physical beings that move in and out of our world.
      I’m also certain that there are none that are completely ruthless and malevolent like the ones created by the savage minds of Hollywood writers and producers.

      In government, the loving, noble side of our human nature works out ways to take care of the people and better ways to get along in peace and mutual benefit with other governments and societies… while the savage side of our human nature is afraid of “outsiders” and thinks of better ways to hurt and destroy people, especially “foreigners”… but also people within our country who have different political views.

      Clandestine US government individuals and groups are motivated largely by fear (of “hostile” alien forces) and by greed (to acquire oil and other resources) for industry and other “constituents” within US society.
      One result is a culture of deception and secrecy within the government.
      It’s a really sick situation… but it’s also very human.

      And it’s that sick, deceptive, secretive aspect of human nature that attracts spirits like Afra, I believe, to interact with humans in that way.

      But back to Majo and his prediction of ET activity changing the world this year.
      I would be very pleasantly surprised if he’s right… if UFOs make their presence known in ways that even scientists and skeptics will have to accept… ways that convince bright human minds to start exploring into other dimensions.
      (Youtube is filled with believable clips of UFOs already, so i think we must be talking here about UFO activity and ET interaction with humans that can be done in a public and lasting way that fosters good will and doesn’t trigger a lot of fear among humans. Not real likely, given human nature, but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised by this!)

      If Majo’s prediction does not come to pass, I won’t be surprised at all, since earthly timelines are not easy to track from the other side.


  3. Ricky says:


    Such a fascinating subject. Afra almost seems like an otherworldly “prank caller” that found entertainment in mocking the work. I’m not surprised that such beings exist.

    When Timestream embarked on a journey to find one of the Seven ethereal beings within the mountains of their world, did they change dimensions or vibration along the way in order to reach this being? Or was it the reverse, where the being had descended in vibration, with the knowledge that Timestream was to call upon them?

    Have you remained in contact with Carly?


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky,

      I wouldn’t be surprised to learn someday that various spirits and spirit groups, such as Afra, maybe were excited by the communication bridge that opened up for Timestream. They may have moved in to try to be part of the work but were rejected because their attitudes weren’t compatible. If that happened, it would be easy to see that ‘rejected’ spirits like that might try to destabilize things.
      There were some humans on Earth who were not allowed into INIT, and I’m sure some of them may have felt “rejected” and wanted to retaliate.

      There were also experimenters (e.g. Weisensale in the USA and Koeberle in Germany) who had never gotten contacts as good as the contacts that Maggy and INIT were getting, so they became aggressive in attacking our work as fraud.
      That kind of jealous attitude night also help to fuel the behavior of spirits on the Third level to try to destabilize a good ITC bridge like the one we had.

      This is all human drama, after all, and it plays out here on Earth and also on the Third level.

      It’s a real good question about the dimensional or vibrational changes involved in the Timestream explorers meeting up with the being in the cave.
      It’s my understanding that the mountains in their world sometimes do represent regions of finer vibration. Jesus, or Pescator, is a higher being living in “the Moreysian Mountains.” Also, Burton and others at Timestream said in other contacts that they could explore the mountains only so far, but beyond a certain limit they were unable to proceed or even to see… and I suspect that has something to do with a finer vibrational level.

      Carly was my main inspiration for this series of articles on shamanism. It became apparent to both of us several weeks ago that we’re moving in different directions in our work. She told me she feels like she’s being prepared for shamanic work… and that got me interested in figuring out exactly what shamanism is… how best to define and understand the concept. Hence these articles.

      Over the months Carly and I developed a high regard for each other’s work and skills. We talked about collaborating on a series of books. I was hoping to see if we could focus her “veil-opening” talents to fostering an ITC bridge… but that idea never really caught on with her. She felt pulled in other directions.

      I saw that the spirit happenings in her life sometimes caused her pain and suffering, which was unsettling to me. That’s not the kind of spirit interaction I’m accustomed to… so I started looking into the lives of spirit healers and shamans, to understand the extent of energy-draining and sickness that goes along with that kind of work.

      Anyway, Carly and I still trade emails from time to time… and we hope to cross paths sometime. If Regina and I are ever travelling in her neck of the woods, we’ll visit Carly and her family… and vice versa…………..


      • Ricky says:


        That vibrational change as people on the 3rd level explore the territory called “The Moreysian Mountains” is absolutely fascinating. It almost appears to me as if Pescator exists on the edge of two realms simultaneously – acting as a small bridge between the 3rd level and the lighter, more ethereal realms of existence. I suspect that this is the case with the Seven – and that it must have been one huge stretch for the Seven (IE beings like Pescator) to descend in vibration just far enough to send their messages to us here on Earth.

        Then again, higher beings have incarnated here before, such as Angie Mreche – but it seems that this world causes them extreme discomfort. I personally don’t blame them, when such suffering, carnal-thinking and insanity all continue to take place here in the US and abroad – and on all societal levels of power.


        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Ricky,

          The Timestream sending station was described to us as a multi-story building, in which higher floors were of finer vibration. So the station was a place where dimensions crossed… what our spirit friends call a “dispassing point.”
          So, there seem to be clever ways to bring various dimensions together for projects, over on the Third level, probably with the help of ethereals.

          Yes, when ethereals incarnate on Earth, they often choose to die young rather than to get dragged down by the drama. At least, that’s my understanding.


  4. Dominique says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to comment that I don’t see anything unsettling about Majo’s writings. They seem somewhat comforting, actually. So I’m not really sure why Homes was upset by them.

    • Mark Macy says:

      That’s a good point, Dominique, although…

      Majo’s communications were unsettling to Homes, and probably would have unsettled me too.

      They made Majo come across as some kind of big-deal “shaman,” with superhuman powers, who was a spiritual right-hand man of Genghis Khan… not the most compassionate or trusting of people.

      Genghis Khan was a savage man who excelled in savage times under savage conditions, and Majo was there amidst it all during lifetime.

      There have been lots of noble eras and lots of savage eras in human history, and many of the people who lived and died during those times are still “over there” on the other side, with an interest in getting in touch with us humans still on Earth.

      Me? I’d rather get in touch with the folks who were immersed in noble activities before they died (sharing love, inspiring people, being honest, trusting others, feeling empathy for the less fortunate…).

      Majo was not one of those people. And he’s not one of those spirits. He was immersed in savagery during lifetime, and he stirs up savage thoughts still, from the other side.

      We need decide whether we want a noble or savage life, and then be discerning in those we allow into our life.

      I lean toward the noble… or at least I’d like to think so 🙂 Sometimes I’m not so sure. That’s why I think you make a really good point!


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